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Ron Foster is a Actor American born on 19 february 1930 at Wichita (USA)

Ron Foster

Ron Foster
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Birth name Ronald R. Foster
Nationality USA
Birth 19 february 1930 (89 years) at Wichita (USA)

Ronald R. Foster, known as Ron Foster (born February 19, 1930), is an American actor whose longest-running role was as Dr. Charles Grant from 1991 to 1995 in the defunct CBS soap opera The Guiding Light.

His early work included twenty-four appearances from 1957 to 1959, mostly in the role of Officer Garvey in the Broderick Crawford syndicated television series Highway Patrol. Foster also made five appearances between 1959 and 1960 on CBS's short-lived adventure series Men into Space in the role of Lieutenant Neil Templeton. He appeared three times in different roles from 1959 to 1964 on CBS's Rawhide, starring Eric Fleming and Clint Eastwood. From 1964 to 1971, he appeared five times in different roles on another western, NBC's Bonanza. He appeared twice in 1957 on separate episodes in the first season of the NBC western Wagon Train.

One of Foster's most memorable half-hour appearances was as Master Sergeant William Connors on CBS's The Twilight Zone in the 1963 episode "The 7th Is Made Up of Phantoms", a story of a modern military patrol which encounters shocking evidence from the Battle of the Little Big Horn in Montana. His co-stars in the segment are Randy Boone and Warren Oates.

In 1957, Foster played Kenny Hedges in the episode entitled "Jet Flight" of the military series The West Point Story. He appeared at this time on Death Valley Days as Siles Begg in "Rough and Ready".

In 1959, he was cast as Steve in the film Diary of a High School Bride; and appeared in starring roles in several low budget films for producer Edward Small and director Edward L. Cahn, including Cage of Evil and The Walking Target (both 1960).

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Frank Oz
Frank Oz
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Norman Alden
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Merry Anders
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Legal Eagles, 1h56
Directed by Ivan Reitman
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Comedy, Comedy thriller, Romantic comedy, Crime, Romance
Themes Peinture
Actors Robert Redford, Debra Winger, Daryl Hannah, Brian Dennehy, Terence Stamp, Steven Hill
Rating59% 2.9998052.9998052.9998052.9998052.999805
Tom Logan (Robert Redford) is an Assistant District Attorney in the New York City District Attorney's Office, who is on his way to becoming the new District Attorney. Into his life enters Laura Kelly (Debra Winger), an attorney who is representing Chelsea Deardon (Daryl Hannah). Chelsea is accused of stealing a painting from an art dealer, Victor Taft (Terence Stamp). However, Chelsea claims that the painting is actually hers, as her father made it for her and signed it to her on her 8th birthday 18 years ago - the same day that her father and most of his paintings went up in smoke in a mysterious fire.
The Muppets Take Manhattan, 1h34
Directed by Frank Oz
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Musical theatre, Musical, Romance
Themes Medical-themed films, Films about music and musicians, Musical films, Films about psychiatry, Films about disabilities, Children's films
Actors Jim Henson, Art Carney, Frank Oz, Louis Zorich, Julianna Donald, Linda Lavin
Rating68% 3.4478153.4478153.4478153.4478153.447815
Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, and the rest of the Muppets graduate from Danhurst College by entertaining their fellow graduates with their theatrical production of Manhattan Melodies. Upon the suggestion of taking the show to Broadway, the Muppets proceed with the idea, certain they will become stars instantly. Arriving in Manhattan, the group meet producer Martin Price but soon discover he is a con artist named Murray Plotsky upon the arrival of the police. Plotsky is arrested, leaving the Muppets’ hopes dashed. They try other theatrical producers but has no success, their morale and finances taking a nosedive.
Ninja III: The Domination, 1h32
Directed by Sam Firstenberg
Origin USA
Genres Martial arts, Fantasy, Action, Horror, Martial arts
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films
Actors Sho Kosugi, Lucinda Dickey, Jordan Bennett, James Hong, Dale Ishimoto, John LaMotta
Roles Jiminez
Rating52% 2.6042552.6042552.6042552.6042552.604255
A telephone linewoman who teaches aerobics classes is possessed by an evil spirit of a fallen ninja when coming to his aid. The spirit seeks revenge on those who killed him and uses the female instructor's body to carry out his mission. The only way the spirit will leave the aerobic instructor's body is through combat with another ninja.
Private Lessons, 1h27
Directed by Alan Myerson
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romance, Sex comedy
Themes Films about sexuality, Erotic films, Films about virginity
Actors Sylvia Kristel, Howard Hesseman, Eric Brown, Ed Begley Jr., Meridith Baer, Ron Foster
Roles Mr. Fillmore
Rating52% 2.605242.605242.605242.605242.60524
Philip "Philly" Fillmore (Eric Brown) is the 15-year-old son of a rich businessman in Albuquerque who has left town on an extended summer trip, leaving the young man in the passing care of Nicole Mallow (Sylvia Kristel), a sexy French housekeeper, and Lester Lewis (Howard Hesseman), the family's chauffeur.
Attica (1980)
, 1h37
Directed by Marvin J. Chomsky
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Historical
Themes Prison films
Actors Henry Darrow, Charles Durning, Joel Fabiani, Morgan Freeman, Maurice Woods, George Grizzard
Roles Leon Clay
Rating65% 3.287283.287283.287283.287283.28728
Les coulisses des 1971 prisonniers révolte à la prison de l'Attique.
Secret of Deep Harbor, 1h10
Directed by Edward L. Cahn
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller
Actors Ron Foster, Merry Anders, Barry Kelley, Grant Richards, Norman Alden
Roles Skip Hanlon

