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Sky du Mont is a Actor Allemand born on 20 may 1947 at Buenos Aires (Argentine)

Sky du Mont

Sky du Mont
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Birth name Cayetano Neven du Mont
Nationality German
Birth 20 may 1947 (76 years) at Buenos Aires (Argentine)

Sky du Mont (born Cayetano Neven du Mont, 20 May 1947 in Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a German actor. He is known for his role in Eyes Wide Shut, as "Santa Maria" in Der Schuh des Manitu and for narrating the German dub of Thomas & Friends. He has been married five times and his current wife is Mirja Dumont, who is also the mother of two out of his three children, Tara Neven du Mont and Fayn Neven du Mont. His third and oldest son is called Justin Neven du Mont.

He made an uncredited appearance in Das Boot as an officer aboard the resupply ship Weser. While he only appears in the background in the theatrical and director's cut, his full appearance is featured in the uncut mini-series. He appears in Traumschiff Surprise – Periode 1 as "Herzog William der Letzte", and he plays one of the Nazi killers in The Boys from Brazil. Sky du Mont also does a lot of voiceover work for commercials as well as television continuity for German channel Pro 7.


Sky du Mont fait partie de la famille des éditeurs DuMont. La famille a fui en Amérique du Sud dans les années 1930-1940 face au régime nazi. Il doit son surnom de « Sky » à son frère qui ne pouvait pas prononcer « Cay » (Cayetano) . Il passe sa scolarité en Angleterre et est diplômé de l'école secondaire en Suisse (examen de maturité).

