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Tomoko Naraoka is a Actor Japonais born on 1 december 1929

Tomoko Naraoka

Tomoko Naraoka
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Birth name 奈良 岡 朋 子, Naraoka Tomoko
Nationality Japon
Birth 1 december 1929 (90 years)

Tomoko Naraoka (奈良岡 朋子, Naraoka Tomoko, born December 1, 1929) is a Japanese actress and narrator. The daughter of a painter, she was born in Komagome, Hongō (present-day Bunkyo), in the city of Tokyo, Japan. She graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design.

Naraoka debuted as a cinema actress in the 1949 film Chijin no Ai, based on the novel Naomi. In 1981 she appeared in Rengō Kantai (lit. "Combined Fleet", United States title: The Imperial Navy). She also appeared in Torajirō Sarada Kinenbi (a 1988 movie in the long-running Otoko wa Tsurai yo series) as well as eight films in the Tsuribaka Nisshi series. Naraoka has appeared in several NHK Taiga dramas. Her first was the 1969 Ten to Chi to, in the role of the wife of Uesugi Sadazane. She portrayed Kita no Mandokoro (the wife of Toyotomi Hideyoshi) in Haru no Sakamichi (1971). Her next Taiga drama appearance was in 1976 in Kaze to Kumo to Niji to. She narrated the 1986 Inochi and 1989 Kasuga no Tsubone. She is the narrator of the 2008 drama Atsuhime. Other noteworthy narration roles include the 1983 serialized morning television drama Oshin. She also narrated Onna wa Dokyō (1992) and Haru Yo Koi (1994–1995). A nonfiction voice role was in the series Kiwameru: Nihon no Bi to Kokoro.


Fille d'un peintre, Tomoko Naraoka est diplômée de l'université Joshibi d'art et de design .