Reporter Skip Hanlon (Ron Foster) is in love with Janey Fowler (Merry Anders), whose father (Barry Kelley) is a sea captain employed by the Mafia. The mob pay the captain to transport gangsters out of the U.S., but when a murder occurs, Skip blows the whistle on the captain. Janey sides with her father and goes on the run with him to Mexico, with Skip hot on their trail.
Ma Barker's Killer Brood
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Crime
Themes Gangster films
Actors Lurene Tuttle, Dan White, Tristram "Tris" Coffin, Myrna Dell, Robert Kendall, Victor Lundin
Rating55% 2.7762252.7762252.7762252.7762252.776225
To the horror of her husband, Kate Barker, known as "Ma," teaches her four young sons to steal money from the collection plate in church. Her husband tries to convince her to stop using her sons to commit crimes, but is ignored. Ma expresses her contempt for "sissies" and says that "guts" is the only virtue. Her husband leaves her when their sensitive son Herman is arrested after Ma forces him to rob a fun fair. After this, the local sheriff runs Ma Barker and her boys out of town.
Cage of Evil, 1h10
Directed by Edward L. Cahn
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime, Western
Actors Ron Foster, Patricia Blair, Hugh Sanders, Helen Kleeb, Preston Hanson, Robert Shayne
Roles Det. Scott Harper (as Ronald Foster)
Rating54% 2.742862.742862.742862.742862.74286
Scott (Ron Foster) is a frustrated police detective constantly being passed over for promotion. When he's assigned to gain the confidence of Holly (Patricia Blair), the girlfriend of a suspect in a robbery, the couple fall in love, plot to murder Holly's boyfriend, and run off to Mexico with the loot.
The Music Box Kid, 1h14
Directed by Edward L. Cahn
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Action, Crime
Actors Ron Foster, Luana Patten, Dayton Lummis, Sr., Johnny Seven, Grant Richards, Carleton Young
Roles Larry Shaw
Rating50% 2.5322352.5322352.5322352.5322352.532235
The "music box" is a submachine gun owned by ruthless gangster Larry Shaw (Ronald Foster) in 1920s New York. Larry is working his way up a bootlegging syndicate, but reckons without his decent wife Margaret (Luana Patten), who one day has enough of her husband's activities.
The Diary of a High School Bride, 1h12
Directed by Burt Topper
Origin USA
Actors Ron Foster
Roles Steve
Rating58% 2.9352752.9352752.9352752.9352752.935275
A 17 ans, lycéen doit justifier son mariage à un étudiant en droit de 24 ans à ses parents et son ex-petit ami déséquilibré.
House of the Damned, 1h3
Directed by Maury Dexter
Origin USA
Genres Horror
Actors Ron Foster, Merry Anders, Richard Crane, Dal McKennon, Richard Kiel

Architect Scott Campbell (Ron Foster) and his wife (Merry Anders) go to survey an old mansion, where the previous tenant disappeared. Strange noises, eerie sights and vanishing keys ruin their attempt at a wedding anniversary. Things get worse after Scott's employer (Richard Crane) arrives, and his wife is kidnapped!