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Sophie Ward is a Actor British born on 30 december 1964 at London (United-kingdom)

Sophie Ward

Sophie Ward
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Birth name Sophie Anna Ward
Nationality United-kingdom
Birth 30 december 1964 (55 years) at London (United-kingdom)

Sophie Ward (born 30 December 1964), is an English actress and the daughter of late actor Simon Ward. Her screen roles include that of Elizabeth Hardy, the beautiful, ill-fated true love of Sherlock Holmes in the film Young Sherlock Holmes.


Ward has a first degree in Literature and Philosophy from the Open University.

She married veterinary surgeon Paul Hobson in 1988, and the couple have two sons, Nathanial (b.1989) and Joshua (b. 1993). They divorced in 1996 after Ward became involved with a female Korean-American writer, Rena Brannan, and came out as a lesbian. Ward and Brannan made their first public commitment at the Groucho Club in 2000, then had a civil partnership ceremony in 2005, followed by marriage after it was legalised in 2014.

Ward had long been considered a 'Face of the 1980s' as a Vogue model.

Ward's sister, Kitty, is married to stand-up comedian Michael McIntyre.

Best films

Young Sherlock Holmes (1985)

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Filmography of Sophie Ward (24 films)

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Jane Eyre
Jane Eyre (2011)
, 2h
Directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Films about children
Actors Mia Wasikowska, Michael Fassbender, Judi Dench, Jamie Bell, Su Elliott, Sally Hawkins
Roles Lady Ingram
Rating72% 3.6487653.6487653.6487653.6487653.648765
The film begins with Jane Eyre running away from Thornfield Hall in the middle of the night and finding herself alone on the moors, in the pouring rain. She manages to reach the doorstep of Moor House, the home of Mr. St. John Rivers, a clergyman, and his two sisters. They take Jane in, saving her life.
Book of Blood, 1h40
Directed by Clive Barker, John Harrison
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Thriller, Fantasy, Horror
Themes Ghost films
Actors Jonas Armstrong, Sophie Ward, Doug Bradley, Clive Russell, Simon Bamford, James (Jimmy) Watson
Roles Mary Florescu
Rating53% 2.651892.651892.651892.651892.65189
A hooded, disfigured young man is eating at a diner, being watched by a stranger. The stranger is Wyburd (Clive Russell), who has been stalking the young man, Simon (Jonas Armstrong). Wyburd convinces Simon to join him in his truck, where Simon passes out and awakens strapped to a table. Wyburd offers him a choice: a slow death, or a quick and clean death by telling the story of the Book of Blood, a series of scars and inscriptions carved on Simon from head to toe. Opting for a clean death, Simon reveals his story.
The Big Fall, 5minutes
Genres Comedy, Comedy-drama, Animation
Actors Sophie Ward, C. Thomas Howell
Rating64% 3.2052053.2052053.2052053.2052053.205205
It's dark. It's raining. The streets are empty. A contract killer goes for his next victim. Nothing will go as expected.
Out of Bounds, 1h30
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Thriller, Romance
Actors Michael Elphick, Sophia Myles, Celia Imrie, Sophie Ward, Chris Humphreys, Kelly Salmon
Roles Veronica Van Huet
Rating48% 2.427812.427812.427812.427812.42781
18-year-old Louise (Myles) is stuck in a run-down girls' boarding school and can't bear the thought of being away from her lover, art teacher Matthew, during the half term break. So she stays on at school, ostensibly to do extra work for her exams. But when Matthew's wife, Veronica (Ward), who is also the school's headmistress, finds out about the affair, she is driven over the edge and stabs him. Veronica gets rid of Louise by sending her off on an errand while she hides Matthew's body. When Louise returns, she is shocked to find Matthew gone. According to Veronica, she and Matthew need a little time apart to heal their marriage. Trapped in the remote school and haunted by nightmares, Louise finds the vast Victorian building a spooky shell without the other pupils. Late one night, she is awakened by Matthew calling up to her from outside her bedroom window. Scared and excited, Louise rushes to meet him, but it is only as his arms encircle her that she realises her eyes were deceived, with terrible consequences.
Crime and Punishment, 2h6
Directed by Menahem Golan
Genres Drama
Actors Crispin Glover, Vanessa Redgrave, John Hurt, Margot Kidder, Philip Jackson, John Neville
Roles Dunia, Rodion's sister
Rating62% 3.148333.148333.148333.148333.14833
Though the novel Crime and Punishment was written and set in the 19th century, this film version takes place in the then-future setting of the early 21st century. Rodion Raskolnikov, a student in his twenties who lives in Moscow, has published a paper which he argues that certain superior individuals can legitimately ignore laws, even the law against murder. He acts out this arrogant theory by murdering an old woman, a pawnbroker, and her sister who accidentally witnesses the crime. In the aftermath, Raskolnikov is increasingly tortured by his conscience.
Class of '61, 1h30
Directed by Gregory Hoblit
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Action, Adventure
Themes Political films
Actors Dan Futterman, Clive Owen, Laura Linney, Josh Lucas, Christien Anholt, Andre Braugher
Roles Shannon O'Neil
Rating55% 2.76312.76312.76312.76312.7631
The film follows the lives of several West Point cadet classmates who find themselves on opposite sides of the war. The film also follows the adventures of Lucius the slave escaping via the underground railroad to freedom with the film cutting between the First Battle of Bull Run and the birth of a Lucius' child born in slavery.
Wuthering Heights, 1h45
Directed by Peter Kosminsky
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Juliette Binoche, Ralph Fiennes, Janet McTeer, Jeremy Northam, John Woodvine, Sophie Ward
Roles Isabella Linton
Rating67% 3.3983953.3983953.3983953.3983953.398395
Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights, released in 1992, is based on the 1847 book by Emily Brontë which was written a year before her death. It is her first and only prose novel. The movie revolves around the lives of the Earnshaws and the Lintons. It portrays the role of suffering, revenge and unrequited love in society.
Waxwork II: Lost in Time, 1h44
Directed by Anthony Hickox
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Fantastic, Comedy, Horror comedy, Fantasy, Horror
Themes Films about magic and magicians, Medical-themed films, Time travel films, Frankenstein films, Ghost films, Vampires in film, Zombie films, Films about viral outbreaks, Comedy horror films, Disaster films
Actors Zach Galligan, Alexandre Godounov, Monika Schnarre, Martin Kemp, Martin Kemp, Bruce Campbell
Roles Eleanor
Rating54% 2.7474152.7474152.7474152.7474152.747415
The film opens with a reenactment of final scenes of Waxwork, with Mark and Sarah leaving the burning waxwork (the part of Sarah having been recast from the first film). The disembodied zombie hand from the first film follows Sarah to her run-down flat and kills her stepfather with a hammer, a murder for which Sarah is blamed. No one believes her story about the evil waxwork.
A Demon in My View, 1h53
Directed by Petra Haffter
Origin German
Genres Drama, Thriller, Horror
Actors Anthony Perkins, Sophie Ward, Uwe Bohm, Stratford Johns, James Aubrey, Brian Bovell
Roles Helen Schweizer
Rating50% 2.534982.534982.534982.534982.53498
Arthur Johnson, quinquagénaire solitaire, réside depuis une vingtaine d'années dans un immeuble bourgeois londonien. Sous ses allures strictes d'homme rangé et de comptable consciencieux se cache un psychopathe meurtrier provisoirement assagi, car il descend fréquemment dans sa cave pour se défouler en étranglant le mannequin en celluloïd qu'il y a entreposé. L'emménagement dans l'appartement d'à côté d'un nouveau locataire, étudiant allemand en psychologie de surcroît doté d'un patronyme homonyme (Anthony Johnson), met Arthur en émoi, craignant que le jeune psychologue se penche sur sa personnalité et ses habitudes…
The Monk
The Monk (1990)

