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Sylvia Ashton is a Actor American born on 26 january 1880 at Denver (USA)

Sylvia Ashton

Sylvia Ashton
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Nationality USA
Birth 26 january 1880 at Denver (USA)
Death 17 november 1940 (at 60 years) at Los Angeles (USA)

Sylvia Ashton (January 26, 1880 – November 17, 1940) was an American film actress of the silent film era. She appeared in 134 films between 1912 and 1929. She was born in Denver, Colorado and died in Los Angeles, California. She bore a heavyset resemblance to Jane Darwell and like Darwell was playing mother and grandmother roles, though more famously than Darwell in the silents, while still in her 30s and 40s. For years she was a regular member of Cecil B. DeMille's troupe of character actors. She retired from movies almost immediately at the dawn of sound, one of her last films being the part-talkie, The Barker (1928).


Sylvia Ashton commence sa carrière au cinéma dans des courts métrages de Mack Sennett, tourne quelques films avec Clarence G. Badger avant d'être remarquée par Cecil B. DeMille qui la fera jouer dans plusieurs films à la fin des années 1910, et au début de la décennie suivante. Elle incarne souvent des rôles de mères, tantes ou grand-mères. De 1912 à 1929, elle apparaît dans pas moins de 134 films.

Best films

The Barker (1928)

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Filmography of Sylvia Ashton (50 films)

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Queen Kelly, 1h15
Directed by Richard Boleslawski, Erich von Stroheim, Gloria Swanson, Irving Thalberg, Sam Wood, Edmund Goulding
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Monde imaginaire, Films about religion
Actors Gloria Swanson, Walter Byron, Seena Owen, Walter Byron, Tully Marshall, Sylvia Ashton
Roles Kelly's Aunt
Rating77% 3.8905653.8905653.8905653.8905653.890565
Prince Wolfram (Byron) is the betrothed of mad Queen Regina V of Kronberg (Owen). As punishment for partying with other women, he is sent on manoeuvres. He sees Kitty Kelly (Swanson) walking with other convent students and flirts with her. She is embarrassed when he makes a comment after seeing that her underwear is visible, so she takes it off and throws it at him, to the horror of the nuns, who punish her for her "indecency".
The Barker
The Barker (1928)
, 1h20
Directed by George Fitzmaurice
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Films based on plays
Actors Milton Sills, Dorothy Mackaill, George Cooper, Betty Compson, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Sylvia Ashton
Roles Ma Benson
Rating70% 3.533453.533453.533453.533453.53345
The film tells the story of a woman (Dorothy Mackaill) who comes between a man (Milton Sills) and his estranged son (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) Sills is a carnival barker who is in love with a dancing girl and is ambitious to have his son, Fairbanks, become a lawyer. Fairbanks has other ideas and during his vacation he hops a freight, joins the carnival, and weds a dancing girl (Mackaill). Eventually, Fairbanks fulfills the ambition his father had for him.
Greed (1925)
, 2h20
Directed by Erich von Stroheim
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Historical, Crime
Themes Medical-themed films
Actors Zasu Pitts, Gibson Gowland, Jean Hersholt, Jack Curtis, Tempe Pigott, Chester Conklin
Roles Mommer Sieppe
Rating80% 4.045944.045944.045944.045944.04594
"I never truckled, I never took off the hat to fashion and held it out for pennies. By God, I told them the truth. They liked it or they didn't like it. What had that to do with me? I told them the truth; I knew it for the truth then and I know it for the truth now."
Souls for Sale, 1h30
Directed by Rupert Hughes
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Romance
Themes Films about television
Actors Eleanor Boardman, Lew Cody, Richard Dix, Mae Busch, Frank Mayo, Barbara La Marr
Roles Mrs. Kale (uncredited)
Rating69% 3.492283.492283.492283.492283.49228
Remember "Mem" Steddon (Eleanor Boardman) marries Owen Scudder (Lew Cody) after a whirlwind courtship. However, on their wedding night, she has a change of heart. When the train taking them to Los Angeles stops for water, she impulsively and secretly gets off in the middle of the desert. Strangely, when Scudder realizes she is gone, he does not have the train stopped.
Manslaughter, 1h40
Directed by Cecil B. DeMille
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Themes Films about sexuality, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film
Actors Leatrice Joy, Thomas Meighan, Lois Wilson, George Fawcett, Julia Faye, Edythe Chapman
Roles Prison matron
Rating61% 3.099553.099553.099553.099553.09955
A wild, wealthy woman (Joy) is brought to heel by a sermonizing district attorney after she accidentally hits and kills a motorcycle cop.
Saturday Night
Directed by Cecil B. DeMille
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Leatrice Joy, Conrad Nagel, Edith Roberts, Julia Faye, Jack Mower, Theodore Roberts
Roles Mrs. O'Day
Rating72% 3.626613.626613.626613.626613.62661
Shamrock O'Day, a poor laundress dreams of a marrying a rich man. Her neighbour Tom McGuire, the chauffeur of socialite Iris van Suydam, is secretly in love with his mistress. On the other side of the city, Iris is not happy with her pampered life and she dreams of living in a vine-covered cottage. Her rich young fiancé Richard Prentiss is just as tired of women of her class as she is bored with men of his.
A Daughter of Luxury, 50minutes
Directed by Paul Powell
Origin USA
Actors Agnes Ayres, Edith Yorke, Edward Martindel, Sylvia Ashton
Roles Mrs. Walford