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Stefan Arngrim is a Actor Canadien born on 23 december 1955 at Toronto (Canada)

Stefan Arngrim

Stefan Arngrim
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Nationality Canada
Birth 23 december 1955 (63 years) at Toronto (Canada)

Stefan Arngrim (born December 23, 1955), sometimes credited as Stephan Arngrim, is a Canadian actor and former child actor.


He is perhaps best known for his role as Barry Lockridge on the Irwin Allen television series Land of the Giants which aired from 1968 to 1970. Arngrim was born in Toronto, Canada, the son of actress Norma MacMillan and Thor Arngrim. He is the elder brother of actress Alison Arngrim, who alleges that he regularly molested her throughout her childhood.

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Bringing Ashley Home, 1h27
Directed by Nick Copus
Origin Canada
Genres Drama
Actors Jennifer Morrison, A.J. Cook, Patricia Richardson, Timothy Webber, David Richmond-Peck, Stefan Arngrim
Roles Dealer
Rating61% 3.099213.099213.099213.099213.09921
Lorsque sa jeune sœur, Ashley - qui souffre de trouble bipolaire et de toxicomanie - disparaît soudainement, Libba déverse tout son temps et toute son énergie à la retrouver avec l'aide de sa mère, Michelle. Après des années de recherches, la famille de Ashley désespère, mais Libba refuse de laisser tomber. Au détriment de son mariage et de sa carrière, Libba trouve sa vocation dans la vie : la création d'un centre de ressources, indispensable pour les familles dont les êtres chers disparus sont tombés à travers les mailles du filet.
The A-Team
The A-Team (2010)
, 1h59
Directed by Joe Carnahan
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Comedy, Comedy thriller, Action, Adventure, Crime
Themes Political films, Heist films
Actors Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Sharlto Copley, Jessica Biel, Patrick Wilson, Brian Bloom
Roles Crazy Howard Little
Rating66% 3.3476453.3476453.3476453.3476453.347645
John "Hannibal" Smith (Liam Neeson) is held captive in Mexico by two Federal Police officers working for renegade General Javier Tuco (Yul Vazquez). Hannibal escapes and sets out to rescue Templeton "Faceman" Peck (Bradley Cooper), who is held captive at Tuco's ranch. Hannibal saves Face after enlisting fellow Ranger B.A. Baracus (Quinton Jackson), driving to the rescue in BA's modified GMC Vandura van. Pursued by Tuco, they stop at a nearby Army Hospital to recruit the services of eccentric pilot Howling Mad Murdock (Sharlto Copley). They flee in a medical helicopter, chased by Tuco, in a dogfight that leaves BA with a fear of flying. The battle ends when they lure Tuco's helicopter into American airspace, where it is shot down by a USAF F-22 Raptor for trespassing.
Angel and the Badman, 1h35
Directed by Terry Ingram
Origin USA
Genres Action, Western
Actors Lou Diamond Phillips, Deborah Kara Unger, Luke Perry, Melanie Papalia, Merrilyn Gann, Scott McNeil
Roles un joueur
Rating50% 2.52472.52472.52472.52472.5247
Quirt Evans, un hors-la-loi notoire, est recueilli, blessé, par Thomas Worth et sa fille, Temperance. Ceux-ci sont des quakers, de fervents adeptes d'une religion prônant le pacifisme et la philanthropie. Quirt se laisse bercer par les propos moralisateurs de Temperance, mais n'en continue pas moins de poursuivre ses attaques contre Loredo Stevens, le meurtrier de son père.
Whispers and Lies
Origin Canada
Actors Melissa Joan Hart, Susan Hogan, Patrick Currie, Stefan Arngrim, Brent Chapman
Roles Eugene Fritts
Rating48% 2.433892.433892.433892.433892.43389
Deux cousines, Jill et Patti, visitent une petite ville pittoresque sur une petite île parfaite. Jill accompagne sa cousine, Patti, sur l'île de Pine Cove où elle a rendez-vous avec Kevin Watson, un jeune homme qu'elle a rencontré sur le continent. Patti disparaît soudainement. Lorsqu'on lui annonce son décès, c'est alors que Jill découvre avec horreur que son corps est exsangue.
The Fog
The Fog (2005)
, 1h36
Directed by Rupert Wainwright
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Fantastic, Action, Horror, Crime
Themes Films about religion, Ghost films
Actors Tom Welling, Maggie Grace, Selma Blair, Rade Šerbedžija, DeRay Davis, Sonja Bennett
