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Wilfred Buckland is a Director, Scriptwriter, Production Design and Technical Supervisor American born on 1 january 1866 at New York City (USA)

Wilfred Buckland

Wilfred Buckland
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Nationality USA
Birth 1 january 1866 at New York City (USA)
Death 18 july 1946 (at 80 years) at Los Angeles (USA)

Wilfred Buckland (January 1, 1866 – July 18, 1946) was an American art director. Buckland worked as an art director with Cecil B. DeMille and Jesse Lasky, and later with Alan Dwan, from 1914-1927. He was Hollywood's first "art director" and is credited with a number of advancements in filmmaking, including the advances in lighting techniques, the development of architectural sets, and the use of miniature sets. In 1924, he was named one of the ten individuals who had contributed the most to the advancement of the motion picture industry since the time of its inception. A 1980 exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum advanced the argument that "everything we know as 'Hollywood' traces to Wilfred Buckland." Buckland was among the first inductees in the Art Directors Guild Hall of Fame.

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A Perfect Crime
Directed by Allan Dwan, Wilfred Buckland
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors Monte Blue, Jacqueline Logan, Carole Lombard, Hardee Kirkland
Rating67% 3.388783.388783.388783.388783.38878
Wally Griggs, un timide employé de banque, raconte des histoires d'aventures qui intéressent le président de la banque, M. Halliday, et fascinent la belle Mary, qui a été escroquée par Thaine, à présent procureur. Lorsque Wally décide de cacher des obligations, il est arrêté par Thaine, mais il attaque ce dernier pour emprisonnement abusif, et réussit à regagner l'argent de Mary. Il rend alors les fonds à la banque, en prétextant l'aphasie, et décide de devenir un écrivain pour de bon.
The Rose of the Rancho
Directed by Oscar Apfel, Cecil B. DeMille, Wilfred Buckland
Origin USA
Genres Adventure, Romance, Western
Actors Bessie Barriscale, Jane Darwell, Dick La Reno, Jeanie Macpherson, Monroe Salisbury, William C. de Mille
Rating40% 2.0044352.0044352.0044352.0044352.004435
Esra Kincaid (La Reno) takes land by force and, having taken the Espinoza land, his sights are set on the Castro rancho. US government agent Kearney (Johnston) holds him off till the cavalry shows up and he can declare his love for Juanita "The Rose of the Rancho" (Barriscale).


You're Fired
Directed by James Cruze
Origin USA
Genres Comedy
Actors Wallace Reid, Wanda Hawley, Theodore Roberts, Raymond Hatton, Herbert Prior

As described in a film magazine, old Gordon Rogers (Roberts) believes in working 18 hour days while Billy (Reid), who is in love with Gordon's daughter Helen (Hawley), does not believe in working at all. The hard-hearted father will accept Billy as a son-in-law on one condition: that he earn his own living for one month and if, during that time, he hears the fatal words "You're fired!" addressed to him, then Helen, sole heiress of the Rogers' millions in gold, can never be his. While this is a terrible test, Billy is game. His first job as a stenographer he resigns at the end of his first day to avoid being fired. Job number two is at a restaurant where he is required to wear the garb of an ancient warrior known to all readers of historical novels as a halberdier, and then pose as a statue on the landing of the stairs. To the restaurant comes fair Helen, her father Gordon, and Tom (Woodward), a young gentleman willing to do anything short of murder the sake of the young lady and her golden prospects. Old Gordon has arranged a merger of a stray railroad he owns with another company, and is fighting Tom's uncle, an unscrupulous financier who has promised his nephew a supply of ready cash if he can obtain the papers for the deal. Tom known that the papers are in a safe at the Old Rogers' home, and hires two experts to open the safe and get the papers. All of these people are meeting at the restaurant. Helen catches sight of Billy in his ancient garb and recognizes him. She tries to find out why he is so dressed, but Bill is sworn to secrecy and dare not tell her. To show her anger she insists that he wait on her party, and is almost fired when he spills soup on her gown. Previously Billy had worked as a xylophone player at a dance where Helen was a guest, and hid behind a false mustache. Her great anger when he would not do as she demanded shows her true love for him. Billy manages to stick out the thirty days without being fired and also obtains the merger papers stolen from the safe, and returns them to Gordon, who hands over his daughter at once.


Robin Hood
Robin Hood (1922)
, 2h7
Directed by Allan Dwan
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Swashbuckler, Action, Adventure, Romance
Themes Political films, Films about royalty
Actors Douglas Fairbanks, Wallace Beery, Enid Bennett, Sam De Grasse, Alan Hale, William Lowery
Roles Supervising Art Director
Rating74% 3.7392953.7392953.7392953.7392953.739295
The opening has the dashing Earl of Huntingdon besting his bitter enemy, Sir Guy of Gisbourne, in a joust. Huntingdon then joins King Richard the Lion-Hearted, who is going off to fight in the Crusades and has left his brother, Prince John, as regent. The prince soon emerges as a cruel, treacherous tyrant. Goaded on by Sir Guy, he usurps Richard's throne. When Huntingdon receives a message from his paramour, Lady Marian Fitzwalter, telling him of all that has transpired, he requests permission to return to England. King Richard assumes that the Earl has turned coward and denies him permission. The Earl seeks to leave in spite of this, but is ambushed by Sir Guy and imprisoned as a deserter. Upon escaping from his confines, he returns to England, endangering his life and honor, to oppose Prince John and restore King Richard's throne. He finds himself and his friends outlawed and Marian apparently dead.
Why Change Your Wife?, 1h30
Directed by Cecil B. DeMille, Sam Wood
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance
Actors Gloria Swanson, Thomas Meighan, Bebe Daniels, Theodore Kosloff, William Boyd, Sylvia Ashton
Roles Art Direction
Rating77% 3.890113.890113.890113.890113.89011
Frumpy wife Beth devotes herself to bettering her husband's mind and expanding his appreciation for the finer things in life, such as classical music. When he goes shopping at a lingerie store to buy some sexier clothes for her, he meets Sally, the shop girl. Rejected by his wife for a night out on the town, he takes Sally, who douses him with her perfume. When Beth smells another woman's perfume, she kicks him out and files for divorce.
The Dancin' Fool, 50minutes
Directed by Sam Wood
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Wallace Reid, Bebe Daniels, Raymond Hatton, Lillian Leighton, Tully Marshall, Ernest Joy
Roles Art Direction