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Speer and Hitler, 4h30
Genres Drama, War, Biography, Documentary, Historical
Themes Documentary films about war, Documentary films about historical events, Documentary films about politics, Political films, Documentary films about World War II
Actors Sebastien Koch, Tobias Moretti, Dagmar Manzel, André Hennicke, Michael Gwisdek, Wilfried Hochholdinger
Roles John Kenneth Galbraith
Rating74% 3.7358753.7358753.7358753.7358753.735875
Une réévaluation du rôle joué par Albert Speer dans le Troisième Reich. Speer, qui a finalement été condamné aux procès de Nuremberg et a purgé une peine de 20 ans de prison, était connu pour avoir conçu de nombreux bâtiments du Troisième Reich et pour avoir été le ministre de la production de guerre d'Hitler.
(T)Raumschiff Surprise - Periode 1, 1h24
Directed by Michael Herbig
Origin German
Genres Science fiction, Comedy, Adventure
Themes Space adventure films, Time travel films, Dans l'espace, Comedy science fiction films, Films set in the future, Films about extraterrestrial life, Space opera, Films about extraterrestrial life
Actors Anja Kling, Til Schweiger, Michael Herbig, Sky du Mont, Richard "Rick" Kavanian, Hans-Michael Rehberg
Roles William le Dernier / Santa Maria
Rating54% 2.710862.710862.710862.710862.71086
The movie begins at a place which appears to be Nevada's legendary Area 51. A visiting general is led down into an underground complex where he is shown a captured alien. The alien resembles a chubby Vulcan in a cowboy costume, and greets the general with a "What are you looking at so stupidly? (Sounds better in German)".
Manitou's Shoe, 1h27
Directed by Michael Herbig
Origin Austria
Genres Comedy, Western
Actors Michael Herbig, Richard "Rick" Kavanian, Hilmi Sözer, Marie Bäumer, Sky du Mont, Irshad Panjatan
Roles Santa Maria
Rating66% 3.3022353.3022353.3022353.3022353.302235
Abahachi (Michael Herbig) and his blood brother Ranger (Christian Tramitz) are an inseparable pair since Ranger saved Abahachi from a speeding train on an unguarded railroad crossing. When they aim to buy a pub with the monetary help of Shoshone chief Stinking Lizard ("Listiger Lurch" in the German original - "Astute Lurch") through real estate agent Santa Maria (Sky du Mont), the deal (and pub) collapse, and Stinking Lizard's son, who has delivered the loan, is killed by Santa himself. Upon their return to their Shoshone tribe, they find themselves set up by Santa Maria and are unjustly charged with murder.
Eyes Wide Shut, 2h39
Directed by Stanley Kubrick, Brian W. Cook
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime, Erotic thriller
Themes Christmas films, Films about sexuality, Erotic films, Films about prostitution, Erotic thriller films
Actors Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Sydney Pollack, Todd Field, Jackie Sawiris, Madison Eginton
Roles Sandor Szavost
Rating74% 3.7497453.7497453.7497453.7497453.749745
Dr. Bill Harford (Tom Cruise) and his wife, Alice (Nicole Kidman), are a young couple living in New York. They go to a Christmas party thrown by a wealthy patient, Victor Ziegler (Sydney Pollack). Bill meets an old friend from medical school, Nick Nightingale (Todd Field), who now plays piano professionally. While a Hungarian man named Sandor Szavost (Sky du Mont) tries to pick up Alice, two young models try to take Bill off for a tryst. He is interrupted by a call from his host upstairs, who had been having sex with Mandy (Julienne Davis), a young woman who has overdosed on a speedball. Mandy recovers with Bill's aid.
Otto - The Movie, 1h25
Directed by Xaver Schwarzenberger, Otto Waalkes
Origin German
Genres Comedy
Themes Transport films, Aviation films
Actors Otto Waalkes, Elisabeth Wiedemann, Sky du Mont, Peter Kuiper, Andreas Mannkopff, Gottfried John
Roles Ernesto (aka Harald)
Rating63% 3.199963.199963.199963.199963.19996
The film starts with debris floating in the middle of the ocean, including a toilet seat, through which Otto emerges and begins to relate how he has gotten to be in this situation.
Night Crossing, 1h46
Directed by Delbert Mann
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Adventure, Historical
Themes Transport films, Aviation films, Political films, Children's films
Actors John Hurt, Jane Alexander, Beau Bridges, Doug McKeon, Glynnis O'Connor, Klaus Löwitsch
Roles Ziegler
Rating64% 3.2448453.2448453.2448453.2448453.244845
The film opens with a brief summary of 1961's then-current conditions in East Germany and nature of the border zone, featuring stock footage such as Conrad Schumann's jump over barbed wire in Berlin.
Das Boot
Das Boot (1981)
, 2h29
Directed by Wolfgang Petersen
Origin German
Genres Drama, War, Action, Adventure, Historical
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films, La bataille de l'Atlantique, Underwater action films, Submarine films, Political films
Actors Jürgen Prochnow, Herbert Grönemeyer, Martin Semmelrogge, Otto Sander, Sky du Mont, Erwin Leder
Roles an Oberleutnant aboard the Weser (uncredited). The II. WO amuses him with a comical demonstration of depth charging, involving a bowl of punch, a ladle and oranges.
Rating83% 4.1987354.1987354.1987354.1987354.198735
The story is told from the viewpoint of Lt. Werner (Herbert Grönemeyer), who has been assigned as a war correspondent on the German submarine U-96 in October 1941. He meets its captain (Jürgen Prochnow), chief engineer (Klaus Wennemann), and the crew in a French nightclub. Thomsen (Otto Sander), another captain, gives a crude drunken speech to celebrate his Ritterkreuz award, in which he openly mocks not only Winston Churchill but implicitly Adolf Hitler as well.
Lion of the Desert, 2h43
Directed by Moustapha Akkad
Origin USA
Genres Drama, War, Biography, Action, Historical
Themes Films set in Africa, Films about religion, Films about Islam, Le désert, Guerre du désert
Actors Anthony Quinn, Oliver Reed, Rod Steiger, Raf Vallone, Irène Papas, John Gielgud
Roles Amedeo.
Rating81% 4.095344.095344.095344.095344.09534
In 1929, Italian dictator Benito Mussolini (Rod Steiger) is still faced with the 20-year-long war waged by patriots in the Italian colony of Libya to combat Italian colonization and the establishment of "The Fourth Shore"—the rebirth of a Roman Empire in Africa. Mussolini appoints General Rodolfo Graziani (Oliver Reed) as his sixth governor to Libya, confident that the eminently accredited soldier and fascist Grande can crush the rebellion and restore the dissipated glories of Imperial Rome. Omar Mukhtar (Anthony Quinn) leads the resistance to the fascists. A teacher by profession, guerrilla by obligation, Mukhtar had committed himself to a war that cannot be won in his own lifetime. Graziani controls Libya with the might of the Italian Army. Tanks and aircraft are used in the desert for the first time. The Italians also committed atrocities: killing of prisoners of war, destruction of crops, and imprisoning populations in concentration camps behind barbed wire.
Avalanche Express, 1h28
Directed by Monte Hellman, Mark Robson
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Thriller, Action, Spy
Themes Spy films, Films about terrorism, Transport films, Rail transport films, Political films, Disaster films, American disaster films
Actors Lee Marvin, Robert Shaw, Linda Evans, Maximilian Schell, Horst Buchholz, Mike Connors
Roles Philip John
Rating49% 2.4532752.4532752.4532752.4532752.453275
Russian general Marenkov (Robert Shaw) decides to defect to the West, and CIA agent Harry Wargrave (Lee Marvin) leads the team that is to get him out. Wargrave decides that Marenkov should travel across Europe by train, on the fictional "Avalanche Express". The idea is to lure the Russians into attacking the train, and thus discover who their secret agents in Europe are. Consequently, during the train journey they must survive both a terrorist attack and an avalanche, all planned by Russian spy-catcher Nikolai Bunin (Maximilian Schell).
The Boys from Brazil, 2h3
Directed by Franklin J. Schaffner
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Thriller, Horror
Themes Clonage, Films based on science fiction novels, Hitler, Political films
Actors Gregory Peck, Laurence Olivier, James Mason, Lilli Palmer, Steve Guttenberg, Denholm Elliott
Roles Hessen
Rating69% 3.498063.498063.498063.498063.49806
Young, well-intentioned Barry Kohler (Steve Guttenberg) stumbles upon a secret organization of Third Reich war criminals holding clandestine meetings in Paraguay and finds that Dr. Josef Mengele (Gregory Peck), the infamous Auschwitz doctor, is with them. He phones Ezra Lieberman (Laurence Olivier), an aging Nazi hunter living in Vienna, Austria, with this information. A highly skeptical Lieberman tries to brush Kohler's claims aside, telling him that it is already well known that Mengele is living in Paraguay.