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Taylor Negron is a Actor, Executive Producer and Production Design American born on 1 august 1957 at Glendale (USA)

Taylor Negron

Taylor Negron
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Birth name Brad Stephen Negron
Nationality USA
Birth 1 august 1957 at Glendale (USA)
Death 10 january 2015 (at 57 years)

Brad Stephen "Taylor" Negron (August 1, 1957 – January 10, 2015) was an American actor, comedian, painter, and playwright.


Negron was openly gay. He was a cousin of Chuck Negron, vocalist and founding member of Three Dog Night.

Negron was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2008. On January 10, 2015, he died at his Los Angeles home, surrounded by family, at the age of 57.

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Vamps (2012)
, 1h32
Directed by Amy Heckerling
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Horror comedy, Horror, Romance
Themes Films about magic and magicians, Vampires in film, Comedy horror films
Actors Alicia Silverstone, Krysten Ritter, Sigourney Weaver, Dan Stevens, Wallace Shawn, Richard Lewis
Roles Pizza Guy
Rating53% 2.6508952.6508952.6508952.6508952.650895
Stacy (Krysten Ritter) and Goody (Alicia Silverstone), are two socialite vampires living the good life in New York City. Goody was turned in 1841 by the vampire queen Ciccerus (Sigourney Weaver). She struggled with her life as a vampire until Stacy was turned by Ciccerus sometime during the early 1990s. Goody was able to teach Stacy how to use her new abilities, like sustaining themselves on rat blood, but keeps her actual age a secret because she is afraid of being viewed as old.
The Chateau Meroux, 1h30
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance
Actors Marla Sokoloff, Barry Watson, Amanda Righetti, Christopher Lloyd, Jeffrey Weissman, Taylor Negron
Roles Francois
Rating52% 2.6083852.6083852.6083852.6083852.608385
Lorsque son père décède, Wendy hérite de son vignoble. Mais son voisin viticulteur, Nathan, est intéressé par ces terres. Lorsque Wendy va rencontrer Chris, un expert en vin, elle en tombe immédiatement amoureuse mais elle ne se doute pas qu'il est le fils de Nathan, qui a saboté l'une de ses cuves pour mettre en danger sa récolte, pour pouvoir acheter son domaine à un prix moins élevé.
Super Capers, 1h38
Directed by Ray Griggs
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Comedy, Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Themes Superhero films
Actors Justin Whalin, Danielle Harris, Sam Lloyd, Tom Lister, Jr., Ryan McPartlin, Michael Rooker
Roles Chauffer
Rating32% 1.6213951.6213951.6213951.6213951.621395
Un jeune homme très ordinaire et sans histoire, Ed Gruberman, rejoint un groupe de super-héros, les Super Capers, pour affronter un ennemi redoutable…
Babysitters Beware, 1h12
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy
Themes L'adolescence, Films about education, Films about children, L'enfance marginalisée, Films about school violence
Actors Rico Rodriguez, Brittany Finamore, Dee Wallace, Taylor Negron, Danny Trejo, Raini Rodriguez
Roles M.. Willoughsbag
Rating42% 2.1326152.1326152.1326152.1326152.132615
Danny, 7 ans, est le souffre-douleur des enfants de son école et n'a pas beaucoup d'amis. Pour ses parents, il est certainement un enfant modèle, se proposant à réaliser toutes les corvées de la maison. Il est passionné de baseball et voudrait s'entraîner avec son père. Seulement, voilà : ce dernier part pratiquement tous les soirs à des dîners d'affaires, laissant Danny sous la garde de Janelle, une étudiante. Mais celle-ci ne pourra pas le garder durant un certain temps. C'est alors que Marco, le meilleur et seul ami de Danny, lui parle d'une "liste noire", qui liste les enfants que plus personne ne veut garder. Danny va alors devenir de plus en plus méchant, terrorisant baby-sitter sur baby-sitter.
Pledge This!, 1h31
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors Paris Hilton, Paula Garcés, Sarah Carter, Simon Rex, Elizabeth Daily, Bianca Lawson
Roles Professor Milchik
Rating17% 0.855320.855320.855320.855320.85532
When a dorm toilet explodes on the first day back to school, a group of misfit girlfriends are forced to leave their housing and search for a new home. They ultimately decide on pledging a sorority. However, not many sororities are normal at South Beach University. The girls decide to pledge the most popular and exclusive sorority at the university, Gamma Gamma, which is led by president Victoria English.
