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Ray Lui is a Actor Hongkongais born on 22 december 1956

Ray Lui

Ray Lui
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Nationality Hong kong
Birth 22 december 1956 (67 years)

Ray Lui Leung-wai (born 22 December 1956) is a Vietnam-born Hong Kong actor, with family roots in Lianjiang, Zhanjiang, Guangdong. He is best known for his role as "Ting Lik" in the 1980 Hong Kong television series The Bund produced by TVB, which propelled him to fame. Since then, Lui has acted in several films and other television series also produced by TVB.


Lui has an older brother, an elder sister and two younger brothers. He married thrice and two of his marriages were highly publicised in the media. In 1985, he started a relationship with actress Kathy Chow and married her on 9 November 1988 in the United States. They divorced five months later. In 1996, Lui married Cally Kwong but they divorced six months later, and it was revealed that their marriage had not been officially registered. In January 2001, Lui married Yang Xiaojuan and they have a son, Lui Sin-yeung (呂善揚).

Usually with

Andy Lau
Andy Lau
(8 films)
Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan
(3 films)
Simon Yam
Simon Yam
(7 films)
Eric Tsang
Eric Tsang
(4 films)
Ng Man-tat
Ng Man-tat
(6 films)
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Filmography of Ray Lui (25 films)

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Air Strike
Air Strike (2018)

Origin Chine
Genres Drama, War, Action, Adventure
Themes Political films
Actors Bruce Willis, Song Seung-heon, Nicholas Tse, Liu Ye, Adrien Brody, Fàn Bīngbīng (范冰冰)
Rating32% 1.640031.640031.640031.640031.64003
Set in 1943 during the World War II, the story revolves around the Japanese bombings on Chinese city Chongqing, which started in 1938.
Our Time Will Come, 2h10
Directed by Ann Hui
Origin Chine
Genres Drama, War, Historical
Actors 周迅 (Zhou Xun), Deannie Yip, Masatoshi Nagase, Tony Leung Ka-fai, Guo Tao, Jiang Wenli
Roles Tsang Sang
Rating63% 3.1923453.1923453.1923453.1923453.192345
Dans les années 40 pendant l'Occupation japonaise de Hong Kong, des mouvements de résistance s'organisent pour lutter.
Transformers: Age of Extinction, 2h45
Directed by Michael Bay
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Fantastic, Action, Adventure
Themes Films about animals, Dinosaur films, Jeu, Transport films, Aviation films, Films set in the future, Films about extraterrestrial life, Films about toys, Road movies, Chase films, Films about extraterrestrial life, Alien invasions in films, Robot films, Disaster films
Actors Mark Wahlberg, Frank Welker, Nicola Peltz, Miguel Ferrer, Jeffrey Combs, Jack Reynor
Roles Motorcycle Owner
Rating56% 2.803852.803852.803852.803852.80385
Sixty-five million years ago, the alien race known as the "Creators" invade Earth, wiping out most of life on the planet including the dinosaurs with the "Seeds", and cyber-form thousands of planets, including Cybertron. In the present, Darcy Tirrel discovered frozen dinosaur corpses in the Arctic.
Firestorm (2013)
, 1h49
Origin Hong kong
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Crime
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films
Actors Andy Lau, Ray Lui, Hu Jun, Gordon Lam, Yao Chen, Michael Wong
Roles Paco
Rating61% 3.0988553.0988553.0988553.0988553.098855
A storm is heading to the city of Hong Kong, and with it comes another occurrence so destructive, it vows to bring down everything it touches.
7 Assassins, 1h42
Directed by Eric Tsang, Xiong Xin-xin
Genres Drama, Thriller, Martial arts, Action, Adventure, Historical, Martial arts
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films, Political films, Kung fu films
Actors Eric Tsang, Felix Wong, Gigi Leung, Yu Oh-seong, Xiong Xin-xin, Max Mok
Roles The Prince
Rating51% 2.566522.566522.566522.566522.56652
Boss Cat (Eric Tsang) is a warrior who had participated in the Boxer Rebellion. Cat is responsible for guarding Huang Jin Xia town, which have gathered many revolutionaries around China. There, they do not discuss about revolution nor care about politics and lead peaceful lives there. Sai-lim (Gigi Leung), a woman who was rescued by Cat, is oblivious that years ago, Cat not only rescued her and her child, he also rescued her heart.
Firestorm (2013)

