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Ron Haddrick is a Actor Australien born on 9 april 1929 at Adelaide (Australie)

Ron Haddrick

Ron Haddrick
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Birth name Ronald Norman Haddrick
Nationality Australie
Birth 9 april 1929 (91 years) at Adelaide (Australie)
Awards Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire

Ronald Norman Haddrick MBE, AM (born 9 April 1929) is an former Australian cricketer and Australian theatre, television, film and voice actor. In 2012 he received an Equity Lifetime Achievement Award for his long and distinguished career in those media.

Usually with

Yoram Gross
Yoram Gross
(6 films)
Ross Higgins
Ross Higgins
(4 films)
Anne Haddy
Anne Haddy
(3 films)
Peter Duncan
Peter Duncan
(1 films)
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Filmography of Ron Haddrick (27 films)

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Children of the Revolution, 1h39
Directed by Peter Duncan
Genres Drama, Comedy
Themes Politique, Political films
Actors Judy Davis, Sam Neill, F. Murray Abraham, Richard Roxburgh, Rachel Griffiths, Geoffrey Rush
Roles Sir Allan Miles
Rating62% 3.148383.148383.148383.148383.14838
Joan (Judy Davis) is a young Australian communist who goes to the Soviet Union as part of a work study program in the 1950s. There she catches the eye of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin (F. Murray Abraham) and the two sleep together just before Stalin dies. Returning to Australia, Joan discovers she is pregnant and gives birth to Stalin's love child, whom she names Joe (Richard Roxburgh). Her son has a troubled upbringing, rebelling against both his mother's left wing politics and Australian society in general. He spends time in jail where he learns about Stalin's crimes from a fellow inmate. Upon release marries Anna (Rachel Griffiths) a police officer who had arrested him. She is the child of Ukrainian refugees who fled to Australia to escape Stalin's purges. Pledging to go on the straight and narrow, Joe rises to become the head of Australia's police union and seizes more and more political power. Anna learns of Joe's true parentage, but keeps this secret from Joe out of love and a conviction that she cannot truly know for certain. The secret eats at their relationship and Joe resents the secrecy when it is revealed.
Sarah and the Squirrel, 1h10
Directed by Yoram Gross
Genres War, Animation
Themes Political films
Actors Mia Farrow, Jacki Weaver, Joan Bruce, Ron Haddrick, Shane Porteous
Rating62% 3.14483.14483.14483.14483.1448
The story is about a little girl during the beginning of the Second World War. When the German soldiers invade, she and her family are forced to hide in the woods. When her grandmother gets sick, her father goes into town for medicine and disappears. Sarah goes out to pick berries and when she returns, the rest of her family is gone. Sarah is forced to survive alone in the woods with only the animals for company. One day she sees some resistance fighters attempt to destroy a bridge the Nazis use to transport weapons. When their attempt fails, she decides to destroy the bridge herself, hoping that her actions may end the war. Over time she is successful, but afterwards sadly realizes that what she has done will not end the war and walks away into the forest.
Quigley Down Under, 1h55
Directed by Simon Wincer
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Action, Adventure, Romance, Western
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films
Actors Tom Selleck, Laura San Giacomo, Alan Rickman, Ben Mendelsohn, Chris Haywood, Ron Haddrick
Roles Grimmelman
Rating68% 3.4475853.4475853.4475853.4475853.447585
Matthew Quigley (Tom Selleck) is a cowboy and sharpshooter from America with a keen eye and a specially modified rifle with which he can shoot accurately at extraordinary distances. Quigley's weapon of choice is a customized 1874 Sharps Buffalo Rifle. He answers a newspaper advertisement that asks for men with a special talent in long-distance shooting with four words, "M. Quigley 900 yards," written on a copy of the advertisement, punctuated by several closely spaced bullet holes.
Great Expectations: The Untold Story, 1h42
Directed by Tim Burstall
Themes Films about children
Actors Sigrid Thornton, Anne-Louise Lambert, John Stanton, Robert Coleby, Todd Boyce, Ron Haddrick
Roles Tankerton
Rating63% 3.1939353.1939353.1939353.1939353.193935
Magwitch is sentenced to life in New South Wales. He is put on a chain gang run by Solomon Tooth and eventually amasses a fortune.
The Hunchback of Notre-Dame
Genres Animation
Themes Films about children
Actors Tom Burlinson, Ron Haddrick
Roles Frollo (voice)
Rating64% 3.2097453.2097453.2097453.2097453.209745
Cette version animée du roman classique de Victor Hugo raconte l'histoire d'une belle fille bohème Esméralda.
Sherlock Holmes and a Study in Scarlet
Origin Australie
Genres Animation
Actors Peter O'Toole, Ron Haddrick, Shane Briant
Rating64% 3.231273.231273.231273.231273.23127
Le corps de Monsieur Enoch Drebber est trouvé dans une maison abandonnée de Londres ainsi qu'un message adressé à un certain Stangerson mais à son tour il est aussi tué. Que cache ce mystère ? Un seul homme est à même de le résoudre, le détective Sherlock Holmes...
A Christmas Carol, 1h10
Origin Australie
Genres Adventure, Animation
Themes Christmas films, Time travel films, Ghost films
Actors Ron Haddrick
Roles Scrooge
Rating70% 3.539313.539313.539313.539313.53931
Old Ebenezer Scrooge is a cruel man for whom life's only passion has become only money; he hates Christmas, even the very mention of it, lives alone and only to work. He is very strict with his only, underpaid and overworked, employee, Bob Cratchit, and does not believe in giving away to charity or being kind to anyone.
Around the World with Dot, 1h20
Directed by Yoram Gross
Genres Fantasy, Animation
Themes Musical films
Actors Drew Forsythe, Ron Haddrick, Anne Haddy, Ross Higgins
Roles Grumblebones/Frog/Circus Elephant/Tiger/British Lion
Rating57% 2.892092.892092.892092.892092.89209