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Renée Jones is a Actor American born on 15 october 1958 at Opa-locka (USA)

Renée Jones

Renée Jones
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Nationality USA
Birth 15 october 1958 (61 years) at Opa-locka (USA)

Renée Jones (born October 15, 1958) is a former American dramatic actress. Jones is best known for playing Lexie Carver on NBC's long-running soap opera Days of Our Lives, a role she began in 1993. She has been nominated five times for the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actress in a Daytime Drama Series for the role.


Born into a large family of five siblings, Jones grew up in Georgia and New York and worked as a secretary before signing with the prestigious Ford Modeling agency at the age of 19 and eventually making her acting debut on the prime time series The White Shadow. Jones made her debut on Days of Our Lives in the early 1980s as Nikki Wade. She returned to the soap, taking on a new role, as Lexie Carver in February 1993.

In April 2012, Jones confirmed in an interview with TV Guide's Michael Logan that she would vacate the role of Lexie Carver after 20 years and would retire into a more simplistic life, revealing that she is not happy in acting.

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Talkin' Dirty After Dark, 1h29
Genres Comedy
Actors Martin Lawrence, Tom Lister, Jr., Lance Crouther, Mark Curry (acteur américain), John Witherspoon, Ken Davitian
Roles Kimmie
Rating52% 2.600932.600932.600932.600932.60093
Stand up comedian Terry Wilson, is a local funny man who is in a lot of trouble. He can't pay his $67 phone bill. He drives a car that has only one gear, reverse. He is struggling trying to make it at a local comedy club called Dukie's. Finally, he is having an affair with the owner's wife in an attempt to get more attention at the club.
The Terror Within II, 1h30
Directed by Andrew Stevens
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Action, Horror
Themes Pregnancy films, Films about sexuality
Actors Andrew Stevens, Stella Stevens, R. Lee Ermey, Chick Vennera, Burton Gilliam, Barbara Alyn Woods
Roles Robin
Rating43% 2.1761252.1761252.1761252.1761252.176125
The last human colony struggles to survive underground, beneath a land of nightmarish mutants who seek to destroy them. But when the mutant breaks inside humanity's final stronghold, the battle for survival pits the human colonists against their deadly invaders miles below the Earth's surface.
Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, 1h28
Directed by Tom McLoughlin
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Horror, Slasher
Themes Transport films, Serial killer films, Zombie films, Road movies
Actors Thom Mathews, Tony Goldwyn, Jennifer Cooke, David Kagen, Renée Jones, Kerry Noonan
Roles Sissy
Rating59% 2.9992652.9992652.9992652.9992652.999265
Years have passed since Crystal Lake had been renamed to Forest Green, but Tommy Jarvis, still suffering from hallucinations, returns with Allen, a friend from the hospital in Part V, hoping to cremate Jason's body and stop his hallucinations. At the cemetery, they dig up Jason's corpse, but seeing it causes Tommy to snap, and he stabs Jason's body with a metal fence post. As he turns his back on Jason, two lightning bolts strike the post and revive the now-undead killer. Tommy tries to light the gasoline in which he has soaked Jason, but a sudden downpour prevents it. When Hawes tries to attack Jason with a shovel, his heart is punched out. Tommy runs and makes his way to the sheriff's office, where his panic and attempt to grab weapons gets him put into a jail cell. His pleas that Jason has returned goes unheeded by Sheriff Garris. On the road, two young adults, Darren and Lizbeth get lost looking for the camp and run into Jason, they fail to frighten Jason off the road and he impales them both with the metal rod that resurrected him. The next morning, Garris' daughter Megan and her friends Sissy, Cort and Lizbeth's sister Paula ask him to search for Darren and Lizbeth. Tommy warns them about Jason, but as he is now considered an urban legend they ignore the warnings, though Megan finds herself attracted to him.
Deadly Lessons, 1h40
Genres Thriller, Horror
Actors Larry Wilcox, Bill Paxton, Donna Reed, David Ackroyd, Diane Franklin, Ally Sheedy
Roles Cally
Rating58% 2.9112752.9112752.9112752.9112752.911275
A teenaged girl, Stephanie Aggiston, is sent to a prestigious private girl's academy for the summer to brush up on Advanced French, and finds the school to be a bit snobbish, being a girl from the country herself. However, she does make friends with Marita Armstrong, Cally, and Shama, who is a Saudi princess and her roommate. Little do they know Marita is being stalked from afar...