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Richard Tyson is a Actor American born on 13 february 1961 at Mobile (USA)

Richard Tyson

Richard Tyson
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Birth name Richard Martin Tyson
Nationality USA
Birth 13 february 1961 (61 years) at Mobile (USA)

Richard Martin Tyson (born February 13, 1961) is an American actor.


His most prominent role was as the villain Cullen Crisp, Sr. in Kindergarten Cop co-starring alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger. He also starred as high school bully Buddy Revell in the 1987 comedy Three O'Clock High. Tyson can also be seen in the Farrelly Brothers movies, Kingpin, Me, Myself & Irene and There's Something About Mary. The latter features Tyson as Detective Krevoy who questions (then attacks) Ben Stiller in a classic scene from the film.

Tyson was the co-star of the television series Hardball alongside actor John Ashton in the 1980s.

Tyson's recent films include The Fear Chamber, Richard III, Flight of the Living Dead (a film about a government-created virus that turns the dead into zombies being transported on a plane) in which he plays a Sky Marshal, No Bad Days starring Michael Madsen and the western Shoot First and Pray You Live also starring Jim Gaffigan and James Russo. He is also the lead in the horror film Big Bad Wolf, in which he plays a stepfather accused by his stepson of being a cruel and vicious werewolf.

His most recent work is the film Jake's Corner in which he plays ex-football star Johnny Dunn who owns a small town called Jake's Corner. The film has been cited as Tyson's best work to date and also stars singer B. J. Thomas and actor Danny Trejo.

Richard Tyson's acting credits also include guest appearances on the TV shows CSI: NY, Boomtown, Martial Law as well as the films The Visitation, Moscow Heat, Liar's Poker and Black Hawk Down.

One of Tyson's favorite roles is Genghis Khan from the 1992 film also starring Charlton Heston and Pat Morita. Due to insufficient funds the film was never completed.

Tyson was born in Mobile, Alabama. He graduated from Davidson High School in 1974 when he was 13 years old. He holds a Master's Degree in Fine Arts from Cornell University. He enjoys playing golf and appears regularly on the Mr. Cigar radio show in Los Angeles. He won the Peacemaker Award in Russia in 2006. Tyson is a 3° Freemason and a member of the Abba Shriners in Mobile. He currently lives near Hollywood with his wife and children. His brother John is the former District Attorney of Mobile County and was the Democratic Party nominee for Attorney General of Alabama in 2006.

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Wolves (2014)
, 1h30
Directed by David Hayter
Origin Canada
Genres Fantastic, Fantasy, Action, Horror
Themes Films about animals, Films about magic and magicians, Wolves in film, Werewolves in film, Mise en scène d'un mammifère
Actors Jason Momoa, Michael York, Lucas Till, Richard Tyson, Andrew Divoff, Stephen McHattie
Rating53% 2.650412.650412.650412.650412.65041
The film is narrated by Cayden, an average teenaged boy approaching the end of high school. During a football game, a rival player headbutts Cayden, causing the latter to become enraged and attack the player with superhuman strength. Cayden later hurts his girlfriend when the passion of making out causes him to unwillingly transform into a werewolf. Cayden wakes up covered in blood, surrounded by the dismembered bodies of his parents and flees.
Ghost of Goodnight Lane
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Horror
Themes Ghost films
Actors Billy Zane, Lacey Chabert, Danielle Harris, Matthew Joseph Dallas, Richard Tyson, Brina Palencia
Roles Ron
Rating43% 2.167932.167932.167932.167932.16793
Quand les salariés d'un studio de cinéma retrouvent un de leurs collègues mort, ils comprennent qu'ils sont sous la menace d'un fantôme prêt à tous les tuer.
The Dead the Damned and the Darkness
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Action, Horror
Themes Medical-themed films, Post-apocalyptic films, Films set in the future, Zombie films, Films about viral outbreaks, Disaster films
Actors Richard Tyson
Roles Sheriff
Rating31% 1.567451.567451.567451.567451.56745
In the future, Lt. Colonel Sawyer and a mute girl, Stephanie, attempt to survive in a post-apocalyptic land crawling with zombies.
The Story of Bonnie and Clyde
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Crime
Actors Kevin Zegers, Hilary Duff, Richard Tyson, Rance Howard, Kate Maberly, Lee Majors
Roles Bob Alcorn

