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Vlado Jovanovski is a Actor born on 27 february 1967

Vlado Jovanovski

Vlado Jovanovski
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Birth 27 february 1967 (53 years)

Vlado Jovanovski (Macedonian: Владо Јовановски; born 27 February 1967) is Macedonian actor. His film credits include principal roles in prominent Macedonian films such as Bal-Can-Can and Mirage.

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Filmography of Vlado Jovanovski (8 films)

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To the Hilt, 2h45
Directed by Stole Popov
Genres Drama, War, Action, Western
Actors Nikola Kojo, Miki Manojlović, Nataša Petrović, Toni Mihajlovski, Vlado Jovanovski
Rating77% 3.8785553.8785553.8785553.8785553.878555
Macedonia, a small country in the heart of the Balkans, is five hundred years under the Turkish yoke. The action takes place in the bloody post-revolutionary period after 1903, more precisely in the first decade of the 20th century.
Time of the Comet, 1h44
Directed by Fatmir Koçi
Genres Drama, War, Historical, Romance
Actors Blerim Destani, Masiela Lusha, Vlado Jovanovski, Ralf Moeller, Bes Kallaku
Roles Meto
Rating69% 3.4829853.4829853.4829853.4829853.482985
The film takes place in 1914 when William of Wied was enthroned Prince of Albania, and the country was occupied by all the neighbouring countries. Shestan (Blerim Destani), a young idealist villager forms a band and travels the country trying to find enemy troops to fight. During his journeys he comes across many opposing factions like the Ottoman loyalist band of Kus Baba (Çun Lajçi) and meets Agnes (Masiela Lusha), whose father wants her to become a Catholic nun, and falls in love with her. However, Shestan continues his journey and arrives at Prince William's headquarters where he offers his services and asks to fight on the frontline but the prince mocks his willingness to fight. Shestan, while being extremely disappointed decides to return to his village but on the way back home he comes across Agnes who has been kidnapped by "Mad Ahmed", a Muslim extremist and saves her. After arriving home Shestan and Agnes get married but on their wedding day Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, heir apparent to the Austro-Hungarian throne, and his wife, Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg, are assassinated in Sarajevo marking the beginning of World War I. When Shestan learns about the beginning of the war, his companions ask him about their future actions and the film ends with Shestan replying to them "Play the music louder".
The Secret Book
Genres Drama
Actors Thierry Frémont, Jean-Claude Carrière, Vlado Jovanovski, Labina Mitevska, Meto Jovanovski
Roles Bigorsky
Rating62% 3.100883.100883.100883.100883.10088
Pierre Raymond (Jean-Claude Carrière) is a passionate explorer, a man who devoted all his life to the quest of the original "Secret Book", a book that exists as a legend in several religions and heresies, and was a holy book for the Bogomils, written in Glagolitic script.
The Great Water, 1h33
Genres Drama
Actors Nikola Hejko, Rade Šerbedžija, Vlado Jovanovski
Rating70% 3.541383.541383.541383.541383.54138
Based on a children's book written by Živko Čingo in the 1970s, the movie is about the difficult transition in Macedonia after World War II.
Bal-Can-Can, 1h29
Directed by Darko Mitrevski
Origin Macedoine
Genres Drama, War, Comedy, Action, Adventure, Crime
Actors Vlado Jovanovski, Nikola Kojo, Branko Đurić, Seka Sablić, Toni Mihajlovski, Miodrag Krivokapić
Roles Trendafil Karanfilov
Rating76% 3.8429453.8429453.8429453.8429453.842945
Bal-Can-Can est une comédie relatant les aventures d'un homme recherchant le tapis contenant le corps de sa belle-mère à travers les Balkans.
Mirage (2004)
, 1h47
Origin Macedoine
Genres Drama
Actors Mustafa Nadarević, Vlado Jovanovski, Nikola Đuričko, Dejan Aćimović, Nikola Hejko
Roles Lazo / Marko's Father
Rating75% 3.7913553.7913553.7913553.7913553.791355
The film takes place in Veles during the Republic of Macedonia's post-independence years. It tells the story of 13-year-old Marko Trifunovski (Marko Kovacevic), a talented but abused Macedonian schoolboy whose harsh circumstances gradually transform him into a criminal. Two mentors offer Marko hopes of a better future, but they eventually fail him, leading to his catastrophic change. The illusory nature of these hopes is foreshadowed by the film's epigraph, an aphorism from Friedrich Nietzsche's Human, All Too Human: "Hope is the worst of evils, for it prolongs the torments of man."
Dust (2001)
, 2h7
Directed by Milcho Manchevski
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Action, Romance, Western
Actors Joseph Fiennes, David Wenham, Adrian Lester, Vera Farmiga, Anne Brochet, Rosemary Murphy
Roles Teacher
Rating65% 3.2972653.2972653.2972653.2972653.297265
Shifting periodically between two parallel stories, Dust opens in present-day New York City with a young criminal, Edge (Adrian Lester), being confronted at gunpoint by an ailing old woman, Angela (Rosemary Murphy), whose apartment he is attempting to burglarize. While he awaits an opportunity to escape, she launches into a tale about two outlaw brothers, at the turn of the 20th century, who travel to Ottoman-controlled Macedonia. The two brothers have transient ill will between them, and they become estranged when confronted with a beautiful woman, Lilith (Anne Brochet).
Goodbye, 20th Century, 1h23
Directed by Darko Mitrevski
Genres Science fiction, Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure
Actors Lazar Ristovski, Dejan Aćimović, Vlado Jovanovski, Toni Mihajlovski, Igor Džambazov
Roles The Prophet
Rating68% 3.4405453.4405453.4405453.4405453.440545
Goodbye, 20th Century! consists of three stories of extreme violence and emotional despair. The first takes place in the year 2019, where the world has become an environment of apocalyptic wreckage and ruin. A man named Kuzman is sentenced to death by a nomadic tribe, but their attempts to fatally shoot the condemned man are a failure. Fated to live forever, Kuzman wanders the wasteland until he encounters an enigmatic figure who offers him information on how he can escape eternal life.