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Romy Schneider is a Actor Allemande born on 23 september 1938 at Vienna (Austria)

Romy Schneider

Romy Schneider
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Birth name Rosemarie Magdalena Albach
Nationality German
Birth 23 september 1938 at Vienna (Austria)
Death 29 may 1982 (at 43 years) at Paris (France)

Romy Schneider (23 September 1938 – 29 May 1982) was a film actress born in Vienna and held German and French citizenship. She started her career in the German Heimatfilm genre in the early 1950s when she was 15. From 1955 to 1957 she played the central character of Empress Elisabeth of Austria in the Austrian Sissi trilogy. In 1958 she met Alain Delon and they became engaged; Schneider moved to France where she made successful and critically acclaimed films with some of the most notable film directors of that era. Her engagement to Delon ended in 1963 and Schneider subsequently married twice. The son from her first marriage died in an accident in 1981 when he was 14. In May 1982, aged 43, Schneider was found dead of cardiac arrest in her Paris apartment.


Following the end of her relationship with Delon, Schneider married German director and actor Harry Meyen in July 1966. The couple had a son, David Christopher (1966–1981), but later divorced.

In 1975, Schneider married Daniel Biasini, her private secretary; they separated in 1981. Their daughter, Sarah Magdalena, is now an actress.

David, Schneider's son, died at the age of 14 after attempting to climb the spiked fence at his stepfather's parents' home and puncturing his femoral artery in the process. Schneider began drinking alcohol excessively after the death of David.

However, Claude Pétin—Schneider's friend—said that Schneider no longer drank at the time of her death. Pétin also said that Schneider's cardiac arrest was due to a weakened heart caused by a kidney operation she had months before.

At the time of her death, Schneider was in a relationship with film producer Laurent Pétin.

Best films

The Cardinal (1963)
Mam'zelle Cri-Cri (1955)
Sissi – The Young Empress (1956)
That Most Important Thing: Love (1975)
La Belle et l'Empereur (1959)
The Things of Life (1970)

