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Regina Orozco is a Actor Mexicaine born on 18 february 1964

Regina Orozco

Regina Orozco
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Nationality Mexique
Birth 18 february 1964 (58 years)

Regina Orozco, née à Mexico en 1964, est une actrice mexicaine de cinéma et de télévision.

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Get the Gringo, 1h36
Directed by Adrian Grünberg, Adrian Grünberg
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Crime
Themes Prison films, Children's films
Actors Mel Gibson, Daniel Giménez Cacho, Peter Stormare, Dolores Heredia, Dean Norris, Bob Gunton
Roles Mrs. Serrano
Rating68% 3.447613.447613.447613.447613.44761
The film opens with a getaway driver (Mel Gibson) and a wounded accomplice dressed as clowns fleeing from American police toward the Mexican border. The driver crashes through the border fence, whereupon he is arrested by corrupt Mexican police officers Vasquez (Mario Zaragoza) and Romero (Gerardo Teracena). When they find over $2 million in the car, they incarcerate him in El Pueblito prison under false charges, keep the cash for themselves, and cremate the accomplice, who by then has died. As one of the only Americans incarcerated there, the driver becomes known as "the Gringo". El Pueblito proves surprising, operating more like a small ghetto than a prison. The Gringo quickly manages to work out the prison's criminal hierarchy and engages in petty thefts and robberies from some of the prison's less reputable businesses. One of these thefts is witnessed by an unnamed kid (Kevin Hernandez) who is living with his incarcerated mother (Dolores Heredia) and is protected by the prison's criminals. Curious, the Gringo presses him to explain why the criminals protect him, but the Kid refuses.
El Santos vs la Tetona Mendoza, 1h36
Genres Comedy, Animation
Actors Daniel Giménez Cacho, Héctor Jiménez, Regina Orozco, Guillermo del Toro, José María Yazpik, Bruno Bichir
Roles La Tetona Mendoza (voice)
Rating62% 3.114633.114633.114633.114633.11463
El Santos, a fighter with an declining career, stoned and overweight, suffers from his recent divorce from La Tetona Mendoza, a voluptuous and feisty wild female wrestler. To get out of his depression, El Santos began a campaign to help Sahuayo Zombies. However, his philanthropic campaign soon became a very profitable business that leverages Santos for their benefit. The population suffers a zombie plague and La Tetona Mendoza threatens Santos if he doesn't eliminate the zombie invasion. However, El Peyote Asesino (eternal rival of Santos) gets rid of the zombies and therefore the affection of La Tetona. Soon the world realizes that being without zombies is worse than anyone could have ever imagined and the only way to save the nation is regenerating the zombie population. El Santos finds that his sidekick, El Cabo, is half human and half zombie (one of his parents was one) and by spreading his DNA the manage to start a zombie infection and save the day.
It's Not You, It's Me
Directed by Alejandro Springall
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance
Actors Eugenio Derbez, Alejandra Barros, Alberto Estrella, Martina García, Mónica Dionne, Regina Orozco
Rating58% 2.938762.938762.938762.938762.93876
Javier Herrera (Eugenio Derbez) is a man in love whose world comes crashing down shortly after his wedding when his wife, María (Alejandra Barros) tells him that she loves someone else. He must start over completely, with no money and no job, and a totally empty apartment. He tries esoteric therapies and even adopts a dog to attract women, but to no avail: Javier only remembers his ex- wife. Enter Julia (Martina García), a free-spirited young woman willing to be his friend unconditionally, if only Javier could forget Maria.
Paradas Continuas, 1h50
Genres Comedy
Actors Ramón Valdés, Luis Arrieta, Luz María Zetina, Ilithya Manzanilla, Regina Orozco, Javier Gurruchaga
Roles Aunt Roz
Rating62% 3.1381653.1381653.1381653.1381653.138165
Perico and Emilio are two students who have nowhere to have sex with their girlfriends. They cannot take them home, and don't want to go to a hotel, so they use Perico's father's cherished VW microbus after making some changes to it. They then decide to go into business with the van.
Dance with the Devil, 2h6
Directed by Álex de la Iglesia
Origin Mexique
Genres Thriller, Horror comedy, Action, Adventure, Horror
Themes Transport films, Films about automobiles, Road movies, Comedy horror films
Actors Rosie Perez, Javier Bardem, Harley Cross, Aimee Graham, James Gandolfini, Demián Bichir
Roles Lilly
Rating63% 3.151943.151943.151943.151943.15194
Perdita (Rosie Perez) is a tough, no-nonsense lady clad in a Tura Satana-style black outfit. She meets Romeo Dolorosa (Javier Bardem), a maniacal criminal who also happens to be an even more maniacal witch doctor. Romeo robs a bank but risks getting caught in order to force the Bank Teller to strip her shirt and reveal her large breasts. Once in the street, he hides his face from the cops by grabbing and french kissing a random woman on the street. Crossing the border into Mexico together, Perdita and Romeo become lovers and partners in crime as they kidnap a random Anglo-Saxon teenage couple in order to sacrifice them. Along the way they also hijack a truckload of human fetuses and try to evade a determined Drug Enforcement Administration officer (James Gandolfini).
Deep Crimson, 1h54
Directed by Arturo Ripstein
Genres Drama, Crime, Romance
Themes Serial killer films
Actors Daniel Giménez Cacho, Marisa Paredes, Regina Orozco, Patricia Reyes Spíndola, Sherlyn, Julieta Egurrola
Roles Coral Fabre
Rating71% 3.591823.591823.591823.591823.59182
Coral Fabre (Regina Orozco) est une infirmière et mère célibataire de deux enfants qui tombe folle amoureuse de Nicolas Estrella (Gimenez Cacho), un petit escroc qui gagne sa vie en volant l'argent des femmes qu'il séduit. Tout d'abord repoussée, Coral décide d'abandonner ses enfants pour pouvoir partir avec Nicolas et l'aider dans ses affaires. Se faisant passer pour sa sœur, elle va sélectionner leurs futures victimes, des femmes veuves et aisées à la recherche d'un compagnon.
Untamed Women, 1h45
Directed by Alberto Isaac
Origin Mexique
Actors Patricia Reyes Spíndola, Lourdes Elizarrarás, Regina Orozco, Juan Claudio Retes, Margarita Isabel, Héctor Ortega
Roles Chayo
Rating63% 3.1527453.1527453.1527453.1527453.152745
Fatiguées de leur vie de femmes soumises, Ema, Clotilde et Chayo laissent derrière elles leur ancienne vie, leurs maris et leurs enfants pour commencer de nouvelles aventures, qui les mèneront de Colima à Los Angeles.
Only with Your Partner, 1h34
Directed by Alfonso Cuarón
Origin Mexique
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Daniel Giménez Cacho, Claudia Ramírez, Dobrina Cristeva, Regina Orozco, Claudia Fernández, Claudette Maillé
Roles Mrs. Dolores
Rating68% 3.446513.446513.446513.446513.44651
Tomás Tomás (Daniel Giménez Cacho) is a young yuppie playboy and publicist. Silvia (Dobrina Liubomirova), a nurse the victim of one of his adventures, tries to get back at him by typing "positive" on his AIDS test. Tomás, trying to end his life, meets Clarissa (Claudia Ramírez), a flight attendant, who is also trying to kill herself after finding out her fiance is having an affair.