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Tomas von Brömssen is a Actor Suédois born on 8 may 1943

Tomas von Brömssen

Tomas von Brömssen
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Birth name Tomas Birger von Brömssen
Nationality Suede
Birth 8 may 1943 (76 years)
Awards Litteris et Artibus

Tomas Birger von Brömssen (born 8 May 1943, Örgryte, Västra Götalands län) is a Swedish actor.

He played leading roles in Albert & Herbert, My Life as a Dog (Swedish: Mitt liv som hund), Dykaren (English title Baltic Sea, Salvation or The Diver), Mannen från Mallorca (English title The Man from Majorca) and Sofies verden (English title Sophie's World).
Together with Lars-Eric Brossner, he wrote the 2003 play The Story of the Little Gentleman, based on Barbro Lindgren's book The Story of the Little Old Man.

He was first married to Eva von Brömssen from 1966 to 2000 (her death). He remarried on 21 November 2004 to the scientist Dorte Velling Pedersen, close friend to his first wife Eva. They currently reside in Frölunda, outside Gothenburg.

Povel Ramel awarded him the Karamelodiktstipendiet prize for Best Male TV Personality in 1986.

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Shed No Tears
Directed by Måns Mårlind
Genres Drama, Musical, Romance
Themes Musical films
Actors Adam Lundgren, Reine Brynolfsson, Tomas von Brömssen, Marie Richardson, Freddie Wadling
Roles Rolle
Rating70% 3.5475153.5475153.5475153.5475153.547515
Pål (Adam Lundgren)'s biggest dream is to get involved with music. His childhood friends Lena (Josefin Neldén) and Johnny (Jonathan Andersson) knows this, and his grandfather Rolle (Tomas von Brömssen), although he most of all would see that Pål gained an orderly job. When Eva (Disa Östrand) turns up as a summer night and captures Påls attention, she discovers that she shares his dream. The problem is that the only thing standing between Pål and the dream is his own obsessions that once after another leads him to derail just when most are at stake.
The Crown Jewels, 2h
Directed by Ella Lemhagen
Genres Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Actors Alicia Vikander, Bill Skarsgård, Loa Falkman, Alexandra Rapaport, Tomas von Brömssen, Björn Gustafsson
Roles Samnerud
Rating58% 2.901052.901052.901052.901052.90105
Fragancia is arrested for the attempted murder of Richard Persson, the son of a powerful factory owner.
Hundhotellet, 1h8
Directed by Per Åhlin
Origin Suede
Genres Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure, Animation
Themes Films about animals, Films about magic and magicians, Film d'animation mettant en scène un animal, Films about insects, Films about birds, Mise en scène d'une plante
Actors Hans Alfredson, Margreth Weivers, Björn Kjellman, Tomas von Brömssen, Johan Rabaeus, Johan Ulveson
Roles The Hotel Owner
Rating68% 3.4378953.4378953.4378953.4378953.437895
An antropomorphic dog named Sture is talked into taking a trip to Paris by his friend Picasso. After a series of misfortunes they end up in Scotland instead, staying at a mysterious hotel. Picasso remains ignorant and believes they are in Paris. Sture befriends the novelist Miss Mops and gets to meet several mysterious characters living in the hotel as strange events revolving around an Egyptian artifact start to take place.
Sophie's World, 1h53
Origin Norvege
Genres Drama, Fantasy
Themes Films about magic and magicians, Philosophie
Actors Andrine Sæther, Tomas von Brömssen, Silje Storstein, Bjørn Floberg, Hans Alfredson, Minken Fosheim
Roles Alberto Knox
Rating59% 2.954632.954632.954632.954632.95463
L'histoire commence en Norvège en 1990. Sophie Amundsen, une jeune fille, reçoit un jour dans sa boîte aux lettres une carte portant seulement les mots : « Qui es-tu ? » Une autre suit, portant les mots : « D'où vient le monde ? », puis d'autres encore. De fil en aiguille, Sophie se retrouve à lire les cours de philosophie du mystérieux Alberto Knox, qui présentent sous une forme attrayante l'histoire de la philosophie, ses grands thèmes et ses grandes figures.
Adam & Eva
Adam & Eva (1997)
, 1h39
Directed by Hannes Holm
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance
Actors Björn Kjellman, Tintin Anderzon, Reine Brynolfsson, Tomas von Brömssen
Roles Eva's father
Rating58% 2.9004652.9004652.9004652.9004652.900465