As described in a film publication, Sylvester Tibble (Reid), a country yokel, comes to New York City to work at his uncle Enoch Jones's (Hatton) jug business for $6 per week and earns extra money dancing at a jazz cabaret. He becomes the dance partner of Junie Budd (Daniels). They soon find romance while performing Apache dance routines. Sylvester also makes a success of his uncle's business by introducing modern business methods.
Terror Island
Directed by James Cruze
Origin USA
Genres Adventure
Actors Lila Lee, Eugene Pallette, Frank Bonner, Ed Brady, Rosemary Theby, Fred Turner
Roles Art Direction
Rating56% 2.8285552.8285552.8285552.8285552.828555
Beverly West appeals to Harry Harper, the inventor of a submarine device for salvaging sunken vessels, to help her rescue her father from the South Sea natives who are holding him as a ransom for the skull shaped pearl that Beverly possesses. Also desirous of the pearl is Job Mourdant, Beverly's guardian, who kidnaps his ward and heads out to sea. Harry follows and saves Beverly when Mourdant throws her overboard.
Amarilly of Clothes-Line Alley, 1h7
Directed by Marshall Neilan
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romantic comedy, Romance
Actors Mary Pickford, William Scott, Norman Kerry, Kate Price, Ida Waterman, Gustav von Seyffertitz
Roles Art Direction
Rating58% 2.9028652.9028652.9028652.9028652.902865
Set in San Francisco during the early 1900s, the film revolves around Amarilly (Mary Pickford), the daughter of a widowed scrubwoman. Amarilly is proud of her hard-working Irish family, and takes care of her five roughhouse brothers. She is engaged to bartender Terry McGowan (William Scott), who gets her a job as a cigarette girl in his cafe after a fire unfairly causes her to lose her job as a theater scrubwoman. While working as a cigarette girl, she meets Gordon Phillips (Norman Kerry), a handsome and wealthy but frivolous young man, who is a society sculptor.
M'Liss (1918)
, 1h13
Directed by Marshall Neilan, Alfred E. Green
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Comedy, Western
Actors Mary Pickford, Theodore Roberts, Thomas Meighan, Tully Marshall, Charles Ogle, Monte Blue
Roles Production Design
Rating64% 3.227193.227193.227193.227193.22719
The film takes place in the mining town of Red Gulch in the High Sierra. M'Liss (Mary Pickford) is one of the inhabitants whose father "Bummer" (Theodore Roberts) lost his fortune in the gold mines. Now his only investment, which pays a dividend, is his chicken Hildegarde. M'Liss regards herself as a crook and robs Yuba Bill's stage coach. Yuba, however, is fascinated by the young lady and does not mind.
Johanna Enlists, 1h12
Directed by William Desmond Taylor
Origin USA
Genres Comedy, Comedy-drama, Romance
Themes Politique, Political films
Actors Mary Pickford, Anne Schaefer, Fred Huntley, Monte Blue, Douglas MacLean, Joan Marsh
Roles Production Design
Rating65% 3.2950353.2950353.2950353.2950353.295035
Johanna Renssaller, qui vit dans une ferme de Pennsylvanie avec ses parents, son frère et ses sœurs, rêve d'avoir un fiancé qui apporterait romance et excitation dans sa vie monotone. Ce rêve se réalise lorsqu'un régiment entier de recrues pour la Première Guerre mondiale campe sur les terres de la ferme. Devenue d'un coup le centre de toutes les attentions, Johanna décide de s'embellir en prenant un bain de lait à la laiterie, mais, alors qu'elle en train de se baigner, le jeune Lieutenant Le Roy fait irruption. Les cris de Johanna attirent le soldat Vibbard, qui insulte le lieutenant, ce qui sera la cause de son arrestation. Les deux hommes sont amoureux de Johanna, mais à la cour martiale elle rencontre le Capitain Van Rensaller, dont elle tombe amoureuse. Le Roy abandonne les charges contre Vibbard, et Johanna part avec le capitaine pour se marier.
Stella Maris, 1h24
Directed by Marshall Neilan
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors Mary Pickford, Conway Tearle, Ida Waterman, Gustav von Seyffertitz, Herbert Standing, Josephine Crowell
Roles Art Direction
Rating66% 3.348683.348683.348683.348683.34868
Stella Maris (Mary Pickford) was born paralyzed and is unable to walk. Her wealthy guardians try to prevent her from being exposed to all the bad that is happening in the world. She is not allowed to leave her room in a London mansion and is bound to her bed. Her door even has a sign on it which says: "All unhappiness and world wisdom leave outside. Those without smiles need not enter." Stella has no idea a war is going on in the world and that there are poor and hungry people.