Rating37% 1.8522751.8522751.8522751.8522751.852275
William Blake arranges to purchase half of Antonio Island, off the coast of Oregon, to establish a leper colony for his people. However, island residents Patrick Malone, Norman Castle, Richard Wayne and David Williams double-cross Blake. During a foggy night, they loot his clipper ship the Elizabeth Dane and set it on fire, killing all aboard. 134 years later, the residents of Antonio Island prepare to honor their founding fathers—the same men who burned the Elizabeth Dane—and a statue of them is to be unveiled on the town's anniversary. During a boating trip, Nick Castle and his friend Spooner unwittingly disturb a bag containing a pocket-watch and a hairbrush from the Elizabeth Dane lying on the seabed.
Misbegotten, 1h35
Directed by Mark L. Lester
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Horror
Actors Kevin Dillon, Nick Mancuso, Robert Lewis, Stefan Arngrim, Lysette Anthony, Matthew Walker
Roles Conan Cornelius
Rating42% 2.1316552.1316552.1316552.1316552.131655
A killer obsessed with fathering a child, but has troubles with relationships with women, becomes a father via artificial insemination. He then tracks the woman down and terrorizes her and her husband.
Strange Days, 2h25
Directed by Kathryn Bigelow
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Thriller, Action, Crime
Themes Films about films, Films about computing, Medical-themed films, Psychologie, Films about sexuality, Snuff films in fiction, Films about television, Rape in fiction, Films set in the future, Films about psychiatry, Political films, Cyberpunk films, Dystopian films
Actors Ralph Fiennes, Angela Bassett, Juliette Lewis, Tom Sizemore, Vincent d’Onofrio, Michael Wincott
Roles Skinner
Rating71% 3.598893.598893.598893.598893.59889
In the last two days of 1999, Los Angeles has become a dangerous war zone. As a group of criminals rob a Chinese restaurant, the event is recorded by a robber wearing a 'SQUID', or "Superconducting Quantum Interference Device", an illegal electronic device which records events directly from the wearer's cerebral cortex, and when played back through a MiniDisc-like device called a "deck", allow a user to experience the recorder's memories and physical sensations. Lenny Nero is a former LAPD officer turned black marketeer who deals in bootleg SQUID recordings. His main supplier, Tick (Richard Edson), tries to sell the robbery clip to him. Lenny eventually agrees to buy it at a reduced price, having to cut out the last part where the rig records the robber's death by falling; clips that record the wearer's death are known as "blackjack" (snuff) clips, because the experience is described as "jacking into the big black" by Tick.
Class of 1984, 1h38
Directed by Mark L. Lester
Origin Canada
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Thriller, Action, Horror, Crime
Themes L'adolescence, Films about education, Films about children, Films about music and musicians, Films about sexuality, Rape in fiction, Films set in the future, Musical films, Rape and revenge films, Films about school violence
Actors Perry King, Roddy McDowall, Timothy Van Patten, Michael J. Fox, Stefan Arngrim, Keith Knight
Roles Drugstore
Rating65% 3.2971253.2971253.2971253.2971253.297125
Andrew Norris is a newly hired music teacher at a troubled inner city school, where students have to pass through a metal detector due to problems with gangs, drugs, and violence.
Fear No Evil
Origin USA
Genres Horror
Actors Stefan Arngrim, Elizabeth Hoffman, John Holland
Roles Andrew Williams
Rating41% 2.0672852.0672852.0672852.0672852.067285
Un lycéen se révèle être l'incarnation de Lucifer. Deux anges, ayant pris forme humaine féminine, l'affrontent…
The Way West, 2h2
Directed by Andrew V. McLaglen
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Action, Adventure, Western
Actors Kirk Douglas, Robert Mitchum, Richard Widmark, Lola Albright, Jack Elam, Sally Field
Roles William J. Tadlock Jr.
Rating61% 3.097523.097523.097523.097523.09752
U.S. Senator William Tadlock (Kirk Douglas) is leaving his home in Missouri in 1843, heading west on the Oregon Trail by wagon train. His son and slave come along, with Dick Summers (Robert Mitchum) as a hired guide.