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Tippi Hedren is a Actor and Producer American born on 19 january 1930 at New Ulm (USA)

Tippi Hedren

Tippi Hedren
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Birth name Nathalie Kay Hedren
Nationality USA
Birth 19 january 1930 (90 years) at New Ulm (USA)

Tippi Hedren (born Nathalie Kay Hedren, January 19, 1930) is an American actress, former fashion model and an animal rights activist. She made her film debut in The Birds, followed by the title role Marnie. She has been involved with animal rescue at Shambala Preserve, an 80-acre (32 ha) wildlife habitat which she founded in 1983. Hedren was also instrumental in the development of Vietnamese-American nail salons in the United States.


In 1952, Hedren met and married 18-year-old future advertising executive Peter Griffith. Their daughter, actress Melanie Griffith, was born on August 9, 1957. They were divorced in 1961. On September 22, 1964, Hedren married her then-agent Noel Marshall, who later produced three of her films; they divorced in 1982. In 1985, she married steel manufacturer Luis Barrenechea, but they divorced in 1995. Hedren was engaged to veterinarian Martin Dinnes from 2002 until their breakup in mid-2008. In September 2008, Hedren told The Sunday Times "I’m waiting for someone to sweep me off my feet.

Hedren played a role in the development of Vietnamese-American nail salons in the United States.

In 1975, while an international relief coordinator with Food for the Hungry, she began visiting with refugees at Hope Village outside Sacramento, California. When she learned the women were interested in her manicured nails, she employed her manicurist to teach them the skills of the trade and worked with a local beauty school to help them find jobs. Hedren's work with the Vietnamese-Americans was the subject of Happy Hands, directed by Honey Lauren, which won Best Documentary Short at the Sonoma International Film Festival in 2014. CND and Beauty Changes Lives Foundation (BCL) have announced the BCL CND Tippi Hedren Nail Scholarship Fund to support professional nail education and will be administered starting January 1, 2014.

Hedren suffered from severe and persistent headaches for a long time and therefore was unable to accept several projects, including a television series produced by and starring Betty White. After she got a titanium plate put in her neck, she improved and then agreed, with the blessing of her doctor, to take the part of a dying woman in the soap opera Fashion House. While she was rehearsing a scene, a gallon of water fell from the ceiling onto her head. The headaches returned after the incident and persisted. Hedren filed a suit to receive recompense following her inability to work. Hedren's lawyer, Joseph Allen, made a mistake in his discussions with the defendants that allowed them to block him from filing suit. Hedren sued Allen for malpractice. In 2013, The Hollywood Reporter reported that Hedren had been awarded a $1.5 million settlement, including $213,400 for past lost earnings and $440,308 for future lost earnings, against her former lawyer. Hedren was hurt by the report as she had not collected the award. She gave an interview to explain that her former lawyer does not have the money to pay her, and discussed how the report put her in a difficult situation as her Foundation is in dire need of funds. She explained that she has to raise $75,000 monthly just to keep it going. "Chances are I won't ever even see the money, and that what hurts so badly, that in all of this pain and suffering that publication ran with a swift and not researched story, which told people around the world who have been so gracious and thoughtful about sending donations, that I no longer needed them."

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The Birds (1963)

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Jayne Mansfield's Car, 2h2
Directed by Billy Bob Thornton
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy-drama
Actors Billy Bob Thornton, Robert Duvall, Shawnee Smith, Kevin Bacon, John Hurt, Marshall Allman
Roles Naomi Caldwell
Rating62% 3.1489653.1489653.1489653.1489653.148965
The film is set in 1969 Morrison, Alabama. The Caldwell family includes three World War II veterans—brothers played by Thornton, Bacon and Patrick—their sister Donna (LaNasa), and a patriarch, Jim Caldwell (Duvall), who is a World War I veteran. The Caldwells are involved in a cultural clash with the Bedfords, a family which includes Phillip (Stevenson), a World War II veteran, his sister Camilla (O'Connor), and their father Kingsley (Hurt), also a World War I veteran.
House of Good and Evil, 1h48
Directed by Clint Howard
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Horror
Themes Films about families, Films about domestic violence
Actors Tippi Hedren, Clint Howard, Christian Oliver, Marietta Marich
Roles Mrs. Anderson
Rating64% 3.246833.246833.246833.246833.24683
Maggie Conley has a miscarriage after an argument with her husband Chris turns physical. To save their marriage, they move to a large house in rural Virginia. There, they are met by real estate agent Rob Bradley, who explains that the house has been converted into a duplex. An quiet, elderly couple, the Andersons, rent the other half of the house. As constant storms have made public utilities prohibitively expensive, Bradley suggests that they use cell phones and a generator. After showing them the house, Bradley comes upon a locked door and offers to return in a week with the key. Later, Chris declines Maggie's offer to start the generator and insists on doing it himself. That night, Chris celebrates with mixed alcoholic drinks. Annoyed that he has resumed drinking, Maggie declines to join him in bed.
Return to Babylon, 1h15
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama
Actors Jennifer Tilly, María Conchita Alonso, Debi Mazar, Ione Skye, Laura Harring, Tippi Hedren
Roles Mrs. Peabody
Rating66% 3.3255853.3255853.3255853.3255853.325585
Photographed with a hand-cranked camera and scored with music of the roaring twenties, this silent film strings together the lives of the most famous and infamous stars of the 1920s, including Rudolph Valentino, Gloria Swanson, Clara Bow, Lupe Vélez, Fatty Arbuckle, and William Desmond Taylor.
Free Samples, 1h19
Directed by Jay Gammill
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors Jess Weixler, Jesse Eisenberg, Jason Ritter, Halley Feiffer, Keir O'Donnell, Jocelin Donahue
Roles Betty
Rating56% 2.804212.804212.804212.804212.80421
Jillian (Weixler), a Stanford Law School dropout rebelling by opting out of the family business, wakes up after a night of drinking with no recollection. She is tasked with giving out free samples from an ice cream vendor truck in a parking lot somewhere-in-SoCal, on the day of her college boyfriend's birthday, unleashing an merciless barrage of hyper-neuroticism, abusing her legal practice training on the simple locals and experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions with her unsympathetic so-called friends. Although Jillian claims that she is "stuck in that stupid truck", it is only for one day and at it ends at a Mexican restaurant.
Cousin Sarah
Origin USA
Genres Horror
Actors Haylie Duff, Leah Pipes, Linda Blair, Jason Mewes, Blake Jenner, Tom Sizemore
Roles Betty
Rating53% 2.6611852.6611852.6611852.6611852.661185
Crystal, a teenage girl residing in Northern California with her mother Linda, gets an unannounced visit from her cousin Sarah, who becomes their houseguest for the summer and soon after unleashes her dark secret on Crystal, turning her life and the lives of others into a living hell.
Making Burros Fly, 1h30
Origin USA
Genres Documentary
Actors Tippi Hedren, James Cromwell
Roles elle-même

