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Valeria Sabel is a Actor born on 7 april 1928

Valeria Sabel

Valeria Sabel
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Birth 7 april 1928
Death 18 august 2009 (at 81 years)

Valeria Sabel (7 April 1928 – 18 August 2009) was an Italian actress. She appeared in more than sixty films from 1964 to 2009. In Godfather III she played the role of Sister Vincenza.

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Filmography of Valeria Sabel (26 films)

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Once Upon a Time the City of Fools, 1h30
Directed by Marco Turco
Genres Drama, Biography
Themes Medical-themed films, Films about psychiatry
Actors Fabrizio Gifuni, Vittoria Puccini, Michela Cescon, Branko Đurić, Valeria Sabel
Roles Biachina
Rating78% 3.9101653.9101653.9101653.9101653.910165
The film treats of the activities of Franco Basaglia who revolutionized Italian psychiatry and shows the degrading situation that existed in Italian psychiatric hospitals before the passing of Basaglia Law.
Giulia Doesn't Date at Night, 1h45
Directed by Giuseppe Piccioni
Origin Italie
Genres Drama, Thriller, Romance
Themes Films about suicide
Actors Valerio Mastandrea, Valeria Golino, Sonia Bergamasco, Paolo Sassanelli, Antonia Liskova, Piera Degli Esposti
Roles Old Woman
Rating63% 3.196323.196323.196323.196323.19632
Guido Montani (Valerio Mastandrea) est un écrivain italien qui a connu avec son dernier livre un beau succès commercial. Cependant, il est insatisfait de son travail auquel il n'arrive pas à s'identifier. Il lit peu, manque d'imagination et peine à trouver les idées qui lui permettrait d'écrire le roman parfait dont il rêve. Marié à Benedetta (Sonia Bergamasco), ils ont ensemble une fille, Costanza (Domiziana Cardinali), qui suit des cours des natations.
Happiness Costs Nothing
Directed by Mimmo Calopresti
Genres Drama
Actors Vincent Pérez, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Francesca Neri, Mimmo Calopresti, Laura Betti, Fabrizia Sacchi
Roles Madre di Sergio
Rating54% 2.7189852.7189852.7189852.7189852.718985
Sergio, un homme de quarante ans, sent qu’il doit essayer d’être heureux. Un jour, après un accident de voiture, il s’arrête et réfléchit. Il se rend compte qu’il n’aime plus sa femme et qu’elle a aussi cessé de l’aimer ; même si pour préserver sa tranquillité, celle-ci accepte les incartades de son mari. Sergio n’est plus satisfait de ce qu’il possède : il ne sait que faire de tout ce qu’il a autour de lui, de son travail d’architecte, de sa belle maison et de son fils, de son argent, des amis avec lesquels il ne parvient pas à être hypocrite et dont il ne tolère plus l’hypocrisie. Sergio abandonne tout et reste seul. Seul avec lui-même et avec un de ses ouvriers, qui est surtout un ami, et qui l’aide à comprendre que le paradis de la simplicité existe. Un jour survient le miracle. Sergio rencontre l’amour de sa vie, mais la femme belle, mystérieuse et sensuelle, l’abandonne. Il ne reste plus à Sergio qu’à plonger au plus profond de soi pour tenter de donner un sens à quelque chose dont il ignore lui-même la nature. Lorsque Sergio sera enfin arrivé au terme de sa quête, il retrouvera tout : la vie, l’amour, les amis et surtout l’espoir d’être heureux.
Follow Your Heart
Directed by Cristina Comencini
Origin Italie
Genres Drama, Romance
Actors Virna Lisi, Margherita Buy, Galatea Ranzi, Massimo Ghini, Tchéky Karyo, Luigi Diberti
Roles Elsa Razman
Rating53% 2.6758252.6758252.6758252.6758252.675825
Dans la ville de Trieste, proche de la fin de sa vie, Olga (Virna Lisi – Margherita Buy) laisse par écrit à sa petite-fille Marta (Valentina Chico ) ses souvenirs, l'occasion pour elle de se remémorer dans les détails les moments forts et importants de sa vie, de la naissance de sa fille Ilaria (Galatea Ranzi) à ses anciens amours, Augusto (Massimo Ghini) et Ernesto (Tchéky Karyo).
Damned the Day I Met You, 1h52
Directed by Carlo Verdone
Origin Italie
Genres Comedy, Romance
Actors Carlo Verdone, Margherita Buy, Elisabetta Pozzi, Stefania Casini, Didi Perego, Valeria Sabel
Roles la madre di Bernardo
Rating67% 3.385693.385693.385693.385693.38569
Bernardo is dumped by his girlfriend and begins a period of meetings with his psychologist. Although his career as a rock music critic begins to decline, and especially Bernardo, with his problems, does not know how to publish a book on the secrets of the singer Jimi Hendrix. In the meantime he knows the problematic and shy Camilla, who disrupts his life. After some bickering, the two travel to London to meet almost unknown people who believe knowing how to really the singer Hendrix died when he was found lifeless in his hotel. For Bernardo is a great opportunity because this interview will allow him to rebuild his career; but the interview that he does to an important customer, poorly fitted by his friend Camilla, is tragically recorded without audio!
The Godfather Part III, 2h43
Directed by Francis Ford Coppola
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller, Mob film, Action, Crime
Themes Films about immigration, Mafia films, Seafaring films, Films about religion, Transport films, Gangster films
Actors Al Pacino, Andy García, Diane Keaton, Talia Shire, Sofia Coppola, Eli Wallach
Roles Sister Vincenza
Rating75% 3.798773.798773.798773.798773.79877
In 1979, as Michael Corleone is approaching 60, he regrets his ruthless rise to power, and is especially guilt-ridden for having his brother, Fredo, murdered. He has semi-retired from the Mafia, leaving the Corleone family's criminal interests under enforcer Joey Zasa's control. Michael uses his tremendous wealth and power in an attempt to rehabilitate his reputation via numerous charitable acts. Michael and Kay divorced in 1960, and Kay was given custody of their children, Anthony and Mary.
Via Panisperna Boys, 2h3
Directed by Gianni Amelio
Origin Italie
Genres Drama
Actors Laura Morante, Cristina Marsillach, Ennio Fantastichini, Mario Adorf, Virna Lisi, Sabina Guzzanti
Roles Annunciatrice EIAR
Rating69% 3.484973.484973.484973.484973.48497
The story is inspired by a real life fact and set in the 1930s when, at the Institute of Physics of Via Panisperna, in Rome, physicist Enrico Fermi managed to involve a group of brilliant young students—Emilio, Bruno, Edoardo and Ettore (respectively, Emilio Segrè, Bruno Pontecorvo, Edoardo Amaldi and Ettore Majorana, all of whom became famous scientists)—forming a working group committed to scientific research who would achieve great discoveries in the field of nuclear physics.
They Call Me Renegade, 1h30
Directed by Enzo Barboni
Origin Italie
Genres Comedy, Action, Adventure, Western
Actors Terence Hill, Robert Vaughn, Norman Bowler, Luigi Bonos, Valeria Sabel
Roles Rachel
Rating61% 3.0974353.0974353.0974353.0974353.097435
"Renegade" Luke (Hill), a drifter and petty con artist, lives a free and easy life with no responsibility travelling around the Southwestern United States in his Jeep CJ Renegade with a chestnut colt named Joe Brown. This all comes to an end when his friend Moose (Norman Bowler) forces Luke to become the legal guardian of Moose's property and his son Matt (Ross Hill), while Moose is serving time in jail for a crime he claims he didn't commit. Both Luke and Matt are reluctant at the idea of accepting the arrangement first, but events quickly spin out of control when Lawson Robert Vaughn tries to get hold of the property, forcing them to rely on each other.
Quartiere (1987)

