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Prunella Scales is a Actor British born on 22 june 1932

Prunella Scales

Prunella Scales
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Birth name Prunella Margaret Rumney Illingworth
Nationality United-kingdom
Birth 22 june 1932 (89 years)
Awards Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire

Prunella Scales, CBE (born Prunella Margaret Rumney Illingworth; 22 June 1932) is an English actress best known for her role as Basil Fawlty's wife Sybil in the BBC comedy Fawlty Towers and her BAFTA award-nominated role as Queen Elizabeth II in A Question of Attribution (Screen One, BBC 1991) by Alan Bennett.


Prunella is married to Timothy West, has two sons; the elder is actor and director Samuel West. She also has a stepdaughter, Juliet. She has been known for her photographic memory and also speaks French.

Scales appeared on a Labour party political broadcast during the 2005 and 2010 UK general election campaigns.

Her biography, Prunella, written by Teresa Ransom, was published by John Murray in 2005.

Later life
In March 2014 her husband told The Guardian that Scales was living with Alzheimer's disease. She and Timothy West discussed practical measures in a radio programme about age and dementia on BBC Radio 4 in December 2014. In August 2015, it was reported that Scales's condition had worsened considerably to the point that she can barely remember any of her fifty-three years of marriage to West.

Other activities
Scales is an ambassador of SOS Children's Villages charity. an international orphan charity providing homes and mothers for orphaned and abandoned children. She supports the charity's annual World Orphan Week campaign, which takes place each February.

Scales is a patron of the Lace Market Theatre in Nottingham.

In 2005, she named the P&O cruise ship, Artemis.

Best films

Howards End (1992)

Usually with

Joan Hickson
Joan Hickson
(3 films)
David Lean
David Lean
(1 films)
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Filmography of Prunella Scales (27 films)

