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Stella Maeve is a Actor American born on 14 november 1989 at New York City (USA)

Stella Maeve

Stella Maeve
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Birth name Stella Maeve Johnston
Nationality USA
Birth 14 november 1989 (33 years) at New York City (USA)

Stella Maeve Johnston (born November 14, 1989) is an American film and television actress.

Her first feature film role was in the comedy–drama Transamerica (2005), and she has since acted in the comedy Harold (2008) and the crime drama Brooklyn's Finest (2009). She has made appearances on multiple television series, including recurring roles on Gossip Girl (2008–2009) and House (2010–2011). She played Sandy West in The Runaways (2010), a drama film about the 1970s all-girl rock band of the same name, alongside Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning.

In 2013, she was cast as the younger sister of Det. Walter Clark (Theo James) in CBS's crime drama television series, Golden Boy.

Starting in January 2014, Maeve had been appearing on Chicago P.D. as Nadia. Her character was killed off on a Law & Order: SVU episode, titled "Daydream Believer", during a crossover event with Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire.


Stella Maeve est une actrice américaine, née le 14 novembre 1989 à Nyack, New York.

Début 2014, elle se fait connaître pour son rôle de Nadia DeCotis, une ex-toxicomane et petite protégée du détective Erin Lindsay et de l'unité de renseignement de police de Chicago. Le personnage de Nadia fut tué en raison du départ de Stella, le 29 avril 2015. Elle restera, tout de même, durant les 2 premières saisons de la série, en tant que personnage principal.

Depuis fin 2015, elle est à l'affiche de la nouvelle série The Magicians.

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Manson Girls
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Themes Serial killer films
Actors Estella Warren, Monica Keena, Tania Raymonde, Eric Balfour, Taryn Manning, Ron Jeremy
Roles Linda Kasabian

