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Richard Neill is a Actor American born on 12 november 1875 at Philadelphia (USA)

Richard Neill

Richard Neill
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Nationality USA
Birth 12 november 1875 at Philadelphia (USA)
Death 8 april 1970 (at 94 years) at Woodland Hills (USA)

Richard Neill (November 12, 1875 – April 8, 1970) was an American actor of the silent era. He appeared in 130 films between 1911 and 1951. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and died in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles.

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Jason Segel
Jason Segel
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Ray Ries
Ray Ries
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Filmography of Richard Neill (20 films)

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The Muppets, 1h38
Directed by James Bobin
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Musical theatre, Musical
Themes Films about films, Films about music and musicians, Transport films, Musical films, Road movies, Children's films
Actors Jason Segel, Amy Adams, Chris Cooper, Rashida Jones, Zach Galifianakis, Jim Parsons
Roles Laughing Dad
Rating70% 3.546643.546643.546643.546643.54664
Brothers Walter and Gary, residents of Smalltown, are fans of the Muppets, having watched The Muppet Show throughout their youth. Now adults, Gary plans a vacation to Los Angeles with his girlfriend, Mary, to celebrate their tenth anniversary, inviting Walter so he can tour the Muppet Studios. Mary feels Gary's devotion to Walter is detracting from their relationship.
The Late George Apley, 1h36
Directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romantic comedy
Themes Films based on plays
Actors Ronald Colman, Peggy Cummins, Vanessa Brown, Richard Haydn, Richard Neill, Charles Russell
Roles John Apley
Rating69% 3.49163.49163.49163.49163.4916
George Apley (Ronald Colman) is a stuffy, self-satisfied member of Boston's upper class, supremely confident of the superiority of his hometown. However, his comfortable, predictable world is overturned when he learns, to his horror, that both his son and his daughter have fallen in love with non-Bostonians. However, he is eventually brought around to see reason.
Heartbeat (1946)
, 1h42
Directed by Sam Wood
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Ginger Rogers, Basil Rathbone, Jean-Pierre Aumont, Adolphe Menjou, Melville Cooper, Mikhail Rasumny
Roles Ball Guest
Rating60% 3.000823.000823.000823.000823.00082
Professor Aristide (Basil Rathbone) runs a school for pickpockets in Paris. He takes on pupils like Yves (Mikhail Rasumny) and young Arlette (Ginger Rogers) by testing their dishonesty. He takes Arlette even though she fails by only taking bread; she's a runaway from a reform school where she's supposed to stay until she turns 21.
The Last Frontier, 3h33
Directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet
Origin USA
Actors Lon Chaney, Jr., Francis X. Bushman, Jr., William Desmond, Joe Bonomo, LeRoy Mason, Francis X. Bushman
Roles Leige "Tiger" Morris, outlaw
Rating58% 2.939392.939392.939392.939392.93939
The outlaw "Tiger" Morris attempts to drive setters off their land in order to acquire the local gold deposits. A crusading newspaper editor, Tom Kirby, becomes the masked vigilante, The Black Ghost, to stop him.
The King of the Kongo
Directed by Richard Thorpe
Origin USA
Genres Action, Adventure
Actors Jacqueline Logan, Walter Miller, Richard Tucker, Boris Karloff, Larry Steers, Harry Todd
Roles Prisoner
Rating58% 2.947642.947642.947642.947642.94764
Independently, the two protagonists, Diana Martin and Secret Service agent Larry Trent are searching the jungle for missing relatives, her father and his brother. Tied up in this plot are ivory smugglers and a lost treasure hidden in the jungle.
Where East  Is East, 1h5
Directed by Tod Browning
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Melodrama, Romance
Actors Lon Chaney, Lupe Vélez, Estelle Taylor, Lloyd Hughes, Willie Fung, Richard Neill
Roles Rangho the Gorilla (uncredited)
Rating65% 3.2922853.2922853.2922853.2922853.292285
Tiger Haynes traps wild animals for a living, and bears the scars of his dangerous occupation on his face. He cares for only one thing in life: his beloved daughter, Toyo. When he returns to the city of Vien-Tien from his latest foray in the jungle, Toyo tells him that she and Bobby Bailey, the son of an American circus owner (one of Tiger's best customers), have fallen in love and are engaged. Initially opposed to the union, Tiger gives them his blessing after Bobby protects the girl from a tiger that has gotten loose.
The Desert of the Lost, 58minutes
Directed by Richard Thorpe
Origin USA
Genres Western
Actors Wally Wales, Peggy Montgomery, William Dyer, Richard Neill, George Magrill, Lafe McKee
Roles El Chino
Rating63% 3.159263.159263.159263.159263.15926
Jim Drake a tué un homme, mais est incapable de prouver qu'il l'a fait en légitime défense. Il s'enfuit au Mexique, poursuivi par Murray, un policier. Jim se lie d'amitié avec Dolores Wolfe, la fille de Steve Wolfe, un ancien aubergiste américain. Jim défend la jeune femme, forcée par son père d'épouser El Chino, un bandit métis qui a une mine d'or secrète. Fait prisonnier par Wolfe, il découvre la mine et arrive à capturer la bande d'El Chino. Murray retrouve Jim en suivant Dolores, et il lui apprend que les charges ne sont plus retenues contre lui. Jim repasse alors la frontière accompagné de Dolores.
Tumbleweeds, 1h18
Directed by King Baggot, William S. Hart
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Action, Western
Actors Barbara Bedford, William S. Hart, Lillian Leighton, Lucien Littlefield, Richard Neill, James Gordon
Rating64% 3.2419253.2419253.2419253.2419253.241925
Set in Caldwell, Kansas on the Kansas-Oklahoma border, the movie features cowboy Don Carver (Hart) as a "tumbleweed" (i.e., a drifter) who decides to settle down after falling in love with Molly Lassiter (Barbara Bedford). Carver decides to get in on the Cherokee Strip land rush but when he's arrested and parted from his new love, he's in danger of missing the big race. Lucien Littlefield plays a strong supporting role in the movie as Hart's comic sidekick and best friend.
The Fighting Coward
Directed by James Cruze
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors Ernest Torrence, Mary Astor, Noah Beery Sr., Cullen Landis, Phyllis Haver, G. Raymond Nye
Roles Joe Patterson (billed as Richard R. Neill)
Rating64% 3.2061953.2061953.2061953.2061953.206195
Wanderer of the Wasteland, 1h
Directed by Irvin Willat
Origin USA
Genres Western
Actors Jack Holt, Noah Beery Sr., George Irving, Billie Dove, Kathlyn Williams, Richard Neill

The film is based on Zane Grey's 1923 novel of two brothers, one an honest cowpoke, the other a gambler. When Adam Larey (Jack Holt) confronts his younger brother Guerd (James Mason) about his gambling addiction, the latter is accidentally shot. A distraught Adam, believing he has killed his own brother, flees into the desert. He later learns that Guerd was merely wounded and returns to the loving arms of beautiful Billie Dove.