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Strother Martin is a Actor American born on 26 march 1919 at Kokomo (USA)

Strother Martin

Strother Martin
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Birth name Strother Douglas Martin, Jr.
Nationality USA
Birth 26 march 1919 at Kokomo (USA)
Death 1 august 1980 (at 61 years) at Thousand Oaks (USA)

Strother Douglas Martin, Jr. (March 26, 1919 – August 1, 1980), was an American character actor who often appeared in support of superstars John Wayne and Paul Newman and was memorable in Western films directed by John Ford and Sam Peckinpah. Martin perhaps is best known as the prison "captain" in the 1967 film Cool Hand Luke, in which he uttered the since famous line, "What we've got here is failure to communicate." The line is number 11 on the American Film Institute list of AFI's 100 Years...100 Movie Quotes.

Best films

Cool Hand Luke (1967)

Usually with

Chuck Hayward
Chuck Hayward
(8 films)
L. Q. Jones
L. Q. Jones
(6 films)
Paul Newman
Paul Newman
(6 films)
John Wayne
John Wayne
(6 films)
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The Champ
The Champ (1979)
, 2h3
Directed by Franco Zeffirelli
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Themes Films about families, Sports films, Martial arts films, Boxing films, Le boxe anglaise
Actors Jon Voight, Faye Dunaway, Rick Schroder, Jack Warden, Arthur Hill, Joan Blondell
Roles Riley
Rating68% 3.401073.401073.401073.401073.40107
Billy Flynn, an ex-boxing champion, is now a horse trainer in Hialeah, Florida. He makes just enough money to raise his little son T.J., of whom Flynn has full custody of since his wife Annie left him, seven years before the events of the film. T.J. worships "The Champ," who has gambling debts and begins working on a comeback to give his boy a better future. Suddenly Annie shows up again and wants to become a part of T.J.'s life.
Love and Bullets, 1h43
Directed by John Huston, Stuart Rosenberg
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Action, Crime
Themes Transport films, Road movies, Chase films
Actors Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland, Rod Steiger, Henry Silva, Bradford Dillman, Strother Martin
Roles Louis Monk
Rating56% 2.8032352.8032352.8032352.8032352.803235
Phoenix Police Detective Charlie Congers is tasked to assist the FBI in bringing a gangster's girlfriend, Jackie Pruitt, back to the USA to testify. The FBI thinks she can give inside information to law enforcement that will put Joe Bomposa behind bars once and for all.
Nightwing (1979)
, 1h45
Directed by Arthur Hiller
Origin USA
Genres Horror
Themes Films about animals, Natural horror films
Actors Nick Mancuso, David Warner, Kathryn Harrold, Dr. Stephen Macht, Ben Piazza, Strother Martin
Roles Selwyn
Rating52% 2.6022952.6022952.6022952.6022952.602295
Youngman Duran, a deputy on a Hopi Indian reservation in New Mexico, begins to investigate a series of mysterious cattle mutilations. Abner Tasupi, an ancient and embittered medicine man who raised Youngman after his parents died, tells him he has cast a spell to end the world that very night, but Youngman assumes he simply is babbling while under the influence of datura root. The following morning, Youngman finds Abner's bloodless body on the floor of his shack, and nearby he discovers a dead shepherd and most of his flock.
The Villain, 1h29
Directed by Hal Needham
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Western
Actors Kirk Douglas, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ann-Margret, Paul Lynde, Foster Brooks, Strother Martin
Roles Parody Jones
Rating53% 2.6548752.6548752.6548752.6548752.654875
A beautiful woman, "Charming Jones" (Ann-Margret) is being escorted across the west by a naive, slow-witted cowboy, "Handsome Stranger" (Schwarzenegger) after claiming a large sum of money given to her by her father, Parody Jones (Martin). However, bad guy Avery Simpson (Elam), who delivered Charming the money, decides he wants it for himself. He hires an old cowboy, "Cactus Jack" (Douglas), to rob them when they leave town.
The End
The End (1978)
, 1h40
Directed by Burt Reynolds
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Comedy-drama
Themes Films about suicide, Buddy films
Actors Burt Reynolds, Dom DeLuise, Sally Field, Strother Martin, David Steinberg, Joanne Woodward
Roles Dr. Waldo Kling
Rating60% 3.0462553.0462553.0462553.0462553.046255
California real-estate salesman Wendell "Sonny" Lawson (Burt Reynolds) is informed by his doctor (Norman Fell) that he's dying from a rare toxic blood disease and has six months to live. Not wanting to endure the inevitable pain, nor wanting to spend his last days in a hospital bed, he decides to take his own life.
Up in Smoke, 1h26
Directed by Tommy Chong
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Themes Medical-themed films, Films about music and musicians, Films about drugs, Musical films
Actors Strother Martin, Edie Adams, Cheech Marin, Stacy Keach, Tommy Chong, Tom Skerritt
Roles Mr. Stoner
Rating68% 3.4484553.4484553.4484553.4484553.448455
Tommy Chong plays Anthony "Man" Stoner, a jobless, marijuana-smoking drummer who is told to either get a job by sundown or be sent off to military school by his parents. Anthony leaves the house in a 1967 Volkswagen Beetle convertible (which had his father's Rolls Royce radiator grille on the front), a car which is subsequently left smoking on the side of the road. Anthony is picked up while hitchhiking by the equally enthusiastic smoker Pedro de Pacas (Cheech Marin). The license plate reads MUF DVR ("Muff Diver"). They share a large joint, which Man says is made with "mostly Maui wowie" and "Labrador" (essentially dog feces, as his dog, a Labrador Retriever, had eaten his stash). Police find their car parked on a traffic median with them in it, discover that they are clearly stoned and arrest them. At trial, the pair are released on a technicality after the judge's water pitcher is discovered to be containing vodka.
