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Ruth Ford is a Actor and Adaptation American born on 7 july 1911 at Brookhaven (USA)

Ruth Ford

Ruth Ford
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Birth name Ruth Elizabeth Ford
Nationality USA
Birth 7 july 1911 at Brookhaven (USA)
Death 12 august 2009 (at 98 years) at New York City (USA)

Ruth Ford (July 7, 1911, Brookhaven, Mississippi – August 12, 2009, New York City) was an American model and stage and film actress. Her brother was the bohemian surrealist Charles Henri Ford. Their parents managed the Tennessee Hotel in Clarksville, Tennessee.


Ruth Ford est d'abord modèle de photographes comme Cecil Beaton, Man Ray et Carl van Vechten jusqu'en 1937, année où elle entame une carrière au théâtre. L'année suivante (1938), elle intègre la troupe du Mercury Theatre (fondé par John Houseman et Orson Welles) à Broadway, où elle débute dans deux pièces mises en scène par Welles. La deuxième est La Mort de Danton (1938) de Georg Büchner, avec John Berry, Joseph Cotten et Arlene Francis.

Outre deux comédies musicales, elle contribue à onze autres pièces sur les planches new-yorkaises. La dernière est Harold et Maude de Colin Higgins en 1980, avec Janet Gaynor interprétant Maude. Mentionnons également Huis clos de Jean-Paul Sartre en 1946, mise en scène par John Huston, avec Annabella et Claude Dauphin, ainsi que La Maison de Bernarda Alba de Federico García Lorca en 1951, avec Katína Paxinoú.

Divorcée de Peter Van Eyck après un bref mariage au début des années 1940, Ruth Ford épouse un autre acteur en 1952, Zachary Scott, dont elle devient veuve en 1965. Elle joue aux côtés de ce dernier dans la pièce Requiem pour une nonne, adaptation par William Faulkner de son roman éponyme, mise en scène par Tony Richardson et créée à Londres en 1957, avant une reprise à Broadway en 1959.

Au cinéma, elle tourne un premier film en 1938, Too Much Johnson d'Orson Welles (actuellement réputé perdu), avec Joseph Cotten et Arlene Francis. Elle apparaît régulièrement dans vingt-sept autres films américains, sortis de 1941 à 1946, dont Madame veut un bébé de Mitchell Leisen (1942, avec Marlène Dietrich et Fred MacMurray), Les Clés du royaume de John M. Stahl (1944, avec Gregory Peck et Thomas Mitchell) et Wilson d'Henry King (1944, avec Alexander Knox dans le rôle-titre). Par la suite, elle contribue encore à six films, disséminés entre 1963 et 1985.

Pour la télévision enfin, de 1946 à 1977, Ruth Ford participe à deux téléfilms et seize séries (plusieurs étant dédiées au théâtre), dont un épisode de Les Accusés, diffusé en 1965.

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Frank Wilcox
Frank Wilcox
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Roland Drew
Roland Drew
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Jack Mower
Jack Mower
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Filmography of Ruth Ford (29 films)

