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Vanness Wu is a Actor Taiwanais born on 7 august 1978 at Santa Monica (USA)

Vanness Wu

Vanness Wu
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Nationality Taiwan
Birth 7 august 1978 (44 years) at Santa Monica (USA)

Vanness Wu (born on August 7, 1978) is an American actor, singer, director, and producer.


Wu married longtime girlfriend, Singaporean heiress and entrepreneur Arissa Cheo in November 15, 2013.

Usually with

Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee
(4 films)
Joe Ranft
Joe Ranft
(1 films)
Andy On
Andy On
(3 films)
Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan
(2 films)
Sammo Hung
Sammo Hung
(3 films)
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Filmography of Vanness Wu (11 films)

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Ip Man 4: The Finale
Directed by Wilson Yip
Origin Hong kong
Genres Drama, Action, Historical
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films, Kung fu films
Actors Donnie Yen, Scott Adkins, Jackie Chan, Vanness Wu, Danny Chan Kwok Kwan, Ngo Ka-nin
Roles Hartman Wu
Rating70% 3.5054853.5054853.5054853.5054853.505485
Ip Man arrive à San Francisco, aux États-Unis, où son élève Bruce Lee a ouvert une école de Wing Chun .
Monk Comes Down the Mountain, 2h3
Directed by Chen Kaige
Origin Chine
Genres Comedy, Action, Historical, Martial arts
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films
Actors Aaron Kwok, Lin Chi-ling, Chang Chen, Yuen Wah, Wang Xueqi, Vanness Wu
Roles Cui Daorong
Rating54% 2.7456152.7456152.7456152.7456152.745615
Le film, basé sur un best-seller, raconte l’histoire d’un moine taoïste doué en kung-fu qui quitte une montagne isolée pour aller en ville dans les années 1920 et y découvrir son rôle dans le monde laïque, où il devient impliqué dans des complots et rencontre d’étranges personnages.
Dragon Blade, 2h7
Directed by Daniel Lee
Origin Chine
Genres Drama, War, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Historical, Martial arts
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films
Actors Jackie Chan, Adrien Brody, John Cusack, Lin Peng, Vanness Wu, Alfred Hsing
Roles Christian
Rating59% 2.95592.95592.95592.95592.9559
In western China, 48 BC, a security company under China's current government called the Silk Road Protection Squad is committed towards stopping battles and promoting the idea of peace. Huo An (Chan), the captain, successfully averts a battle between the Indians and Huns. The group returns to their unnamed home city, where Huo An's wife serves as a schoolteacher for orphans. However, the government uncovers evidence that someone in the group is corrupt, causing the entire group to be sentenced to construction work at Goose Gate, a ruined fortress. Once they arrive, the group pays respects at the shrine of a fallen Chinese general, since they originally were child-slaves of Hun descent, but later the general had rescued them.
LaMB (2009)
, 45minutes
Genres Science fiction
Actors Vanness Wu, Josie Ho, Chie Tanaka
Rating55% 2.7649652.7649652.7649652.7649652.764965
LaMB takes place in the distant future on a desert planet called Cerra. The story features a prison system, in which prisoners are sealed in personal containment systems known as "laminated suits" and used for labor. Prisoners go through a "Lamination" process, where they are fitted with cybernetic, laminated skin-tight suits. In these suits, they can move around and completed work assignments that cannot be done by machine or robots. Law-abiding citizens are protected, while the criminals become members of society in a futuristic prison system. This process ensures that convicted criminals remain productive members in a system of virtual slavery. The story encompasses the dichotomy between the theory and practice of a futuristic society's justice system.
Kung Fu Chefs, 1h32
Origin Hong kong
Genres Martial arts, Comedy, Action, Martial arts
Themes Cooking films, Sports films, Martial arts films, Kung fu films
Actors Sammo Hung, Vanness Wu, Cherrie Ying, Ai Kago, Barbie Hsu (徐熙媛), Timmy Hung
Roles Lung Kin-Yat
Rating52% 2.611742.611742.611742.611742.61174
Wong Kai Joe (Louis Fan) has had hatred of his uncle Wong Ping Yee (Sammo Hung) in his heart for a very long time and does what he can to oust his uncle from the village and to claim rights to the Dragon Head Cleaver, a symbol of power to the clan. As Wong Ping Yee is forced out of the village, he encounters Shum Ching (Cherrie Ying) and her sister (Ai Kago) by chance, and is determined to help them during troubled times at their restaurant "Four Seas". He trains a young chef, Ken'ichi Lung Kin Yat (Vanness Wu) to compete against Chef Tin (Lam Chi-chung), the head chef at "Imperial Palace", for the title of "Top Chef".
Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon, 1h41
Directed by Daniel Lee
Origin Hong kong
Genres Drama, War, Action, Historical, Martial arts
Themes Films based on mythology, Sports films, Martial arts films
Actors Andy Lau, Sammo Hung, Yu Rongguang, Maggie Q, Vanness Wu, Andy On
Roles Zhao Bao
Rating61% 3.050513.050513.050513.050513.05051
