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Velko Kanev is a Actor Bulgare born on 31 july 1948

Velko Kanev

Velko Kanev
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Nationality Bulgarie
Birth 31 july 1948
Death 11 december 2011 (at 63 years) at Sofia (Bulgarie)

Velko Kanev (1948–2011) was a Bulgarian comic actor. He was also one of the founding members of the Bulgarian comedy show (and musical group) Klub NLO (Клуб НЛО).



Kanev, Velko

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Elhovo, Bulgaria

Date of death


Place of death

Sofia, Bulgaria


Velko Kanev est diplômé de l'Académie Nationale de Théâtre et de Cinéma (VITIZ) en 1973 dans la classe théâtrale du grand Apostol Karamitev.

Il est apparu dans les rôles principaux dans beaucoup des films bulgares, et aussi dans dizaines de rôles mémorables dans le Théâtre National Ivan Vazov. Dans les années 1990 et au début des années 2000, il a joué dans la comédie télévisée Klub NLO (UFO Club). Velko Kanev a également mis en scène plusieurs pièces de théâtre à succès sur la scène bulgare, notamment "Le père Noël est une ordure", "Nuit d'ivresse", "Un grand cri d'amour" et "L'ex femme de ma vie" de Josiane Balasko ainsi que The Noble Spaniard de Somerset Maugham.

Il est reconnu comme l'un des meilleurs comédiens bulgares de sa génération.

Le 2 octobre 2008, à l'occasion de son 60e anniversaire, Velko Kanev a été honoré de la présence du Président de la République de Bulgarie Gueorgui Parvanov et du ministre de la culture bulgare Stefan Danailov, de l'Ordre bulgare de Saint Cyrille et Méthode, 1er degré, pour son grand mérite dans le domaine de la culture et de l'art.. À cette même date, l'acteur marque son retour sur la scène du théâtre avec la pièce "12 furieux monologues" regroupant des monologues des rôles les plus remarquables de sa carrière.

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Footsteps in the Sand, 1h29
Directed by Ivaylo Hristov
Genres Drama, Comedy
Actors Ivan Barnev, Asen Blatechki, Carla Rahal, Velko Kanev, Bashar Rahal, Labina Mitevska
Roles Custom Officer
Rating81% 4.090444.090444.090444.090444.09044
Slavi (Ivan Barnev) once believed to have found true love in Nelly (Yana Titova). When he realizes that his girlfriend is in love with another man, he drowns his sorrows in alcohol, gets into conflict with the government and eventually runs away from Bulgaria. This is the start of a year-long odyssey that takes him halfway around the world: from a refugee camp in Austria to the streets of New York and the Utah desert. There he meets an Native American who gives him an amulet, which he can win back his love. Slavi returns to Bulgaria and indeed he meets Nelly .
Time of Violence, 4h48
Directed by Ludmil Staikov
Genres Drama, Historical
Actors Rousy Chanev, Iossif Surchadzhiev, Anya Angelova Pencheva, Konstantin Kotsev, Velko Kanev, Đoko Rosić
Roles Velikiyat vezir
Rating89% 4.4894654.4894654.4894654.4894654.489465
Ottoman Empire, 1668. Köprülü Fazıl Ahmed Pasha concentrates his war efforts on the Cretan War, which inspires him to further subdue the Sultan's Christian subjects. One of the targets is Elindenya, a village located in a Rhodope valley where the Christians enjoy a de facto autonomy thanks to the local Muslim overlord Süleyman Agha's rule. A sipahi regiment is dispatched to the valley with the mission of converting the Christian population to Islam, by force if necessary. The extraordinary thing is that the regiment is led by Kara Ibrahim, a devshirme from Elindenya and although Süleyman Agha, feeling that his self-ordained rule is at stake, objects to forced conversions, Kara Ibrahim seems to be in favour of harsh measures against the locals, including his own family.
Maneuvers on the Fifth Floor, 1h35
Directed by Petar B. Vasilev
Genres Comedy
Actors Stefan Lambov Danailov, Velko Kanev
Roles Petar Petkin
Rating74% 3.704273.704273.704273.704273.70427
Three colleagues and devoted friends – Danton, Petar and Andrey – share an office and not only on the fifth floor of a socialist industrial research institute from the mid-eighties. Every morning when they come to work they lock the door of the office and, armed with binoculars and great interest, they begin watching the aerobics exercises of a young girl in the nearby building. Suddenly, their tranquil daily round is disturbed - a new director takes over the Institute and decides to develop close scientific partnerships with similar institutes in Japan. A rumor has it that one of our three friends will go on a business trip there. But who? The three friends are now rivals. Homo homini lupus est! All the three undertake sophisticated underground maneuvers in order to get the prize. Everything is at stake! There is only one rule and it is there are NO rules! At the end, of course, it turns out everything has been in vain. The one to go to Japan is the director.
A Nameless Band, 1h52
Directed by Lyudmil Kirkov
Genres Comedy
Actors Velko Kanev, Dimitar Manchev, Georgi Rusev, Georgi Mamalev
Roles Velko
Rating87% 4.390794.390794.390794.390794.39079
Vanya, Velko, Filip, Pavel and Gosho establish a band with a lead singer, Vanya (who is the girlfriend of Filip). They hope to make it to one of the big seaside resorts during the holiday season, as a part of their road to fame and success. For the trip they need HiFi equipment and good friends, high enough to arrange them a prestigious place to play. The beginning is optimistic but it soon becomes clear that everything comes at its price. The director of the House of Culture, where they normally rehears, can provide them with everything they need, but with two conditions. First he wants them to play songs with political charge, something they have always refused to do, just for the sheer principle; second he forces them to change their talented singer and friend Vanya with his beautiful favorite, Reni, who is a mediocre singer. They arrive at the seaside hotel, where they are supposed to perform, with Reni instead of Vanya. Here they realize that their "protector" is everything but influential and he has cheated them. So, without a place to perform and without even a place to sleep, they decide to chance their fortune, traveling along the seacoast and performing wherever they can. Finally they end up in a small bar at the beach.