L'histoire de Bonnie et Clyde, un couple de criminels américains spécialisé dans le braquage de banques.
Love's Christmas Journey, 2h52
Origin USA
Genres Romance
Themes Christmas films
Actors Natalie Hall, JoBeth Williams, Greg Vaughan, Dylan Bruce, Bobby Campo, Charles Shaughnessy
Roles Charley
Rating63% 3.1574453.1574453.1574453.1574453.157445
Au far West, une veuve vient rendre visite à son frère et ses deux enfants pour Noël.
Once Fallen, 1h33
Directed by Ash Adams
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Action, Crime
Actors Brian Presley, Taraji P. Henson, Ed Harris, Amy Madigan, Peter Weller, Chad Lindberg
Roles Keys
Rating48% 2.40962.40962.40962.40962.4096
Chance (Brian Presley) returns home from a half decade in jail determined to change his life. He tries to make peace with his father (Ed Harris), the head of the Aryan Brotherhood at the prison where he is serving a life sentence for murder. Chance's release is quickly marred when he has to help his best friend with a debt to a local mobster.
The Black Waters of Echo's Pond
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Fantasy, Horror
Actors Robert Patrick, Danielle Harris, James Duval, Nick Mennell, Sean Lawlor, Mircea Monroe
Roles Nicholas
Rating43% 2.164772.164772.164772.164772.16477
Party animal Rick (James Duval), wild child Veronique (Mircea Monroe), uptight Robert (M.D. Walton) and six other friends vacation in a plush mansion, where they find a mysterious board game. But the game proves dangerous when it draws out the nastiest qualities in all of its players. As buried fears, resentments, greed and attractions quickly and unsettlingly emerge, the game's goal becomes crystal clear: stay alive.
Flight of the Living Dead, 1h29
Origin USA
Genres Action, Horror
Themes Medical-themed films, Transport films, Aviation films, Zombie films, Films about viral outbreaks, Dans un avion, Disaster films
Actors Kristen Kerr, Kevin J. O'Connor, Dale Midkiff, Erick Avari, Raymond J. Barry, Brian Kolodziej
Roles Paul Judd
Rating51% 2.5510252.5510252.5510252.5510252.551025
On a routine flight from Los Angeles to Paris, a renegade group of scientists has smuggled aboard a secret container holding a fellow scientist infected with a deadly genetically engineered virus which reanimates the dead. The virus is a variant of the virus malaria created by three scientists. They discovered and manufactured the virus with the intent of turning it into a biological weapon. Their goal was to produce soldiers who could continue fighting, even while mortally wounded. The virus is transmitted through bodily fluids. The infected have superhuman abilities, sprinting and leaping beyond human capabilities. The zombies become very durable, and a particular zombie survives despite being thrown into a plane's engine.
Big Bad Wolf, 1h35
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Horror comedy, Horror
Themes Comedy horror films
Actors Kimberly J. Brown, Richard Tyson, Sarah Aldrich, Christopher Shyer, David Naughton, Andrew Bowen
Roles Mitchell Toblat / The Beast
Rating52% 2.620352.620352.620352.620352.62035
Two men are hunting in the jungle of Cameroon when one from another group of two people calls and says that his guide is missing. Then one can hear on the radio that someone is being attacked by what sounds like a wild animal. A human-like creature rips the leg off of one of the men. The man's brother, Charlie Crowley finds his brother dying.
The Visitation, 1h43
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Thriller, Horror
Themes Films about religion
Actors Martin Donovan, Edward Furlong, Kelly Lynch, Priscilla Barnes, Richard Tyson, Joe Unger
Roles Sheriff Brett Henchle
Rating51% 2.551882.551882.551882.551882.55188
In present-day Antioch, former minister Travis Jordan still lives, after losing his faith in God three years before when his beloved wife was murdered and the criminals never found. Suddenly, miracles happen in the little town: the new veterinarian's son survives a van accident without a single scratch; Travis' dog Max revives after being buried; a paraplegic walks; a scarred teenager and her police officer father (brain tumor) heal, outside and inside. In all the events, either a group of three men wearing black were seen nearby, or only their tall, blond (possible) leader, who seems to want everyone to know, "he is coming". Very soon after this a scruffy, gentle-mannered newcomer arrives; Brandon Nichols implies through his healing work and preaching that he's Jesus Christ or a better version of a messiah. The local population worships Brandon, while Travis and Morgan feel that something is wrong and conduct an investigation, disclosing that evil has possessed the town dwellers.
Crusader (2005)

Genres Thriller, Action
Actors Andrew McCarthy, Michael York, Richard Tyson, Bo Derek, Marina Gatell
Roles Brechner
Rating44% 2.226562.226562.226562.226562.22656
Suivez l'ascension de Hank, jeune journaliste arriviste, dans le monde impitoyable de la télévision : mensonges, chantages, intimidation… Quand tout le monde a quelque chose à cacher, même la vérité a un prix…
Moscow Heat, 1h40
Directed by Jeff Celentano
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action
Actors Michael York, Richard Tyson, Andrew Divoff, Alexander Nevsky, Joanna Pacuła, Adrian Paul
Roles Nikolay Klimov
Rating25% 1.26071.26071.26071.26071.2607
Un diplomate à la retraite et d'un détective NYPD en quête de justice, poursuivre un meurtrier psychotique à Moscou. Lorsque le détective est blessé et Diplomat est arrêté, ils sont affectés à être expulsé par un capitaine de police russe, qui devient un complice peu probable dans leur revanche sur un nucléaire courtier international sur le marché noir des armes.