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Sergio Castellitto is a Actor, Director, Scriptwriter and Producer Italien born on 18 august 1953 at Rome (Italie)

Sergio Castellitto

Sergio Castellitto
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Nationality Italie
Birth 18 august 1953 (70 years) at Rome (Italie)

Sergio Castellitto (born 18 August 1953) is an Italian actor, film director, and screenwriter.


Sergio Castellitto was born on 18 August 1953 in Rome, Italy. After graduating from the Silvio D'Amico National Academy of Dramatic Art in 1978, he began his theatrical career in Italian public theater with Shakespeare's Measure for Measure at the Teatro di Roma and with roles in other plays such as La Madre by Brecht, Merchant of Venice, and Candelaio by Giordano Bruno. At the Teatro di Genova he starred in the roles of Tuzenbach in Chekhov's Three Sisters and Jean in Strindberg's Miss Julie, both under the direction of Otomar Krejka. In the coming years, he also starred in such theatrical productions as L'Infelicita Senza Desideri and Piccoli Equivoci at the Festival Dei Due Mondi in Spoleto. He also appeared in Barefoot in the Park by Neil Simon. During his years in the theatre, he worked alongside many famous actors, including Luigi Squarzina, Aldo Trionfo, and Enzo Muzii.

Castellitto began his film career in 1983 beside Marcello Mastroianni and Michel Piccoli in The General of the Dead Army by Luciano Tovoli. He interpreted many films like Sembra è solo svenuto directed by Felice Farina, Piccoli equivoci by Ricky Tognazzi and Stasera a casa di Alice by Carlo Verdone. He became more famous with the films The Great Pumpkin by Francesca Archibugi and The Star Maker by Tornatore.

In the late 1980s, Castellitto appeared in several Italian television miniseries, including Un siciliano in Sicilia (1987), Cinque storie inquietanti (1987), Piazza Navona (1988), Cinéma (1988), and Come stanno bene insieme (1989). He also appeared in the miniseries Victoire, ou la douleur des femmes (2000).

Success arrived with the films La famiglia, L'ultimo bacio, Caterina in the Big City, My Mother's Smile, Mostly Martha, and especially with Don't Move, written by his wife Margaret Mazzantini. The last films that he interpreted were Il regista di matrimoni by Marco Bellocchio and La stella che non c'è by Gianni Amelio.

In France Castellitto played the male lead opposite Jeanne Balibar in Jacques Rivette's "Va savoir" (2001). His most recent accomplishment as actor has been in his role as Padre Pio: Miracle Man, arguably the defining role of his career.

The first film that he directed is Libero Burro and the second was Don't Move. He played the role of the antagonist, King Miraz, in the film The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.

His most recent film as director was "Twice Born", which played at the Toronto FIlm Festival (2012). Unfortunately, it was not well received by much of the English speaking press. The Hollywood Reporter called it an "involuntary parody." Variety went on to declare that it had "little to offer beyond some pitiful twists." Screen Daily went even further, adding that "director Sergio Castellitto’s adaptation of Margaret Mazzantini’s novel leaves no cliché unturned, yearning for big emotions that are consistently flattened by the lumbering storytelling." A contrasting review (9/10) came from independent film critic Jared Mobarak, who praised both Cruz's and Hirsch's acting, as well as the film's many layered, intense and well-orchestrated plot.

Most recently, Castellitto appeared in the television series In Treatment in the role of Giovanni.

Castellitto is married to Margaret Mazzantini with four children.

Best films

The Big Blue (1988)

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Filmography of Sergio Castellitto (48 films)