Birdemic: Shock and Terror, 1h36
Directed by James Nguyen
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Horror, Romance
Themes Films about animals, Environmental films, Films set in the future, Natural horror films, Films about birds, Disaster films
Actors Alan Bagh, Whitney Moore, Tippi Hedren, James Nguyen
Roles Actor on TV (archive footage)
Rating18% 0.903030.903030.903030.903030.90303
Rod (Alan Bagh) is a young software salesman living a successful life in Silicon Valley. He meets up with old classmate and aspiring fashion model Nathalie (Whitney Moore) and begins dating her. Things go well for the couple, with Rod receiving a large bonus that he uses to start his own business, while Nathalie is chosen as a Victoria's Secret model. As they grow closer, the couple remains oblivious to signs of something going wrong around them, such as unexplained wildfires and the carcasses of diseased birds turning up on beaches.
Nora Roberts' Tribute, 1h28
Directed by Martha Coolidge
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Horror, Romance
Actors Brittany Murphy, Jason Lewis, Christian Oliver, Diana Scarwid, Tippi Hedren, Griff Furst
Roles Mrs. Hennessey
Rating56% 2.8064952.8064952.8064952.8064952.806495
The movie revolves around former child star, Cilla McGowan (Murphy), who has found more satisfying work, restoring old houses. In search of a normal life, Cilla buys her grandmother's farmhouse in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, to rescue it from ruin.
The Boneyard Collection
Directed by Edward L. Plumb
Genres Comedy, Horror
Actors Forrest J Ackerman, Peter Atkins, George Kennedy, Cassandra Peterson, Candy Clark, Brad Dourif
Roles Aunt Gloria (segment "Her Morbid Desires")
Rating42% 2.1028152.1028152.1028152.1028152.102815
The Boneyard Collection
Directed by Edward L. Plumb
Genres Comedy, Horror
Actors Forrest J Ackerman, Peter Atkins, George Kennedy, Cassandra Peterson, Candy Clark, Brad Dourif
Roles Aunt Gloria (segment "Her Morbid Desires")
Rating42% 2.1028152.1028152.1028152.1028152.102815
The Last Confederate: The Story of Robert Adams, 1h36
Directed by Julian Adams, A. Blaine Miller
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Action, Historical, Romance
Themes Political films
Actors Amy Redford, Mickey Rooney, Rachel Hunter, Tippi Hedren, June Squibb, Robert Pine
Roles Mrs. Adams
Rating55% 2.762182.762182.762182.762182.76218
The love story of Confederate Captain Robert Adams II and northern girl, Eveline McCord. The story begins with Captain Adams's falling in love with Eveline, a governess from Pennsylvania who moved to South Carolina to work for Robert's first cousin, Governor James Hopkins Adams. As they fall in love in antebellum South Carolina, Captain Adams is launched into the outbreak of the American Civil War, despite the protests of Eveline. The film follows Adams through battles in Virginia, and his ultimate capture and subsequent imprisonment in the Federal Military Prison in Elmira, New York. The film was written and produced by the descendants of Robert and Eveline.
Diamond Zero, 1h32
Directed by David Gaz
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction
Actors Tippi Hedren, Joan Van Ark, Bronson Pinchot, Leo Rossi, Tuesday Knight, Richard Moll
Roles Eleanor Kelly
Rating44% 2.2166952.2166952.2166952.2166952.216695
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