Directed by Francisco Lara Polop
Genres Drama, Horror
Actors Paul McGann, Sophie Ward, Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Isla Blair, Freda Dowie, Manuel de Blas
Roles Matilde de la Venegas
Rating54% 2.7324752.7324752.7324752.7324752.732475
The film begins in 18th century Spain, with Father Lorenzo (Paul McGann) and Mother Agueda (Isla Blair) being tried before the Spanish Inquisition, and Lorenzo agreeing to confess and tell his story in order to escape torture. The setting then turns to the past, where Lorenzo is a charismatic and admired priest. He listens to a confession by a young nun named Sister Ines (Aitana Sanchez-Gijon), who has become pregnant, and reports her to the covenant’s leader, Mother Agueda, despite the girl’s pleas for help.
Young Toscanini, 1h49
Directed by Franco Zeffirelli
Origin Italie
Genres Drama, Biography, Musical
Themes Films about slavery, Films about music and musicians, Films about classical music and musicians, Musical films
Actors C. Thomas Howell, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophie Ward, Philippe Noiret, Franco Nero, John Rhys-Davies
Roles Schwester Margherita
Rating61% 3.057383.057383.057383.057383.05738
1886. Le jeune Arturo Toscanini, violoncelliste de Parme, auditionne à la Scala de Milan. Mais le jury ne s'intéresse guère à son talent et le renvoie. Furieux, Toscanini est approché par un impresario témoin de l'altercation, Claudio Rossi, qui lui propose de venir au Brésil afin de participer à la première locale de l'opéra Aïda. Egalement pianiste de formation, Toscanini connaît déjà un immense répertoire et accompagne les chanteurs de la troupe au piano. Sur le bateau, après avoir pris froid lors d'une tempête, il fait la connaissance de Sœur Margherita, qui fait partie d'une mission de religieuses en partance pour l'Amérique latine.
A Summer Story, 1h35
Directed by Piers Haggard
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors James Wilby, Imogen Stubbs, Susannah York, Kenneth Colley, Jerome Flynn, Sophie Ward
Roles Stella Halliday
Rating73% 3.689793.689793.689793.689793.68979
In the summer of 1902 Frank Ashton, an educated young man from London, is on a walking holiday in Devon with a friend. When he falls and twists his ankle, Ashton is helped at a nearby farmhouse and stays there for a few days to recover, while his friend goes on. Ashton quickly falls for the village girl who looks after him, Megan David, and she falls in love with him, to the great distress of her cousin Joe Narracombe, who wants her for himself. Ashton and Megan spend a night together, and after that he takes the train to a seaside town to cash a cheque at a bank, promising to return the next morning and take Megan away with him and marry her.