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Sheila McCarthy is a Actor Canadienne born on 1 january 1956 at Toronto (Canada)

Sheila McCarthy

Sheila McCarthy
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Birth name Sheila Catherine McCarthy
Nationality Canada
Birth 1 january 1956 (68 years) at Toronto (Canada)

Sheila McCarthy (born January 1, 1956) is a Canadian film, stage, television actress, and singer. She is one of the most honoured actors in Canada, having won two Genie Awards (film), two Gemini Awards (television), and two Dora Awards (theatre) among with multiple nominations. As of 2007, she can be seen on the Canadian television series Little Mosque on the Prairie. Sheila McCarthy showed off her singing skills in Cow Belles. One of her most recognized big-screen roles is as the news reporter in the movie Die Hard 2. Her most recent role is as Connie Hendrix, mother of the clone Alison in the critically acclaimed BBC America series Orphan Black.

She also did characters voices in Free Willy, Mythic Warriors: Guardians of the Legend, The Busy World of Richard Scarry, The Neverending Story, Rolie Polie Olie, Bad Dog and Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse.

McCarthy was born in Toronto, Ontario. She was married to actor Peter Donaldson, who died January 8, 2011 two years after being diagnosed with cancer. Together they had two children.


Au cinéma, Sheila McCarthy joue dans trente-deux films (américains, canadiens ou en coproduction) à ce jour, depuis Le Chant des sirènes de Patricia Rozema (1987, avec Paule Baillargeon et Ann-Marie MacDonald) jusqu'à Dernier Combat de Damian Lee (2014, avec Dominic Purcell et James Caan).

Entretemps, citons 58 minutes pour vivre de Renny Harlin (1990, avec Bruce Willis et Bonnie Bedelia), Le Jour d'après de Roland Emmerich (2004, avec Dennis Quaid et Jake Gyllenhaal) et Antiviral de Brandon Cronenberg (2012, avec Caleb Landry Jones et Sarah Gadon).

Pour la télévision, à ce jour, elle apparaît dans trente-et-un téléfilms entre 1985 et 2010, dont La Vie secrète d'une milliardaire de John Erman (1999, avec Lauren Bacall et Richard Chamberlain) et L'Autre Côté du rêve de Philip Haas (2002, avec James Caan et Lukas Haas).

S'y ajoutent trente-six séries de 1982 à 2014, dont Alfred Hitchcock présente (un épisode, 1989), Un drôle de shérif (quatre épisodes, 1995-1996) et La Petite Mosquée dans la prairie (intégrale en quatre-vingt-onze épisodes, 2007-2012).

Également active au théâtre, Sheila McCarthy se produit notamment au festival de Stratford (Ontario), entre autres dans la pièce de William Shakespeare Le Songe d'une nuit d'été (1993, avec Colm Feore) et la comédie musicale de Frank Loesser Blanches colombes et vilains messieurs (2004, avec Cynthia Dale).

Pour ses rôles dans les films Le Chant des sirènes (1987) précité et The Lotus Eaters de Paul Shapiro (1993, avec R.H. Thomson), elle gagne à deux reprises le Prix Génie de la meilleure actrice.