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The Passerby, 1h50
Directed by Jacques Rouffio
Origin France
Genres Drama
Actors Romy Schneider, Michel Piccoli, Gérard Klein, Helmut Griem, Dominique Labourier, Mathieu Carrière
Roles Elsa Wiener / Lina Baumstein
Rating67% 3.391963.391963.391963.391963.39196
During an interview, Max Baumstein (Piccoli), respected chairman of a humanitarian organisation, shoots the Paraguayan ambassador dead, in cold blood. Tried for first-degree murder, he explains himself: the ambassador was a former Nazi official, responsible for the extermination of his family.
Garde à Vue, 1h24
Directed by Claude Miller
Origin France
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime
Themes Assassinat, L'action se déroule en une journée
Actors Lino Ventura, Michel Serrault, Romy Schneider, Guy Marchand, Pierre Maguelon, Elsa Lunghini
Roles Chantal Martinaud
Rating77% 3.892613.892613.892613.892613.89261
Jerome Martinaud, a wealthy, influential attorney in a small French town who falls under suspicion for the rape and murder of two little girls. He is the only suspect, but the evidence against him is circumstantial. As the city celebrates New Year's Eve, the police led by Inspector Antoine Gallien, who is investigating the double rape/murder case, brings the lawyer in for questioning; at first politely, and then less so, as the interrogation team consisting of Inspectors Gallien and Marcel Belmont chips away at the suspect's alibi. They interrogate him for hour after hour while Martinaud continues to maintain his innocence. We learn all about the evidence; we meet Martinaud's wife Chantal who tells Gallien about the rift between them and the origin of it, which may be an eight-year-old girl (Camille) Martinaud was in love with. On the face of overwhelming evidence and feeling let down by his wife, Martinaud confesses to the two rapes and murder. However a fresh corpse inside the boot of a stolen car, and the car's owner turns out to be guilty of the crime--exculpating Martinaud. Martinaud leaves the police station and finds his wife who has committed suicide.
Fantasma d'amore, 1h36
Directed by Dino Risi
Origin Italie
Genres Drama, Horror, Romance
Actors Romy Schneider, Marcello Mastroianni, Wolfgang Preiss, Eva Maria Meineke, Raf Baldassarre, Adriana Giuffrè
Roles Anna Brigatti
Rating66% 3.348673.348673.348673.348673.34867
Pavie, fin des années 1970. Nino Monti, un conseiller fiscal connu, paie la place de bus d'une femme à l'air misérable et malade qui n'avait pas la monnaie. Le soir même elle le rappelle pour lui rendre ses 100 lires, et se présente : Anna Brigatti, qui fut son grand amour de jeunesse. Nino est troublé. Il cherche à la revoir, il la pense toujours aussi jeune et belle que celle qu'il a connue. Cette Anna lui dit que la femme du bus était une vieille cousine à elle, à demi folle. Mais il apprend ensuite qu'Anna est morte quelques années auparavant. Il mène une enquête, voit ses certitudes s'effondrer.
Death Watch, 2h8
Directed by Bertrand Tavernier, Jean Achache
Origin France
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Social science fiction
Themes Films about television, Films set in the future, La téléréalité, Political films, Dystopian films
Actors Romy Schneider, Harvey Keitel, Harry Dean Stanton, Thérèse Liotard, Caroline Langrishe, William Russell
Roles Catherine Mortenhoe
Rating67% 3.393633.393633.393633.393633.39363
The film is set in a future where death from illness has become extremely unusual. When Katherine Mortenhoe (Romy Schneider) is diagnosed as having an incurable disease, she becomes a celebrity and is besieged by journalists. The television company NTV (headed by Vincent Ferriman) offers her a large sum of money if she will allow her last days to be filmed and made into a reality television show – they have already spied on her as she is told of her diagnosis (her doctor is colluding with them) and prepared posters for the show which show her face (to her annoyance when she sees the posters on display before they have contacted her).
The Lady Banker, 2h11
Directed by Francis Girod, Régis Wargnier
Origin France
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama
Themes Films about sexuality, Bisexuality-related films, LGBT-related films, Escroquerie, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film, Lesbian-related films
Actors Romy Schneider, Marie-France Pisier, Claude Brasseur, Jean-Claude Brialy, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Daniel Auteuil
Roles Emma Eckhert
Rating63% 3.1908853.1908853.1908853.1908853.190885
Issue de milieu modeste, la jeune Emma Eckhert commence sa carrière comme employée dans la chapellerie familiale. En 1921, elle connaît ses premiers ennuis avec la justice en même temps qu'elle scandalise son entourage par son homosexualité. Son mariage avec Moïse Nathanson, un ami de la famille plus âgé qu'elle, ne l'empêche ainsi pas de poursuivre sa liaison avec Camille Sowcroft, la fille d'un bijoutier, qui l'aide à s'enrichir en lui avançant de l'argent qu'Emma fait rapidement fructifier par d'astucieuses opérations boursières. En 1929, Emma est devenue l'une des banquières les plus appréciées de Paris. Mais sa fulgurante réussite lui attire entre autres l'antipathie du puissant banquier Horace Vannister.
Bloodline (1979)
, 1h52
Directed by Terence Young
Origin German
Genres Thriller, Crime
Actors Audrey Hepburn, Ben Gazzara, James Mason, Irène Papas, Claudia Mori, Michelle Phillips
Roles Helene Martin
Rating48% 2.4081252.4081252.4081252.4081252.408125
Sam Roffe, President of Roffe & Sons Pharmaceuticals, dies in what appears to be a climbing accident, leaving his daughter Elizabeth (Audrey Hepburn) a billion-dollar empire. Roffe's board members see an opportunity to settle old scores, jockey for higher position, and reap lucrative profits. However, an investigation into Sam's death discloses that it was a murder and that a power struggle is going on within the company.
Womanlight (1979)
, 1h45
Directed by Costa-Gavras
Origin France
Genres Drama
Themes Films about suicide
Actors Romy Schneider, Yves Montand, Heinz Bennent, Jacques Dynam, Lila Kedrova, Romolo Valli
Roles Lydia
Rating65% 3.295823.295823.295823.295823.29582
Michel erre dans les rues de Paris, se refusant à aller prendre son avion. Avant qu'il s'en aille, sa femme lui a dit qu'elle prendra les traits de la prochaine femme qu'il rencontrera. C'est alors que Michel rencontre Lydia, dont la souffrance ressemble à la sienne.