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Lucky (2017)
, 1h43
Directed by Sergio Castellitto
Origin Italie
Genres Drama
Actors Jasmine Trinca, Hanna Schygulla, Stefano Accorsi, Alessandro Borghi, Edoardo Pesce, Awa Ly
Roles Infermiere/Carabieniere
Rating62% 3.1085253.1085253.1085253.1085253.108525
À la périphérie de Rome, Fortunata, suite à un mariage raté, se bat quotidiennement pour élever convenablement sa fille. Faisant face aux difficultés, elle songe à ouvrir un salon de coiffure afin de s'épanouir et de trouver son indépendance .
Piccoli crimini coniugali
Directed by Alex Infascelli
Origin Italie
Genres Drama, Thriller
Themes Théâtre, Films based on plays
Actors Margherita Buy, Sergio Castellitto
Roles Elia
Rating53% 2.690582.690582.690582.690582.69058
Victime d'un accident domestique, Elia (Sergio Castellitto) rentre à la maison complètement dépourvu de mémoire. Il ne reconnaît plus sa femme (Margherita Buy) qui tente malgré tout de lui rafraîchir la mémoire, en lui faisant visiter pièce par pièce leur maison, chaque étape étant sujet à une évocation des souvenirs du couple et apportant des explications afin de comprendre les raisons de l'accident d'Elia, qui n'en est peut-être pas un.
Twice Born
Twice Born (2012)
, 2h7
Directed by Sergio Castellitto
Origin Italie
Genres Drama, War, Historical, Romance
Themes Pregnancy films, Political films
Actors Emile Hirsch, Penélope Cruz, Mira Furlan, Jane Birkin, Saadet Aksoy, Sergio Castellitto
Roles Giuliano
Rating72% 3.6492853.6492853.6492853.6492853.649285
Oft-married Gemma visits Sarajevo with her only child, Pietro. The two of them had escaped the city sixteen years ago, just days after his birth during the Bosnian War. Diego, her second husband and Pietro's father, remained behind and later died. As they travel with her wartime friend Gojco, she tries to repair her relationship with Pietro, asking her third husband (by phone) if she should tell Pietro that she did not give birth to him. Gemma is later stunned by the revelation that Pietro's real mother, Aska, is still alive and married to Gojco. Aska reveals that, contrary to Gemma's long held belief, Diego was not Pietro's father, as she had been a sex slave to a garrison of the Serb Volunteer Guard. Gemma must face loss, the cost of war and the redemptive power of love.
Love & Slaps, 1h47
Directed by Sergio Castellitto
Origin Italie
Genres Comedy
Actors Sergio Castellitto, Laura Morante, Enzo Jannacci, Marco Giallini, Barbora Bobulova, Erika Blanc
Roles Marcello
Rating58% 2.9201952.9201952.9201952.9201952.920195
Marcello est un architecte reconnu qui est marié à Marina, une psychanalyste avec laquelle elle a une fille prenommée Rosa. Marcello a une relation extraconjugale avec Gladys. La famille et les amis se retrouvent pour fêter l'anniversaire de Marcello dans une atmosphère lourde où les tensions et les conflits qui couvent depuis des années risquent d'éclater à tout moment. Lors d'un un week-end successif tout le comité se retrouve en Toscane, rejoints par deux patients de Marina, Ettore Maria et Lory dans la maison de campagne de Marcello. Les parents attendent que Rosa, leur fille rebelle de dix-sept ans leur présente son nouveau fiancé surprise est totale quand il s'avère que celui-ci s'avère être un fringant septuagénaire.
Around a Small Mountain, 1h24
Directed by Jacques Rivette
Origin France
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Circus films
Actors Jane Birkin, Sergio Castellitto, Jacques Bonnaffé, André Marcon, Julie-Marie Parmentier, Vimala Pons
Roles Vittorio
Rating60% 3.000723.000723.000723.000723.00072
Kate (Jane Birkin) is driving along a winding mountain road when her car stalls. Vittorio (Sergio Castellitto) happens along, stops, and fixes her car without ever speaking to her. After he drives away, he slows down and decides to turn back. Something about the woman has interested him.
Italians (2009)