Charles Manson, un gourou diabolique entreprend de convertir des jeunes filles à ses idées.
Dark Summer, 1h21
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Horror
Actors Keir Gilchrist, Stella Maeve, Maestro Harrell, Grace Phipps, Peter Stormare
Roles Abby
Rating42% 2.106952.106952.106952.106952.10695
Daniel (Keir Gilchrist) is a young man who has been placed under house arrest for harassing a young woman, Mona Wilson (Grace Phipps). Under the terms of his house arrest, he is not allowed visits from unaccompanied minors nor is he allowed access to his computer (which has been confiscated by the authorities) or the internet. As his mother is away on business, he is alone in the house. Daniel's parole officer, Stokes, explains that Daniel's monitoring tag will go off if he goes past the edge of the front lawn. If he does not retreat within five seconds, he will be arrested. Daniel mentions hearing of someone under house arrest who cut off their foot to get the monitoring tag off so they could flee to Mexico.
Starlet (2013)
, 1h43
Directed by Sean S. Baker
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Themes Films about sexuality, Films about pornography
Actors Stella Maeve, Dree Hemingway, James Ransone, Asa Akira, Manuel Ferrara, Amin Joseph
Roles Melissa
Rating68% 3.449173.449173.449173.449173.44917
Jane, who also introduces herself as Tess, is a presumably unemployed young woman who lives in an apartment with her two dysfunctional roommates, Melissa, and Melissa's boyfriend Mikey, and her Chihuahua dog Starlet. Jane decides she wants to personalize her room, but Melissa says the room cannot be painted because Mikey needs it for "shoots". Jane decides to buy new furniture at neighborhood yard sales. After picking up items from other yard sales that day, she comes across an old woman named Sadie, from whom she buys a thermos.
CLONED: The Recreator Chronicles, 1h30
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Horror
Actors Stella Maeve, John de Lancie
Roles Tracy Bernstein
Rating44% 2.21242.21242.21242.21242.2124
Tracy, Derek et Craig décident de faire du camping dans une île. Arrivés sur place Tracy refuse de satisfaire un besoin naturel dans la nature et préfère entrer par effraction dans une propriété privée qui s'avérera vide. Plus tard surpris par un orage les trois jeune gens décident de s’abriter dans la propriété, ils aperçoivent un couple entrer, ils se cachent mais au moment de sortir ils aperçoivent trois personnages entièrement nus qui sont leurs répliques exactes. Le groupe va devoir cohabiter avec les clones, et la situation va se compliquer quand le clone de Tracy va tomber amoureux de Derek. Parallèlement le groupe va découvrir un laboratoire souterrain abandonné ou un savant atomiste qui travaillait sur les clones.
Brooklyn's Finest, 2h12
Directed by Antoine Fuqua
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Adventure, Crime
Themes Medical-themed films, Films about drugs, Gangster films
Actors Richard Gere, Don Cheadle, Ethan Hawke, Wesley Snipes, Will Patton, Vincent D'Onofrio
Roles Cynthia
Rating66% 3.347583.347583.347583.347583.34758
Bobby "Carlo" Powers and Detective Salvatore "Sal" Procida are having a conversation in a car when Sal unexpectedly shoots Carlo, grabs a bag of money from Carlo's lap and flees, then confesses to a priest, asking for help with his dire situation; his wife is pregnant with twins, in a house too small for their four children and has wood mold, which jeopardizes his family's health. Desperate to move, Sal has arranged to purchase a larger home through a woman who owes him a favor. The down payment is due the following Tuesday, and Sal is still short. Sal is a highly skilled and accomplished narcotics detective, but has begun to pocket drug money from raids.
The Runaways, 1h49
Directed by Floria Sigismondi
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Biography, Historical, Musical
Themes Medical-themed films, Seafaring films, Films about music and musicians, Films about drugs, Films about sexuality, Transport films, LGBT-related films, Musical films, Teen LGBT-related films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film, Lesbian-related films
Actors Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning, Scout Taylor-Compton, Michael Shannon, Stella Maeve, Alia Shawkat
Roles Sandy West
Rating64% 3.2495953.2495953.2495953.2495953.249595
Cherie Currie (Dakota Fanning) is a teenager in Los Angeles, California who desperately wants to be a rock star. She idolizes David Bowie and cuts her hair and dons make-up so she will resemble Bowie's character Aladdin Sane. At her high school talent show, she lip syncs to "Lady Grinning Soul" and, despite some hecklers in the audience, wins.
My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 2, 1h24
Directed by Jacob Gentry
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Horror, Slasher
Themes Films about education, Serial killer films, Comedy horror films
Actors Lauren McKnight, Chris Zylka, Julianna Guill, Kirsten Prout, Matt Angel, Stella Maeve
Roles Zoe
Rating60% 3.001033.001033.001033.001033.00103
The sequel begins where the original left off. Skye Rotter has a nightmare that following the memorial for the teens murdered at the Roller-Dome (Madison, Olivia, Chloe, Lily and Kevin), Brigg Jenner and Derek McNamera have a run-in with her father, Charlie Rotter. In the dream, Rotter stabs Derek repeatedly in the neck and Brigg, seeing Skye as he is about to escape through a back door, is stabbed in the back. After waking, Skye drives away in Madison's BMW and takes it to a dealership. She exchanges the car and makes a deal with a shady dealer so that he won't call the police. She drives off and tries to start a new life in a small town hundreds of miles from her hometown.
Asylum Seekers, 1h29
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors Camille O'Sullivan, Lee Wilkof, Stella Maeve
Roles Alice
Rating44% 2.210162.210162.210162.210162.21016
Six introverted individuals, bored with their lives and trying to escape their daily routine, attempt to find a radical solution to their boredom by getting themselves admitted into a psychiatric hospital. Among these individuals are: Maud (Pepper Binkley), a bored trophy wife who feels trapped in a loveless marriage; Antoine (Daniel Irizarry), a sex-obsessed virgin; Alice (Stella Maeve), a woman whose only enjoyment comes from computers; Miranda (Camille O'Sullivan), a paranoid exhibitionist whose inhibitions make her dislike being the center of attention; Paul (Lee Wilkof), a fanatical right-wing conspiracy theorist; and Alan (Bill Dawes), an androgynous rapper.
Accused at 17, 1h30
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime
Actors Cynthia Gibb, Nicole Anderson, Janet Montgomery, Stella Maeve, William R. Moses, Barbara Niven
Roles Sarah Patterson
Rating53% 2.658772.658772.658772.658772.65877
Seventeen-year-old Bianca Miller (Nicole Gale Anderson) has just found out that her boyfriend cheated on her with Dory Holland. Her friends Fallyn Werner (Janet Montgomery) and Sarah Patterson (Stella Maeve) suggest that the three of them teach Dory a lesson. Fallyn and Sarah go to Dory's house and claim they want to take her to a party with college boys and she agrees to come with them. However, the girls drive Dory to a remote location, where she and Bianca get into a fight. Later on, Bianca gets in her car and leaves. Fallyn and Sarah threaten Dory by saying they will make her life a living hell if she tells anyone what they did. As they are walking away from her, Dory throws a rock that hits Fallyn's back. Enraged, Fallyn leaps at Dory and attacks her, killing her in the process by smashing her head with a rock. Horrified, Sarah tries to call 9-1-1 but Fallyn stops her, saying she will take care of it and that everything will be okay.
Harold (2008)
, 1h45
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors Spencer Breslin, Nikki Blonsky, Cuba Gooding Jr., Ally Sheedy, Stella Maeve, Fred Willard
Roles Shelly
Rating54% 2.703882.703882.703882.703882.70388
Harold Reynolds (Spencer Breslin) is a 13-year-old boy with early male pattern baldness. Harold seems to cope all right in his hometown, Douglasburg, until his mom, Maureen (Ally Sheedy), announces that they are moving to a new house in a new town. Harold panics because he had somewhat fit in with everyone at his old school, despite his baldness.
Remember the Daze, 1h41
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama
Actors Katrina Begin, Melonie Diaz, John Robinson, Amber Heard, Leighton Meester, Alexa Vega
Roles Lightly
Rating56% 2.8478152.8478152.8478152.8478152.847815
The film takes place in a small suburban town in North Carolina in 1999. It's the last day of school and kids just want to have fun. That, at least, is the plan.
Transamerica, 1h43
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy-drama, Adventure
Themes Films about music and musicians, Films about religion, Films about sexuality, Transport films, Bisexuality-related films, Erotic films, LGBT-related films, Films about prostitution, Transgender in film, Films about automobiles, Musical films, Films about Jews and Judaism, Road movies, Erotic thriller films, Buddy films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related films about religion, LGBT-related film
Actors Felicity Huffman, Kevin Zegers, Graham Greene, Fionnula Flanagan, Danny Burstein, Burt Young
Roles Taylor
Rating73% 3.698353.698353.698353.698353.69835
One week before her vaginoplasty, Sabrina 'Bree' Osbourne (Felicity Huffman) receives a phone call from Toby Wilkins (Kevin Zegers), a 17-year-old jailed in New York City. He asks for Stanley Schupak (Bree's birth name), claiming to be her son.