Directed by Herman Yau
Origin Hong kong
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Crime
Actors Andy Lau, Louis Koo, Gordon Lam, Yao Chen, Karena Lam, Hu Jun
Roles Paco
Rating60% 3.004833.004833.004833.004833.00483
Sur le marché de la drogue de Hong Kong, le revendeur Jizo (Louis Koo) commence progressivement une collaboration avec certains seigneurs de la drogue mexicains de l’autre côté de la frontière. De son côté, Yu Shun-tin (Andy Lau), un ancien membre des triades devenu philanthrope et magnat de la finance, qui fut témoin de la consommation de drogue de son père pendant son enfance et dont le fils est mort du même fléau, abhorre la drogue qu'il considère comme le mal absolu. Par conséquent, il offre une prime de 100 millions HK$ pour éliminer le principal trafiquant de drogue de Hong Kong, ce qui provoque une agitation dans la société. Le surintendant principal Lam Ching-fung (Michael Miu) a l'intention d'arrêter Jizo, mais est maintenant responsable de sa protection à cause de la prime. Tout en se sentant impuissant, Lam est lui-même attiré par la prime offerte par Yu et est confronté à une lutte intérieur entre le bien et le mal. Une bataille finale éclate entre les deux magnats qui étaient autrefois des frères dans la même triade.
Beginning of the Great Revival, 1h58
Directed by Lu Chuan, Li Shaohong
Genres Drama, War, Action, Historical
Actors Liu Ye, Fàn Bīngbīng (范冰冰), Chen Kun, John Woo, Daniel Wu, Zhou Jie
Roles Wu Peifu
Rating31% 1.5575051.5575051.5575051.5575051.557505
During the early 20th century, China is marked by political disunity and a handful of individuals, including Mao Zedong, Li Dazhao, and Zhou Enlai, envision a unified China, especially in the political crises that followed the 1911 Xinhai Revolution, which ended centuries of dynastic rule in the country. After World War I, the Western Allies give Tsingtao and Kiaochow Bay to the Empire of Japan at the Treaty of Versailles, stirring sentiments amongst China's youth, leading to the May Fourth Movement of 1919. In March 1920, Grigori Voitinsky comes to China in an attempt to spread communism to the Far East and, on 22 July 1921, 13 representatives from throughout China meet in a Shanghai's women's dormitory to found what would become the Chinese Communist Party.
Death and Glory in Changde, 1h34
Genres Drama, War, Action, Historical
Themes Political films
Actors Ray Lui, Ady (Audrey) An (安以軒), Tenma Shibuya, Yang Zi
Roles Yu Chengwan
Rating59% 2.954252.954252.954252.954252.95425
In October 1943, during the Second Sino-Japanese War, the Imperial Japanese Army approaches Changde from Shashi and Yueyang by crossing the Yangtze and Xiang rivers, and surrounds the Chinese city. Yu Chengwan, a division commander in the Chinese National Revolutionary Army, and his men have received orders to defend Changde to the death. Most of Changde's civilian population have evacuated, leaving behind Yu and his troops to defend the isolated city.
Flash Point, 1h28
Directed by Wilson Yip
Origin Hong kong
Genres Martial arts, Action, Crime, Martial arts
Themes Mafia films, Sports films, Martial arts films, Gangster films
Actors Donnie Yen, Louis Koo, Collin Chou, Xing Yu, Fàn Bīngbīng (范冰冰), Ray Lui
Roles Archer Sin
Rating67% 3.3518253.3518253.3518253.3518253.351825
Set in pre-1997, before the return of Hong Kong to the People's Republic of China, the film opens with brothers Archer, Tony and Tiger discussing a drug deal with Sam, a rival gang leader. Ma Jun, a serious criminal investigations detective (who has been reprimanded for frequently inflicting injury on suspects), along with his team, raids the nightclub for investigation, and winds up fighting against his partner, Wilson, who has been planted as a mole.