Directed by Giovanni Veronesi
Genres Comedy
Actors Carlo Verdone, Sergio Castellitto, Riccardo Scamarcio, Ksenia Rappoport, Dario Bandiera, Remo Girone
Roles Fortunato
Rating56% 2.8079952.8079952.8079952.8079952.807995
First segment: Fortunato is a trucker specialized in the transport of luxury vehicles, especially Ferrari, in Saudi Arabia and in other Gulf countries. Tired of a life away from home and in the process of retiring, he accompanies his successor, the young Marcello, for his last trip in Dubai.
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, 2h30
Directed by Andrew Adamson
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Fantastic, Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Themes Films about animals, Films about magic and magicians, Films about religion, Films about lions, Serial killer films, Tiré d'une œuvre de Thomas Harris, Children's films, Mise en scène d'un mammifère
Actors Ben Barnes, Georgie Henley, Skandar Keynes, William Moseley, Anna Popplewell, Liam Neeson
Roles King Miraz
Rating65% 3.251623.251623.251623.251623.25162
1,300 Narnian years after the Pevensie siblings left, Caspian, a Telmarine prince and heir to the throne, is informed by mentor Doctor Cornelius that his uncle, Miraz, is plotting to kill him and seize the throne for himself and his newborn heir. Cornelius gives him Queen Susan's ancient magical horn, instructing him to blow it only at his greatest need. Caspian flees into the woods where he encounters two Narnian dwarfs, Trumpkin and Nikabrik, and a talking badger named Trufflehunter, and blows the horn to summon help.
Persepolis (2007)
, 1h35
Directed by Marjane Satrapi, Vincent Paronnaud
Origin France
Genres Drama, Biography, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Animation
Themes Films about children, Films about religion, Political films, Children's films
Actors Chiara Mastroianni, Catherine Deneuve, Danielle Darrieux, Simon Abkarian, François Jérosme, Gena Rowlands
Roles Ebi Satrapi, padre di Marjane (italian version voice)
Rating79% 3.9993.9993.9993.9993.999
At the airport Marjane Satrapi (Chiara Mastroianni) is unable to board a plane to Iran. She then takes a seat and smokes. She looks back at her childhood. She remembers the good and bad times with her family, especially all the political issues going on. As a young girl, Marji lived in Tehran and wanted to be a prophet and a disciple of Bruce Lee. Her childhood ambition is the general uprising against the Shah of Iran. Her middle-class family participates in all the rallies and protests. Marji wants to have pride in her future. Marji and a group of friends attempt to attack a young boy whose father, a member of SAVAK, killed Communists for no particular reason. One day, Marji's Uncle Anoush arrives to have dinner with the family after recently being released from his nine-year sentence in prison. Uncle Anoush inspires Marji with his stories of his life on the run from the government, a result of rebelling.
The Wedding Director, 1h40
Directed by Marco Bellocchio
Origin Italie
Genres Drama, Comedy-drama
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films
Actors Sergio Castellitto, Donatella Finocchiaro, Sami Frey, Gianni Cavina, Maurizio Donadoni
Roles Franco Elica
Rating61% 3.095123.095123.095123.095123.09512
Fuyant Rome, Franco Elica, un célèbre metteur en scène, se retrouve à Cefalù en Sicile, et rencontre trois personnages : un confrère cinéaste qui vit de ses films de cérémonies de mariages, un réalisateur prétendant être mort afin d'acquérir la reconnaissance qu'il n'a pas eu de son vivant par le milieu du cinéma, et un Prince ombrageux, mystérieux, et cultivé mais ruiné.
Arthur and the Invisibles, 1h43
Directed by Luc Besson
Origin France
Genres Fantastic, Fantasy, Adventure, Animation
Themes Films about magic and magicians, Children's films
Actors Freddie Highmore, Madonna, Snoop Dogg, Mylène Farmer, David Bowie, Ron Crawford
Roles Additional Voices (voice)
Rating60% 3.0122953.0122953.0122953.0122953.012295
In the year 1960, protagonist Arthur lives with his grandmother Daisy in a quiet farm house. His grandfather Archibald has recently gone missing and he sees little of his parents. Daisy entertains Arthur with stories of his grandfather's adventures in Africa, featuring the tall Bogo Matassalai and the minuscule Minimoys, of whom the latter now live in Archibald's garden, protecting a collection of rubies. Arthur becomes enamoured of a picture of Selenia, the princess of the Minimoys. When Daisy receives a two-day deadline to pay a large sum of money to a building developer named Ernest Davido, who plans to evict the two, Arthur looks for the rubies to pay off the debt, and discovers various clues left by his grandfather. He is met in the garden by the Bogo Matassala, who reduce Arthur to Minimoy size. From the Minimoys, Arthur learns that they are in danger from Maltazard, a Minimoy war hero who now rules the nearby 'Necropolis', after corruption by a weevil, by whom he has a son named Darkos.
Paris Je T'aime, 1h55
Directed by Wes Craven, Gérard Depardieu, Bruno Podalydès, Alfonso Cuarón, Sylvain Chomet, Alexander Payne, Olivier Assayas, Christopher Doyle, Gus Van Sant, Richard LaGravenese, Walter Salles, Vincenzo Natali, Nobuhiro Suwa, Isabel Coixet, Gurinder Chadha, Oliver Schmitz, Tom Tykwer, Daniela Thomas, Frédéric Auburtin
Origin France
Genres Drama, Comedy-drama, Anthology film, Romance
Themes Films about sexuality, LGBT-related films, Vampires in film, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film
Actors Fanny Ardant, Juliette Binoche, Julie Bataille, Steve Buscemi, Bruno Podalydès, Sergio Castellitto
Roles Le mari (Bastille)
Rating71% 3.597883.597883.597883.597883.59788
Génération AMOUR...Au fil des quartiers, des histoires d'amour passager, voilé, mimé, vampirisé, malmené ou révélé...Un Pari(s) moderne émouvant et drôle, un film plein de vie(s) sur le thème de l'Amour.
Marcello, una vita dolce, 1h38
Genres Documentary
Actors Marcello Mastroianni, Claudia Cardinale, Anouk Aimée, Sergio Castellitto, Ursula Andress, Lina Wertmüller
Roles Narrator (voice)
Rating68% 3.4050453.4050453.4050453.4050453.405045
Une vie vécue avec douceur, ce doux regard et ce sourire narquois, cette légendaire paresse. Aujourd’hui encore, dire Mastroianni ou Marcello évoque une époque : un monde fait de bravoure, de beauté, de charme, de gentillesse. Au travers d’interviews de ses proches et de ses collaborateurs, d’extraits de films et d’images d’archives, ce documentaire narré par Sergio Castellitto veut raconter un homme qui a été le plus grand acteur italien et a vécu de façon extraordinaire avec le succès, en pensant souvent qu’il n’était peut-être qu’en train de rêver.