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Vincent Spano is a Actor and Director American born on 18 october 1962 at Brooklyn (USA)

Vincent Spano

Vincent Spano
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Nationality USA
Birth 18 october 1962 (58 years) at Brooklyn (USA)

Vincent M. Spano (born October 18, 1962) is an American film, stage and television actor; he is also a film director and producer.

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Rumble Fish (1983)

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Dante's Hell Animated, 38minutes
Origin USA
Genres Horror, Animation
Themes Demons in film
Actors Eric Roberts, Jeff Conaway, Nia Peeples, Vincent Spano, Franco Nero, Hélène Cardona
Roles Virgil (voice: English version)
Rating68% 3.4442253.4442253.4442253.4442253.444225
This film has two versions, narrated in English and recited in Italian. The Italian version is recited in primitive Italian and Dante Alighieri's own words as he wrote the poem.
This Magic Moment, 1h30
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors Diane Neal, Travis Schuldt, Vincent Spano, Alaina Huffman, Brook Kerr, Charles Shaughnessy
Roles Roberto Molinez
Rating54% 2.7268952.7268952.7268952.7268952.726895
Lorsqu'une équipe de tournage d'Hollywood pose ses caméras dans sa petite ville, Clark voit son rêve d'être scénariste et de croiser la belle Helena Harris devenir réalité. Car le hasard fait bien les choses : il remplace un figurant et se retrouve dans les bras de la belle actrice, qui en profite pour faire enrager son ex-compagnon, Roberto Molinez. Alors que leur «liaison» fait la une des magazines, Clark voit débarquer en ville Émilie, son amour de jeunesse.
Dante's Inferno: Abandon All Hope, 40minutes
Origin USA
Genres Horror
Actors Vincent Spano, Armand Mastroianni, Jeff Conaway, Nia Peeples, Diane Salinger, Martin Kove
Roles 7th Circle, The Murderers
Rating50% 2.537842.537842.537842.537842.53784
This film is a narrative journey from Dante's own hand, through the worst of the afterlife, Inferno. It is a chronological descent to the deepest of Hell, circle by circle to the exit into Purgatory. It features most of Gustave Dore's lithograph illustrations and some excerpts of the 1911 feature film "L'Inferno".
Nevermore (2009)

Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller
Actors Vincent Spano, Jennifer O'Dell, Judd Nelson
Roles Devin Bayliss
Rating71% 3.567083.567083.567083.567083.56708
Judd Nelson plays a wealthy but unstable hermit who is convinced he will soon become insane much as his father did; his father actually did go insane and murdered Nelson's character's mother.
Lone Rider
Lone Rider (2008)

