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Sergej Trifunović is a Actor Serbe born on 2 september 1972 at Mostar (Bosnie)

Sergej Trifunović

Sergej Trifunović
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Birth name Sergej Trifunović
Nationality Serbie
Birth 2 september 1972 (51 years) at Mostar (Bosnie)
Awards Sterija Award for Achievement in Acting

Sergej Trifunović (Serbian Cyrillic: Сергеј Трифуновић, [sɛ̌rɡɛːj trifǔːnɔʋitɕ]; born 2 September 1972) is a popular Serbian movie actor.

Sergej was born in Mostar, SR Bosnia and Herzegovina, SFR Yugoslavia, in the family of actor Tomislav Trifunović and lawyer Slobodanka. His younger brother is actor Branislav Trifunović. Sergej's father in his career has often moved, so Sergej lived in Mostar, Užice, Kruševac and Belgrade. In 1990 Trifunović enrolled in Belgrade Faculty of Drama Arts in class of professor Vladimir Jevtović. His fellow students were Nataša Ninković, Vojin Ćetković and Nebojša Glogovac.


Acteur serbe originaire de Bosnie-Herzégovine, il s'engage dès son adolescence sur la même voie que son père Tomislav Trifunović et son frère Branislav Trifunović, qui sont également acteurs de cinéma. Il joue ses premiers rôles au début des années 1990 et sa carrière s'accélère à partir de 2000 : il participe à plusieurs films à succès et obtient plusieurs premiers rôles. Sa participation à des films à succès comme Crni Gruja (2003), Quand je serai grand je deviendrai kangourou (2004), Karaula (2006) l'ont fait connaître à l'étranger où il a joué dans plusieurs films à partir de 1999.