Slap Shot
Slap Shot (1977)
, 2h3
Directed by George Roy Hill
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy
Themes Sports films, Ice hockey films, Sports d'hiver
Actors Paul Newman, Strother Martin, Michael Ontkean, Lindsay Crouse, Jerry Houser, Jennifer Warren
Roles Joe McGrath
Rating72% 3.6478953.6478953.6478953.6478953.647895
Reggie Dunlop (Paul Newman) is the aging player-coach of the Charlestown Chiefs hockey team in the fictional Federal League. A perennial loser for years, the team's manager Joe McGrath (Strother Martin) has resorted to extreme cost-cutting techniques and embarrassing promotional antics to keep local interest alive. Dunlop, while not particularly talented as either a player or coach, is a skilled con man, and regularly manipulates the team to his own advantage. During a hopeless season, the Chiefs pick up the Hanson Brothers, bespectacled violent goons with childlike mentalities, complete with toys in their luggage. Horrified at being given players who seem stupid, immature, and unreliable, Dunlop initially chooses not to play them.
The Great Scout & Cathouse Thursday, 1h42
Directed by Don Taylor
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Action, Western
Actors Lee Marvin, Oliver Reed, Robert Culp, Sylvia Miles, Elizabeth Ashley, Kay Lenz
Roles Billy
Rating60% 3.044923.044923.044923.044923.04492
Sam Longwood, a frontiersman who has seen better days, has spent the last 15 years looking for his ex-business partner Jack Colby, who ran off with all the gold from a mine they were prospecting but also took the love of his life, Nancy Sue, as well. Sam, along with his two other partners- Indian Joe Knox and Billy, has finally found Colby and along the way they pick up a young prostitute nicknamed Thursday. But getting their money isn't going to be as easy as they think.
Rooster Cogburn, 1h48
Directed by Stuart Millar
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Action, Adventure, Western
Actors John Wayne, Katharine Hepburn, Richard Jordan, John McIntire, Anthony Zerbe, Paul Koslo
Roles Shanghai McCoy
Rating67% 3.3973053.3973053.3973053.3973053.397305
Because of his drunkenness and questionable use of firearms, aging U.S. Marshal Rooster Cogburn (John Wayne) has been stripped of his badge. But he's given a chance to redeem himself after a village in Indian Territory is overrun by a gang of violent, ruthless criminals, who've killed an elderly preacher, Rev. George Goodnight (Jon Lormer). His spinster daughter, Eula Goodnight (Katharine Hepburn), wants to join Cogburn to track the criminals down, becoming his unwilling partner. But Rooster must use care, because the criminals, led by Hawk (Richard Jordan) and Breed (Anthony Zerbe), have stolen a shipment of nitroglycerine.
Hard Times
Hard Times (1975)
, 1h33
Directed by Walter Hill
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Action, Crime
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films, Boxing films, Le boxe anglaise
Actors Charles Bronson, James Coburn, Jill Ireland, Strother Martin, Bruce Glover, Margaret Blye
Roles Poe
Rating71% 3.595743.595743.595743.595743.59574
Chaney (Charles Bronson), a mysterious, down-on-his luck drifter during the Great Depression, arrives in town in the boxcar of a freight train. He comes upon a bare-knuckled street fight run by gamblers. After the bout, he approaches one of the fight's organizers, the fast-talking "Speed" (James Coburn), and asks Speed to set up a fight. Betting his few dollars on himself, Chaney wins with a single punch.
Sssssss (1973)
, 1h35
Directed by Bernard L. Kowalski
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Horror
Themes Films about animals, Natural horror films, Films about snakes, Reptile
Actors Dirk Benedict, Strother Martin, Heather Menzies, Reb Brown, Jack Ging, Richard B. Shull
Roles Dr. Carl Stoner
Rating53% 2.699582.699582.699582.699582.69958
The movie begins with Dr. Carl Stoner (Martin) selling a mysterious creature in a crate to a carnival owner. It is later discovered that the creature is actually part-man/part-snake, the result of one of Stoner's bizarre experiments. College student David Blake (Benedict) is hired as an assistant by Stoner, an ophiologist. It transpires that Stoner's previous assistant had mysteriously left town without telling anyone (Stoner explains that he had gone back home to attend to a sick relative).
Pocket Money, 1h42
Directed by Stuart Rosenberg
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Action, Adventure, Western
Themes Buddy films
Actors Paul Newman, Lee Marvin, Strother Martin, Wayne Rogers, Héctor Elizondo, Gregory Sierra
Roles Bill Garrett
Rating54% 2.7026752.7026752.7026752.7026752.702675
Broke and in debt, an otherwise honest cowboy known as Jim Kane (Newman) gets mixed up in some shady dealings with Stretch Russell (Rogers) and Bill Garrett (Martin), a crooked rancher. Russell tells Kane to escort 200 head of cattle from Mexico to the United States for a good sum of money. Kane agrees and brings along his friend Leonard (Marvin) to aid him. Unfortunately, the two come upon many unexpected events that often deter them from completing their job.
Fools' Parade, 1h38
Directed by Andrew V. McLaglen
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Comedy, Comedy-drama
Actors James Stewart, George Kennedy, Kurt Russell, Strother Martin, Anne Baxter, William Windom
Roles Lee Cottrill
Rating64% 3.2003753.2003753.2003753.2003753.200375
In 1935, murderer Mattie Appleyard, bank robber Lee Cottrill, and young Johnny Jesus are released from the West Virginia State Penitentiary, located in the fictional town of Glory. Appleyard is issued a check for $25,452.32 for his 40 years of prison work, an enormous amount in the Great Depression.