A church is burning. Firefighters rescues several people from the fire. But left in the Church is Eva (Josefin Nilsson), a blonde girl dressed as the Saint Lucia. One of the firefighters, Adam (Björn Kjellman), returns to the church to save her. They unite in a kiss and the ending credits starts rolling. After the credits are done you hear Adam ask, "Is it over now?". Four years later, Adam is sitting at the breakfast table thinking that the relationship is routine. Everything is predictable. Eva wants a baby and buy a house but Adam is not willing to take responsibility. He is afraid of being a regular Joe as his brother Sven (Reine Brynolfsson). Adam and Eva celebrates midsummer with Sven's family and friends. A lot of people have their kids with them. Åke (Jacob Ericksson) starts singing songs with dirty lyrics. Sven stops him, whereupon Åke goes away in protest to sit down and talk with Eva. At night, Adam meets Sven's and his wife Kicki's (Katrin Sundberg) young nanny Jackie (Dubrilla Ekerlund).
All Things Fair, 2h10
Directed by Bo Widerberg
Origin Suede
Genres Drama, Erotic, War, Romance
Themes Films about education, Films about sexuality, Erotic films, Political films
Actors Johan Widerberg, Marika Lagercrantz, Tomas von Brömssen, Björn Kjellman, Nina Gunke
Roles Kjell
Rating68% 3.446863.446863.446863.446863.44686
This film is set in 1943 when the whole of Europe was embroiled in WWII. It deals with attraction of a 15-year-old boy Stig to his teacher Viola. The movie revolves at first around the sexual encounters between Stig and Viola; then, as the plot develops, Stig forms a close friendship with Viola's husband, a hard-drinking salesman who is quite aware of what is going on with his wife and Stig but does nothing to prevent it. Eventually, Viola descends, like her husband, into drink, and after threatening Stig with a broken bottle, their relationship ends.
The Journey to Melonia, 1h44
Directed by Per Åhlin
Genres Fantasy, Adventure, Animation
Themes Films based on plays, Films based on works by William Shakespeare
Actors Allan Edwall, Olle Sarri, Ernst Günther, Tomas von Brömssen, Jan-Olof Strandberg, Hans Alfredson
Roles Ariel (voice)
Rating74% 3.7377753.7377753.7377753.7377753.737775
The beautiful paradise island Melonia is inhabited by the sorcerer Prospero with his daughter Miranda, the albatross Ariel, the good-natured vegetable-faced gardener Caliban and William the dog-nosed poet. They live a generally peaceful life, except for Caliban who has to work hard with the garden. A few miles away lies the dark island Plutonia, where the greedy capitalists Slug and Slagg rule. Once as green and flourishing as Melonia, Plutonia is now perceived as hell on earth, where children are forced to, under slave conditions, build weapons and tools of war, which Slug and Slagg believe is the way of the future. With Plutonia's resources nearly exhausted, Slug and Slagg turn their gaze on the unexploited Melonia, scheming to take it over with a gigantic drill.
My Life as a Dog, 1h41
Directed by Lasse Hallström
Origin Suede
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama
Themes Films about animals, Films about children, Films about sexuality, LGBT-related films, Transgender in film, Films about dogs, Mise en scène d'un mammifère, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film, Cross-dressing in film
Actors Anki Lidén, Tomas von Brömssen, Melinda Kinnaman, Lennart Hjulström, Ing-Marie Carlsson, Leif Erickson
Roles Ingemar's Uncle Gunnar
Rating75% 3.7986253.7986253.7986253.7986253.798625
The action takes place in the years 1958-1959 in Sweden. Troubled 12-year-old Ingemar (Anton Glanzelius) gets into all sorts of trouble, which drives his mother (Anki Lidén) crazy; Ingemar does not know that his mother is in fact terminally ill. When he and his older brother become too much for her, they are split up and sent to live with relatives. Ingemar ends up with his maternal uncle Gunnar (von Brömssen) and his wife Ulla (Kicki Rundgren) in a small rural town in Småland. Gunnar and Ingemar bond over Povel Ramel's recording of "Far, jag kan inte få upp min kokosnöt".
The Serpent's Way, 1h51
Directed by Bo Widerberg
Genres Drama
Actors Stina Ekblad, Stellan Skarsgård, Reine Brynolfsson, Pernilla August, Pernilla Wahlgren, Ernst Günther
Roles Jacob
Rating62% 3.1010853.1010853.1010853.1010853.101085
Voir l'article consacré au roman.
The Man from Majorca, 1h42
Directed by Bo Widerberg
Genres Thriller, Action, Crime
Actors Sven Wollter, Tomas von Brömssen, Håkan Serner, Ernst Günther, Gert Fylking, Ingvar Hirdwall
Roles kriminalinspektör Johansson
Rating69% 3.495133.495133.495133.495133.49513
A robber calmly holds up a post-office in Stockholm at Saint Lucy's Day December 13. The policemen Johansson and Jarnebring are the first on the scene and they chase the robber, who escapes. Shortly after, someone dies in a car accident and a dead body is found at a graveyard. After a while it is clear that these incidents has something to do with the robbery, and when the policemen are investigating further, they are beginning to reveal a bigger scandal. Meanwhile it seems that there is a cover up going on.