Death to the Supermodels, 1h24
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Horror
Actors Jaime Pressly, Brooke Burns, Taylor Negron, Diane Delano, Lee Sung-hi, Kimberley Davies
Roles Gunther
Rating24% 1.221331.221331.221331.221331.22133
Jaime Pressly stars as Tiffany Courtney, an overly perky editor working for Merle Magazine. To give her company's magazine a more legitimate readership (the main readers of the magazine are currently prisoners, transsexuals, priests and gays), Tiffany proposes to her boss that the magazine hold a swimwear shoot on a tropical island starring the world's top five greatest supermodels.
Funky Monkey, 1h34
Directed by Gene Quintano
Genres Comedy
Actors Matthew Modine, Seth Adkins, Gilbert Gottfried, Roma Downey, Bodhi Elfman, Fred Ward
Roles Flick
Rating37% 1.8992551.8992551.8992551.8992551.899255
The story is about Alec McCall (Matthew Modine), a spy, who teams up with Clements, a chimp, to save the day. He has a change of heart when his boss, Flick, turns out to be bad and wants to perform experiments on the chimp. These experiments are to create chimp soldiers for the highest bidder. McCall takes Clements away on the run to his hometown where they meet a genius boy named Michael (Seth Adkins). Michael wants to impress a girl by playing on the football team. The coach (Jeffrey Tambor) allows him on the team only if he tutors the star players who are on the brink of being kicked off due to bad grades. Meanwhile Flick sends his goons out to find the chimp. Michael's single mom, a computer programmer, has her eye on McCall who rents out a room from her. She does not know about Clements, but Michael does. After the goons fail to get the chimp, Flick goes to get Clements himself by breaking in gassed Clements and Michael. Flick takes them back to his headquarters so the doctor (Gilbert Gottfried) can perform his experiments. McCall rescues them and they head back for the Homecoming football game. Michael hopes to play in order to impress the cheerleader he likes. Soon the bad guys show up and dress as football players to play in the game and get Clements. Clements and McCall join the team to stop Flick from winning. Michael wins the game and Flick is arrested for animal cruelty. Michael gets the girl and McCall gets Michael's mom. The movie ends with hope for the future.
Pauly Shore Is Dead, 1h22
Directed by Pauly Shore
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors Jaime Bergman, Pauly Shore, Pamela Anderson, Todd Bridges, Camille Anderson, W. Earl Brown
Roles Celebrity Judge #1
Rating44% 2.202422.202422.202422.202422.20242
The film begins as an autobiographical look at Shore's early professional successes on MTV and as the star of a series of 90s comedies. Shore's film career leads to his taking a starring role in a vehicle on the Fox network, in which he plays the slacker son of a millionaire. The pilot of the series turns out to be a commercial and critical failure, and Shore becomes a pariah virtually overnight, with his friends distancing themselves from him for fear that it will tarnish their own careers. Shore is ultimately reduced to living in his mother's attic and watching BackDoor Sluts 9 starring his ex-girlfriend, who will no longer see him.
My Dinner with Jimi, 1h30
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Biography
Themes Medical-themed films, Films about music and musicians, Films about drugs, Documentary films about music and musicians, Documentaire sur une personnalité, Musical films
Actors Justin Henry, Ben Bodé, John Corbett, George Wendt, Taylor Negron, Curtis Armstrong
Roles Psychiatrist
Rating62% 3.1422253.1422253.1422253.1422253.142225
The story focuses on the Turtles in the days leading up to and following the success of their single "Happy Together". Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman receive their draft cards and Frank Zappa tells them to seek advice from Herb Cohen, Zappa's manager and Kaylan's cousin, to avoid being drafted in the Vietnam War. Cohen advises Kaylan to show up to the draft board intoxicated from drug use, not to bathe or sleep, and to behave so obnoxiously that the Army will not draft him, leading Kaylan and Volman to engage in a sleepless night of marijuana smoking before their draft review, which they fail due to being high while taking the tests, and Kaylan pretending to be homosexual in front of the physician and expressing psychotic views to the psychiatrist.
