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Sonya Salomaa is a Actor Canadienne

Sonya Salomaa

Sonya Salomaa
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Nationality Canada
Birth at Greater Sudbury (Canada)

Sonya Salomaa est une actrice canadienne née à Sudbury (Ontario).

Usually with

Terry Ingram
Terry Ingram
(3 films)
Steve Bacic
Steve Bacic
(3 films)
Zack Snyder
Zack Snyder
(1 films)
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Filmography of Sonya Salomaa (18 films)

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The Space Between, 1h30
Directed by Amy Jo Johnson
Origin Canada
Genres Drama
Actors Amy Jo Johnson, Michael Cram, Jayne Eastwood, Michael Ironside, Sonya Salomaa, Julian Richings
Roles Jackie
Rating76% 3.8321653.8321653.8321653.8321653.832165
Quand un homme découvre que son fils n'est pas le sien, il part en quête de réponses.
Cut Bank
Cut Bank (2014)
, 1h32
Directed by Matt Shakman
Origin USA
Genres Thriller
Actors Liam Hemsworth, Billy Bob Thornton, John Malkovich, Teresa Palmer, Michael Stuhlbarg, Bruce Dern
Roles Gretchin
Rating60% 3.046633.046633.046633.046633.04663
Dwayne Mclaren is a young auto mechanic and former high school football star who desires to get out of Cut Bank, Montana, the small town in which he lives. His attempt to do so sets in motion a series of events that change his life and the town's future.
Bent (2013)
, 20minutes
Directed by Amy Jo Johnson
Origin Canada
Genres Drama, Comedy
Actors Amy Jo Johnson, Sonya Salomaa, Ingrid Kavelaars, Michael Cram
Roles Jackie
Rating76% 3.8009053.8009053.8009053.8009053.800905
Le film dévoile l'amitié de longue date de deux amies d'enfance.
Secrets of Eden, 1h25
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller
Actors John Stamos, Anna Gunn, Sonya Salomaa, Samantha Munro, Athena Karkanis, John Robinson
Roles Alice Hayward
Rating57% 2.855872.855872.855872.855872.85587
Pastor Steven Drew's (John Stamos) faith is shattered after one of his newly baptized members, Alice Hayward (Sonya Salomaa), is murdered by her abusive husband George (Graham Abbey), who then seems to commits suicide. The pastor meets an author/Detective Catherine Benincasa (Anna Gunn) working on a book about angels who helps him face his demons, and the law. Evidence surfaces that there was an affair between Alice and Reverend Drew. Katie (Samantha Munro), the Haywards’ orphaned 15-year-old daughter, is the only key to uncover the disturbing secrets of what happened behind closed doors on that fateful night and the suffering they endured as a “not so perfect” family.
Watchmen (2009)
, 2h43
Directed by Zack Snyder
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Thriller, Biography, Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Themes Space adventure films, Politique, Mars in film, Superhero films, Political films, Dystopian films, Alternate history films, Super-héros inspiré de comics, Space opera, White House in fiction
Actors Malin Åkerman, Billy Crudup, Matthew Goode, Carla Gugino, Jackie Earle Haley, Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Roles Adrian Veidt's Assistant
Rating75% 3.7980353.7980353.7980353.7980353.798035
The "Minutemen", a team of costumed crime fighters, was formed in 1939 in response to a rise in costumed gangs and criminals; the "Watchmen" was similarly formed decades later. Their existence has dramatically affected world events: in particular, Doctor Manhattan's superpowers help the United States win the Vietnam War, resulting in President Richard Nixon being reelected. Doctor Manhattan gives the West a strategic advantage over the Soviet Union, which by the 1980s threatens to escalate the Cold War into a nuclear war. During that time, growing anti-vigilante sentiment in the country leads to masked crime-fighters being outlawed. While many of the heroes retire, Doctor Manhattan and the Comedian operate as government-sanctioned agents, and Rorschach continues to operate outside the law.
