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Thomas Gibson is a Actor American born on 3 july 1962 at Charleston (USA)

Thomas Gibson

Thomas Gibson
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Birth name Thomas Ellis Gibson
Nationality USA
Birth 3 july 1962 (61 years) at Charleston (USA)

Thomas Ellis Gibson (born July 3, 1962) is an American actor and director. He is best known for his portrayal of Daniel Nyland in the CBS series Chicago Hope, Greg Montgomery on the ABC series Dharma & Greg, and Aaron Hotchner on the CBS series Criminal Minds.


Gibson and his estranged wife Christine have three children: James Parker, Travis Carter and Agatha Marie. They reside in San Antonio, Texas.
Travis Carter was featured in the Season 10-"Boxed In" Episode (#5), of Criminal Minds as a friend of the Kidnapped Kid in that episode. Gibson loves golf. He plays at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am every year, as well as other golfing events, and is friends with golfer Corey Pavin. He served as part of the 2010 Host Committee for the Inaugural SAG Foundation Golf Classic, and co-hosted the 2nd Annual SAG Foundation Golf Classic with Criminal Minds castmate Joe Mantegna.

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Son of Batman, 1h14
Origin USA
Genres Action, Adventure, Animation
Themes Films about children, Films about families, Batman films, Superhero films, Super-héros inspiré de comics
Actors Jason O'Mara, Morena Baccarin, Giancarlo Esposito, David McCallum, Xander Berkeley, Thomas Gibson
Roles Slade Wilson / Deathstroke (voice)
Rating67% 3.354513.354513.354513.354513.35451
At the headquarters of the League of Assassins, Ra's al Ghul grooms Damian Wayne (son of his daughter, Talia, and Batman) to succeed him as head of the league. The league is attacked by a group of assassins led by Slade Wilson, Ra's al Ghul's initial choice for successor before Ra's met Batman. Feeling betrayed, Slade decided to seize power. During the battle, Ra's is fatally burned in a missile strike explosion, dying inches away from reaching the Lazarus Pit. Although Damian stabs Slade in the eye, Slade escapes, vowing vengeance. Talia takes Damian to Gotham City to protect him with his father's help.
Just Buried, 1h34
Directed by Chaz Thorne
Origin Canada
Genres Drama, Thriller, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Horror
Actors Jay Baruchel, Rose Byrne, Graham Greene, Nigel Bennett, Sergio Di Zio, Reagan Pasternak
Roles Charlie Richmond
Rating59% 2.9992152.9992152.9992152.9992152.999215
When Oliver Whynacht (Jay Baruchel) inherits his estranged father's funeral home, he discovers it is almost bankrupt. After a night of drinking with Roberta Knickel (Rose Byrne), he kills a local man with his truck. Roberta, who is both the local coroner and funeral home embalmer, helps Oliver stage the body so that it appears like an accident. However, when suspicion is raised that the death may not be accidental, Oliver and Roberta realize that they have to kill again. This need to hide their first crime and to keep the funeral home in business, Oliver and Roberta falling in love and participating in a series of "accidental" deaths. After Roberta gets pregnant the truth comes out that she had been using Oliver to get back the funeral home which originally belonged to her mother. Roberta killed Oliver's dad in order to use him to regain ownership of the funeral home, a process that cost Oliver his life.
I'll Believe You, 1h22
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Comedy, Comic science fiction
Themes Comedy science fiction films
Actors David Alan Basche, Patrick Warburton, Siobhan Fallon Hogan, Fred Willard, Chris Elliott, Ed Helms
Roles Kyle Sweeney
Rating54% 2.7063552.7063552.7063552.7063552.706355
Dale Sweeney, the radio host of an immensely unpopular late-night talk program on the AM dial, only ever drums up listeners who are nutty, half-zonked small-town denizens who want to discuss UFO sightings on the airwaves. Just prior to the final broadcast, with the program in arm's length of cancellation, Sweeney receives a strange phone call from an individual who speaks anxiously in an unintelligible language. The next morning, two federal agents turn up to question Sweeney, demonstrating heightened interest in one of the latest UFO sightings. Dale thus concludes that the caller was in fact an extraterrestrial, lost in his small town. He decides to report on the happenings during his broadcasts (which quadruples his audience size) and then bandies the locals into a collective search for the alien.
In from the Night, 1h37
Directed by Peter Levin
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors Marcia Gay Harden, Taylor Handley, Thomas Gibson, Kate Nelligan, Regina Taylor, Rachel Crow
Roles Aiden Byrnes
Rating63% 3.1955253.1955253.1955253.1955253.195525
A boy named Bobby arrives unexpectedly at his aunt Vicki's house. Vicki can tell by his eyes that he was abused. Bobby came to Vicki because the happiest memories of his childhood was with her. Vicki gives up her job as a big writer temporarily to help Bobby.
Berkeley (2005)