Origin USA
Genres Action, Western
Actors Lou Diamond Phillips, Stacy Keach, Vincent Spano, Robert Baker, Mike Starr, Marta DuBois
Roles Stu Croaker
Rating53% 2.665492.665492.665492.665492.66549
Bobby Hattaway (Lou Diamond Phillips), an honored soldier, returns home after the American Civil War to find his father's (Stacy Keach) formerly prosperous store now dangerously in debt to the town's ruthless leader, and Bobby's childhood friend, Stu Croker (Vincent Spano). Bobby will now face off against his former friend to take control from Stu.
Grave Misconduct, 1h18
Directed by Armand Mastroianni
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Thriller
Actors Crystal Bernard, Vincent Spano, Roxanne Hart, Joanna Miles, Dorian Harewood, Michael Cole
Roles Trent Dodson
Rating45% 2.289162.289162.289162.289162.28916
Julia London, bibliothécaire et auteur de romans policiers à ses heures perdues, s'approprie et publie sous son nom le manuscrit de son amie Angela morte mystérieusement. Le livre, intitulé 'Chapitre macabre', est un succès. La maison d'édition de Julia s'empresse de fêter l'événement. Mais au cours de la soirée, un proche de Margo Lawrence, l'éditrice, est assassiné comme dans le roman. Peu de temps après, l'ancien professeur d'écriture d'Angela trouve la mort dans les mêmes circonstances. Après cette série de meurtres, Julia est bien décidée à mener l'enquête pour découvrir qui se cache derrière ces crimes...
The Prince and the Pauper: The Movie
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy
Themes Children's films
Actors Dylan Sprouse, Kay Panabaker, Cole Sprouse, Vincent Spano, Dedee Pfeiffer, Sally Kellerman
Roles Miles
Rating53% 2.6655952.6655952.6655952.6655952.665595
The movie opens showing super star Eddie Tudor (Cole Sprouse) on the red carpet at the premiere of one of his films. Tom Canty (Dylan Sprouse) watches it on TV and imitates Eddie (he mimics him by saying his catchphrase "Oh yeah!"), when his grandpa, 'Pop' (Ed Lauter), calls him to get ready for school. At school, the principal asks what his ambition is in life, and, Tom replies he wants to be Eddie Tudor. The principal then advises him to join the acting classes (which Pop doesn't allow him to do). He has lived with Pop since his parents died, a couple of years earlier. From a young age, his ambition has been to become an actor, partly inspired by the stories of fame and appeal of acting conveyed to him by his neighbour and best friend, Miles (Vincent Spano) who is a former actor and who also happens to be the father of Eddie Tudor (revealed at the end of the film). Miles has known Tom since he was a little kid, when Miles moved to the area, after quitting showbiz and he often tells Tom about the times when he was a star, although not revealing much as to how he lost his fame. Now 14, the same age as Eddie Tudor whom he looks exactly like, he wishes that he really is Eddie and gets frustrated with his Pop's persistent pushing for Tom to forget about the acting, and telling him to do 'real work', like helping him with his business, when Tom is not at school. He says he only pushes Tom because he cares about him. Miles, however, supports Tom with his acting ambition, but warns him that it is a tough business to get into and survive in.
Pandemic (miniseries), 2h49
Directed by Armand Mastroianni
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Science fiction, Thriller, Action
Themes Medical-themed films, Seafaring films, Transport films, Aviation films, Films about viral outbreaks, Catastrophe épidémiologique, Dans un avion, Disaster films
Actors Tiffani Thiessen, French Stewart, Eric Roberts, Faye Dunaway, James DuMont, Bruce Boxleitner
Roles Troy Whitlock
Rating52% 2.6046552.6046552.6046552.6046552.604655
On a beach in Australia, two American surfers say goodbye to each other as one is about to leave for his flight back to California. The two men don't notice the large number of dead birds on the beach. On the flight, the surfer returning home starts coughing up blood and dies before the plane can land. Back in Australia, the other surfer is found dead in his apartment. Kayla Martin (Tiffani Thiessen) is a medical doctor with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) who has been assigned to the case. She and the local officials carry the body of the surfer out of the plane and start processing people to be put in quarantine until they can be evaluated for exposure. During the transfer, one of the passengers escapes to complete a business deal and unknowingly spreads the virus throughout Los Angeles. It is also revealed that outbreaks of the so-called "riptide virus" (as it comes to be known), an offshoot of the bird flu, are occurring in other cities around the world.
Landslide (2006)
, 1h31
Genres Drama, Action, Adventure
