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Renee Humphrey is a Actor American born on 27 january 1975 at San Mateo (USA)

Renee Humphrey

Renee Humphrey
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Birth name Renee K. Humphrey
Nationality USA
Birth 27 january 1975 (44 years) at San Mateo (USA)

Renee Humphrey (born January 27, 1975) is an American actress who has appeared in both film and television.

Usually with

Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith
(3 films)
Scott Mosier
Scott Mosier
(3 films)
Jason Lee
Jason Lee
(3 films)
Jason Mewes
Jason Mewes
(3 films)
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Filmography of Renee Humphrey (7 films)

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Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, 1h45
Directed by Kevin Smith
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Themes Medical-themed films, Films about drugs, Transport films, Films about automobiles, Road movies, Buddy films
Actors Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith, Jason Lee, Ben Affleck, Shannon Elizabeth, Eliza Dushku
Roles Tricia Jones
Rating68% 3.448673.448673.448673.448673.44867
After getting a restraining order from Randal Graves (Clerks) for selling drugs outside the Quick Stop, Jay and Silent Bob find out from Brodie Bruce (Mallrats) that Bluntman and Chronic, the comic book based on their likenesses, has been adapted into a film in production by Miramax Films. In response, the two see Holden McNeil (Chasing Amy), the co-writer of Bluntman and Chronic for the royalties of the film. However, Holden tells Jay and Silent Bob that he sold his part of the creative and publishing rights of the comic over to his former friend Banky Edwards. Upon learning of the film, as well as the negative reaction it has received so far on the Internet, the two set out on a quest to Hollywood, to prevent the film from being made and tainting their image, or at the very least receive the money from the royalties owed to them.
The Sex Monster
Directed by Mike Binder
Genres Comedy
Themes Films about sexuality, Bisexuality-related films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film, Lesbian-related films
Actors Mariel Hemingway, Robin Curtis, Mike Binder, Renee Humphrey, Christopher Lawford, Kevin Pollak
Roles Didi
Rating53% 2.6524552.6524552.6524552.6524552.652455
Martin "Marty" Barnes, a neurotic businessman (director-writer Mike Binder) who works as a building contractor in Los Angeles, tries to improve his sex life with his wife Laura (Mariel Hemingway) by encouraging her to have a threesome involving another woman. Though Marty is fortunate enough to find that Laura likes the idea, he does not count on her decision that she not only has no need of her husband for enjoyment with ladies but also ends up actually preferring them to men. Nor does he anticipate her becoming a sexual tigress who seduces every female she encounters, including even Marty's own secretary.
Drawing Flies, 1h16
Directed by Malcolm "Mo" Ingram
Origin Canada
Genres Drama, Thriller, Comedy
Actors Jason Lee, Jason Mewes, Renee Humphrey, Carmen Llywelyn, Kevin Smith, Joey Lauren Adams
Rating55% 2.753372.753372.753372.753372.75337
After they get cut off welfare, Donner (Jason Lee) leads four of his jobless, penniless roommates on a journey to find a cabin in the woods that belongs to his uncle. They get lost and stranded in the woods, without food or water or their bearings when their van breaks down. He eventually reveals to his roommates that the search for the cabin is really a search for Sasquatch. They, of course, think he's crazy. But to make matters worse, they uncover all kinds of bizarre and dangerous activity as they wander through the woods in search of not only Bigfoot himself, but any hope of a future...
Mallrats (1995)
, 1h34
Directed by Kevin Smith
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Themes Buddy films
Actors Jason Lee, Jeremy London, Shannen Doherty, Claire Forlani, Ben Affleck, Joey Lauren Adams
Roles Tricia Jones
Rating71% 3.598863.598863.598863.598863.59886
The day prior to the events of Clerks, college student T.S. Quint (Jeremy London) is preparing for a trip to Universal Studios in Florida with Brandi Svenning (Claire Forlani), during which he plans to propose to her; however, Brandi tells him she cannot go because she has volunteered to fill in as a contestant on Truth or Date, her father's dating game show. They argue over this and eventually break up. T.S. turns to his best friend Brodie Bruce (Jason Lee), who has also broken up with his girlfriend, Rene Mosier (Shannen Doherty), after having an argument, and Brodie suggests the two might find comfort at the local mall.
The Cure
The Cure (1995)
, 1h37
Directed by Peter Horton
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy-drama
Themes Films about children, Medical-themed films, Buddy films, HIV/AIDS in film
Actors Brad Renfro, Joseph Mazzello, Diana Scarwid, Annabella Sciorra, Bruce Davison, Nicky Katt
Roles Angle
Rating76% 3.846793.846793.846793.846793.84679
Set in a small town of Stillwater, Minnesota, Erik (Brad Renfro) is an adolescent loner with an emotionally abusive and neglectful and selfish workaholic mother, Gail (Diana Scarwid) who hardly spends time with him. His father, who treated Erik considerably better than his mother, died a couple years prior. Dexter (Joseph Mazzello), who contracted AIDS through a blood transfusion, is Erik's neighbor. Initially, Erik is put off by Dexter, but the two soon become good friends despite their differences. Erik seeks a family in Dexter and his congenial mother, Linda (Annabella Sciorra), due to his strained relationship with Gail, but keeps the friendship a secret from her, knowing that she won't approve.
Devil in a Blue Dress, 1h42
Directed by Carl Franklin
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Noir, Crime
Actors Denzel Washington, Tom Sizemore, Jennifer Beals, Don Cheadle, Maury Chaykin, Terry Kinney
Roles Barbara
Rating66% 3.348863.348863.348863.348863.34886
The film begins in noir fashion when Easy Rawlins (Denzel Washington) says, "A man once told me that when you step out of your door in the morning, you're already in trouble. The only question is, are you on top of that trouble or not?"
French Kiss, 1h51
Directed by Lawrence Kasdan
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Meg Ryan, Kevin Kline, Jean Reno, Timothy Tarquin Hutton, François Cluzet, Renee Humphrey
Roles Lilly
Rating65% 3.2992153.2992153.2992153.2992153.299215
Kate (Ryan) is a fastidious and wholesome history teacher living in Canada with her fiancé, Charlie (Hutton), a doctor. While waiting for her Canadian citizenship to come through, Kate has been busy planning their wedding and the purchase of their first house, complete with a white picket fence. He urges her to accompany him to Paris for an upcoming business trip, but she declines due to her fear of flying and her general intolerance for cheese, secondhand smoke, and the French.
Fun (1994)
, 1h45
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime, Romance
Themes Films based on plays
Actors Alicia Witt, Renee Humphrey, William R. Moses, Leslie Hope
Roles Hillary
Rating70% 3.54023.54023.54023.54023.5402
The film is told in flashbacks detailing the girls' relationship (in color), and their time in prison (in black and white). Bonnie, aged 14, (Witt) and Hillary, aged 15, (Humphrey) meet at a bus stop in Los Angeles, California and begin a friendship. They stroll around their city, chuck rocks onto a highway from an overpass bridge, run rampant in shopping malls, and play video games.