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Renato Pozzetto is a Actor and Scriptwriter Italien born on 14 july 1940 at Laveno-Mombello (Italie)

Renato Pozzetto

Renato Pozzetto
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Nationality Italie
Birth 14 july 1940 (83 years) at Laveno-Mombello (Italie)

Renato Pozzetto (born 14 July 1940) is an Italian personality. He has performed as an actor, director, stand-up comedian and singer in Italy.


Pozzetto was born into a poor family in Laveno Mombello and grew up in the town of Gemonio (also in the Province of Varese). After graduation he made his debut as a comedian at the Derby Club in Milan.

There in 1964 he and his childhood friend Cochi Ponzoni formed the duo Cochi & Renato. They recorded several successful songs, often written in collaboration with Enzo Jannacci. These songs often had a satirical and/or nonsense style. Their most popular hits include "La canzone intelligente" ("The intelligent song", a satire about songwriting) and "E la vita, la vita". From the mid 70s through the first half of the 90s Pozzetto enjoyed a prolific career in film.

He soon became famous for his trademark pronounced Milanese accent and for his shy and stuttering way of speaking.

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Massimo Boldi
Massimo Boldi
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Filmography of Renato Pozzetto (46 films)

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Just Married, 2h
Directed by Luca Lucini
Origin Italie
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy
Themes Films about marriage
Actors Michele Placido, Moran Atias, Luca Argentero, Isabella Ragonese, Dario Bandiera, Renato Pozzetto
Roles Renato Di Caio
Rating61% 3.05283.05283.05283.05283.0528
The film is set in various locations in Italy and includes four different stories that connect to each other.
Infelici e contenti, 1h41
Directed by Neri Parenti
Origin Italie
Genres Comedy
Themes Medical-themed films, Films about disabilities, La cécité
Actors Renato Pozzetto, Ezio Greggio, Marina Suma, Roberto Bisacco, Francesca D'Aloja, Yvonne Sciò
Roles Aldo
Rating57% 2.8714852.8714852.8714852.8714852.871485
Aldo and Vittorio are two men suffering from disabilities. One is blind, the other is forced to a wheelchair. Vittorio one day by chance meets Aldo in the hospice and invites him to brake a pleasure trip to Sanremo in Liguria. In fact Vittorio, though blind, is a cheat who's in trouble, and he needs to go to Sanremo to settle a business. But in his messes, Vittorio also involves the gentle and naive Aldo...
Stuff for the Rich, 1h44
Directed by Sergio Corbucci
Origin Italie
Genres Comedy
Actors Lino Banfi, Laura Antonelli, Renato Pozzetto, Rosanna Banfi, Serena Grandi, Vittorio Caprioli
Roles Don Vittorino
Rating50% 2.529322.529322.529322.529322.52932
Les trois histoires se passent à Monte Carlo. Attilio Carbone, un assureur ringard est séduit par la plantureuse Dora qui le convainc de faire souscrire à son mari une police d’assurance puis de le tuer pour empocher l'argent. Mais la femme est de mèche avec son mari. Finalement, ces deux-là finiront avec l'argent sur une île déserte.
Big (1987)
, 1h34
Directed by Franco Amurri
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Fantasy
Actors Renato Pozzetto, Ottavia Piccolo, Alessandro Haber, Giulia Boschi, Fiammetta Baralla
Roles Marco
Rating63% 3.1704353.1704353.1704353.1704353.170435
Eight-year-old Marco Marinelli is a bedwetter, scolded by his mother (Ottavia Piccolo) and teased by his classmates. On his birthday he finds out that his father (Alessandro Haber), who is facing economic difficulties, hasn't brought him the Lego he was promised. He runs in tears to his room and puts all his heart into wishing he were big and not subject to these indignities. As a result, he bursts through his clothes in the guise of a forty-year-old man (Renato Pozzetto) and seeks refuge in the house of his schoolteacher (Giulia Boschi), who he's secretly in love with. Mentally, he is still eight years old, and it's a puzzle what to do with him, until someone discovers that he has an uncanny rapport with children. Then he becomes a full-time and highly requested babysitter, but shortly after he is suspected of abducting the by-now long-missing child Marco. He then runs out of money, and fakes the kidnapping of himself, but while chased by the police he eventually turns back into the eight-year-old boy.
Department Store, 1h50
Directed by Franco Castellano, Giuseppe Moccia
Origin Italie
Genres Comedy
Actors Lino Banfi, Paolo Villaggio, Laura Antonelli, Michele Placido, Renato Pozzetto, Massimo Boldi
Roles Fausto Valsecchi, addetto alle consegne
Rating56% 2.8143452.8143452.8143452.8143452.814345
Dans les Grands Magasins se mêlent différents personnages et diverses histoires.
7 Kilos in 7 Days, 1h47
Genres Comedy
Themes Medical-themed films
Actors Renato Pozzetto, Carlo Verdone, Tiziana Pini, Franco Diogene, Elena Fabrizi, Fiammetta Baralla
Roles Silvano Baracchi
Rating59% 2.954982.954982.954982.954982.95498
Silvano and Alfio are mediocre students who manage to snatch away a degree at the university where they both studied medicine with absymal results. After a few years Silvano (now a peddler of beauty products who on the side sells pornographic material and sex toys) meets Alfio again, now running a beauty parlor fueled with the money of his neurotic wife. After a comic mishap with a customer left too long in a sauna machine who has apparently suffered a stroke Silvano, seeing the large country villa where Alfio lives with his family, proposes him to turn it into a dieting-farm where rich customers will pay hefty sums to get rid of excess fat. The operation is run hapazardly with several incidents; in the end Alfio suffers a nervous breakdown and goes catatonic. An English professor of Aesthetics (with which Alfio shares the room in the clinic he's recuperating at) convinces the duo that true beauty lies in generous proportions, as in the works of Tiziano, Giorgione and other famous artists. Alfio and Silvano then convert the villa in a trattoria where the best patrons are the same people who originally visited it for dieting purpouses.
He's Worse than Me
Directed by Enrico Oldoini
Genres Comedy
Themes Buddy films
Actors Adriano Celentano, Renato Pozzetto
Roles Luciano
Rating61% 3.0988853.0988853.0988853.0988853.098885
Il Ragazzo di Campagna, 1h32
Directed by Franco Castellano, Giuseppe Moccia
Genres Comedy
Actors Renato Pozzetto, Clara Colosimo, Enzo Garinei, Massimo Boldi, Enzo Cannavale, Franco Diogene
Roles Artemio
Rating67% 3.397443.397443.397443.397443.39744
Artemio (Pozzetto) has always lived in the countryside of Lombardy, inept in any other way in the world except dig the earth. When he turns 40, he realixes he has never had other experiences and jobs nor lived in a city, so he moves to the big and chaotic city of Milan to seek for a job. There he meets his cousin (Massimo Boldi), a trickster who gets him in trouble. When Artemio manages to escape from the police, he falls in love with a beautiful girl, but the distance between his countryside ways and mindset and those of the Milanese girl makes it impossible for the two to create a stable relationship. Disappointed by his failures, Artemio finally returns to the country after recovering the money needed for the family.
This and That
Directed by Sergio Corbucci
Origin Italie
Genres Comedy
Themes La bande dessinée
Actors Nino Manfredi, Renato Pozzetto, Janet Ågren, Désirée Nosbusch, Sylva Koscina, Michela Miti
Roles Giulio Scacchi / Gregory
Rating58% 2.91792.91792.91792.91792.9179
First segment: the life of a comic book artist in a creative crisis is revolutioned by the casual encounter with a beautiful stranger.
Rich and Poor
Directed by Pasquale Festa Campanile
Genres Comedy, Romance
Actors Renato Pozzetto, Ornella Muti, Ugo Gregoretti, Dino Cassio, Corrado Olmi
Roles Eugenio Ronconi / Eugenio Ragona
Rating60% 3.049723.049723.049723.049723.04972
The engineer Eugenio Ronconi lives in Milan a comfortable life, but he is increasingly obsessed of losing all his wealth and become poor. On the advice of his psychologist, therefore he decides to "become" poor for about a month.
Magic Touch
Directed by Steno
Genres Comedy
Themes Films about sexuality, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film
Actors Renato Pozzetto, Eleonora Giorgi, Sylva Koscina, Maurizio Micheli, Felice Andreasi, Giovanni Frezza
Roles Andrea Ferrini
Rating58% 2.90182.90182.90182.90182.9018
After a sudden dismissal, the engineer Andrea Ferrini, unable to find another job, begins to carry out the household chores. Her wife Franca, on the contrary, is a career woman and she seems to wear the pants between the two.
Holy Cow
Holy Cow (1982)