Lloyd (2001)
, 2h
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Comedy-drama
Actors Todd Bosley, Brendan Ryan Barrett, Mary Mara, Tom Arnold, Taylor Negron, Tony Longo
Rating57% 2.8959152.8959152.8959152.8959152.895915
The film is based on an 11-year-old child named Lloyd, and he is the "class clown." He often gets in trouble with teachers, one of which is very strict. When he tries to rebel, he is put into a class for "less enthusiastic students." Once there, he teams up with other students in the group: Troy, Carla, and Storm. He soon falls in love with the class' newest member, Tracy. However, she is taken by Storm. When Lloyd talks to his mother, she tells him that he can still win her back by being himself.
The Fluffer, 1h35
Directed by Richard Glatzer
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance, Pornographic
Themes Films about sexuality, LGBT-related films, Films about pornography, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film
Actors Scott Gurney, Taylor Negron, Richard Riehle, Tim Bagley, Debbie Harry, Adina Porter
Roles Tony Brooks
Rating56% 2.801872.801872.801872.801872.80187
Sean est un jeune homme passionné de classiques du cinéma. Un soir qu'il a loué Citizen Kane, il se rend compte d'une erreur : ce n'est pas le film prévu mais un film pornographique gay, Citizen Cum. Il devient fasciné par l'acteur principal, Johnny Rebel. Il décide d'aller se présenter comme demandeur d'emploi au studio de productions de ses films. Il est engagé comme caméraman. Un jour que Johnny Rebel a une défaillance, Sean remplace son fluffer habituel pour le remettre en forme pour le tournage. Sean tombe amoureux de lui.
Call Me Claus, 1h30
Directed by Robert Costanzo, Peter Werner
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Themes Christmas films, Santa Claus in film
Actors Whoopi Goldberg, Nigel Hawthorne, Victor Garber, Taylor Negron, Frankie Faison, Bruce Vilanch
Roles Ralph
Rating54% 2.712852.712852.712852.712852.71285
The movie starts as a flashback to Lucy Collins as a little girl. Her mother takes the kids to see a shopping mall Santa Claus, who happens to be the real one. Santa is nearing the end of his 200-year reign as St. Nick, and needs to find a replacement, someone who enjoys the Christmas season and it is shown from the heart.
Gun Shy
Gun Shy (2000)
, 1h41
Directed by Eric Blakeney
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Comedy, Action, Romance
Actors Liam Neeson, Oliver Platt, Sandra Bullock, José Zúñiga, Michael DeLorenzo, Richard Schiff
Roles Cheemo
Rating55% 2.7975552.7975552.7975552.7975552.797555
Charlie Mayeaux (Liam Neeson) is an undercover DEA agent suffering from anxiety and gastrointestinal problems after a bust gone wrong. During the aforementioned incident, his partner was killed and he found himself served up on a platter of watermelon with a gun shoved in his face just before back-up arrived. Charlie, once known for his ease and almost "magical" talent on the job, is finding it very hard to return to work. His requests to be taken off the case or retired are denied by his bosses, Lonny Ward (Louis Giambalvo) and Dexter Helvenshaw (Mitch Pileggi) as so much time was put into his cover. Charlie works with the dream of one day retiring to Ocean Views, a luxury housing complex with servants and utilities.
The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas, 1h31
Directed by Brian Levant
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Themes Films about animals, Dinosaur films, La préhistoire, Alternate history films, Children's films
Actors Mark Addy, Stephen Baldwin, Kristen Johnston, Jane Krakowski, Joan Collins, Thomas Gibson
Roles Gazaam / Gazing
Rating37% 1.865981.865981.865981.865981.86598
Young bachelors and best friends Fred Flintstone (Mark Addy) and Barney Rubble (Stephen Baldwin) have recently qualified as crane operators at Slate & Company. Soon to be employed, now they want dates, and little green alien The Great Gazoo (Alan Cumming), exiled to Earth by his species, offers to help, although only they can see him. Meanwhile, Wilma Slaghoople (Kristen Johnston) wants a normal life and activities, like bowling, despite her controlling mother Pearl (Joan Collins) who wants her to marry smooth casino-owner Chip Rockefeller (Thomas Gibson). Wilma angrily runs away to Bronto King in Bedrock. Waitress Betty O'Shale (Jane Krakowski) mistakes her as "caveless", and offers to share her apartment, and gets her a job.