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Tina Bursill is a Actor Australienne born on 1951 at Sydney (Australie)

Tina Bursill

Tina Bursill
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Nationality Australie
Birth 1951 (68 years) at Sydney (Australie)

Tina Bursill (born 1951) is an Australian actress. She is notable for her roles on television series Skyways as Louise Carter (1979–1981), and Prisoner as Sonia Stevens (1983–1984).

Usually with

Gracie Otto
Gracie Otto
(1 films)
Steve Jacobs
Steve Jacobs
(2 films)
Bill Bennett
Bill Bennett
(1 films)
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Filmography of Tina Bursill (13 films)

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Wish You Were Here, 1h29
Origin Australie
Genres Drama, Thriller, Comedy, Romance
Actors Joel Edgerton, Teresa Palmer, Antony Starr, Tina Bursill, Wayne Blair, Vico Thai
Rating58% 2.9493552.9493552.9493552.9493552.949355
Joel Edgerton stars as Dave Flannery, who reluctantly vacations in Cambodia with his pregnant wife Alice (Felicity Price), her younger sister Steph and new boyfriend Jeremy. After a night of partying, Jeremy vanishes without a trace. Dave and the women return to their lives, each bearing differing degrees of knowledge about what happened and slowly put the pieces of the puzzle together to find out what happened that night.
Three Blind Mice, 1h34
Directed by Matthew Newton
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance
Actors Matthew Newton, Ewen Leslie, Bud Tingwell, Toby Schmitz, Gracie Otto, Jacki Weaver
Rating61% 3.052453.052453.052453.052453.05245
Three young Australian naval officers hit the streets of Sydney for one last night before being shipped out to Iraq. The dynamic between the three friends is uneasy; Sam (Ewen Leslie) has been mistreated at sea and is going AWOL, Dean (Toby Schmitz) has a fiancé and the future in-laws to meet, and Harry (Matthew Newton) just loves playing cards. Throughout the night the boy's struggle with what a night in Sydney can offer, as details of their last six months at sea emerge.
The Goddess of 1967, 1h59
Directed by Clara Law
Origin Australie
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Romance
Themes Medical-themed films, Films about disabilities, La cécité
Actors Rose Byrne, Nicholas Hope, Tina Bursill, John Boxer, Tim McGarry
Rating69% 3.496523.496523.496523.496523.49652
The storyline opens in Tokyo where JM (Rikiya Kurokawa), a rich young IT worker and sometime computer hacker, is attempting to purchase a 1967 model Citroën DS, or Goddess, as it is known to French car aficionados. JM lives in a pristine but unfriendly hi-tech apartment. The smog filled city is blue-grey and bleak. He rarely speaks to his live-in girlfriend and is preoccupied with other possessions—his latest snorkeling gear as well as the pet snakes and other exotic reptiles he keeps in the flat. After tracing, on the Internet, a perfectly restored Citroën owned by a couple in Australia, JM abandons his job and flies out to purchase the rare car, which he thinks can fill the emptiness in his life.
Afraid to Dance, 1h27
Actors Tina Bursill, Steve J. Spears, Tom Richards
Roles Driving Woman
Rating61% 3.075243.075243.075243.075243.07524
Two young people, each alienated from a world that has hurt them, team up to wage their own little war of survival. Their quirky criminal career reaches its climax with the theft of a mailbag for the cheques inside. It is the letters, however, that forever affect them.
Jilted (1987)
, 1h29
Directed by Bill Bennett
Genres Drama
Actors Richard Moir, Tina Bursill, Steve Jacobs
Roles Paula
Rating72% 3.6367653.6367653.6367653.6367653.636765
Two people who have had disastrous love affairs meet on a tropical island resort.
The Three Musketeers, 49minutes
Genres Animation
Actors Ivar Kants, Kate Fitzpatrick, Tina Bursill, Anna Volska
Rating66% 3.338023.338023.338023.338023.33802
In France during the mid-17th century, Cardinal Richelieu receives a visit from the despicably charming young woman, Milady de Winter. Milady brings the Cardinal information regarding the notorious affair between the queen of France and the English Duke of Buckingham. Outside their window, the queen's seamstress, Constance Bonacieux, stands watching the conversation between the two characters, when she is attacked by Rochefort, one of the Cardinal's loyal men. She is rescued by the young musketeer d'Artagnan and taken away to his abode, where Constance briefly explains her troubles and asks for d'Artagnan's help. Cardinal Richelieu, wanting to convince King Louis XIII that his wife, the queen, is unfaithful to him and in love with the Duke of Buckingham, suggests that he should ask his wife to wear the diamonds he had given her for an upcoming ball. The queen, shocked and dismayed, confesses to Constance that she had sent the diamonds to the Duke of Buckingham, and her confidant goes to d'Artagnan for help. With the help of his companions, three of the finest musketeers in France, Athos, Porthos and Aramis, d'Artagnan makes his way to England to seek the Duke himself, so that he may recover the diamonds and restore the queen's honor. Still, when all problems seem overcome, the English Duke of Buckingham plans to invade France, remove King Louis XIII and marry the queen; on the other hand, Cardinal Richelieu and Milady want revenge on d'Artagnan and Buckingham. Milady orders Rochefort to kidnap Constance Bonacieux, and when d'Artagnan learns this he sets off to rescue her. Milady is captured by Buckingham, and orders Felton to guard her. Felton falls in love with Milady; she seduces him and asks him to murder the Duke, which he does. Though she believes herself safe at a convent, Constance receives a visit from her supposed benefactor, Milady de Winter, who poisons her; d'Artagnan arrives at the scene and she dies in his arms. Together with Athos, Porthos and Aramis, d'Artagnan corners Milady and she is captured and sentenced to die for her crimes; Milady is then revealed to be Athos' own wife. The villains defeated and the country's honor restored, the four companions return to their homeland mourning the lives lost but cheering for their triumphs.
Melvin, Son of Alvin
Actors Graeme Blundell, Tina Bursill, David Argue, Irène Papas, Steve Bastoni, Katy Manning
Roles Dee
Rating53% 2.6978352.6978352.6978352.6978352.697835
A TV reporter is doing an article on the sexiest man on Earth. She tracks down Alvin Purple and discovers he has a son, Melvin, who is similarly irresistible to women. However Melvin is scared of women, and is a virgin.
A Good Thing Going, 1h12
Actors John Hargreaves, Chris Haywood, Simone Buchanan, Tina Bursill

Phil Harris (Hargreaves) spends more time with his best friend, Terry (Haywood) than with his wife and children. Phil's marriage disintegrates, with his wife (Lang) taking flight and leaving him to care for their distressed children.
Geography of the Heart
Actors Stephen Dorff, Bonnie Wright, Douglas Booth, Heike Makatsch, Matthew McNulty, Jana Pallaske
Roles Lucy

In London, a young man sabotages a relationship with the girl he loves because he fears losing control. Segment: Berlin