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On the Milky Road, 2h5
Directed by Emir Kusturica
Origin Serbie
Genres Drama, Comedy
Actors Emir Kusturica, Monica Bellucci, Sergej Trifunović, Miki Manojlović, Sloboda Mićalović, Bajram Severdžan
Rating63% 3.151273.151273.151273.151273.15127
Sous le feu des balles, Kosta, un laitier, traverse la ligne de front chaque jour au péril de sa vie pour livrer ses précieux vivres aux soldats. Sur le point d'épouser sa compagne Milena, il fait la connaissance de Nevesta, une Italienne qui est la future épouse du frère de Milena et qui est poursuivie par un général anglais jaloux en quête de vengeance. Kosta tombe amoureux de Nevesta. Le jour du mariage, des troupes d’élite massacrent les participants avant de se mettre en chasse des deux amoureux clandestins...
In Order of Disappearance, 1h55
Directed by Hans Petter Moland
Origin Norvege
Genres Drama, Thriller, Comedy, Action, Crime
Themes Gangster films
Actors Stellan Skarsgård, Bruno Ganz, Kristofer Hivju, Pål Sverre Hagen, Sergej Trifunović, Birgitte Hjort Sørensen
Roles Nebojša
Rating70% 3.5477453.5477453.5477453.5477453.547745
Nils (Stellan Skarsgård) is a snow plough driver somewhere in Norway. He learns that his son has died, supposedly of a heroin overdose. Nils knows his son was no addict and starts a private investigation. Soon he finds out the local drug gang is behind the crime. He hunts down the two killers and kills both of them, but not before they confess. Based on this information, he goes after their boss, but finds himself in the crossfire between two rival gangs: one local, one "imported" from Serbia.
Mama's Boy
Mama's Boy (2013)
, 1h45
Genres Drama, Comedy
Actors Sergej Trifunović, Bogdan Diklić, Mira Banjac, Milan Marić, Goran Radaković, Dragan Bjelogrlić
Roles Policajac
Rating59% 2.952582.952582.952582.952582.95258
Belgrade, 1999. Pera est projectionniste. A 40 ans, pourtant épris de Lela, son amour de jeunesse, il vit encore chez sa mère, Mara. Le jour où l'Otan bombarde la Serbie, Pera apprend qu'il vient de gagner une green card, alors qu'il n'a jamais participé à une loterie. Lela, elle, décide de fuir aux Etats-Unis avec sa fille. Pera reste avec sa mère. Alors que les bombardements se rapprochent, Mara, inquiète, insiste pour que son fils parte à son tour. Il fouille sa poubelle et retrouve la carte qu'il avait jetée. Mais il ne partira pas sans sa mère. Après un détour par l'ambassade danoise et grâce à l'entregent de quelques tziganes, ils parviennent à obtenir un visa.
The Raven
The Raven (2012)
, 1h51
Directed by James McTeigue
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Horror, Crime
Actors John Cusack, Alice Eve, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Luke Evans, Kevin McNally, Brendan Gleeson
Roles Salty Sailor
Rating63% 3.199113.199113.199113.199113.19911
In 19th-century Baltimore, Maryland, several policemen discover a murdered woman sprawled on the floor of her apartment, which was locked from the inside. While police search for the killer's means of escape, they discover a second corpse in the chimney, later identified as the 12-year-old daughter of the first victim. A celebrated detective, Emmett Fields, is called to assist in the investigation and discovers that the crime resembles a fictional murder in the short story "The Murders in the Rue Morgue" that he had once read.
A Serbian Film, 1h44
Origin Serbie
Genres Drama, Erotic, Thriller, Horror, Crime
Themes Assassinat, Films about films, Films about children, Films about families, Medical-themed films, Psychologie, Films about sexuality, Snuff films in fiction, Films about suicide, Films about television, Rape in fiction, Erotic films, Films about pedophilia, Films about pornography, Rape and revenge films, Films about psychiatry, Erotic thriller films
Actors Sergej Trifunović, Srđan Todorović
Roles Vukmir
Rating50% 2.5060952.5060952.5060952.5060952.506095
Semi-retired porn star Miloš (Srđan Todorović) lives with his wife, Marija (Jelena Gavrilović), and six-year-old son, Petar (Luka Mijatović). His brother, Marko (Slobodan Beštić), a corrupt police officer, is attracted to Marija. Marija is curious about her husband's past and is concerned about the family's income. Lejla (Katarina Žutić), a former co-star, offers Miloš a starring role in an art film directed by Vukmir (Sergej Trifunović), an independent pornographer, who wishes to cast Miloš for his powerful erection. Having already caught Petar watching one of his films and unaware of the details of Vukmir's film, Miloš is hesitant to participate and continue his career, but accepts to secure his family's financial future. While meeting Vukmir, Miloš passes a bald man and his entourage, regarding them warily.
The Whistleblower, 1h52
Origin Canada
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Crime
Themes Feminist films, Politique, Films about sexuality, Erotic films, Films about prostitution, Political films, Erotic thriller films
Actors Rachel Weisz, David Strathairn, Benedict Cumberbatch, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Vanessa Redgrave, Monica Bellucci
Roles Ivan
Rating70% 3.547173.547173.547173.547173.54717
Kathryn Bolkovac is a police officer from Lincoln, Nebraska, who accepts an offer to work with the United Nations International Police in post-war Bosnia-Herzegovina for a UK company, Democra Security (a pseudonym for DynCorp International). After successfully advocating for a Muslim woman who experienced domestic abuse, Kathryn is appointed head of the department of gender affairs.
Montevideo, God Bless You!, 2h20
Directed by Dragan Bjelogrlić
Origin Serbie
Genres Drama, Adventure, Historical, Romance
Themes Sports films, Association football films
Actors Miloš Biković, Danina Jeftić, Petar Strugar, Branimir Brstina, Nebojša Ilić, Nikola Đuričko
Roles Anđelko Komatina
Rating80% 4.046384.046384.046384.046384.04638
Belgrade, Serbian and Yugoslav capital, circa 1930. The story follows eleven passionate, mostly anonymous but very talented soccer players and their journey from the cobblestone streets of impoverished Belgrade neighborhoods to the formation of the national team before the very first World Cup in faraway Uruguay. So far away that the country's capital, Montevideo, seems more a distant dream than a familiar reality. Named after the city where the inaugural World Cup was held, director Dragan Bjelogrlić's adaptation of journalist Vladimir Stanković's best-selling book centers on the relationship between the two top players: natural talent and poor boy Tirke (Miloš Biković) and playboy superstar Moša (Petar Strugar).
The Tour
The Tour (2008)
, 1h54
Directed by Goran Marković
Genres Comedy, Action, Adventure
Themes Political films
Actors Dragan Nikolić, Sergej Trifunović, Tihomir Stanić, Jelena Djokić, Mira Furlan, Josif Tatić
Roles Vođa 'Pantera'
Rating71% 3.596733.596733.596733.596733.59673
In December 1993, as the Bosnian War rages, Stanislav, an actor living in Belgrade, convinces members of a theater troupe to perform with him at the front lines. Desperate for money, the troupe, consisting of Misko, Sonja, Zaki, Lale, and Jadranka, accept the offer.
War, Inc.
War, Inc. (2008)
, 1h46
Directed by Joshua Seftel
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Comedy, Action, Adventure
Themes Monde imaginaire, Films about terrorism, Political films
Actors Hilary Duff, Marisa Tomei, Joan Cusack, Dan Aykroyd, Ben Kingsley, John Cusack
Roles Ooq-Mi-Fay Taqnufmini
Rating55% 2.750212.750212.750212.750212.75021
The film opens in a bar in Nunavut when hitman Brand Hauser (John Cusack) shoots and kills three men at the bar. He takes pictures of the men with his phone, sends the pictures, and then throws the phone into a burning garbage can.
In the Name of the Son, 26minutes
Directed by Harun Mehmedinovic
Origin USA
Genres Drama, War, Thriller
Themes Political films, Films based on plays
Actors Sergej Trifunović, Ryan O'Quinn
Roles Tarik
Rating70% 3.524943.524943.524943.524943.52494
The Name of the Son is a film that looks at human conflicts in the present, brought about during personal clashes in the Bosnian War in 1994.
Next (2007)
, 1h36
Directed by Lee Tamahori
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Fantastic, Action
Themes Films based on science fiction novels, Films based on works by Philip K. Dick, Arme nucléaire
Actors Nicolas Cage, Julianne Moore, Jessica Biel, Thomas Kretschmann, Tory Kittles, Peter Falk
Roles Mr. White
Rating61% 3.0989653.0989653.0989653.0989653.098965
Cris Johnson (Nicolas Cage) can see into his future. He can only see two minutes ahead, with the exception of a vision he once had of a woman walking into a diner. Knowing no details other than the time, he goes to the diner twice each day at 8:09 to await her arrival. He works as a small-time magician in Las Vegas, where he supplements his income with gambling, using his powers to win against the house.
The Border Post, 1h34
Directed by Rajko Grlić
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Action
Actors Sergej Trifunović, Emir Hadžihafizbegović, Bogdan Diklić, Franjo Dijak
Roles Ljuba
Rating75% 3.7973053.7973053.7973053.7973053.797305
A JNA military border post on the Yugoslav-Albanian border in the late 1980s is thrown into disarray when its commander discovers he has syphilis, creating chaos in his bid to avoid his wife and admitting his infidelity. The ordinary soldiers serving their compulsory military service there must cope with problems of their own.