Zhao Zilong begins his career by enlisting in Liu Bei's army. He befriends a fellow soldier, Luo Ping'an, who is also from his hometown in Changshan. Not long later, Zhao participates in a battle against Liu Bei's rival Cao Cao. He follows Zhuge Liang's plan and launches a sneak attack on the enemy camp at night, achieving his first victory. Liu Bei is overwhelmed by Cao Cao and is forced to retreat to Phoenix Heights but is separated from his family during the chaos. Luo is ordered to find and bring Liu's family back safely but fails. Zhang Fei is angered and thrusts his spear towards Luo, but Zhao blocks the attack and engages Zhang and Guan Yu in a fight. Zhao remains undefeated after dueling for several rounds and Liu Bei is impressed by his skill. Zhao offers to retrieve Liu's family, and Guan Yu and Zhang Fei cover him while he breaks through enemy lines to begin the search.
Cars (2006)
, 1h56
Directed by John Lasseter, Joe Ranft
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Action, Adventure, Animation
Themes Sports films, Transport films, Films about automobiles, Auto racing films, Road movies, Buddy films, Children's films
Actors Owen Wilson, Paul Newman, Bonnie Hunt, Larry the Cable Guy, Tony Shalhoub, Michael Wallis
Roles 閃電麥坤
Rating71% 3.5960953.5960953.5960953.5960953.596095
In a world populated by anthropomorphic vehicles, the last race of the Piston Cup championship ends in a three-way tie between retiring veteran Strip "The King" Weathers, infamous runner-up Chick Hicks, and rookie Lightning McQueen. The tiebreaker race is scheduled for one week later at the (fictional) Los Angeles International Speedway in California. Lightning is desperate to win the race, since it would allow him to leave the unglamorous sponsorship of Rust-Eze, a rust treatment for old cars, and allow him to take The King's place as the sponsored car of the lucrative Dinoco team. Eager to start practice in California as soon as possible, he pushes his big rig, Mack, to travel all night long. While McQueen is sleeping, the exhausted Mack drifts off and is startled by a gang of four reckless street racers, causing McQueen to fall out the back of the trailer and into the road. McQueen wakes in the middle of traffic and speeds off the highway to find Mack, only to end up in the run-down desert town of Radiator Springs, and inadvertently ruining the pavement of its main road.
Dragon Squad, 1h51
Directed by Daniel Lee
Origin Hong kong
Genres Martial arts, Action, Crime, Martial arts
Themes Sports films, Films about terrorism, Martial arts films
Actors Vanness Wu, Shawn Yue Man Lok, Xia Yu, Sammo Hung, Maggie Q, Michael Biehn
Roles Officer Wang Sun-Ho
Rating53% 2.657662.657662.657662.657662.65766
Interpol agent Wang Sun-Ho states that this is his first mission in a messy laundry hallway filled with fluff as if a gunfight had taken place there. The start shows a team of young INTERPOL agents arriving in Hong Kong to give testimony against recently captured crime boss Tiger Duen. Among the agents are Officer Wang Sun-Ho, an ex-SWAT officer trained in the United States, two HKPD officers Hung Kei Lok and Pak Yat Suet, ex-PLA sniper Luo Zai-Jun, and ex-SAS operator James "Jie" Lam. They are greeted by Hon Sun, the one in charge of the case. However the escort of Tiger turns into a situation as the older Duen brother Panther Duen plans to rescue Tiger. The rescue attempt is aborted when the agents mistake an innocent civilian as the criminal attempting to break Tiger free and also discover that the convoy they are guarding is a decoy. Panther pulls out and disappears.
Star Runner, 1h44
Directed by Daniel Lee
Genres Drama, Thriller, Martial arts, Action, Romance, Martial arts
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films, Kung fu films
Actors Vanness Wu, Kim Hyun-joo, Max Mok, Andy On, Gordon Liu, Wong You-nam
Roles Bond Cheung
Rating51% 2.5725352.5725352.5725352.5725352.572535
Bond Cheung (Vanness Wu) is a high school student in Hong Kong who has a strong passion for Muay Thai kick boxing. He trains at a local boxing gym, and is instructed by the Kong Ching team trainer Lau (Gordon Liu), in an effort to be a competitor in the Star Runner Pan Asian Martial Arts Competition. While attending summer courses, he is attracted to his new Korean teacher Kim Mei Chiu (Kim Hyun-Joo). It is revealed that she is recovering from a break-up in Korea with a former lover and has come to Hong Kong to start over. The two start off as friends, but after a series of fateful events occur, feelings spark, and they eventually begin seeing one another, in spite of the controversy that it creates. Then abruptly, Bond is kicked off the Kong Ching team, regarding with his coach's financial troubles, which angers him and believes that his chance in entering the competition is gone. Soon after, he is confronted by an unexpected new trainer Bill (Max Mok Siu Chung), a washed-up but well experienced former martial arts champion. After some compensation, Bill teaches Bond Chinese Kung Fu (Wing Chun, Hong Kuen) as alternative and effective fighting techniques to his kick boxing. Regained confidence, Bond then decides to enter the competition on his own, with Bill as his advisor and cornerman and they become the team Fusion Tao. The event draws entries of 18 boxing organizations from 12 countries, along with its most lethal fighter Tank Wong (Andy On) from Soul Boxing Gym team. As his relationship with Kim becomes stable, Kim's former lover sees her again, asking for forgiveness, saying that he still loves her. With her feelings torn, she decides to go back to Korea with him, but is still having second thoughts about her feelings for Bond. In the competition however, competitors are slowly eliminated one by one, as the epic fight between Bond and Tank draws closer and what will determine both fighters' destiny.