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Robert Stack is a Actor American born on 13 january 1919 at Los Angeles (USA)

Robert Stack

Robert Stack
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Birth name Charles Langford Modini Stack
Nationality USA
Birth 13 january 1919 at Los Angeles (USA)
Death 14 may 2003 (at 84 years) at Beverly Hills (USA)

Robert Stack (born Charles Langford Modini Stack, January 13, 1919 – May 14, 2003) was an American actor, sportsman, and television host. In addition to acting in more than 40 feature films, he starred in the ABC-TV television series The Untouchables (1959–63), for which he won the 1960 Emmy Award for Best Actor in a Dramatic Series, and later hosted Unsolved Mysteries (1987–2002). He was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the film Written on the Wind (1956).


D'origine italienne, sa grande-mère, Marina Perrini, était cantatrice à la Scala de Milan.

Il est devenu mondialement célèbre pour son interprétation d'Eliot Ness dans la série télévisée américaine Les Incorruptibles (1959-1963).

Best films

Airplane! (1980)
Beavis and Butt-Head Do America (1996)
The High and the Mighty (1954)
Written on the Wind (1956)
Action Man (1967)
Is Paris Burning? (1966)

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Recess: School's Out, 1h22
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Comedy, Animation
Themes Children's films
Actors Rickey D'Shon Collins, Jason Davis, James Woods, Paul Willson, Ashley Johnson, Robert Goulet
Roles Superintendent (voice)
Rating65% 3.2509653.2509653.2509653.2509653.250965
After pulling off one last big prank at Third Street Elementary School, T.J. Detweiler and his friends are excited about being done with the rest of the school year and starting summer vacation. But TJ's happiness is short-lived, as he finds out that all five of his best friends (and most of their schoolmates) are going to be gone for most of the summer at various summer camps around the state to plan for their futures. T.J. quickly becomes bored and lonely without his friends to hang out with, and even very reluctantly agrees to hang out with the school snitch Randall. On his way there, he notices something going on at the school. T.J. sneaks inside and finds scientists using a tractor beam to levitate an office safe. Panicked, he tries to tell his parents and the police, but every time they do not listen. When he gets Principal Prickly to come to see what is going on, the principal is electrocuted and dematerialized while attempting to unlock and open the door, leaving only his shoes behind as evidence. T.J. is now frustrated because of his parents and the police continually ignoring him. He decides he has to round up the gang and uses his sister Becky's diary to blackmail her into driving him to all the camps to pick up his friends.
Killer Bud
Killer Bud (2001)
, 1h32
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors Corin Nemec, David Faustino, Danielle Harris, Robert Stack, Bunny Summers
Roles The Gooch
Rating45% 2.267812.267812.267812.267812.26781
Après avoir été viré une énième fois de leurs boulots, deux parfaits idiots s'embarquent dans un voyage pour impressionner leurs petites amies...
Mumford (1999)
, 1h47
Directed by Lawrence Kasdan
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Romantic comedy, Romance
Themes Medical-themed films, L'usurpation d'identité, Films about psychiatry, Escroquerie
Actors Loren Dean, Hope Davis, Jason Lee, Alfre Woodard, Mary McDonnell, Pruitt Taylor Vince
Roles Himself
Rating67% 3.3981453.3981453.3981453.3981453.398145
As a relative newcomer to an Oregon town that bears his name, Dr. Mumford (Loren Dean) seems charming and skillful to his neighbors and patients. His unique, frank approach to psychotherapy soon attracts patients away from the two therapists (David Paymer and Jane Adams) already working in the area.
Hercules: Zero to Hero, 1h10
Origin USA
Genres Action, Adventure, Animation
Themes Films based on mythology, Musical films, Films based on Greco-Roman mythology, Children's films, Films based on Greco-Roman mythology
Actors Tate Donovan, James Woods, Sandra Bernhard, Matt Frewer, Robert Stack, French Stewart
Roles Narrator (voice) (archive sound)
Rating64% 3.2465253.2465253.2465253.2465253.246525
The film briefly gives Hercules' history after defeating Hades for good, in which he marries Meg and revisits his teenage years. In particular, it shows an adolescent Hercules's enrollment and the beginning of his adventures at the Prometheus Academy, a school for gods and mortals, which Hercules supposedly attended during the time when he was training to be a hero with his mentor, the satyr Philoctetes.
BASEketball, 1h39
Directed by David Zucker
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Themes Sports films, Baseball films, Basketball films, Buddy films
Actors Matt Stone, Trey Parker, Dian Bachar, Yasmine Bleeth, Jenny McCarthy, Robert Vaughn
Roles Robert Stack
Rating64% 3.2483253.2483253.2483253.2483253.248325