2000 AD
2000 AD (2000)
, 1h40
Directed by Gordon Chan
Origin Hong kong
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Action
Themes Spy films, Sports films, Films about terrorism, Martial arts films
Actors Aaron Kwok, Phyllis Quek, Francis Ng, Daniel Wu, Andrew Lin Hoi, Ray Lui
Roles Greg Li
Rating59% 2.957092.957092.957092.957092.95709
A private plane belonging to the TDX company is shot down over Singapore by a rogue agent from the CIA, Kelvin Woo. The company president was coming to investigate a stolen computer protection system. Kelvin has a programmer, Alex, plant a bug in the 1st National Bank's computer system, but he still needs a "Caller Program" to wipe the systems before they can rob the bank.
The Suspect, 1h49
Directed by Ringo Lam
Origin Hong kong
Genres Thriller, Action
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films
Actors Simon Yam, Ray Lui, Ada Choi, Louis Koo, Julian Cheung
Roles King Tso
Rating62% 3.143233.143233.143233.143233.14323
Twelve years ago, Don (Louis Koo) was imprisoned due to murder and the fact he did not testify against the mastermind Dante (Simon Yam) and his friend Max (Julian Cheung), who was also involved of committing the crime. Twelve years later, Don is released from prison and decides not to repeat the same mistakes and make a fresh start. However, Don receives a sudden call from Dante and Max, whom force him to assassinate the candidate running for the president of the Philippines. Don rejects their request, but later discovers that the target have been assassinated. Don realizes he have been framed by Dante and begins to exile. Later, with the help of King Tso (Ray Lui), a legion soldier who was hired to take down the murderer, and Annie (Ada Choi), a female reporter, Don reveals the evidence of Dante's crime and cleared himself.
The Three Swordsmen, 1h26
Origin Hong kong
Genres Action, Martial arts
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films, Kung fu films, Wuxia films
Actors Andy Lau, Elvis Tsui, Siqin Gaowa, Ray Lui
Rating51% 2.5737752.5737752.5737752.5737752.573775
Before the competition for the title of the world's greatest between Ming-kim and Siu Sam-siu, Siu Sam-siu was framed by Ming Lau Fah sect's leader Ku Choi-yee for murder. It was found out that Ku framed Siu Sam-siu to help Ming-kim, whom she has been admiring, win the title of the world's greatest. After her plot was revealed, Ku captures Siu Sam-siu's lover, Butterfly, and forces him to battle with Ming-kim and she later helplessly suicides. In order to save his lover, the wounded Siu Sam-siu must battle in a duel where he has a slim chance of winning.
Man of the Times, 1h44
Origin Hong kong
Genres Comedy, Comedy-drama, Crime
Actors Ray Lui, Deannie Yip, Veronica Yip, Andy Lau, Ng Man-tat, Irene Wan
Rating54% 2.734732.734732.734732.734732.73473
Satire sur la police de Hong Kong dans les années 1960-70
The Prince of Temple Street, 1h35
Origin Hong kong
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime, Romance
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films, Gangster films
Actors Andy Lau, Joey Wong, Ng Man-tat, Deannie Yip, Ray Lui, Charles Heung
Roles Chiu
Rating55% 2.777842.777842.777842.777842.77784
Triad leader Chiu (Ray Lui) calls up a meeting hoping to find someone willing to adopt an abandoned male infant he picked up in Temple Street. During the meeting, nobody was able to stop the infant from crying until it was passed to a servant's arms. He is Tong Chau-sui (Ng Man-tat), who is chosen as the adoptive father of the infant. Because there were twelve people in the meeting and everyone were the infant's godparents, Chiu names the infant Tong Sap-yee (lit. "Tong Twelve"), whom everyone calls as "Prince Twelve".