Directed by Pasquale Festa Campanile
Origin Italie
Genres Drama, Comedy
Themes Political films
Actors Renato Pozzetto, Laura Antonelli, Aldo Maccione, Raymond Pellegrin, Raymond Bussières, Enzo Robutti
Roles Primo Baffo detto Barbasini
Rating58% 2.905232.905232.905232.905232.90523
Primo Baffo (Renato Pozzetto) est une sorte de chanteur de cabaret qui amuse les soldats avec ses chansons et ses sketches pendant la guerre. Il fait tout pour éviter d’être enrôlé et partir à la guerre. Mais à la fin de son spectacle, il est amené de force devant le colonel pour la conscription. Il essaie de se faire passer pour un homosexuel mais sans résultat. Arrivé au front, il croise une jeune fille misérable nommée Marianna (Laura Antonelli) lors d’une patrouille dans un village. Il cherche à la séduire et lorsqu’il se trouve déshabillé, elle lui vole tous ses vêtements et effets personnels et s’enfuit avec son complice. Les trois se retrouvent à nouveau quelques jours plus tard et Primo veut se venger. Mais la guerre les rattrape. Après quelques épisodes tragi-comiques au front face aux allemands, Primo et son copain Torno (Aldo Maccione) se cachent dans le grenier d’une masure bientôt occupée par les Uhlans, en terrain conquis. Ils assistent alors, impuissants dans leur cachette, aux derniers outrages que les soldats font subir à Marianna. Mais celle-ci finira par se venger.