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Wahid Satay is a Actor born on 1 january 1930

Wahid Satay

Wahid Satay
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Birth name Abdul Wahid bin Haji Ahmad
Birth 1 january 1930 (94 years)

Wahid Satay (birth name Abdul Wahid bin Haji Ahmad) was born in 1930 in Indragiri, Indonesia and migrated to Singapore in 1935.

Prior to his acting career, his favorite pastimes was painting which is his hobby since his school days. Because of the quality of his paintings, Wahid was offered a job as a studio set painter at the Cathay Keris Studios at East Coast Road, Singapore at the end of 1956. In 1957, director B.N. Rao needs a young comedian to be given a role in the film Pontianak. He noted that Wahid always telling jokes to his co-workers and always making everyone on the set laughed. B.N. Rao decided to include him in Pontianak as a comedian.

The role given to Wahid is the part of satay seller in a village where the people are afraid of Pontianak. Wahid so effectively acted the part of the satay seller that the scene became one of the most memorable scene of the film Pontianak. The movie Pontianak created its own history when it broke Malay movie theater record, with a total takings of more than one million dollars, the highest amount was then in 1957.

The nickname 'Wahid Satay' was given by Loke Wan Tho, owner of Cathay Keris Studios following his appearance as the Satay Man in the original Pontianak movie.

Following his huge success in Pontianak, Wahid Satay was promoted from assistant painter to full-time actor with a three-year contract. Wahid is not only competent in the field of acting, he is also a competent singer. Besides his skills in front of the camera, Wahid also performs live shows to promote his films. Up to this day, Wahid still get many invitations to perform live on stage. During his Cathay Keris Studio days, Wahid represented his studios at the Asia Pacific Film Festivals in Tokyo, Manila and Hong Kong.

As an actor with Cathay Keris Studios at East Coast Road Singapore, Wahid starred in numerous lead and supporting actor comic parts, which led him to be labelled Jerry Lewis of Singapore. of Malaya.

The following is the filmography of Wahid Satay.

2005 - Senario XX - (Supporting Actor)

2004 - Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam - (Guest Artist)

1980 - Tuan Besar - (Lead Actor)

1979 - Mat Tenggek - (Lead Actor)

1966 - Dua Kali Lima - (Lead Actor)

1966 - Anak Dara - (Supporting Actor)

1966 - Naga Tasik Chini - (Supporting Actor)

1965 - Tiga Botak - (Lead Actor)

1964 - Mat Tiga Suku - (Lead Actor)

1964 - Pontianak Gua Musang - (Lead Actor)

1963 - Gila Talak - (Lead Actor)

1963 - Gul Bakawali - (Lead Actor)

1963 - Masok Angin Keluar Asap - (Lead Actor)

1962 - Mabuk Kepayang - (Lead Actor)

1962 - Badang - (Lead Actor)

1962 - Chelorong Cheloreng - (Lead Actor)

1961 - Puteri Gunung Ledang - (Lead Actor)

1961 - Gado Gado - (Lead Actor)

1961 - Lela Satria - (Lead Actor)

1961 - Sri Mersing - (Supporting Actor)

1961 - Jalak Lenteng - (Supporting Actor)

1961 - Jula Juli Bintang Tujoh - (Supporting Actor)

1961 - Sultan Mahmud Mangkat Dijulang - (Supporting Actor)

1960 - Che Mamat Parang Tumpul - (Lead Actor)

1960 - Pak Pandir Moden - (Lead Actor)

1959 - Che Mamat Parang Tajam - (Lead Actor)

1959 - Jula Juli Bintang Tiga - (Supporting Actor)

1959 - Rasa Sayang Eh - (Lead Actor)

1958 - Sumpah Pontianak - (Supporting Actor)

1958 - Satay - (Lead Actor)

1957 - Dendam Pontianak - (Supporting Actor)

1957 - Pontianak - (Supporting Actor)

1955 - Selamat Hari Raya - (Supporting Actor)

1954 - Pertarohan - (Supporting Actor)

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Puteri Gunong Ledang
Origin Singapore
Genres Musical
Themes Musical films
Actors Wahid Satay

Sultan Mahmud Shah, ruler of Malacca, dreams of a woman with unnatural beauty. Plagued by the dream, he asks the court magician their meaning. The court magician tells him that his dream is that of an extraordinary princess who lives on the peak of Mount Ledang. Sultan Mahmud becomes obsessed with the Puteri, and orders his Bendahara to cancel his scheduled wedding to a local princess.