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Ice Girls
Ice Girls (2016)
, 1h25
Directed by Damian Lee
Themes Sports films, Sports d'hiver, Patinage artistique
Actors Natasha Henstridge, Sandy Jobin-Bevans, Shane Harte, Sheila McCarthy
Roles Aunt Ginger
Rating59% 2.9660752.9660752.9660752.9660752.966075
Alors que Mattie (Michaela Du Toit), passionnée de patinage artistique, voit son rêve d’obtenir une bourse s’envoler après qu’elle s’est blessée, sa mère Kelly se retrouve brusquement au chômage. Toute la famille doit alors retourner chez la sœur de Kelly (Lara Danns). Mattie fera la connaissance de Mercury (Elvis Stojko), le responsable de la patinoire locale qui coache Heather Lear (Taylor Hunsley), fille de Rose, une ancienne rivale sur la glace de Kelly lorsqu’elles étaient adolescentes. Épaté par le talent de Mattie, il l’encourage à s’entraîner pour les championnats régionaux.
Algonquin (2014)
, 1h41
Origin Canada
Genres Drama
Themes Sports films
Actors Mark Rendall, Nicholas Campbell, Sheila McCarthy, Victoria Sánchez, Boyd Banks
Roles Rita
Rating67% 3.389283.389283.389283.389283.38928
Leif (Nicholas Campbell), a travel writer whose career has declined, visits his son Jake (Mark Rendall). The father plans to produce a book about Algonquin Park and invites his son to join him in its writing. Leif also meets up with Rita (Sheila McCarthy), his former wife and Jake's mother. Matters are complicated when they are joined by Carmen (Victoria Sanchez), Leif's young romantic partner, and her son Iggy (Michael Levinson). Leif and Jake then proceed with a canoe trip through Algonquin Park to find a particular horseshoe.
A Fighting Man, 1h28
Directed by Damian Lee
Origin Canada
Genres Drama
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films, Boxing films
Actors Dominic Purcell, James Caan, Adam Beach, Louis Gossett Jr., Kim Coates, Famke Janssen
Roles Rose O'Connor
Rating55% 2.7538352.7538352.7538352.7538352.753835
L'histoire de deux hommes qui se rencontrent en tête à tête dans le ring pour un combat qui va changer leur vie. Un homme se bat pour la rédemption et le pardon, tandis que les autres combats pour l'espoir et le changement. En fin de compte, gagnent ou perdent, ils se rendent compte qu'ils ont besoin de l'autre pour le faire à travers.
Antiviral (2012)
, 1h50
Directed by Brandon Cronenberg
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Horror
Themes Films about computing, Medical-themed films, Political films, Dystopian films
Actors Caleb Landry Jones, Malcolm McDowell, Douglas Smith, Sarah Gadon, Sheila McCarthy, Nicholas Campbell
Roles Dev Harvey
Rating57% 2.8531852.8531852.8531852.8531852.853185
In a dystopian near-future, Syd March (Caleb Landry Jones) is employed by the Lucas Clinic, a company which purchases viruses and other pathogens from celebrities who fall ill, in order to inject them into clients who desire a connection with celebrities. In particular, the pathogens supplied by the Lucas Clinic's exclusive celebrity Hannah Geist are extremely popular, and another employee at the clinic, Derek Lessing (Reid Morgan), is responsible for harvesting them from Hannah directly. To make extra money, Syd uses his own body as an incubator, steals pathogens from the lab, and sells them on the black market. To do so, he uses a stolen console to break the copy protection placed on the virus by the clinic; once injected in a client, the pathogen is rendered incommunicable. He then passes the pathogens to Arvid (Joe Pingue), who works at Astral Bodies, a celebrity meat market where meat is grown from the cells of celebrities for consumption.
Year of the Carnivore, 1h28
Directed by Sook-Yin Lee
Origin Canada
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Themes Films about sexuality, Erotic films
Actors Cristin Milioti, Mark Rendall, Will Sasso, Ali Liebert, Luke Camilleri, Sheila McCarthy
Roles Mrs. Smalls
Rating57% 2.85292.85292.85292.85292.8529
Sammy Smalls, a 21-year-old tomboy, works as a grocery store detective at Big Apple Food Town. She tracks down shoplifters and transfers them to her boss Dirk, who beats up the shoplifters as punishment. Sammy dislikes her job, but she can't quit, as she would have to move back in with her overbearing parents. Sammy meets and becomes infatuated with Eugene Zaslavsky, an equally quirky musician who performs outside her grocery store. The two develop a friendship that culminates into a disastrous one-night stand. Eugene, unimpressed by Sammy’s immaturity and sexual inexperience, suggests they maintain an open relationship. Sammy concocts a plan to gain sexual experience to impress Eugene which leads her into many sexual misadventures.
Breakfast with Scot, 1h35
Origin Canada
Genres Drama, Comedy
Themes Films about sexuality, Sports films, LGBT-related films, Ice hockey films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film
Actors Tom Cavanagh, Ben Shenkman, Shauna MacDonald, Graham Greene, Dylan Everett, Colin Cunningham
