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Robert Hundar is a Actor born on 12 january 1935

Robert Hundar

Robert Hundar
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Birth name Claudio Undari
Birth 12 january 1935
Death 12 may 2008 (at 73 years)

Claudio Undari (12 January 1935 – 12 May 2008), better known with the stage name of Robert Hundar, was an Italian film actor and stage actor, best known for his roles of "Bad Guy" in Spaghetti Western and "Poliziottesco" movies. He debuted in 1956 and starred in about 40 movies between 1960 and 1980.

Born in Castelvetrano, Trapani and raised in Catania, he moved to Madrid to keep up his busy career. The first real star of Spaghetti western, as to be called "The King of Spaghetti westerns", Undari was forced to return to Italy when the glorious days of the spaghetti genre began to decline.

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Three Days of Anarchy
Directed by Vito Zagarrio
Genres Drama, Historical
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films, Political films
Actors Enrico Lo Verso, Tiziana Lodata, Nino Frassica, Renato Carpentieri, Robert Hundar, Terence Hill
Rating66% 3.3359653.3359653.3359653.3359653.335965
The three days power vacuum in a Sicilian village shorty after the American landing in Sicily in July 1943.
Libero Burro, 1h36
Directed by Sergio Castellitto
Origin Italie
Genres Comedy
Actors Emile Hirsch, Sergio Castellitto, Margaret Mazzantini, Michel Piccoli, Chiara Mastroianni, Robert Hundar
Roles Tito
Rating54% 2.7270352.7270352.7270352.7270352.727035
Libero Burro est un homme du Mezzogiorno incapable et fainéant qui décide de devenir manager à Turin. Il tente d’accaparer une société hippique « La Cavallerizza » qui appartient à son ami Marione, joueur de courses de chevaux et père de la belle Rosa. Libero, qui n'a aucun diplôme d'étude, s'inscrit aux cours du soir fréquentés par des extra communautaires afin de préparer un diplôme de géomètre. Il fait la connaissance de Caterina, professeur d'italien dont il tombe amoureux. Mais un entrepreneur affairiste, Gaetano Novaro, lui rend la vie impossible et Libero ne réussissant plus à gérer ses projets se rabat sur des affaires plus abordables, le plus important est qu'il garde Caterina, puis pour le futur « on verra ».
Why Did You Pick On Me?, 1h39
Directed by Michele Lupo
Origin Italie
Genres Science fiction, Comedy
Themes Comedy science fiction films, Films about extraterrestrial life, Films about extraterrestrial life
Actors Bud Spencer, Cary Guffey, Ferruccio Amendola, Lawrence Montaigne, Robert Hundar, John Bartha
Roles Alien Boss
Rating58% 2.911922.911922.911922.911922.91192
Following the events of The Sheriff and the Satellite Kid, Sheriff Hall and H7-25 (using the official identity of Charlie Warren) still get no rest from the military: because the little alien has not yet grasped the meaning of keeping a low profile, they are constantly on the move, and H7-25's father has had to pick them out of a tight spot too many times already.
Star Odyssey, 1h28
Directed by Alfonso Brescia
Genres Science fiction, Action, Adventure
Themes Films set in the future, Robot films
Actors Gianni Garko, Malisa Longo, Ennio Balbo, Franco Ressel, Nino Castelnuovo, Robert Hundar
Roles Galactic Auctioner
Rating28% 1.430231.430231.430231.430231.43023
One of four low-budget Italian science fiction movies produced in the wake of Star Wars by Italian director Alfonso Brescia (under the pseudonym Al Bradley), the film takes place on Earth (now renamed "Sol 3") in the year 2312.
California (1977)