Directed by Bobby Roth
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors Laura Jordan, Bonnie Bedelia, Tom Morello, Henry Winkler, Sarah Carter, Thomas Gibson
Roles Thomas the Valet
Rating50% 2.5277552.5277552.5277552.5277552.527755
The River King, 1h39
Directed by Nick Willing
Genres Drama, Thriller
Actors Edward Burns, Rachelle Lefèvre, Thomas Gibson, Jennifer Ehle, John Kapelos, Sean McCann
Roles August 'Gus' Pierce
Rating57% 2.8508952.8508952.8508952.8508952.850895
Un jeune inspecteur de police d'une petite ville doit enquêter sur la noyade d'un éudiant. Le directeur de l'école étouffe le scandale en présentant ceci comme un suicide. L'inspecteur découvre alors que le jeune homme était persécuté par un groupe d'élèves, il songe alors à un bizutage qui aurait mal tourné.
Plain Truth, 1h35
Directed by Paul Shapiro
Origin Canada
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime
Actors Mariska Hargitay, Alison Pill, Jan Niklas, Kate Trotter, Jonathan LaPaglia, Colin Fox
Roles le serveur
Rating61% 3.097433.097433.097433.097433.09743
Katie (Alison Pill) is an 18-year-old girl who lives in a small Amish community in the Pennsylvania farm country. When a newborn baby is found dead, police suspect foul play, and Katie is accused of having given birth to the child, then taking its life. Katie protests her innocence on both charges, and Ellie Harrison (Mariska Hargitay), a tough and well-respected attorney, is brought in to defend her in court.
Raising Waylon, 2h
Directed by Sam Pillsbury
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Thomas Gibson, Poppy Montgomery, Jeremy Bergman, Doris Roberts, Susan Brady, Latham Gaines
Roles Reg
Rating59% 2.95272.95272.95272.95272.9527
Réginald and Julia are obliged to raise the son of their friends who have died in an accident, because they are his godfather and godmother.
Category 6: Day of Destruction, 2h54
Directed by Dick Lowry
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Disaster, Action, Horror
Themes La fin du monde, Météorologie, Catastrophe climatique, Disaster films, American disaster films
Actors Nancy McKeon, Thomas Gibson, Chandra West, Randy Quaid, Dianne Wiest, Brian Dennehy
Roles Mitch Benson
Rating52% 2.6146152.6146152.6146152.6146152.614615
Andy Goodman (Brian Dennehy) is a week away from a forced retirement from his position as chief meteorologist at the National Weather Administration's Severe Weather Center. However, tornadoes level Las Vegas, an area normally not prone to the storms. Concerned and upset that the storm system formed unnoticed and that they were unable to warn the people, Goodman begins closely tracking the system. Goodman receives field reports from his friend "Tornado Tommy" (Randy Quaid) and assistance from new intern Sabrina Rogers (Alicia Johnston). As time passes, he realizes the system is heading towards Chicago, joined by an unusual warm storm coming from the south, which is already causing a record-breaking heat wave in the city, and an abnormally early cold front from the Arctic.
Manhood (2003)
, 1h22
Directed by Bobby Roth
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama
Actors Nestor Carbonell, John Ritter, Janeane Garofalo, Bonnie Bedelia, Meredith Monroe, Lauren Tom
Roles Faith's Attorney
Rating52% 2.6168452.6168452.6168452.6168452.616845
Jack (Carbonell) is a former womanizer and fashion photographer who is put in charge of his sister's 17-year-old-son when she leaves to find herself. During her leave, he attempts to revive his career while re-establishing a relationship with his nephew and son. In the midst of all this, Eli (Ritter), his sister's ex-husband moves in after he loses his job.
Brush with Fate, 1h40
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller
Actors Ellen Burstyn, Glenn Close, Thomas Gibson, Phyllida Law, Kelly Macdonald, Patrick Bergin
Roles Richard
Rating61% 3.0962753.0962753.0962753.0962753.096275