Roles Miss Patterson (uncredited)
Rating66% 3.345323.345323.345323.345323.34532
Eric McNally (Tom Cavanagh) is a gay retired hockey player turned television sportscaster who lives with his partner Sam (Ben Shenkman), a sports lawyer. When Sam unexpectedly becomes the legal guardian of his brother's stepson, Scot (Noah Bernett), their lives are turned upside down as the demands of being a parent — as well as the boy's preference for clothing and hobbies which suggest that he may also be gay — begin to intrude ever more strongly on Eric's desire to remain closeted at work. Eric's unwillingness to accept the situation eventually fades as Scot teaches Eric about loving your true self.
The Stone Angel, 1h56
Directed by Kari Skogland
Origin Canada
Genres Drama
Actors Ellen Burstyn, Cole Hauser, Christine Horne, Dylan Baker, Kevin Zegers, Sheila McCarthy
Roles Doris
Rating60% 3.0459753.0459753.0459753.0459753.045975
The film spans several decades in the unconventional life of feisty nonagenarian Hagar Shipley, who sets off on a journey to reconcile herself with her past when she discovers her son Marvin and daughter-in-law Doris are moving her into a nursing home. In a crumbling house she had lived in when she was first married, Hagar recalls her estrangement from her father, a wealthy Manitoba shopkeeper who disowned her when she married farmer Bram Shipley. Despite her defiance, she considered herself superior to her husband, and treated him callously as their relationship disintegrated and he became an alcoholic. Her younger son John, her favorite, eventually broke her heart by becoming involved with Arlene, a wild girl of whom she disapproved.
Cow Belles
Cow Belles (2006)
, 1h28
Directed by Francine McDougall
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Themes Children's films
Actors Aly Michalka, Amanda Michalka, Jack Coleman, Michael Trevino, Paula Brancati, Christian Serratos
Roles Fran Walker
Rating52% 2.605852.605852.605852.605852.60585
Aly Michalka and AJ Michalka star as Taylor and Courtney Callum, two thoroughly spoiled yet well-intentioned sisters whose widower father, Reed Callum (Jack Coleman), owns Callum Dairy. Taylor has just gotten her license, after almost failing the test at the beginning of the movie. They leave the house to depart for a shopping trip, but leave a towel on the stove, starting a house fire. Shocked by their carelessness, and deciding the girls should start making their own cash, Reed puts them to work at the dairy to teach them responsibility. He goes out of town, looking for a rare butterfly to add to his collection. This leaves the girls to look after the dairy.
Bailey's Billion$, 1h30
Origin Canada
Genres Comedy
Themes Children's films
Actors Dean Cain, Laurie Holden, Jennifer Tilly, Tim Curry, Jon Lovitz, Sheila McCarthy
Roles Peggy Delaney
Rating41% 2.099092.099092.099092.099092.09909
Sweet and savvy talking golden retriever, Bailey, is one doggone lucky pooch when his devoted owner, Constance Pennington, leaves him her entire billion-dollar fortune. Bailey is lucky, that is, until he becomes the target of an elaborately-designed dognap scheme hatched by Constance's nasty nephew Caspar and his money-hungry wife Dolores. The despicable duo's wicked plan is to ultimately gain custody of the canine so they can get their greedy paws on his inheritance. Unfortunately for them, there's a thing or two they don't know about Bailey. Not only does he have great street smarts, he has great pals too.
Being Julia, 1h44
Directed by István Szabó
Origin Canada
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Romance
Themes Films about television
Actors Annette Bening, Jeremy Irons, Michael Gambon, Shaun Evans, Michael Culkin, Lucy Punch
Roles Grace Dexter
Rating69% 3.4975853.4975853.4975853.4975853.497585
Set in London in 1938, the film focuses on highly successful and extremely popular theatre actress Julia Lambert (Annette Bening), whose gradual disillusionment with her career as she approaches middle age has prompted her to ask her husband, stage director Michael Gosselyn (Jeremy Irons), and his financial backer Dolly de Vries (Miriam Margolyes) to close her current production to allow her time to travel abroad. They convince her to remain with the play throughout the summer; and Michael introduces her to Tom Fennel (Shaun Evans), an enterprising American, who confesses his deep appreciation of her work. Seeking the passion missing from her marriage, and anxious to fill the void left when her close friend Lord Charles (Bruce Greenwood) suggested they part ways to avoid scandalous gossip, Julia embarks on a passionate affair with the young man and begins to support him so he may enjoy the glamorous lifestyle to which she has introduced him. Their relationship revives her, sparking a distinct change in her personality. Always hovering in the background and offering counsel is the spirit of her mentor, Jimmie Langton (Michael Gambon), the theatrical manager who gave Julia her start and made her a star, while flesh-and-blood Evie (Juliet Stevenson) serves as her personal maid, dresser, and confidante.
