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Verónica Echegui is a Actor Espagnol born on 16 june 1983 at Madrid (Espagne)

Verónica Echegui

Verónica Echegui
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Birth name Verónica Fernández Echegaray
Nationality Espagne
Birth 16 june 1983 (40 years) at Madrid (Espagne)

Verónica Fernández Echegaray (born 16 June 1983), known professionally as Verónica Echegui, is a Spanish actress.

Echegui has been nominated for three Goya Awards in two categories: Best New Actress for My Name Is Juani, and Best Actress for My Prison Yard and Kathmandu Lullaby. At the 59th Berlin International Film Festival, she was one of ten young European actors honoured with the Shooting Stars Award.


Echegui is fluent in Spanish and English. She has been compared to Penélope Cruz for both her looks and her talent. A photo of her by photographer Jorge Fuembuena has been selected to be the official poster of the 23rd Festival of the Spanish Cinema (in French '23ème festival du cinéma espagnol') in Nantes, France.

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The Hunter's Prayer, 1h30
Directed by Jonathan Mostow
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Action
Actors Sam Worthington, Alicia Silverstone, Odeya Rush, Joel Kinnaman, Martin Compston, Allen Leech
Roles Dani
Rating56% 2.802362.802362.802362.802362.80236
Un tueur à gages, Lucas, aide une jeune fille, qu'il aurait dû tuer, à venger la mort de son père, un comptable qui a détourné plusieurs millions de sa société, dirigée par un puissant homme d'affaires qui a payé Lucas pour l'exécuter.
&Me (2013)

Origin France
Actors Verónica Echegui, Teun Luijkx, Mark Waschke, Rossy de Palma, Howard Charles, Michel Nabokoff
Roles Edurne
Rating51% 2.571152.571152.571152.571152.57115
Every month the European Parliament moves from Brussels to its seat in Strasbourg. A week later everything is moved back. The unconventional love story '&ME takes place against this attempt to maintain European idealism and unity.
Family United, 1h37
Directed by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo
Origin Espagne
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance
Actors Verónica Echegui, Antonio de la Torre, Quim Gutiérrez, Patrick Criado, Héctor Colomé
Roles Cris
Rating61% 3.09633.09633.09633.09633.0963
Ce film raconte l'histoire d'un mariage qui a lieu lors de la finale de la Coupe du monde de football en Afrique du Sud. Ce jour de catharsis générale, pendant que le pays entier se paralyse, une famille composée de cinq frères : Adán (Antonio de la Torre), Benjamín (Roberto Álamo), Caleb (Quim Gutiérrez), Daniel (Miquel Fernández) et Efraín (Patrick Criado), va également être confrontée au match le plus important de sa vie. Seront-ils capables de gagner ? Faut-il gagner à tout prix ? Peut-on perdre avec dignité ? Faut-il jouer l'attaque ou est-ce mieux de se défendre ?
The Cold Light of Day, 1h34
Directed by Mabrouk el Mechri, Kevin Mann
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Action
Actors Henry Cavill, Bruce Willis, Sigourney Weaver, Caroline Goodall, Rafi Gavron, Verónica Echegui
Roles Lucia
Rating49% 2.4544752.4544752.4544752.4544752.454475
Will Shaw (Henry Cavill) works as an advisor in San Francisco. During the summer break, he reluctantly visits his family in Spain for a holiday. He is met there by his father, Martin Shaw (Bruce Willis), who is himself an advisor for the government. That evening, phone calls put Will in a bad mood and he decides to go fishing the next day. His preoccupation with the phone results in a sailing accident; Will leaps to save his brother's (Rafi Gavron) girlfriend Dara (Emma Hamilton) from being hit by the yacht's boom but she hits her head on a winch. While everyone is fussing over Dara, Will's phone rings again. In frustration, Martin grabs it and throws it into the ocean. Will decides to swim to town to fetch medical supplies and take some time to cool down.
Verbo (2011)
, 1h30
Origin Espagne
Genres Drama, Fantastic, Fantasy, Adventure
Actors Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Macarena Gómez, Najwa Nimri, Verónica Echegui, Adam Jezierski, Nasser Saleh
Roles Medussa
Rating46% 2.313912.313912.313912.313912.31391
A 15-year-old, Sara, lives with an apparently normal suburban family. She develops a sixth sense and begins to perceive a series of disturbing messages and clues, which prompt her to enter a dangerous and frightening dimension in order to save a life. In the course of this adventure to a dark parallel universe, Sara must change the world.
Bunny and the Bull, 1h41
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Comedy, Romance
Actors Edward Hogg, Simon Farnaby, Verónica Echegui, Noel Fielding, Richard Ellef Ayoade, Julian Barratt
Roles Eloisa
Rating65% 3.2967953.2967953.2967953.2967953.296795
Stephen is an agoraphobic recluse who has not left his flat in nearly a year. Each of his days are structured around carefully planned routines, but one day his routine is disrupted when he discovers an infestation of mice in the kitchen cupboards. He contemplates leaving the flat to buy mouse traps, but can not bring himself to open the door, so he reminisces about the events leading up to his current situation, with objects around the flat triggering flash backs.
My Name Is Juani, 1h40
Directed by Bigas Luna
Genres Drama, Comedy
Actors Verónica Echegui, Dani Martín
Roles Juani
Rating51% 2.562572.562572.562572.562572.56257
Juani comes from a very poor background, having grown up in a poor suburban village of Spain. She has problems at home and argues incessantly with her boyfriend, with whom she has been since she was 15. Soon his infidelity and overall uselessness, as well as the limitations of her poor and small town, become unbearable for Juani, a girl with big dreams and aspirations. She and her best friend leave for Madrid in search of a better life. At first the big city, a complete opposite of their hometown, couldn't seem to be a better place for their adolescent expectations of life. But their naïve dreams are soon shattered by the ruthlessness of their dream city. In a visit home Juani almost decides she will not return to Madrid, and will instead come back to old relationships and live again in her parents' house. She expresses these sentiments to her mother who tells her that she loves Juani's father, but always asks herself what her life would have been like had she left, like Juani. After speaking to her mother Juani realizes that she can not give up just because she has been having a hard time in Madrid. In a tearful finale, she decides to return to Madrid with less naïve expectations, hoping to escape the abusive relationship she has with her boyfriend and the future she would have were she to stay in her town. The moral of the story becomes clear: never forget what you set out to get, despite the struggles that come your way, and never give up on your dreams.