Malibu Shark Attack, 1h26
Origin Australie
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Thriller, Action, Horror
Themes Films about animals, La fin du monde, Seafaring films, Transport films, Films about sharks, Mise en scène d'un poisson, Disaster films
Actors Peta Wilson, Warren Christie, Chelan Simmons, Remi Broadway, Sonya Salomaa, Mungo McKay
Roles Barb
Rating32% 1.616031.616031.616031.616031.61603
Heather (Peta Wilson) is the head-lifeguard on a Malibu beach, alongside her ex-boyfriend Chavez (Warren Christie), Doug (Remi Broadway) and Barb (Sonya Salomaa). Also on the beach are Jenny (Chelan Simmons), a teenage girl who is reluctantly cleaning the beach for community service after she got caught shoplifting, and Bryan (Nicholas G. Cooper), Barb's boyfriend who proposes to her. Meanwhile, a tremor unleashes a group of Living fossil goblin sharks who begin to devour swimmers along the beach. Chavez travels to a nearby house that is undergoing construction and meets with the workers Colin (Jeffery Gannon), who is Heather's new boyfriend, George (Mungo McKay), Yancey (Renee Bowen) and Karl (Evert McQueen). A warning of a tsunami arises and Chavez returns to the beach, saving Heather who had been knocked into the water by a shark after being sent to investigate some people causing trouble in the water. Doug and Barb evacuate the beach, and take shelter in the lifeguard hut with Heather, Chavez, Jenny and Bryan.
Odysseus & the Isle of Mists, 1h28
Directed by Terry Ingram
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Science fiction, Fantastic, Fantasy, Adventure
Themes Seafaring films, Films based on mythology, Transport films, Films based on Greco-Roman mythology, Films based on Greco-Roman mythology
Actors Arnold Vosloo, Steve Bacic, JR Bourne, Randal Edwards, Stefanie von Pfetten, Leah Gibson
Roles Athena
Rating43% 2.178972.178972.178972.178972.17897
An elderly Homer (Perry Long) sits down in his home and begins writing a lost installment of the Odyssey, the tale of the Isle of the Mists, a story he felt was too terrible to tell before.
A Teacher's Crime, 1h27
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Crime
Actors Erik Knudsen, Chris Mulkey, Ashley Jones, James Gallanders, Art Hindle, Sonya Salomaa
Roles Shannon
Rating50% 2.5125052.5125052.5125052.5125052.512505
Carrie a la réputation d'être un professeur modèle qui consacre sa vie à ses élèves malgré une vie privée chaotique. Elle prend Jérémy sous son aile et tente de le mener jusqu'à l'université. Elle ignore que ce dernier, élevé par son oncle, est un escroc qui va lui attirer de nombreux ennuis
Christmas Caper, 1h28
Directed by David Winkler
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy
Themes Christmas films
Actors Shannen Doherty, Stefanie von Pfetten, Ty Olsson, Conrad Coates, Tara Lynn Wilson, Sonya Salomaa
Roles Savannah Cooper
Rating58% 2.9004752.9004752.9004752.9004752.900475
A Grinch-like thief retreats to her hometown in Connecticut after a con goes bad and gets stuck baby-sitting her niece and nephew until their parents can make it home for Christmas. She spends most of her time devising ways to even the score with Clive, her partner in crime, until the spirit of the holidays can help put her priorities back on track.
Hollow Man II, 1h31
Directed by Claudio Fäh
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Action, Horror
Themes Films based on science fiction novels, Invisibilité
Actors Peter Facinelli, Laura Regan, Christian Slater, Mike Dopud, Jessica Harmon, Chelah Horsdal
Roles Trophy Wife
Rating44% 2.2049552.2049552.2049552.2049552.204955
