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Todor Kolev is a Actor Bulgare born on 26 august 1939 at Shumen (Bulgarie)

Todor Kolev

Todor Kolev
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Birth name Todor Petrov Kolev
Nationality Bulgarie
Birth 26 august 1939 at Shumen (Bulgarie)
Death 15 february 2013 (at 73 years) at Sofia (Bulgarie)

Todor Petrov Kolev (Bulgarian: Тодор Колев; 26 August 1939 – 15 February 2013) was a leading Bulgarian film and stage actor, singer, comedian and TV presenter.

Born in Shumen, his first major film was Tsar i General (Tsar and General) in 1966. He has appeared in more than 30 films. He is best known to the Bulgarian audience by his roles in comedies such as Gospodin za edin den (King for a day), Dvoynikat (The Double), Prebroyavane na Divite Zaytsi (The Hare Census), Tsarska Piesa (Royal Play), Posledniyat Ergen (The Last Bachelor), Opasen Char (Dangerous Charm).

During the Communist rule, he was temporarily exiled from Sofia to Sliven for a joke he made in public that there were three Toshkos who made Bulgarians laugh ("Toshko" is the diminutive form of the name Todor in Bulgarian): the Communist leader Todor Zhivkov, the clown Toshko Kozarev and himself. However in his biography "Varnenskoto Sofianche Ot Shumen", Todor Kolev denies having ever said this.

He died on 15 February 2013 in Sofia, after serious illness of lung cancer.

Usually with

Georgi Rusev
Georgi Rusev
(2 films)
Itzhak Fintzi
Itzhak Fintzi
(2 films)
Ivan Andonov
Ivan Andonov
(1 films)
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Filmography of Todor Kolev (5 films)

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Dangerous Charm, 1h27
Directed by Ivan Andonov
Genres Thriller, Comedy
Actors Todor Kolev, Georgi Rusev, Nevena Kokanova, Tatyana Lolova
Roles Gencho Gunchev (Yastrebovski, Orelski, Pelikanski, Sokolov, Radul Misirkov, Iliya Burevestnikov)
Rating89% 4.4873454.4873454.4873454.4873454.487345
Born with the plain name Gencho Gunchev and with the soul of an adventurer, he cannot settle with the daily grind of a clerk. Using his charm, Gunchev begins relationships with rich women and after that disappears with their money.
King for a Day, 1h27
Genres Comedy
Actors Todor Kolev, Itzhak Fintzi, Stoyan Gadev, Georgi Mamalev
Roles Asparuh Kanchev - Purko
Rating85% 4.2855054.2855054.2855054.2855054.285505
The Central Warmth, 1h37
Genres Comedy
Actors Konstantin Kotsev, Naum Shopov, Georgi Cherkelov, Todor Kolev, Tatyana Lolova, Grigor Vachkov
Rating84% 4.233694.233694.233694.233694.23369
The inhabitants of one apartment building want to have central heating. However, with significant effort and strong connections, the Journalist manages to unveil that the turn of their building, to be included in the central heating network, has not yet come. Moreover, it is unclear in how many years it will come. In their despair and after a number of arguments, quarrels and even a bit of shooting, they decide do undertake actions that are considered illegal at that time (see Special notes). They hire contractors to lay the pipes. Three guys show up, the contract is signed and the money is paid in advance. Soon the work begins. With skills and acts provoking severe doubt in their professionalism, the contractors manage to drill holes in all walls and ceilings and then they disappear. Panic and despair strikes the residents. What are they to do now…? A decision is made. They must find the crooks and bring them back to finish what they have started. Finally, it turns out that our three fellows are already in jail. Then, the sufferers strike a bargain with the director of the jail; if he lets the cheats out to finish the job, then there will always be a shift of three people from the inhabitants of the building to take their places in jail. Moreover, such highly educated people like the Journalist and the Academician will give series of lectures to the prisoners, which will help the director to fulfil the cultural plan of the prison for the year.
The Hare Census, 1h9
Directed by Eduard Zahariev
Genres Comedy
Actors Itzhak Fintzi, Nikola Todev, Georgi Rusev, Todor Kolev, Evstati Stratev
Roles the young hunter
Rating67% 3.3842653.3842653.3842653.3842653.384265
The daily routine in the village of Yugla is shaken by the statistician clerk Asenov (Fintzi) who come with a mission to take the census of the hares in the locality. He makes the village mayor Bay Georgi (Todev) mobilize the local men in realization of the absurd task. On the very day all the village men are in the field. The mayor, the teacher, the veterinarian... even an old men join
The Goat Horn, 1h40
Directed by Metodi Andonov
Genres Drama
Actors Anton Gorchev, Katja Paskalewa, Todor Kolev
Roles Deli
Rating82% 4.1381154.1381154.1381154.1381154.138115
Au XVIIe siècle, la Bulgarie vit doulourousement la domination ottomane. Un soir, quatre brigands turcs pénètrent chez le berger Karaivan et violent et assassinent son épouse, sous les yeux de sa propre fille, Maris, âgée de dix ans. Fou de douleur, Karaivan met le feu à sa maison et s'enfuit dans la montagne avec la fillette. Il décide de l'élever comme un garçon, pour qu'un jour elle venge la mort de sa mère. Les années passent...