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Sofie Gråbøl is a Actor Danoise born on 30 july 1968 at Frederiksberg (Danemark)

Sofie Gråbøl

Sofie Gråbøl
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Birth name Anne Sofie Gråbøl
Nationality Danemark
Birth 30 july 1968 (50 years) at Frederiksberg (Danemark)
Awards Emmy Award, Bodil Awards, Robert Award

Sofie Gråbøl ([sofiːˀə ˈɡ̊ʁɔb̥øl]; born 30 July 1968) is a Danish actress. She has starred in a series of films, starting with the lead role in the 1986 film version of Tove Ditlevsen's novel Barndommens gade and at 17 playing alongside Max von Sydow in Pelle the Conqueror. On television she has starred in Taxa and Nikolaj og Julie.

Gråbøl had become known in Denmark for playing emotional roles, but she achieved international fame as the cool and distant lead character Detective Inspector Sarah Lund in three series of Forbrydelsen (The Killing). Forbrydelsen played on BBC4 with great success, winning a BAFTA award, and bringing Gråbøl celebrity status in the UK.


Gråbøl resides in Copenhagen where she has lived all her life. Both her parents, father Kaj Fladhede Gråbøl and mother Mette Koustrup were architects. Gråbøl's father left her mother when her mother was pregnant with Gråbøl and she was brought up by her mother. Gråbøl divorced her husband the film director Jacob Thuesen in 2006 and has two children by him, a son Bror who was 10 and a daughter Gudrun who was 13 years old in July 2014.

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Filmography of Sofie Gråbøl (21 films)

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The House That Jack Built
Directed by Lars von Trier
Origin France
Genres Drama, Thriller, Comedy, Horror, Crime
Themes Serial killer films
Actors Matt Dillon, Bruno Ganz, Uma Thurman, Riley Keough, Sofie Gråbøl, Siobhan Fallon Hogan
Roles Lady #3
Rating69% 3.453933.453933.453933.453933.45393
Un tueur en série, Jack, sévit dans l'état de Washington dans les années 1970 et 1980. Perfectionniste, il cherche à commettre le crime parfait tout en considérant chaque meurtre en soi comme une œuvre d'art. Alors que la police le traque, il se confie à un certain Verge...
Der kommer en dag
Origin Danemark
Genres Drama
Actors Lars Mikkelsen, Sofie Gråbøl, Lars Ranthe, Søren Sætter-Lassen, Sonja Richter, David Dencik
Roles Lærer Lilian Hammershøj
Rating77% 3.8941853.8941853.8941853.8941853.894185
En 1967, deux frères danois se retrouvent dans un orphelinat. Face à la cruauté du directeur de l'établissement, les enfants décident peu à peu de se rebeller.
The Substitute, 1h33
Directed by Ole Bornedal
Origin Danemark
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror
Actors Paprika Steen, Ulrich Thomsen, Raymond Cruz, Sofie Gråbøl, Sonja Richter, William Forsythe
Roles Carls Mor
Rating58% 2.9494252.9494252.9494252.9494252.949425
Un extra-terrestre prend possession du corps d'une femme puis devient professeur.
Daisy Diamond, 1h34
Origin Danemark
Genres Drama
Themes Assassinat, Films about sexuality, Erotic films, Films about prostitution, Erotic thriller films, LGBT-related film, Lesbian-related films
Actors Noomi Rapace, Trine Dyrholm, Sofie Gråbøl, Charlotte Munck, Thure Lindhardt, Benedikte Hansen
Roles Sofie Gråbøl
Rating61% 3.0511253.0511253.0511253.0511253.051125
Dark and tragic, the story revolves around teenager Anna (Noomi Rapace), a pretty girl from a wealthy family, who's also fiercely ambitious and dreams of one thing only: making it as an actress. One day Anna decides to pack her bags and leave without telling her mother or father. She moves from Sweden to Copenhagen to pursue her dream. However when she gets to the city fate has something else in store for her. Anna discovers she will soon become a mother. Later, after giving birth to baby girl, she tries to chase after her dream once again. Undoubtedly talented, She has one problem – being the single mother of a now 4-month-old baby. Though she struggles to give her daughter a good start in life, she ultimately fails to unite her dream of acting with a safe and loving environment for her child, Torn between her duties as a mother and her passion for acting and the need to earn money, Anna is driven to the limits of her patience - with tragic consequences. What follows is a downward spiral into the world of the casting couch, porn films and escort work.
The Boss of It All, 1h39
Directed by Lars von Trier
Origin Danemark
Genres Drama, Comedy
Themes Films about the labor movement
Actors Jens Albinus, Friðrik Þór Friðriksson, Jean-Marc Barr, Peter Gantzler, Casper Christensen, Iben Hjejle
Roles Kisser
Rating66% 3.3495553.3495553.3495553.3495553.349555
The owner of an IT company wishes to sell it. But, for years, he has pretended that the real boss lives in America and communicates with the staff only by e-mail. That way, all the unpopular decisions can be attributed to the absentee manager, while all the popular ones to him directly. But now, the prospective buyer insists on meeting the big boss in person. In a panic, the owner hires a failed, over-intellectualizing actor to portray this imaginary boss, and the actor proceeds to improvise all his lines, to the consternation of both the buyer and the company staff, who finally get to meet their ghostly boss.
Flickering Lights
Directed by Anders-Thomas Jensen
Genres Comedy, Action, Crime
Actors Mads Mikkelsen, Søren Pilmark, Ulrich Thomsen, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Sofie Gråbøl, Iben Hjejle
Roles Hanne
Rating76% 3.8483853.8483853.8483853.8483853.848385
Four small-time gangsters from Copenhagen trick a gangster boss: they steal over 4,000,000 Danish kroner which they were supposed to bring him. Trying to escape to Barcelona they are forced to stop in the countryside, in an old, wrecked house, hiding there for several weeks. Slowly, one after another, they realize that they would like to stay there, starting a new life, renovating the house and forming it into a restaurant. But their past eventually catches up with them.
Mifune's Last Song, 1h38
Directed by Søren Kragh-Jacobsen
Origin Danemark
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance
Actors Anders W. Berthelsen, Iben Hjejle, Anders Hove, Sofie Gråbøl, Paprika Steen, Ellen Hillingsø
Roles Claire
Rating71% 3.5984253.5984253.5984253.5984253.598425
Kresten had moved from his parents' farm on Lolland, an out-of-the-way small Danish island, to Copenhagen to pursue his working career. When his father dies, he has to move back to the farm, where nothing much has happened since he left. He places an ad in the local newspaper to get help running the farm and taking care of his retarded brother. The prostitute Liva, who is running away from harassing telephone calls, takes the job. But running away from one's past isn't easy.