Coop (Trey Parker) and Remer (Matt Stone) are 23 and unemployed. They arrive uninvited at a party hosted by a former high school classmate of theirs. After finding out that their classmates have matured, Coop and Remer find themselves outside drinking beer and shooting hoops. Two former classmates challenge them to a game. The two see that their opponents are very good at basketball, so they say they will only play a new game they picked up "in the hood".
Beavis and Butt-Head Do America, 1h21
Directed by Mike Judge
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Action, Adventure, Animation
Themes Films about music and musicians, Transport films, Musical films, Political films, Road movies, Buddy films
Actors Mike Judge, Demi Moore, Bruce Willis, Robert Stack, Cloris Leachman, Richard Linklater
Roles Agent Flemming (voice)
Rating67% 3.3988253.3988253.3988253.3988253.398825
After a surreal dream of the two of them menacing a city as giants, Beavis and Butt-head wake up to realize that someone has stolen their television. The pair then embark on a quest to find it. After several mishaps involving searching for a television, they visit a low-quality motel that advertises "TVs in every room". There, they encounter Muddy Grimes, who is waiting for two hired hitmen (later revealed to be the same people who stole Beavis and Butt-head's television) to murder his wife, Dallas. Muddy (who is drunk), thinking that Beavis and Butt-head are the killers he has contacted, says that they must "do" (murder) his wife. Thinking that by "do" Muddy means "score with", Butt-head convinces Beavis that both of them can "score" as well as, they'll get paid and they can buy a new television. Muddy hands them a photograph of Dallas with instructions on where to find her. He then drives them to the airport to catch a plane to Las Vegas.
Joe Versus the Volcano, 1h42
Directed by John Patrick Shanley
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Comedy, Romantic comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films, Volcanisme, Dystopian films, Films about volcanoes, Disaster films
Actors Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, Lloyd Bridges, Robert Stack, Abe Vigoda, Dan Hedaya
Roles Dr. Ellison
Rating58% 2.948932.948932.948932.948932.94893
Joe Banks (Tom Hanks) is a downtrodden everyman from Staten Island, working a clerical job in a dreary factory for an unpleasant, demanding boss, Frank Waturi (Dan Hedaya). Joyless, listless, and chronically sick, Banks regularly visits doctors who can find nothing wrong with him. Finally, Dr. Ellison (Robert Stack) diagnoses an incurable disease called a "brain cloud" which has no symptoms, but will kill Joe within five or six months. Ellison says that Joe's ailments were psychosomatic, caused by his horrific experiences in his previous job as a firefighter. Ellison advises him, "You have some life it well." Joe tells his boss off, quits his job, and asks former coworker DeDe (Meg Ryan) out on a date, but when he tells her that he is dying, she becomes very upset and leaves.
Caddyshack II, 1h37
Directed by Allan Arkush
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Themes Sports films, Golf films
Actors Jackie Mason, Robert Stack, Randy Quaid, Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, Jessica Lundy
Roles Chandler Young
Rating38% 1.903151.903151.903151.903151.90315
Kate Hartounian (Jessica Lundy) is the daughter of a wealthy and widowed real estate developer of Armenian and Jewish descent. Eager to improve her lot in life, she makes friends with Miffy Young (Chynna Phillips), a snooty WASP girl, who encourages her and her father to join their country club.
Plain Clothes, 1h38
Directed by Martha Coolidge
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Comedy, Action, Crime, Romance
Actors Arliss Howard, Suzy Amis, Seymour Cassel, George Wendt, Diane Ladd, Larry Pine
Roles Mr. Gardner
Rating61% 3.0990153.0990153.0990153.0990153.099015
Undercover cop Nick Dunbar's (Arliss Howard) brother Matt (Loren Dean) is accused of killing his teacher, Mr. Bradwood (Mack Harrell) at Adlai Stevenson High School. Nick loses his temper with Hechtor (Larry Pine), the detective in charge, and gets suspended. Nick's partner Ed (Seymour Cassel) pretends to be Nick's dad to enroll him as a student. Matt gives Nick pointers to get people to talk to him. Nick deals with bullies, girls with crushes on him, teachers & staff who range from quirky to bizarre, and a teacher, Robin Torrence (Suzy Amis), to whom he is attracted who thinks he's a teen. The turning point in his popularity (and therefore his ability to get information) happens in the classroom metaphor scene, in which E.E. Cummings' poem she being brand new, is used in its entirety. The character Renard (Michael Huguenor), who had a large part in the script but was mostly edited out of the film, makes his only appearance in this scene.
Plain Clothes, 1h38
Directed by Martha Coolidge
Genres Drama, Thriller, Comedy, Action, Crime, Romance
Actors Arliss Howard, Suzy Amis, Seymour Cassel, George Wendt, Diane Ladd, Larry Pine
Roles Mr. Gardner
Rating61% 3.0990153.0990153.0990153.0990153.099015
Le jeune Matt Dunbar est accusé d’avoir tué un de ses professeurs. Son frère Nick, un policier spécialiste de l’infiltration, est convaincu de son innocence. Pour le trouver et trouver le vrai coupable, l’agent s’inscrit dans le lycée de son frère en se faisant passer pour un adolescent. Il redécouvre alors l’atmosphère si particulière du secondaire, le harcèlement, les humiliations et la drague…
