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Winifred Kingston is a Actor British born on 11 november 1894

Winifred Kingston

Winifred Kingston
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Nationality United-kingdom
Birth 11 november 1894
Death 3 february 1967 (at 72 years)

Winifred Kingston (November 11, 1894 - February 3, 1967) was a British born American silent film actress. She was married to fellow actor Dustin Farnum with whom she had a child. She appeared with her husband often onscreen most notably in The Squaw Man and The Virginian.

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Filmography of Winifred Kingston (14 films)

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Beyond (1921)

Directed by William Desmond Taylor
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors Ethel Clayton, Charles Meredith, Fontaine La Rue, Lillian Rich, Winifred Kingston, Charles K. French
Roles Viva Newmarch

On her deathbed, the mother of Avis Langley begs her to watch over her wayward twin brother, Alec. Just before Avis is to be married to Geoffrey Southerne, Alec disappears and the spirit of Mrs. Langley appears to Avis to remind her of her promise. Samuel Ackroyd, from New Zealand, calls to explain that Alec who is engaged to his daughter has disappeared. Avis goes to New Zealand, finds Alec and persuades him to reform and marry Bessie and then sails for home. En route, the steamer is wrecked, and Avis being the only survivor is washed up on the shore of a small island. Geoffery, believing her dead, marries Viva Newmarch whom he does not love. After a year, Avis returns and her mother's spirit comes to console her. She declines to reveal that she is alive, however, until the accidental death of Viva creates the possibility of her reunion with Geoffrey.
The Call of the Cumberlands, 50minutes
Directed by Frank Lloyd, Julia Crawford Ivers
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors Dustin Farnum, Winifred Kingston, Herbert Standing, Myrtle Stedman
Roles Sally Spicer

The story is about a family feud in the mountains of Kentucky.
The Gentleman from Indiana, 50minutes
Directed by Frank Lloyd
Origin USA
Genres Drama
Actors Dustin Farnum, Winifred Kingston, Herbert Standing, Helen Jerome Eddy
Roles Helen Sherwood

The film was advertised as a "a powerful drama of politics and romance".
The Call of the North, 1h20
Directed by Oscar Apfel, Cecil B. DeMille
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Adventure
Themes Films based on plays
Actors Robert Edeson, Theodore Roberts, Horace B. Carpenter, Winifred Kingston, Fred Montague
Roles Virginia
Rating59% 2.9762052.9762052.9762052.9762052.976205
Graehme, Ned Stewart's father was accused of adultery and killed being innocent. Ned decided to avenge his father, but got captured and sent to the long journey to death "la longue traverse". Fortunately Virginia saves his life and the story's villain confesses Ned's innocence.
The Squaw Man, 1h14
Directed by Oscar Apfel, Cecil B. DeMille
Origin USA
Genres Drama, Melodrama, Western
Themes Théâtre, Films based on plays
Actors Dustin Farnum, Red Wing, Monroe Salisbury, Winifred Kingston, Cecil B. DeMille, Hal Roach
Roles Lady Diana
Rating61% 3.0998053.0998053.0998053.0998053.099805
James Wynnegate (Dustin Farnum) and his cousin, Henry (Monroe Salisbury), upper class Englishmen, have been made trustees for an orphans’ fund. Henry loses money in a bet at a derby and embezzles money from “the fund” to pay off his debts. When war office officials are informed of the money missing from “the fund”, they pursue James, but he successfully escapes to Wyoming. In Wyoming, James rescues Nat-U-Rich (Lillian St. Cyr), daughter to the chief of the Utes tribe, from local outlaw Cash Hawkins (William Elmer). Cash plans on exacting his revenge on James but has his plans thwarted by Nat-U-Ritch who fatally shoots him. Later, James gets into an accident in the mountains and needs to be rescued. Nat-U-Ritch tracks him down and carries him back to safety. As she nurses him back to health, they become lovers and have a child. During an exploration in the Alps, Henry falls off a cliff. Before he succumbs to his injuries, Henry signs a letter of confession proclaiming James’ innocence in the embezzlement. Before Henry's widow Lady Diana (Winifred Kingston) and others arrive at James and Nat-U-Ritch’s residence in Wyoming to tell James about the news, the Sheriff recovers the murder weapon that was used against Cash Hawkins inside of the couples’ residence. Nat-U-Rich, facing the possibilities of losing both her son and her freedom, decides to take her own life.