Actors Vincent Spano, Alexandra Paul, Lucas Elliot Eberl, Robert Pine, Jay Pickett
Roles Mark Decker
Rating39% 1.950871.950871.950871.950871.95087
Téléfilm traitant d'une catastrophe à basse ampleur, sur un glissement de terrain.
Deathlands (2003)
, 1h35
Directed by Joshua Butler
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Horror
Themes Post-apocalyptic films, Films about religion, Films set in the future, Political films, Dystopian films, Disaster films
Actors Vincent Spano, Jenya Lano, Colin Fox, Traci Lords, Nathan Carter, Matthew Currie Holmes
Roles Ryan Cawdor
Rating35% 1.7869551.7869551.7869551.7869551.786955
Earth is devaststed by a nuclear war in 2084. The sky is red from chemical waste, and what was once the United States has become "Deathlands" inhabited by mutants. Communities ruled by powerful survivors are called "villes", and the one known as Front Royale had been ruled by a good man who is killed by his wife, Lady Rachel Cawdor (Traci Elizabeth Lords). His son, Harvey Cawdor (Alan C. Peterson), kills one of his brothers and partially blinds his young brother Ryan Cawdor (Vincent Spano), who then escapes.
Dead Silence, 1h30
Origin USA
Genres Thriller
Actors Kristy Swanson, Vincent Spano, Vladimir Kulich, Bruce Boxleitner, Tony Todd, Daveigh Chase
Roles Det. Steve Banks
Rating49% 2.4836352.4836352.4836352.4836352.483635
Une petite fille, placée dans une famille d'accueil, est témoin du meurtre d'un homme, dans un parking couvert de Kansas City. Un officier de police, spécialisé dans les affaires d'homicide, et une psychologue sont chargés de l'affaire. Anciens amants, ils doivent néanmoins enquêter ensemble afin d'aider l'enfant à identifier l'assassin qu'elle a aperçu. Mais le temps presse car ce témoin gênant est dans la ligne de mire du meurtrier... La vie de la petite fille est en grand danger...
The Rats
The Rats (2002)
, 1h34
Directed by John Lafia
Origin USA
Genres Science fiction, Thriller, Horror
Themes Films about animals, Natural horror films
Actors Mädchen Amick, Vincent Spano, Shawn Michael Howard, Daveigh Chase, David Wolos-Fonteno, Sheila McCarthy
Roles Jack Carver
Rating48% 2.4092052.4092052.4092052.4092052.409205
In Manhattan, when a client is bitten by a rat in the dressing room of the Garsons Department Store and contracts Weil's disease, the manager Susan Costello is assigned to hire and help the best exterminator in New York, Jack Carver. Jack and his assistant Ty find a colony of mutant rats in New York City and try to convince the health department administrator and former partner of Jack, Ray Jarrett, how serious the infestation is. But the politician Ray is interested in covering the problem to protect economical interests of powerful groups.
Texas Rangers, 1h30
Directed by Steve Miner
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Action, Adventure, Western
Themes Political films
Actors James Van Der Beek, James Coburn, Rachael Leigh Cook, Ashton Kutcher, Dylan McDermott, Usher
Rating52% 2.602662.602662.602662.602662.60266
Ten years after the Civil War has ended, the Governor of Texas asks Leander McNelly (Dylan McDermott) to recommission a company of Rangers to help uphold the law along the Mexican border. Aside from a few seasoned veterans, the recruits are young men who have little or no experience with guns or policing crime. The antagonist of the story is John King Fisher (Alfred Molina) who is stealing cattle from Texas cattle barons like Richard Dukes and Victor Logan and driving them into Mexico, where he sells them to the Mexican army.
The Prophecy 3: The Ascent, 1h24
Directed by Patrick Lussier
Origin USA
Genres Thriller, Fantasy, Horror
Themes Films about religion, Films about angels
Actors Christopher Walken, Vincent Spano, Brad Dourif, Steve Hytner, Scott Cleverdon, Jack McGee
Roles Zophael
Rating56% 2.8054752.8054752.8054752.8054752.805475
Danyael Rosales is a street preacher who thinks God does not care about anyone because of the death of his parents, Valerie Rosales and the angel Danyael from the previous film. He is then forced to face his destiny. As a Nephilim, he has some of the angels' abilities, such as regeneration, and can only be killed if his heart is removed. One night, a blind assassin shoots Danyael as he preaches before a crowd, but the assassin is driven off before he can take out Danyael's heart. As punishment for his failure, Zophael kills the assassin and goes after Danyael himself with an extendable weapon with a blade that can be turned into a three-pronged hook. However, Danyael is protected by Gabriel, a now-human fallen angel who killed Danyael's father and performed many misdeeds. After being defeated by Danyael's mother, Gabriel was turned into a human as punishment. Having spent years as a human, he now realizes how wrong he was in the past.