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Werner Peters is a Actor Allemand born on 7 july 1918

Werner Peters

Werner Peters
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Nationality German
Birth 7 july 1918
Death 30 march 1971 (at 52 years) at Wiesbaden (German)
Awards National Prize of East Germany

Werner Peters (7 July 1918 – 30 March 1971) was a German film actor. He appeared in 102 films between 1947 and 1971.

Peters was born in Werlitzsch, Kreis Delitzsch, Prussian Saxony, and died of a heart attack on a promotion tour for his latest film in Wiesbaden, Germany.

His film career started with the lead in Wolfgang Staudte's Der Untertan, produced in the young German Democratic Republic. Peters then worked in West Germany, appearing mostly in supporting roles in popular movies. He also established himself in the European and international film industry by frequently playing sinister German or Nazi characters.

Peters appeared in two episodes of the 1966 American television espionage drama Blue Light. These were edited together with two other episodes to create the theatrical film I Deal in Danger, released in December 1966, which included his role.

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Filmography of Werner Peters (70 films)

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Angels of Terror, 1h29
Directed by Harald Phillip
Origin German
Genres Thriller, Crime
Actors Hansjörg Felmy, Uschi Glas, Werner Peters, Harry Riebauer, Siegfried Schürenberg, Petra Schürmann
Roles William Baxter
Rating54% 2.713322.713322.713322.713322.71332
La danseuse Myrna Ferguson, membre d'un réseau international de drogue que surveille Scotland Yard, se fait tirer dessus. Lorsque l'inspecteur Craig arrive sur les lieux, elle a disparu. Son corps est retrouvée plus tard dans la Tamise et identifiée par sa sœur Danny. Danny vient d'arriver d'Australie à Londres à la demande de sa sœur.
The Bird with the Crystal Plumage, 1h38
Directed by Dario Argento
Origin Italie
Genres Thriller, Horror, Crime
Themes Films about writers, Serial killer films
Actors Tony Musante, Suzy Kendall, Enrico Maria Salerno, Umberto Raho, Mario Adorf, Reggie Nalder
Roles Antique Dealer
Rating71% 3.5510053.5510053.5510053.5510053.551005
Sam Dalmas (Tony Musante) is an American writer living in Rome with his model girlfriend Giulia (Suzy Kendall). Suffering from writer's block, Sam is on the verge of returning to America, but witnesses the attack of a woman in an art gallery by a mysterious black-gloved assailant dressed in a raincoat.
Death Knocks Twice, 1h26
Directed by Harald Phillip
Origin Italie
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime
Themes Serial killer films
Actors Dean Reed, Fabio Testi, Werner Peters, Ini Assmann, Riccardo Garrone, Mario Brega
Roles Charly Hollmann
Rating47% 2.385272.385272.385272.385272.38527
Jeune peintre mentalement instable, Francesco di Villaverde a la manie d'étrangler ses partenaires féminines une fois qu’il leur a fait l’amour. Alors qu'il supprime une femme mariée sur une plage, son meurtre est observé par un voyeur. Ce-dernier rapporte l’information à des gangsters qui imaginent un plan machiavélique pour faire endosser à Francesco un meurtre qu’ils doivent commettre. Pendant ce temps, suite à la mort de son épouse tuée par Francesco, un milliardaire américain confie l'enquête à un détective privé, Bob Martin, et lui demande également de retrouver un collier appartenant à la défunte. Martin fait rapidement le lien entre le jeune peintre et les nombreux crimes, mais comme il ne dispose pas assez de preuves contre le criminel, il va utiliser sa propre femme pour l'attirer et le piéger.
Zehn kleine Negerlein, 1h50
Directed by Hans Quest
Origin German
Genres Crime
Actors Werner Peters, Peter Fricke, Alexander Kerst, Edith Volkmann
Roles William Blore
Rating76% 3.8071653.8071653.8071653.8071653.807165
Assignment K, 1h37
Directed by Val Guest
Origin United-kingdom
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Spy, Crime
Themes Spy films, Political films
Actors Stephen Boyd, Michael Redgrave, Camilla Sparv, Camilla Sparv, Leo McKern, Jeremy Kemp
Roles Kramer
Rating55% 2.7643352.7643352.7643352.7643352.764335
A British spy has his cover blown, leading to the East German Stasi kidnapping his girlfriend to try to extract information about his double agents' activities.
The Secret War of Harry Frigg, 1h46
Directed by Jack Smight
Origin USA
Genres War, Comedy
Themes Military humor in film, Prison films, Political films
Actors Paul Newman, Sylva Koscina, Andrew Duggan, Tom Bosley, John Williams, Charles Gray
Roles Maj. von Steignitz
Rating62% 3.147713.147713.147713.147713.14771
Several brigadier generals (American, British, and French) are unexpectedly taken prisoner by the Italians while arguing military tactics in a sauna - which is a public relations disaster. They are held in an Italian villa run as a top level prison camp by benevolent Italian Colonel Ferrucci. Being all of the same rank, none is in command and they are forced to plan escapes by committee, with predictably ineffective results.
The Corrupt Ones, 1h33
Directed by James Hill (réalisateur britannique)
Origin France
Genres Drama, Adventure, Crime
Actors Elke Sommer, Robert Stack, Nancy Kwan, Werner Peters, Christian Marquand, Maurizio Arena
Roles Pinto
Rating56% 2.8075952.8075952.8075952.8075952.807595