At a cocktail party at the Reisner Institute, a Washington think tank, an invisible force drags a scientist named Dylan into a nearby bathroom, where the force (implied to be a person) brutally throws Dylan around for information. Dylan mentions another scientist, Maggie Dalton, who knows the "formula" the invisible person is looking for. Apparently accepting this, the invisible person releases him, warning him not to tell anyone he was there. As soon as the invisible man leaves (or rather, pretends to leave), Dylan attempts to call someone on his cell phone, but the invisible man smashes the phone and slashes Dylan's throat. The police arrive at the laboratory to conduct a murder investigation, but the laboratory's military supervisor, Colonel Gavin Bishop, insists it is an internal military situation and the police have no jurisdiction. Fearing attacks on the remaining scientists, the lab's owner, Dr. William Reisner, employs Frank Turner and his partner, Detective Lisa Martinez, to protect Maggie, but refuses to divulge any information on the nature of his work.
The Tooth Fairy, 1h29
Directed by Chuck Bowman
Origin USA
Genres Horror, Slasher
Actors Chandra West, Lochlyn Munro, P. J. Soles, Steve Bacic, Jesse Hutch, Nicole Muñoz
Roles Cherise
Rating45% 2.258152.258152.258152.258152.25815
When 12-year-old Pamela goes on vacation with her family to a bed and breakfast, the girl who lives next door tells her the "true story" of the Tooth Fairy: Many years earlier, the evil Tooth Fairy slaughtered a countless number of children to take their teeth, and now she has returned to kill Pamela and anyone else who gets in her way. The "tooth fairy" pursues the victims unrelentingly, which leads to a gruesome collection of events.
The Stranger Game, 1h30
Directed by Terry Ingram
Origin Canada
Genres Drama, Thriller
Actors Mimi Rogers, David Orth, Barclay Hope, Sonya Salomaa, Catherine Lough Haggquist, Karin Konoval
Roles Ellie Glassman
Rating44% 2.219942.219942.219942.219942.21994
Femme d'affaires accaparée par son travail, Joanna Otis ne sait plus comment s'y prendre pour s'occuper correctement de son jeune fils.
Ties That Bind, 1h29
Directed by Terry Ingram
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller
Actors Nicole de Boer, Brian Krause, Sonya Salomaa, Brion James, Paula Shaw
Roles Courtney Allison
Rating50% 2.5289552.5289552.5289552.5289552.528955
Mariés depuis peu, Megan et Dave partagent une grande et belle demeure, équipée de tout le confort. Mais des difficultés financières viennent contrarier leur bonheur. Refusant de diminuer leur train de vie, ils décident de louer une partie de leur vaste demeure. Leur petite annonce suscite l'enthousiasme et bientôt, leur choix se porte sur une certaine Courtney Allison, une belle jeune femme dynamique et épanouie. Mais Dave, souvent absent du fait de son métier de chirurgien, constate que la locataire joue un double jeu. En effet, il estime que Courtney est un peu trop proche de Megan. Le climat se tend, et le jeune couple décide de l'expulser. Mais la loi est du côté de Courtney.
Thralls (2005)
, 1h35
Directed by Ron Oliver
Origin Canada
Genres Horror
Themes Films about magic and magicians, Vampires in film
Actors Lorenzo Lamas, Leah Cairns, Crystal Lowe, Moneca Delain, Sonya Salomaa, Shawn Roberts
Roles Lean
Rating40% 2.0408352.0408352.0408352.0408352.040835
The plot focuses on six women known as thralls, half-vampires who lack the ability to fly or turn their victims. The thralls are joined by Ashley (Baruc), the sister of one of the thralls, and together they attempt to escape from the control of Mr. Jones (Lamas), a centuries-old vampire with a henchman named Rennie. Leslie opens a dance club in Iowa, while waiting the arrival of her sister Ashley, who grew up in an abusive household. Her father dies of a heart attack, causing Ashley to live with her sister.
A Lover's Revenge, 1h34
Directed by Douglas Jackson
Genres Thriller
Actors Sophie Gendron, Alexandra Paul, William R. Moses, Sonya Salomaa, Gabrielle Carteris, Mark Camacho
Roles Ashley
Rating50% 2.519552.519552.519552.519552.51955
L'animatrice Liz Manners tente d'échapper à la vengeance de Kyle, qui la rend responsable de la mort de sa femme, une fidèle auditrice.