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The Phone Call, 20minutes
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama
Actors Sally Hawkins, Jim Broadbent, Edward Hogg, Prunella Scales
Roles Joan
Rating72% 3.646073.646073.646073.646073.64607
Une jeune femme timide, travaillant dans un centre d'appels, reçoit un mystérieux coup de téléphone qui va changer sa vie à jamais.
Horrid Henry: The Movie, 1h33
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Comedy, Adventure
Themes Children's films
Actors Theodore Stevenson, Anjelica Huston, Scarlett Stitt, Richard E. Grant, David Schneider, Rebecca Front
Roles Great Aunt Greta
Rating36% 1.8331651.8331651.8331651.8331651.833165
At the beginning, Horrid Henry tries to steal cookies from Moody Margaret's Secret Club, and succeeds, but before he could eat them, his mother interrupts, telling him to do his homework. In the morning, Henry's mother wakes him up, and tells him to go to school. When she reminds him to take his homework, he remembers that his homework is in a really bad state, and leaves it behind. When he goes to school, Henry arranges for a forged note to be made, this and the lack of homework lands him in detention. Later, Miss Oddbod, the headteacher, tells Henry's class that the school inspectors are coming, and they don't want any 'unpleasantness'. With Henry in detention, his friends join him to practice for a talent contest, but their rehearsal is interrupted.
The Shell Seekers, 3h3
Directed by Piers Haggard
Genres Drama
Actors Vanessa Redgrave, Maximilian Schell, Sebastien Koch, Victoria Hamilton, Stephanie Stumph, Victoria Smurfit
Roles Dolly Keeling
Rating73% 3.676793.676793.676793.676793.67679
Set in the 1980s, Penelope (Redgrave) is seen to be recovering from a heart attack. Through a series of flashbacks, we learn she is the daughter of Lawrence (Schell), an acclaimed painter. Her children attempt to convince her to sell her father's paintings and ease their financial burdens. As Penelope continues to recover she reflects on her life, as a disillusioned wife and briefly enthralled lover. She embarks on a trip to the Mediterranean where she encounters Antonia (Stumph), a woman in the grip of a passionate romance, something Penelope realises she briefly enjoyed.
Johnny English, 1h28
Directed by Peter Howitt
Origin France
Genres Thriller, Comedy, Action, Adventure, Spy
Themes Spy films, Transport films, Motocyclette
Actors Rowan Atkinson, Ben Miller, John Malkovich, Natalie Imbruglia, Oliver Ford Davies, Tim Pigott-Smith
Roles Queen Elizabeth II
Johnny English is an inept MI7 agent with dreams of being their most trusted employee. After Agent One dies in a submarine accident (courtesy of English making a mistake on checking the submarine hatch code), the remaining agents are assassinated via a bombing at Agent One’s funeral (again courtesy of English's incompetence at security), leaving English as the lone survivor. English is assigned to follow a plot to steal the Crown Jewels, which are on display at the Tower of London. At the display, English is head of security, and meets the mysterious Lorna Campbell. The power is cut, and the jewels are stolen. During the chaos, English knocks out a security guard in the process and fights the "assailant" (himself). He later makes up a false description of the assailant to Pegasus. English and his assistant Angus Bough find the jewels were removed via a hole dug beneath their display case. The two follow a tunnel, confronting the two thieves Klaus Vendetta and Dieter Klein. The two escape in a hearse, with English trying to pursue them, but mistakes another hearse for the escape vehicle, crashing a funeral until Bough comes to his aid.
Station Jim, 1h30
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors George Cole, Charlie Creed-Miles, John Thomson, Laura Fraser, Celia Imrie, Frank Finlay
Roles Queen Victoria
Rating69% 3.4805053.4805053.4805053.4805053.480505
Un jeune homme tente de sauver, avec l'aide de son chien et de sa fiancée, l'orphelinat où il a grandi.
An Ideal Husband
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Comedy
Themes Films based on plays
Actors James Wilby, Sadie Frost, Trevyn McDowell, Jonathan Firth, Robert Hardy, Prunella Scales
Roles Lady Markby
Rating62% 3.100773.100773.100773.100773.10077
While the film retains the premise of Wilde's play and much of the original dialogue, it updates the action to the present-day. The external scenes of the film were shot at various locations in the English 'home counties', principally in Buckinghamshire
Stiff Upper Lips
Directed by Gary Sinyor
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Comedy
Actors Sean Pertwee, Georgina Cates, Prunella Scales, Peter Ustinov, Samuel West, John Boswall
Roles Aunt Agnes
Rating63% 3.150033.150033.150033.150033.15003
England, 1908: Emily Ivory (Cates) is a wealthy young woman who lives with her Aunt Agnes (Scales) at Ivory's End, a large country house. At 22, as her aunt constantly reminds her, she is verging on spinsterhood. She meets her brother's best friend, Cedric Trilling (Portal), when the two come home from university. Aunt Agnes wants the two to fall in love: Cedric, however, is a pompous bore who is overly fond of quoting Homer on all sorts of not-quite-appropriate occasions; also, he's a repressed homosexual. When Emily's aunt sees the sparks failing to fly, she whisks everyone off to Italy, then India, hoping the romantic locations will bring on love.
Emma (1996)
, 1h47
Directed by Diarmuid Lawrence
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Kate Beckinsale, Samantha Morton, Bernard Hepton, Mark Strong, Olivia Williams, James Hazeldine
Roles Miss Bates
Rating69% 3.4956353.4956353.4956353.4956353.495635