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Too Scared to Scream, 1h40
Directed by Tony Lo Bianco
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Horror, Crime, Slasher
Themes Serial killer films
Actors Anne Archer, Mike Connors, Ian McShane, John Heard, Ruth Ford, Maureen O'Sullivan
Roles Irma Hornady
Rating50% 2.5216252.5216252.5216252.5216252.521625
Un homme meurt décapité par une pelle mécanique. Son assassin est retrouvé pendu. Quel rapport avec le meurtre non résolu d'une petite fille ? Jusqu'où peut aller un assassin capable de laisser pourrir une fillette pendant des jours ? Comment résoudre une affaire dont le seul indice est un dessin d'enfant ?
Play It as It Lays, 1h39
Directed by Frank Perry
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy-drama
Actors Tuesday Weld, Anthony Perkins, Norman Foster, Adam Roarke, Tammy Grimes, Ruth Ford
Roles Carlotta
Rating66% 3.3408753.3408753.3408753.3408753.340875
Maria Wyeth, who comes from a Nevada town with a population of 28, is now a successful actress. But she is unhappily married to, and separated from, temperamental producer Carter Lang and also chronically depressed and institutionalized.
Act One
Act One (1963)
, 1h50
Directed by Dore Schary
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Themes Films based on plays
Actors George Hamilton, Jason Robards, Jack Klugman, Sam Levene, Ruth Ford, Eli Wallach
Roles Beatrice Kaufman
Rating61% 3.0530553.0530553.0530553.0530553.053055
In 1929 young Brooklynite Moss Hart, influenced by the great playwrights, devotes his leisure time to writing for the theater. Failing in his aspirations, however, he accepts a job as social director in the Catskills and then stages plays at the YMHA in Newark. Eventually he takes the advice of agent Richard Maxwell and writes a comedy, Once in a Lifetime, which deals with the early days of Hollywood films, despite the fact that his knowledge of the movie industry is derived from the pages of Variety. After being subsidized by a friend, Joe Hyman, he sends the manuscript to producer Warren Stone, who promises a decision within a week. When months pass without any word, Hart's friends sneak a copy of the play to Sam Harris, who agrees to produce it if George Kaufman will collaborate on the script and also direct. Although Kaufman consents, the Atlantic City opening is a failure, and he considers quitting until Hart comes up with an idea that both men feel will turn the play into a hit. It finally opens to rave reviews in New York City in September 1930, thus beginning the long-lasting Kaufman-Hart collaboration.
Dragonwyck (1946)
, 1h43
Directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Historical, Romance
Themes Medical-themed films, Films about drugs, Children's films
Actors Gene Tierney, Walter Huston, Vincent Price, Anne Revere, Glenn Langan, Spring Byington
Roles Cornelia Van Borden
Rating69% 3.496263.496263.496263.496263.49626
The setting for the story is a farm in Greenwich, Connecticut in 1844. Farmer's daughter Miranda Wells (Gene Tierney) is brought up by her strait-laced low church parents, Ephraim (Walter Huston) and Abigail (Anne Revere). Miranda, a budding young woman, lives on the farm with her family, but often escapes everyday life on the farm through daydreams of a more romantic location and lifestyle, filled with luxury and flair.
Strange Impersonation, 1h8
Directed by Anthony Mann
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Noir
Actors Brenda Marshall, William Gargan, Hillary Brooke, George Chandler, Ruth Ford, Lyle Talbot
Roles Jane Karaski #1
Rating64% 3.244273.244273.244273.244273.24427
A disfigured woman scientist undergoes plastic surgery and then assumes the identity of a dead blackmailer.
Circumstantial Evidence, 1h8
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Noir, Crime
Actors Michael O'Shea, Lloyd Nolan, Trudy Marshall, Ruth Ford, Reed Hadley, Roy Roberts
Roles Mrs. Simms
Rating55% 2.791232.791232.791232.791232.79123
Three witnesses swear they saw Joe Reynolds murder grumpy baker Kenny (Ben Welden) with a hatchet. Joe claims Kenny's fatal head wound was the result of a fall as they argued—the baker hit his head on an oven as he fell—but the eyewitness testimony prevails and Joe is sentenced to death in the electric chair. His buddy Sam Lord has an uphill struggle to prove his innocence.
Woman Who Came Back, 1h8
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Horror
Actors John Loder, Nancy Kelly, Otto Kruger, J. Farrell MacDonald, Ruth Ford, Emmett Vogan
Roles Ruth Gibson
Rating60% 3.0071653.0071653.0071653.0071653.007165
Lorna Webster (Nancy Kelly) is the last descendant of witch-hunter Elijah Webster, who burned fifteen women at the stake for witchcraft. After abandoning her fiancé, local doctor Matt Adams (John Loder), at the altar two years before, Lorna is returning to her New England hometown when the bus she is riding on crashes. Only twelve out of thirteen victims are recovered. The missing corpse belongs to an old woman who had been wearing a black veil and was sitting next to Lorna when the bus lost control.
Wilson (1944)
, 2h34
Directed by Otto Brower, Henry King
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Biography, Historical, Musical, Romance
Themes Politique, Political films, Children's films
Actors Charles Coburn, Alexander Knox, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Thomas Mitchell, Cedric Hardwicke, Ruth Nelson
Roles Margaret Wilson
Rating67% 3.395343.395343.395343.395343.39534
The story begins in 1909, a time when Wilson (Alexander Knox) is best known as the head of Princeton University and the author of several books on the democratic process. Urged into running for Governor of New Jersey by the local political machine, Wilson soon proves that he is his own man, beholden to no one-and that he is dedicated to the truth at any cost.
The Keys of the Kingdom, 2h17
Directed by Otto Brower, John M. Stahl
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Themes Films about religion, Children's films
Actors Gregory Peck, Thomas Mitchell, Vincent Price, Edmund Gwenn, Benson Fong, Rose Stradner
Roles Sister Clotilde
Rating71% 3.5954653.5954653.5954653.5954653.595465
Father Francis Chisholm (Gregory Peck) is visited in his old age by Monsignor Sleeth (Sir Cedric Hardwicke) at his parish in Tweedside. The Monsignor informs Father Francis that the Bishop thinks it would be better if he retires, as Father Francis' somewhat unorthodox recent teachings have become a distraction. The Monsignor retires to his room in the rectory, and finds Father Francis' diary that recounts his story from 1878. As the Monsignor begins to read the diary, a flashback begins.
Princess O'Rourke, 1h34
Directed by Norman Krasna
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Themes Transport films, Aviation films, Political films, Films about royalty
Actors Olivia de Havilland, Robert Cummings, Charles Coburn, Jack Carson, Jane Wyman, Harry Davenport
Roles Clare Stillwell
Rating68% 3.4445853.4445853.4445853.4445853.444585
During World War II, Princess Maria (Olivia de Havilland) and her uncle Holman (Charles Coburn), exiles from their conquered European country, live in New York City. Holman hopes that his niece will marry and produce a male heir as soon as possible, but she is not interested in his preferred choice, Count Peter de Chandome (Curt Bois) or the other candidates that her uncle discusses.
Adventure in Iraq
Directed by D. Ross Lederman
Origin USA
Themes Transport films, Aviation films, Political films, Films based on plays
Actors John Loder, Ruth Ford, Paul Cavanagh, Warren Douglas, John George, Bill Edwards
Roles Tess Torrence
Rating51% 2.5636152.5636152.5636152.5636152.563615
Three Americans in an airplane flying to Egypt crash-land in Iraq. They are taken in by a local sheik, but soon begin to suspect that he may not be quite as friendly as he appears to be.
Air Force
Air Force (1943)
, 2h4
Directed by Howard Hawks
Origin USA
Genres Drama, War, Action, Adventure, Historical
Themes Politique, Transport films, Aviation films, Political films, United States Armed Forces in films
Actors John Garfield, John Ridgely, Gig Young, Harry Carey, Charles Drake, John Arthur Kennedy
Roles Nurse (uncredited)
Rating69% 3.4952653.4952653.4952653.4952653.495265
On December 6, 1941, at Hamilton Field, near San Francisco, a United States Army Air Corps B-17D bomber Mary-Ann and its crew are being readied for a flight across the Pacific.