A freelance photographer discovers an ancient treasure, the Peking Medallion - which also attracts the attention of a number of criminal gangs.
Dead Run
Dead Run (1967)
, 1h32
Directed by Christian-Jaque
Origin France
Genres Thriller, Comedy, Crime
Themes Spy films, Transport films, Political films, Road movies, Chase films
Actors Peter Lawford, Georges Géret, Maria Grazia Buccella, Werner Peters, Wolfgang Preiss, Jean Tissier
Roles Bardieff
Rating56% 2.822162.822162.822162.822162.82216
C'est une histoire d'espionnage où un truand dérobe une mallette remplie de documents top secret, sans le savoir avec les débuts à l'écran de Ira Fürstenberg.
A Fine Madness, 1h44
Directed by Irvin Kershner
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Comedy-drama, Romance
Themes Films about writers, Medical-themed films, Films about sexuality, Films about psychiatry
Actors Sean Connery, Joanne Woodward, Jean Seberg, Patrick O'Neal, Colleen Dewhurst, Clive Revill
Roles Dr. Freddie Vorbeck
Rating55% 2.7999152.7999152.7999152.7999152.799915
Samson Shillitoe, a poet, lives in Greenwich Village with Rhoda, a waitress who stands by him through all his troubles.
I Deal In Danger
Directed by Walter Grauman
Origin USA
Genres Drama, War
Themes Spy films, Political films
Actors Robert Goulet, Christine Carrère, Horst Frank, Donald Harron, Christiane Schmidtmer, Werner Peters
Roles Elm
Rating56% 2.8165352.8165352.8165352.8165352.816535
In Nazi Germany during World War II, David March (Goulet) is an American traitor who has been given wide access to travel as he wishes within Germany. Unbeknownst to the Germans, March is actually an American spy, the last remaining from a spy ring, known as Blue Light. As time goes on, he has been able to work his way higher and higher within the Nazi intelligence apparatus, however he is suspected by a Nazi Gestapo officer, Captain Elm (Werner Peters). Along the way, he meets Susanne Duchard (Carère), a French agent, who he has a romantic interlude with, and persuades her to help him.
Black Eagle of Santa Fe, 1h35
Directed by Alberto Cardone, Ernst Hofbauer
Genres Western
Actors Bradford Harris, Joachim Hansen, Horst Frank, Werner Peters, Serge Marquand, Ennio Girolami
Roles Morton
Rating51% 2.56352.56352.56352.56352.5635
Lorsque Commanches aller sur le sentier de la guerre, les colons se réfugient dans Ft. Eagle Rock commandé par le Capt. Jackson. Agent Undercover Cliff McPherson arrive au fort undermanned à prêter des conseils et de soutien. Il apprend que les Commanches ont été agités par éleveur locale Morton qui veut prendre le contrôle de l'huile sous la réserve des Indiens. McPherson informe le chef Black Eagle de la trahison de Morton et les Indiens, puis monter à la rescousse de la cavalerie quand les hommes de Morton attaquent les soldats et les colons fuyant le fort.
Battle of the Bulge, 2h48
Directed by Ken Annakin
Origin USA
Genres Drama, War, Action, Historical
Themes Political films
Actors Henry Fonda, Robert Shaw, Robert Ryan, Charles Bronson, Ty Hardin, Pier Angeli
Roles Gen. Kohler
Rating68% 3.400463.400463.400463.400463.40046
Military Intelligence officer and former policeman Lt. Col. Daniel Kiley (Fonda) and his pilot, Joe, are flying a reconnaissance mission over the Ardennes forest, spotting a German staff car. Under the ground in a subterranean lair, German Col. Martin Hessler (Shaw), a fictional character loosely based on SS-Standartenführer Jochen Peiper, is briefed by his superior, Gen. Kohler (Werner Peters). Kohler points out a clock with a 50-hour countdown, which is the time allotted for the operation, beyond which Germany has no resources for full-scale attack. At the same time German soldiers disguised as American troops, led by Lt. Schumacher (Ty Hardin), are tasked with seizing vital bridges and sowing confusion behind the Allied lines.
The Wild Men of Kurdistan, 2h2
Directed by Franz Josef Gottlieb
Origin German
Genres Adventure
Actors Lex Barker, Ralf Wolter, Marie Versini, Dieter Borsche, Chris Howland, Gustavo Rojo
Roles Mütesselin
Rating56% 2.8125852.8125852.8125852.8125852.812585
Lorsque Ahmed El Corda, le fils du cheikh des Haddedihn, défend aux soldats sous le commandement de Machredsch de Mossoul de prendre de l'eau depuis un point dans le désert, il est capturé après s'être battu et emmené à la prison de Buruscu. Il doit être exécuté. Kara Ben Nemsi, qui a vaincu le Protecteur, est honoré par le Padischa et veut retourner chez lui quand il apprend l'arrestation. Il part avec Halef Omar Haji, pour le délivrer. En chemin, ils rencontrent Sir David Lindsay et son serviteur Archie, qui se joignent à eux. Peu après, ils repoussent une attaque des soldats de Machredsch au village des Yézidistes. Battu, Machredsch veut se venger.
Black Eagle of Santa Fe, 1h31
Directed by Ernst Hofbauer
Origin German
Genres Western
Actors Bradford Harris, Joachim Hansen, Pinkas Braun, Werner Peters, Horst Frank, Edith Hancke
Roles Morton
Rating51% 2.56352.56352.56352.56352.5635
Une horde d'indiens comanches attaque un village de l'Ouest américain. Effrayés, les colons se réfugient au Fort d'Eaglerock. Chargé de l'enquête, l'agent Cliff MacPherson, accompagné du journaliste Blade, se rend sur place. Très vite il découvre que les indiens ont en fait agi sur l'ordre Morton, un impitoyable propriétaire. Celui-ci convoite en effet les terres du village. Cliff décide donc de rencontrer Aigle Noir, le chef de la tribu indienne...