Miss Emma Woodhouse of Hartfield lives in the small town of Highbury, and is young, pretty, and rich. Though she has decided she will never marry, Emma takes credit for matchmaking her friend and former governess, Miss Taylor, to the widower Mr. Weston. Emma decides to organize marriages for others of her acquaintance, despite friendly warnings not to meddle from Mr. Knightley, who is both an old friend, her brother-in-law, and the wealthy owner of Donwell Abbey. Emma resolves to marry her new friend, a pretty orphan named Harriet Smith, to the young parish priest Mr. Elton. This fails once Emma realizes to her horror that Elton desires to marry her instead.
An Awfully Big Adventure, 1h52
Directed by Mike Newell
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance
Themes Films about families, Films about sexuality, Films about television, Théâtre, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film
Actors Alan Rickman, Hugh Grant, Georgina Cates, Alun Armstrong, Peter Firth, Carol Drinkwater
Roles Rose
Rating59% 2.9557652.9557652.9557652.9557652.955765
In the film's prologue, a hotelier ushers a child into a bomb shelter during the Liverpool Blitz. We see a brief flashback to a woman leaving her baby in a basement surrounded by flickering candles. Before departing from the house, she quickly drops a string of pearls on the child's pillow, twined around a single rose.
Wolf (1994)
, 2h5
Directed by Mike Nichols
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Fantastic, Horror comedy, Fantasy, Horror
Themes Films about animals, Films about magic and magicians, Films about sexuality, Wolves in film, Werewolves in film, Comedy horror films, Mise en scène d'un mammifère
Actors Jack Nicholson, Michelle Pfeiffer, James Spader, Kate Nelligan, Richard Jenkins, Christopher Plummer
Roles Maude Waggins
Rating61% 3.0994053.0994053.0994053.0994053.099405
Will Randall is bitten by a wolf while driving home in Vermont. Afterwards, he is demoted from editor-in-chief of a publishing house when it is taken over by tycoon Raymond Alden, who replaces him with Will's protégé Stewart Swinton. When Will thinks that his wife Charlotte is having an affair with Stewart, he rushes over to his house where Stewart sees Will angry and asks him what the problem is. Will bites Stewart and rushes upstairs to the room to find Charlotte half-naked. His worst fears are confirmed. Will becomes more aggressive, taking on the characteristics of a wolf.
Freddie as F.R.O.7., 1h31
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Fantasy, Adventure, Musical, Animation
Themes Musical films
Actors Ben Kingsley, James Earl Jones, Brian Blessed, Nigel Hawthorne, Jonathan Pryce, Prunella Scales
Roles Queen (voice)
Rating53% 2.6597352.6597352.6597352.6597352.659735
The tale begins in the Middle Ages alike world at Monaco, Monte Carlo, France. It tells of Prince Frederic, who is a 10-year-old boy who lived with his kingly father in a huge castle by the ocean at Monaco, Monte Carlo, France and was taught magical powers. His mother, the queen, has been dead for over a year, drowned at sea in a storm. One day, while the two are out horse riding in the forest, Frederic loses his father who is thrown to his death from a great height (6 ft) after his mount is spooked by a strange red cobra. Frederic watches it slither away; he had never seen one of those in the forest before. Now an orphan, Frederic is taken in by his paternal aunt, Messina (Billie Whitelaw), who, as the king's sister, accedes to the throne, but only as regent, until Frederic comes of age to assume responsibility as the next ruler when she must step down. Soon Frederic realizes that the cobra he saw in the forest was Messina (also responsible for conjuring up the storm that took the life of his mother) and rather than killing the young prince, she transformed him into a frog and tried to capture him. Soon, both fall from the castle window and into the raging ocean, and Frederic is saved in the jaws of a giant sea monster. The power-hungry Messina vows to rule the world and destroy Frederic. The monster really turns out to be Nessie (Phyllis Logan). As Messina departed, Nessie's tail became trapped under a boulder. She befriended Frederic, who in turn used his powers to free her tail from the boulder. Nessie took him near dry land, and notes that if Frederic ever needed her, he would whistle. Frederic then leaped into the night sky, jumped through time zones until the late 20th century and fell into a swamp full of frogs, where he would spend the rest of his childhood in his new life as Freddie the Frog.
Howards End, 2h20
Directed by James Ivory
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Comedy-drama, Romance
Actors Anthony Hopkins, Vanessa Redgrave, Helena Bonham Carter, Emma Thompson, Joseph Bennett, Prunella Scales
Roles Aunt Juley
Rating73% 3.697973.697973.697973.697973.69797
The story takes place in Edwardian England and concerns three families who represent three social classes: the Wilcoxes are wealthy capitalists, the class that is displacing the aristocracy; the Schlegel sisters standing for the enlightened bourgeoisie; and the Basts, a young couple down on their luck, who may be traced to the lower middle class. (Forster is clear that the novel is "not concerned with the very poor".) The film asks the question "Who will inherit England?" and answers it through the ownership of the house, Howards End, as it passes from person to person.
The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne, 1h50
Directed by Jack Clayton
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Maggie Smith, Bob Hoskins, Wendy Hiller, Ian McNeice, Prunella Scales, Rudi Davies
Roles Moira O'Neill
Rating69% 3.4925753.4925753.4925753.4925753.492575
Judith Hearne, un professeur de piano timide, tombe amoureuse de l'un des ses élèves, l'entrepreneur James Madden. Mais celui-ci, dans le besoin, décide de jouer le jeu de l'amour pour récupérer l'argent de Judith...