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Railways (2010)
, 2h10
Genres Drama
Themes Transport films, Rail transport films
Actors Kiichi Nakai, Reiko Takashima, Yuika Motokariya, Shirō Sano, Tomoko Naraoka, Masanori Ishii
Roles Kinuyo Tsutsui
Rating67% 3.362993.362993.362993.362993.36299
The movie tells the story of a 49-year-old office worker, who quits his job in Tokyo to become a train driver on the rural Ichibata Electric Railway in Shimane Prefecture.
Ponyo (2008)
, 1h40
Directed by Hayao Miyazaki
Genres Fantasy, Adventure, Animation
Themes Films about animals, Feminist films, Films about magic and magicians, Seafaring films, Transport films, Mermaids in film, Political films, Children's films
Actors Tomoko Yamaguchis, Yūki Amami, George Tokoro, Rumi Hiiragi, Kazuko Yoshiyuki, Tomoko Naraoka
Roles Yoshie (voice)
Rating76% 3.849883.849883.849883.849883.84988
Brunhilde is a fish-girl who lives with her father Fujimoto, a once-human wizard/scientist who now lives underwater, along with her numerous smaller sisters. One day, while she and her siblings are on an outing with their father in his four-flippered submarine, Brunhilde sneaks off and floats away on the back of a jellyfish. After an encounter with a fishing trawler (the net of which is scraping the trash-strewn bottom of the harbor), she ends up stuck in a glass jar. She drifts to the shore of a small fishing town and is found and rescued by a small boy named Sōsuke. Shattering the jar open with a nearby rock, Sōsuke cuts his finger in the process. Brunhilde licks his wound when he picks her up and the wound heals almost instantly, much to his surprise. After taking a great liking to her, and thinking her merely a goldfish, Sōsuke renames her Ponyo and promises to protect her forever. Meanwhile, a distraught Fujimoto searches frantically for his taken daughter. Because of his own bad memories of the human world, he believes that Sōsuke has kidnapped her and is in great danger, he calls his wave spirits to recover her. After the wave spirits retrieve Ponyo from Sōsuke, he is heartbroken. He goes home with his mother, Lisa, who tries to cheer him up, to no avail.
Railroad Man, 1h52
Directed by Yasuo Furuhata
Origin Japon
Genres Drama
Themes Transport films, Rail transport films
Actors Ken Takakura, Shinobu Ōtake, Ryōko Hirosue, Hidetaka Yoshioka, Masanobu Ando, Tomoko Naraoka
Roles Mune Kato
Rating71% 3.5907053.5907053.5907053.5907053.590705
A railway stationmaster at a dying end-of-the-line village in Hokkaido is haunted by memories of his dead wife and daughter. When the railroad line is scheduled to be closed, he is offered a job at a hotel, but he is emotionally unable to part with his career as a railroader. His life takes a turn when he meets a young woman with an interest in trains who resembles his daughter.
Take Me Away!
Directed by Nobuhiko Ōbayashi
Themes Films about music and musicians, Musical films
Actors Momoe Yamaguchi, Tomokazu Miura, Tomoko Naraoka
Rating57% 2.8984452.8984452.8984452.8984452.898445
A piano tuner on holiday in San Francisco, Kyoko (Yamaguchi), meets Tetsuo (Miura), a Japanese layabout on the run from his debts in Japan. Kyoko tells Tetsuo she is a pianist who has come to San Francisco to kill herself. After enjoying a night in a bar full of exciting people, they become romantically involved, and she admits she was lying. Kyoko starts living in Tetsuo's apartment but then has to leave. She persuades Tetsuo to come back to Japan in September.
Ballad of Orin, 1h57
Directed by Masahiro Shinoda
Origin Japon
Genres Drama
Actors Shima Iwashita, Tomoko Naraoka, Yoshio Harada, Toru Abe, Taiji Tonoyama, Jun Hamamura
Roles Teruyo
Rating73% 3.6749853.6749853.6749853.6749853.674985
Japon, vers 1900. Aveugle de naissance, la jeune Orin est abandonnée par sa mère à l'âge de six ans. Les habitants du village côtier d'Obama, dans la province de Wakasa la confient aux bons soins de Saito, le colporteur. Ce dernier emmène la fillette dans une maison de goze, une guilde de femmes aveugles, artistes itinérantes, soumises à des règles strictes de célibat. Orin grandit avec ces femmes, elle apprend le chant et le shamisen et devient à son tour une goze. Mais Orin, devenue une belle jeune femme, attire les convoitises, et elle est exclue de la maison de goze après avoir été violée.
Dodes'ka-den, 2h20
Directed by Akira Kurosawa
Origin Japon
Genres Drama
Themes Transport films, Rail transport films
Actors Kin Sugai, Junzaburō Ban, Yūko Kusunoki, Kunie Tanaka, Hisashi Igawa, Tatsuo Matsumura
Roles Ochô
Rating73% 3.696983.696983.696983.696983.69698
The film focuses on the lives of a variety of characters who happen to live in a rubbish dump. The first to be introduced is a mentally challenged boy who lives in a world of fantasy in which he is a tram conductor. He is both the tram and the tram driver and follows a set route and schedule through the dump; his dedication to the fantasy is fanatical. The film title refers to a Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound made by a tram or train while in motion ( "Do-desu-ka-den do-desu-ka-den do-desu-ka-den"). The sound is made by the boy as he makes his daily faux-tram route through the dump.
Hymn to a Tired Man, 2h10
Directed by Masaki Kobayashi
Genres Drama
Actors Michiyo Aratama, Makoto Fujita, Tomoko Naraoka, Kei Satō
Roles Zensaku's wife
Rating71% 3.554473.554473.554473.554473.55447
The Madness of Youth, 1h11
Directed by Seijun Suzuki
Genres Action, Crime
Actors Shinsuke Ashida, Tomoko Naraoka, Takanobu Hozumi, Kyū Sakamoto
Roles Masayo Sugita
Rating70% 3.5140353.5140353.5140353.5140353.514035
On a sweltering summer day, a gang of high school delinquents rove through an amusement park. One group member, Jirō Sugita (Tamio Kawachi), harasses one of the girls which invokes an extended verbal rebuke. Jirō leaves the group and returns home where he lives with his single mother, Misayo (Tomoko Naraoka). She is the mistress of Keigo Nanbara (Shinsuke Ashida), a business man, both of whom Jirō is constantly at odds with. Jirō gets in a fight with Nanbara, tears violently through the house and steals some money. Another girl from the group, Toshimi Tani (Yoshiko Yatsu), has a crush on Jirō. The two start a physical relationship but Jirō is decidedly cooler towards the affair. At Misayo's request, Nanbara lectures Jirō about his disreputable lifestyle and relationship but is met with mockery.
Miniature (1953)
, 2h11
Directed by Kaneto Shindō
Origin Japon
Genres Drama
Actors Nobuko Otowa, Isuzu Yamada, Sumiko Hidaka, Sō Yamamura, Osamu Takizawa, Tanie Kitabayashi
Rating69% 3.4530853.4530853.4530853.4530853.453085
Ginko (Nobuko Otowa) works as a geisha to support her poor family, even though she has trained as a shoemaker to work with her father (Jūkichi Uno). She works first in Tokyo, then in northern Japan, and then in Tokyo again. She catches pneumonia and is carried home to die, but in the end her younger sister Tokiko dies and she lives.
Children of Hiroshima, 1h37
Directed by Kaneto Shindō
Origin Japon
Genres Drama, War, Documentary
Themes Seafaring films, Transport films, Aviation films, Political films
Actors Nobuko Otowa, Osamu Takizawa, Masao Shimizu, Hideji Ōtaki, Jun Tatara, Yuriko Hanabusa
Rating77% 3.8845853.8845853.8845853.8845853.884585
Takako Ishikawa (Nobuko Otowa) is a teacher on an island in the inland sea off the coast of Hiroshima after World War II. During her summer holiday, she goes back to Hiroshima to visit the graves of her parents and younger sister, who were killed in the bomb attack. She sees a beggar and realizes he is a man called Iwakichi (Osamu Takizawa) who used to work for her parents, now burned on the face and partially blind. She visits him at his home and asks about his family. His grandson, Tarō, is now in an institution. She visits the institution and finds the children barely have enough to eat. Takako offers to take Iwakichi and his grandson back to the island, but he refuses, running away.