Directed by Silvano Agosti
Actors Valeria Sabel
Rating65% 3.288723.288723.288723.288723.28872
My Friends Act III, 1h50
Directed by Nanni Loy
Origin Italie
Genres Comedy
Actors Ugo Tognazzi, Gastone Moschin, Adolfo Celi, Renzo Montagnani, Bernard Blier, Valeria Sabel
Roles Valeria Migliari
Rating63% 3.1587353.1587353.1587353.1587353.158735
The four Tuscan friends now have over sixty years of age and are nearing retirement. Count Mascetti is always the most unfortunate because in addition to end up in a wheelchair has also lost his wife in an incident. So his friends not to make him suffer the lead in a nursing home, where, however Mascetti never ceases to make his jokes to patients and nurses, very fun with his "supercazzola". Soon, the architect Melandri and the bartender Necchi reach the hospice to keep him company and participate with him in the jokes and antics against the elderly hospice. In particular, the man targeted by three, also included the surgeon Sassaroli, an old man (Bernard Blier) who dreams of the youth, and so the four friends give him well-served setting up a scene similar to the wastelands of Hell. There is the old man and conducted with a subset of satanic ritual in which Sassaroli plays the priest and a prostitute is very young sacrificial victim, believes young again. In fact, the four friends pranksters and goliardic have painted the hair black man after he fell asleep. The next day the old man feels like reborn and starts to make a lot of exercises dangerous for a man of his age, dying of a heart attack in a short time.