Directed by Michele Lupo
Genres Western
Actors Giuliano Gemma, William Berger, Raimund Harmstorf, Miguel Bosé, Dana Ghia, Malisa Longo
Roles Eric Plummer
Rating66% 3.3344653.3344653.3344653.3344653.334465
After the American Civil War gunman California wants to renew his life. He changes his name to Michael Random and seeks a home where he can live in peace. In the war's aftermath he gets to know young Willy Preston. On route to Preston's family, Willy is killed by a gang of criminals under the helm of Robert Whittaker. California informs Willy's kin and falls in love with Willy's sister, Helen. One day they witness Whittaker and his gang robbing a bank; Helen is taken hostage. California is faced with the decision to resort to the merciless shootist he was during the war although it will not spare Helen the gruesome experience of being game to ruthless desperados.
The Cynic, the Rat & the Fist, 1h40
Directed by Umberto Lenzi
Origin Italie
Genres Thriller, Action, Crime
Actors John Saxon, Maurizio Merli, Tomás Milián, Renzo Palmer, Robert Hundar, Bruno Corazzari
Roles Dario
Rating66% 3.3436353.3436353.3436353.3436353.343635
Luigi Maietto aka "Chinaman" escapes from prison. As soon as he is free he assigns immediately two henchman to murder the inspector whose testimonal once led to his prison sentence. Inspector Tanzi is left for dead but survives. The local newspapers cover up for him and pretend the assassination had succeeded. When Tanzi gets better, his superior wants him to hide in Switzerland. But Tanzi defies him because he intends to make sure himself that Maietto is put back in prison. He goes for it.
Free Hand for a Tough Cop, 1h30
Directed by Umberto Lenzi
Genres Action, Crime
Actors Tomás Milián, Claudio Cassinelli, Henry Silva, Biagio Pelligra, Robert Hundar, Nicoletta Machiavelli
Roles Mario
Rating64% 3.2000453.2000453.2000453.2000453.200045
Camilla is a little girl suffering with a kidney disorder. Before she can receive her next due treatment she gets kidnapped. The gangsters intend to blackmail her rich father. Commissario Antonio Sarti knows that time is running out on the victim and takes desperate measures. He secretly organises a prison escape for petty crook Sergio Marazzi. By using Marazzi's insider knowledge of the criminal milieu Sarti detects kidnapper's hideout.
Red Coat
Red Coat (1975)
, 1h28
Directed by Joe D'Amato
Origin Italie
Genres Adventure, Western
Themes Films about animals, Films about dogs, Wolves in film
Actors Fabio Testi, Lynne Frederick, Lionel Stander, Guido Mannari, Geoffrey Copleston, Robert Hundar
Roles Wolf
Rating58% 2.9104252.9104252.9104252.9104252.910425
Un officier de la police montée canadienne Bill Cormack part à la recherche de son fils Jimmy enlevé par Cariboo dans le but de se venger d'une vieille histoire entre les deux hommes.
White Fang and the Hunter
Directed by Alfonso Brescia
Genres Drama, Adventure, Western
Themes Films about animals, Films about dogs, Wolves in film
Actors Robert Woods, Ignazio Spalla, Malisa Longo, Linda Sini, Robert Hundar
Roles Ferguson
Rating44% 2.247982.247982.247982.247982.24798
Jamais le Grand Nord n'a connu un hiver aussi rude. Des sommets déferlent des avalanches de plus en plus dévastatrices. C'est de l'une d'elles que Croc Blanc sauve in extremis la vie d'un chasseur solitaire soudainement pris au piège. Entre l'homme et l'animal, naît alors une grande amitié. Ensemble ils vont affronter les dangers menaçants de cette nature sauvage et combattre la violence d'un redoutable pionnier.
The Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe, 1h38
Directed by Mario Caiano
Genres Action, Western
Actors Klaus Kinski, Gordon Mitchell, Robert Hundar, Giacomo Rossi Stuart, Carla Romanelli, Federico Boido
Roles Pedro
Rating57% 2.892742.892742.892742.892742.89274
En 1882, le chinois Shangai Joe, maître en arts martiaux, voyage à travers l'ouest américain pour rejoindre San Francisco. Cherchant une vie meilleure en Amérique, il ne trouve que racisme, violence et préjugés et décide de combattre ses opposants dont le redoutable Scalper Jack.
Mean Frank and Crazy Tony
Directed by Michele Lupo
Origin Italie
Genres Comedy, Crime
Themes Mafia films, Prison films, Buddy films, Gangster films
Actors Lee Van Cleef, Tony Lo Bianco, Edwige Fenech, Jean Rochefort, Fausto Tozzi, Silvano Tranquilli
Roles Assassin
Rating59% 2.950422.950422.950422.950422.95042
Le parrain de mafia italo-américain Frank Diomede, dit « Dieu », revient après 25 ans en Italie, alors qu'à Gènes, base de son autorisation, son rival Luis Annunziata décime ses hommes.
Sabata (1969)
, 1h51
Directed by Gianfranco Parolini
Origin Italie
Genres Action, Western, Spaghetti Western
Actors Lee Van Cleef, William Berger, Franco Ressel, Ignazio Spalla, Carlo Tamberlani, Linda Veras
Roles Oswald
Rating66% 3.345163.345163.345163.345163.34516
Sabata, a man of few words, arrives in a small Texas town to foil a bank robbery, and discovers that it was a plot by the town's leaders, who want to sell the town to the railroad. Sabata blackmails the leader, Stengel, who then sends various thugs to try and kill him, among them a conflicted killer named Banjo, so named for the musical instrument he carries that conceals a rifle.
Battle of the Commandos
Directed by Umberto Lenzi
Origin Italie
Genres Drama, War, Action
Themes Political films
Actors Jack Palance, Curd Jürgens, Thomas Hunter, Robert Hundar, Wolfgang Preiss, Helmuth Schneider
Roles Raymond Stone
Rating50% 2.5255152.5255152.5255152.5255152.525515
Juin 1944, les Alliés vont débarquer en Normandie pour commencer la libération de l’Europe. Cependant les Allemands ont fortifié les côtes françaises pour empêcher ce débarquement, même s’ils ne savent pas exactement où et quand il aura lieu. Les Alliés confient une mission au colonel anglais Henderson : constituer un commando qui atteindra la côte française près du Havre, c’est-à-dire dans l’Est de la Normandie, pour faire croire aux Allemands que c’est là qu’aura lieu le débarquement.
Emma Hamilton, 1h40
Directed by Christian-Jaque
Origin France
Genres Drama, Historical, Romance
Actors Richard Johnson, John Mills, Michèle Mercier, Robert Hundar, Harald Leipnitz, Howard Ross
Roles Captain Hardy
Rating57% 2.896172.896172.896172.896172.89617
Une jeune fille du peuple monte tous les échelons de l'ascension sociale et devient la femme de l'ambassadeur de Naples, William Hamilton. À Naples où elle a été envoyée pour apprendre à être une Lady, elle devient l'amie intime de la Reine Marie-Caroline, grâce à qui, elle fait connaissance de l'officier, devenu amiral Nelson. Ils deviennent amants mais l'amiral meurt à la Bataille de Trafalgar. Lady Hamilton le pleure.