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Richard Marcus is a Actor and Scriptwriter American born on 18 september 1945

Richard Marcus

Richard Marcus
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Nationality USA
Birth 18 september 1945 (77 years)

Richard Marcus est un acteur américain. Il a commencé à jouer en 1979.

Son dernier rôle en date est celui de Forbes en 2005 dans la série 24 heures chrono avec Kiefer Sutherland.
Il est aussi connu pour son rôle du Dr William Raines (dans 24 épisodes) dans la série Le Caméléon (1996-2000).

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Filmography of Richard Marcus (7 films)

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The Pretender: Island of the Haunted, 1h36
Directed by Frederick King Keller
Origin USA
Genres Action, Crime
Actors Michael T. Weiss, Andrea Parker, Patrick Bauchau, Jon Gries, Richard Marcus, James Denton
Roles William Raines
Rating71% 3.594163.594163.594163.594163.59416
The film begins with Jarod working as a professor and searching for a mysterious artifact. Both he and Ms. Parker received e-mails containing a photograph of their mothers standing side by side at the end of the previous film, and it is revealed that the artifact Jarod is searching for appears in the photograph, engraved on a wall behind the two women. Jarod's search leads him to a shopkeeper who shows Jarod a small hidden compartment below his store, where the picture of his mother and Mrs. Parker was apparently taken. The shopkeeper believes the shop to be haunted, as occult worship once took place there, and tells Jarod that the engraving on the wall is evidence of this. Meanwhile, Ms. Parker visits the store and leaves with a small doll, then returns to the Centre, where she shows the doll to Angelo. Angelo goes into a fit, drawing a perfect picture of the engraving, and then draws a picture of an old monastery, calling it an "Evil Place" and chanting 'Evil People, Evil Place' repeatedly. The monastery is on the Isle of the Haunted, where Jarod has gone to find his mother. Ms. Parker follows.
Tremors (1990)
, 1h36
Directed by Ron Underwood
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Fantastic, Comedy, Horror comedy, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Horror, Comic science fiction
Themes Films about magic and magicians, Comedy science fiction films, Giant monster films, Comedy horror films, Disaster films
Actors Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward, Finn Carter, Reba McEntire, Michael Gross, Victor Wong
Roles Nestor
Rating70% 3.5476853.5476853.5476853.5476853.547685
Valentine "Val" McKee and Earl Basset work as handymen in Perfection, Nevada, an isolated ex-mining settlement in the high desert east of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. They eventually tire of their jobs and leave for Bixby, the nearest town, but as they leave, they discover another resident, Edgar, dead at the top of an electrical tower, though still holding on to the beams with a .30-30 Winchester rifle. Jim Wallace, the town doctor, determines that Edgar died of dehydration, apparently afraid to climb down after being trapped for a few days. Later on, an unknown force kills an elderly shepherd, "Old Fred," and his flock of sheep. Upon discovering his severed head buried in the sand, Val and Earl become convinced that a killer is on the loose and head back to town to warn the other residents. They try to get help, but upon discovering that the phone lines are dead, they find the only road out of town blocked by a rock slide that downed the phone lines. On the way back to town, they get their truck stuck on what they later find to be a snake-like creature that wrapped itself around its rear axle.
Cannibal Campout, 1h28
Directed by Jon McBride, Tom Fisher
Origin USA
Genres Horror, Slasher
Themes Serial killer films
Actors Jon McBride, Richard Marcus
Roles Rich - Cannibal
Rating42% 2.1272.1272.1272.1272.127
While out for a jog in the community of Redston, a woman named Nancy is hacked to death with an felling axe by a man wearing a fighter pilot helmet. Later, two couples consisting of Jon and Carrie, and Amy and Chris, head to Redston to camp out for the weekend, but on the way there they encounter a pair of hillbillies named Rich and Gene, who attack them.
Deadly Friend, 1h31
Directed by Wes Craven
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Comedy, Horror
Themes Films about computing, Robot films
Actors Matthew Laborteaux, Kristy Swanson, Michael Sharrett, Anne Twomey, Anne Ramsey, Richard Marcus
Roles Harry Pringle
Rating55% 2.7592652.7592652.7592652.7592652.759265
In a parking lot, a thief tries to steal from a van, but a robot named BB (voiced by Charles Fleischer) stops him by grabbing this throat. BB lets go of the dazed thief as soon as Paul Conway (Matthew Laborteaux) and his mother Jeannie (Anne Twomey) return from shopping and drive away in the van. Paul is the owner of BB, whom he built. They arrive at their new house in the town of Welling the next day.
Enemy Mine
Enemy Mine (1985)
, 1h48
Directed by Wolfgang Petersen
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Action, Adventure
Themes Films about animals, Environmental films, Space adventure films, Seafaring films, Transport films, Films based on Robinson Crusoe, Films based on science fiction novels, Films set in the future, Political films, Space opera, Children's films, Films about extraterrestrial life
Actors Dennis Quaid, Louis Gossett Jr., Brion James, Bumper Robinson, Richard Marcus, Scott Kraft
Roles Arnold
Rating68% 3.401013.401013.401013.401013.40101
In the late 21st century, an interstellar war between humans (associated as the Bilateral Terran Alliance, or BTA) and Dracs (a Hermaphroditic humanoid race) is fought. Battles are periodically fought between fighter spacecraft, and no human pilot hates the Dracs more than Willis E. Davidge (Dennis Quaid). During one such battle, Davidge and Drac pilot Jeriba Shigan (Louis Gossett, Jr.) engage in a dogfight which results in both crash-landing on Fyrine IV, an alien world uninhabited by intelligent life, with two moons, a breathable atmosphere, water, native fauna, and a hostile environment.
The Being
The Being (1983)
, 1h22
Directed by Jackie Kong
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Horror
Actors Martin Landau, José Ferrer, Dorothy Malone, Ruth Buzzi, Kinky Friedman, Richard Marcus
Roles Joe the Lab Assistant
Rating44% 2.2112552.2112552.2112552.2112552.211255
People have been disappearing in the town of Pottsville, Idaho. Detective Mortimer Lutz (Bill Osco) thinks it is connected to the toxic dump site near the town, but is impeded in his investigation by the Mayor (Jose Ferrer), who is concerned about the economic impact on the town's potato industry should it turn out to be true. In reality, the toxic waste has turned a young child into a cannibalistic mutant monster, devouring anyone who comes across him. When the existence of the mutant is discovered, Lutz begins a run against time to stop it before it consumes the town's entire population.