Dangerous Curves
Genres Drama, Comedy
Actors Tate Donovan, Grant Heslov, Robert Klein, Robert Stack, Leslie Nielsen, Eva LaRue
Roles Louis Faciano
Rating37% 1.8791051.8791051.8791051.8791051.879105
Chuck (Tate Donovan), an uptight college student in Los Angeles, is hired by a successful businessman to deliver a Porsche to his daughter in Lake Tahoe, with the promise of a job if the delivery is successful. His fun-loving, girl-obsessed friend and roommate, Wally (Grant Heslov) convinces Chuck to drive him to San Diego first. The Porsche is stolen, and Chuck decides to try to get it back with Wally's help but without involving the police so that the businessman does not find out. Meanwhile, Shawn (Karen Lynn Scott), a fun-loving Texan, has convinced her naive friend Michelle (Danielle von Zerneck) to participate in a beauty pageant. The car thief is a successful local businessman, Greg Krevske (Leslie Nielsen), who pledges the stolen Porsche as part of the grand prize in the contest; Chuck and Wally meet Shawn and Michelle, who are initially skeptical of the boys' story. Rival pageant contestant Blake (Valerie Breiman) has a controlling stage mother who tricks Shawn and Michelle into going to a party on Krevske's boat to try to get them out of the way for the next round of the pageant so that they will be disqualified. Chuck and Wally sneak onto the boat in order to get evidence of the theft. Chuck finds a briefcase full of incriminating evidence, including the Porsche's original license plate. The four flee on WetBikes, steal Krevske's Ferrari, and agree to work together to steal back the Porsche. Chuck and Michelle spend the night together on a catamaran on the beach. The next day, with Michelle's help, Chuck and Wally steal back the Porsche. They present Krevske's Ferrari to the pageant as a replacement grand prize, and give the police the incriminating evidence from Krevske's boat. Wally suggests leaving in order to make it to Lake Tahoe on time, but Chuck refuses to leave without talking to Michelle again. Blake wins the beauty pageant, Shawn invites Wally to stay in San Diego with her to have fun, and Chuck and Michelle get ready to drive to Lake Tahoe.
Big Trouble, 1h33
Directed by John Cassavetes, Andrew Bergman
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Action, Crime
Actors Peter Falk, Alan Arkin, Beverly D'Angelo, Charles Durning, Robert Stack, Paul Dooley
Roles Winslow
Rating52% 2.6075252.6075252.6075252.6075252.607525
Leonard Hoffman is a Los Angeles insurance agent with a problem on his hands. He has teenage triplets who are all gifted musicians, but wife Arlene insists that the kids attend college at Yale, requiring more than $40,000 in tuition, rather than less expensive schools like nearby UCLA.
The Transformers: The Movie, 1h24
Directed by Nelson Shin
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Action, Adventure, Animation
Themes Space adventure films, Jeu, Dans l'espace, Films set in the future, Films about extraterrestrial life, Films about toys, Space opera, Films about extraterrestrial life, Alien invasions in films, Robot films, Disaster films
Actors Eric Idle, Norman Alden, Judd Nelson, Jack Angel, Leonard Nimoy, Michael Bell
Roles Ultra Magnus (voice)
Rating71% 3.599183.599183.599183.599183.59918
In 2005, Unicron, a roaming artificial planet, devours robot planet Lithone. Elsewhere, the evil Decepticons control the Transformers' homeworld, Cybertron. The heroic Autobots are using two of Cybertron's moons as staging areas, preparing to strike against the Decepticons. In need of energon cubes, an Autobot shuttle is readied for launch to Autobot City on Earth. The Decepticons ambush the shuttle, killing Brawn, Prowl, Ratchet and Ironhide, intending to use the ship to infiltrate Autobot City.
George Washington (miniseries), 8h
Directed by Buzz Kulik
Origin USA
Genres Biography, Historical
Themes Political films
Actors Barry Bostwick, Patty Duke, David Dukes, Jaclyn Smith, Lloyd Bridges, José Ferrer
Roles General Stark
Rating78% 3.932573.932573.932573.932573.93257
This miniseries covers the life of George Washington, from the time he is a young man, through his experiences in the French and Indian War and his rise to lead the Continental Army during the American Revolution. It concludes shortly after the end of the war, with Washington's return to his home in Mount Vernon.
Uncommon Valor, 1h45
Directed by Ted Kotcheff
Origin USA
Genres Drama, War, Thriller, Action, Adventure
Themes Politique, Political films
Actors Gene Hackman, Fred Ward, Patrick Swayze, Reb Brown, Tim Thomerson, Robert Stack
Roles MacGregor
Rating62% 3.1490653.1490653.1490653.1490653.149065
Taking place in the early 1980s and set in the context of the Vietnam War POW/MIA issue, retired Marine Colonel Jason Rhodes (Gene Hackman) is obsessed with finding his son Frank, listed as "Missing In Action" since 1972. After ten years of searching Southeast Asia and turning up several leads, Rhodes believes that Frank is still alive and being kept in Laos as a prisoner of war.