A Simple Story, 1h47
Directed by Claude Sautet
Origin France
Genres Drama, Comedy-drama, Romance
Themes Pregnancy films, Films about sexuality
Actors Romy Schneider, Bruno Cremer, Claude Brasseur, Arlette Bonnard, Sophie Daumier, Roger Pigaut
Roles Marie
Rating69% 3.485963.485963.485963.485963.48596
Divorcée et mère d'un adolescent, Marie a décidé de ne pas garder l'enfant qu'elle attend de Serge, son amant, dont elle souhaite se détacher. Parallèlement à ses propres difficultés, on découvre les soucis et les drames de ses amis - tel le suicide de Jérôme, menacé de licenciement.
Group Portrait with a Lady, 1h47
Directed by Aleksandar Petrović
Origin France
Genres Drama, Historical, Romance
Themes Political films
Actors Romy Schneider, Brad Dourif, Michel Galabru, Vadim Glowna, Richard Münch, Milena Dravić
Roles Leni Gruyten
Rating59% 2.9557452.9557452.9557452.9557452.955745
De 1936 à 1966, trente ans de la vie tumultueuse d'une jeune femme, Leni Gruyten, à travers l'Allemagne nazie et la Seconde Guerre mondiale.
Mado (1976)
, 2h15
Directed by Claude Sautet, Jacques Santi
Origin France
Genres Drama, Comedy-drama, Romance
Actors Michel Piccoli, Ottavia Piccolo, Julien Guiomar, Jacques Dutronc, Claude Dauphin, Charles Denner
Roles Hélène
Rating67% 3.392113.392113.392113.392113.39211
Simon Léotard, 49 ans, promoteur immobilier, la cinquantaine, vit avec son vieux père et n'a jamais voulu épouser Hélène, sa maîtresse. Il rencontre Mado, une prostituée dont il tombe amoureux sans vouloir se l'avouer. Le suicide de son associé et la découverte de ses malversations éclate comme un coup de tonnerre.
A Woman at Her Window, 1h50
Directed by Pierre Granier-Deferre
Origin France
Genres Drama, Crime
Actors Romy Schneider, Philippe Noiret, Umberto Orsini, Joachim Hansen, Victor Lanoux, Carl Möhner
Roles Margot Santorini
Rating62% 3.1491153.1491153.1491153.1491153.149115
Rico et Margot Santorini ne s'aiment plus. Lui, play-boy vaguement diplomate, collectionne les aventures féminines ; Margot, belle, riche et courtisée est dans l'attente d'un grand amour. En cette année 1936, le monde décadent et sans âme de la grande bourgeoisie grecque n'offre guère d'occasions de vivre intensément comme le souhaiterait la romanesque Margot, qui cache sa véritable nature sous un masque de cynisme et de frivolité. Certes, il y a Raoul Malfosse, le plus assidu et le plus sympathique de ses soupirants ; mais il est semblable à ces nombreux industriels plus attachés à la réussite de leurs affaires qu'au sort du monde. Cette chaude nuit d'août, où de sa fenêtre Margot est le témoin d'une chasse à l'homme, va bouleverser la destinée de la jeune femme.
That Most Important Thing: Love, 1h49
Directed by Andrzej Żuławski
Origin France
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Films about films, Films about television, Photographie
Actors Romy Schneider, Jacques Dutronc, Fabio Testi, Klaus Kinski, Claude Dauphin, Roger Blin
Roles Nadine Chevalier
Rating73% 3.696983.696983.696983.696983.69698
Servais Mont, a photographer, meets Nadine Chevalier who earns her money starring in cheap soft-core movies. Trying to help her, he borrows the money from the loan sharks to finance the theatrical production of Richard III and gives Nadine a part. Nadine is torn between Servais, with whom she is falling in love, and her husband Jacques, to whom she has moral obligations.
Le vieux fusil, 1h43
Directed by Robert Enrico
Origin France
Genres Drama, Historical
Themes French war films, Films about sexuality, Rape in fiction, Erotic films, Rape and revenge films, Political films, Auto-justice, Histoire de France, L'Occupation allemande en France
Actors Philippe Noiret, Romy Schneider, Jean Bouise, Joachim Hansen, Karl Michael Vogler, Robert Hoffmann
Roles Clara Dandieu
Rating76% 3.84583.84583.84583.84583.8458
In Montauban in 1944, during the German retreat from France, Julien Dandieu is an ageing, embittered surgeon in the local hospital. Frightened by the German army entering Montauban, Dandieu asks his friend Francois to drive his wife and his daughter to the remote village where he owns a chateau. One week later, Dandieu sets off to meet them for the weekend, but the Germans have now occupied the village. He finds that all the villagers have been herded into the church and shot. In the château, he finds his daughter shot and his wife immolated by a flame-thrower.
Innocents with Dirty Hands, 2h1
Directed by Claude Chabrol
Origin France
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime
Themes La provence, Films about sexuality
Actors Romy Schneider, Rod Steiger, François Maistre, Hans Christian Blech, Jean Rochefort, Serge Bento
Roles Julie Wormser
Rating70% 3.5431953.5431953.5431953.5431953.543195
Louis, a rich man who lives quietly with his beautiful young wife Julie at St Tropez, has a cardiac probem and an alcohol problem. She sleeps in another room and when she meets Jeff, a writer, starts an affair with him. The two decide that she will kill her husband and that Jeff, after dumping the body off a boat, will then lie low in Italy. To her dismay, Jeff disappears and with him all Louis' money. She is left without husband, lover or assets, under police surveillance. Then Louis reappears, alive, fit, alcohol-free and ready to forgive her …..
Love at the Top, 1h45
Directed by Michel Deville
Origin France
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Romance
Actors Jean-Louis Trintignant, Romy Schneider, Jean-Pierre Cassel, Jean-François Balmer, Jane Birkin, Florinda Bolkan
Roles Roberte Groult
Rating74% 3.740323.740323.740323.740323.74032
Nicolas Mallet est un modeste employé de banque résigné à la médiocrité sociale pour la sécurité que lui procure son emploi. Introverti et terne, avec l'assistance et sous les directives d'un ancien camarade de lycée, Claude Fabre, il va devenir un séducteur assuré, un arriviste opportuniste sans ambition définie. Aux lendemains de la crise du pétrole, le Bel Ami des années 70 connaît une remarquable ascension sociale, en s'appuyant exclusivement sur les femmes qu'il séduit presque sans le vouloir, tout en étant téléguidé par Fabre. Allant chercher le pouvoir auprès de ceux qui le régentent, sachant se rendre indispensable, il va réussir son ascension et favoriser celle de sa première conquête. Ce n'est qu'à la fin du film que l'on découvre les vraies raisons de l'attitude manipulatrice de Fabre.