The Day After Tomorrow, 2h4
Directed by Roland Emmerich
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Disaster, Action, Adventure
Themes Environmental films, Space adventure films, La fin du monde, Seafaring films, Météorologie, Politique, Post-apocalyptic films, Films about religion, Transport films, Films set in the future, Catastrophe climatique, Political films, Dystopian films, Children's films, Disaster films, American disaster films, White House in fiction
Actors Dennis Quaid, Jake Gyllenhaal, Emmy Rossum, Ian Holm, Sela Ward, Dash Mihok
Roles Judith
Rating65% 3.2502453.2502453.2502453.2502453.250245
On an expedition in Antarctica, paleoclimatologist Jack Hall and his colleagues Frank and Jason are drilling for ice-core samples on the Larsen Ice Shelf for the NOAA when the shelf breaks off.
Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, 1h29
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Musical, Romance
Themes Films about education, Films about music and musicians, Musical films, Children's films
Actors Lindsay Lohan, Adam Garcia, Glenne Headly, Alison Pill, Megan Fox, Eli Marienthal
Roles Mrs. Gerard
Rating47% 2.362552.362552.362552.362552.36255
Mary Elizabeth "Lola" Steppe (Lindsay Lohan) is a 15-year-old girl who grew up in New York City and wants desperately to be a famous Broadway actress. Lola narrates the story. Much to her annoyance, she moves with her family to the suburbs of Dellwood, New Jersey, but she confidently tells the audience, "A legend is about to be born. That legend would be me."
Geraldine's Fortune
Directed by John N. Smith
Origin Canada
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama
Actors Jane Curtin, Mary Walsh, Matt Frewer, Sheila McCarthy, Peter MacNeill, Monique Mercure
Roles Tina Larose
Rating59% 2.9554952.9554952.9554952.9554952.955495
Geraldine Liddle (Curtin) is a small town woman from New Brunswick who gains local fame as she is about to appear on a gameshow called Bring Home the Bacon (a show with a pig theme similar to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?) with a top prize of $2 million dollars. As friends and family gather to watch Geraldine on television, family secrets come to surface and a physical fight occurs, bringing all the family and friends outdoors. As the fight is happening, Geraldine calls them for help with a question during the gameshow. After the question is asked, the scene turns back to the home where the fight is happening outdoors and where only Geraldine's elderly mother, who has less that her full faculties, is left alone, inside near the phone. The telephone rings and rings and rings, until finally she answers. Geraldine, realizing the senility of the woman, doesn't know whether to trust her answer. Geraldine and her husband return to announce whether she answered the question correctly or not, only to discover long buried family truths have come to light.
Full-Court Miracle, 1h30
Directed by Stuart Gillard
Themes Films about religion, Sports films, Basketball films, Films about Jews and Judaism, Children's films
Actors Alex D. Linz, Richard T. Jones, R.H. Thomson, Sean Marquette, Erik Knudsen, Sheila McCarthy
Roles Mrs. Klein
Rating57% 2.852892.852892.852892.852892.85289
Alex Schlotsky is a freshman at Philadelphia Hebrew Academy, where he and his friends are on the school's struggling basketball team, the Lions. Without a good coach and with a dream of winning the Liberty Tournament and defeating their school's rivals, the Warriors, Alex and his friends are determined to find their own Judah Macabee to coach their team. During one day of practice at a local park, Alex finds what he believes is their coach—Lamont Carr, a college basketball star whose knee injury forced him to quit. After interrupting his practice, Alex and Lamont don't get off to a good start. The next day, however, Alex offers to pay Lamont to coach their team for a while: Lamont reluctantly agrees.
Duct Tape Forever, 1h30
Directed by Eric Till
Origin Canada
Genres Comedy
Actors Patrick McKenna, Wayne Robson, Steve Smith, Bob Bainborough, Graham Greene, Graham Greene
Roles Easterbrook (uncredited)
Rating62% 3.148543.148543.148543.148543.14854
When a developer's limousine gets stuck in a sink hole on Possum Lodge's property and several attempts to recover it send it into the lake, the developer takes the matter to court. The town and the presiding judge, who have been looking for decades for a way to shut down the Lodge, fine the lodge $10,000 and give them thirty days to pay, and in default the Lodge reverts to the town. Red's nephew Harold Green (Patrick McKenna) pleads with the judge for a change to the time limit and she agrees - she makes it ten days instead.