Richard is a new art teacher at a high school. Cornelia Englebrecht (played by Glenn Close) is a history teacher who invites Richard to see a painting of a young girl at a table, which she believes to be a genuine Vermeer, where she tells him stories, which are portrayed as flashbacks about the people who owned the painting in the past. All of the stories take place in the Netherlands, and the flashbacks happen mostly before the one preceding it. The first story, from the late 1800s, involved a romance and had flashbacks within flashbacks. Another story took place in the early 1700s when a baby was abandoned during a flood after a dike break. The painting accompanied the baby and was intended to be sold for the baby's expenses.
Jack the Dog, 1h25
Directed by Bobby Roth
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy
Actors Nestor Carbonell, Barbara Williams, Barry Newman, Anthony LaPaglia, Travis Fine, Peter Coyote
Roles Faith's Attorney
Rating46% 2.344772.344772.344772.344772.34477
Serial womanizer Jack (Nestor Carbonell) settles down with Faith (Barbara Williams, but when the marriage falls apart due to Jack's desire for women, he has to share custody of their son, Sam (Andrew J. Ferchland). Living with Sam makes Jack slowly change his thinking and way of life.
The Lost Empire, 2h13
Directed by Peter MacDonald
Origin USA
Genres Fantastic, Fantasy, Adventure
Actors Bai Ling, Thomas Gibson, Russell Wong, Eddie Marsan, Ric Young, Kabir Bedi
Roles Nicholas Orton
Rating60% 3.007183.007183.007183.007183.00718
Nicholas Orton, un homme d'affaires américain, vit depuis plusieurs années en Chine. Il rencontre une belle femme chinoise, incarnation de Guanyin, qui lui annonce qu'il est le seul à pouvoir sauver le monde d'un retour en arrière de 500 ans. Il ne croit pas un mot de cette prédiction, jusqu'à ce que ses premiers effets se réalisent, des immeubles s'effondrant devant ses yeux. La femme l'amène alors jusqu'à un portail, qui lui permettra d'accéder, grâce aux enseignements de Confucius, au monde mythologique chinois. Sa première action dans ce monde est de venir en aide à Sun Wukong, le Roi des Singes.
The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas, 1h31
Directed by Brian Levant
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Themes Films about animals, Dinosaur films, La préhistoire, Alternate history films, Children's films
Actors Mark Addy, Stephen Baldwin, Kristen Johnston, Jane Krakowski, Joan Collins, Thomas Gibson
Roles Chip Rockefeller
Rating37% 1.86591.86591.86591.86591.8659
Young bachelors and best friends Fred Flintstone (Mark Addy) and Barney Rubble (Stephen Baldwin) have recently qualified as crane operators at Slate & Company. Soon to be employed, now they want dates, and little green alien The Great Gazoo (Alan Cumming), exiled to Earth by his species, offers to help, although only they can see him. Meanwhile, Wilma Slaghoople (Kristen Johnston) wants a normal life and activities, like bowling, despite her controlling mother Pearl (Joan Collins) who wants her to marry smooth casino-owner Chip Rockefeller (Thomas Gibson). Wilma angrily runs away to Bronto King in Bedrock. Waitress Betty O'Shale (Jane Krakowski) mistakes her as "caveless", and offers to share her apartment, and gets her a job.
The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy, 1h34
Directed by Greg Berlanti
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Themes Films about sexuality, Sports films, LGBT-related films, Baseball films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film
Actors Ben Weber, Timothy Olyphant, Matt McGrath, Zach Braff, Dean Cain, Nia Long
Rating68% 3.4470953.4470953.4470953.4470953.447095
The film follows the lives of a group of gay friends in West Hollywood. Among the group is Dennis (Timothy Olyphant), a photographer who often holds the group together; Cole (Dean Cain) a handsome, charismatic actor who — often unwittingly — ends up with other people's boyfriends; Benji (Zach Braff), the youngest member of the group, with a penchant for gym-bodied men, who finds himself going through some bad times; Howie (Matt McGrath), a psychology student who is known for overthinking every situation; Patrick (Ben Weber), the cynic of the group; and Taylor (Billy Porter), who has just broken up with his long-term boyfriend.