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Xabier Elorriaga is a Actor born on 1 april 1944 at Maracaibo (Venezuela)

Xabier Elorriaga

Xabier Elorriaga
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Birth 1 april 1944 (79 years) at Maracaibo (Venezuela)

Xabier Elorriaga (born Xabier González Elorriaga; April 1, 1944 in Maracaibo) is a contemporary Venezuelan film and TV actor, writer and director.


His exiled parents returned to Bilbao in Spain, in 1969 where he commenced studying Law, Engineering and the Merchant Marine but soon switched to the theatre, becoming well known as an actor in the Bilbao of the 1970s. He then moved to Barcelona where he studied journalism and worked in the university. He made his prize-winning film debut in 1975 with La ciudad cremada and he has subsequently appeared in over 50 films.

A number of these have been released internationally in English, including:

The Dancer Upstairs (Pasos de baile, 2002)
To Love Too Much (Demasiado amor, 2002)
My Mother Likes Women (A mi madre le gustan las mujeres, 2002)
Sleeping Beauties (Bellas Durmientes, 2001, English subtitles)
Thesis (Tesis, 1996)
To the Four Winds (A los cuatro vientos, 1987)
The Secret Garden (El jardín secreto, 1984)
Man of Fashion (El hombre de moda, 1980)
Blindfolded Eyes (Los ojos vendados, 1978)
The Burned City (La ciudad quemada, 1976)
Together with Arantxa Urretavizcaya, he is credited with the screenplay of Zorrilla's A los cuatro vientos (1987).
He directed the short film Ikuska 4 (1980).

His TV work includes the series Anillos de oro, Clase media, and La verdad de Laura. He has made episodic appearances in Telecinco's Hospital Central and was involved with TVE-1's miniseries Las Cerezas del Cementerio.

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The Cliff
The Cliff (2016)

Origin Espagne
Genres Thriller, Romance
Themes Films about sexuality, Bisexuality-related films, LGBT-related film, Lesbian-related films
Actors Juana Acosta, Ingrid García-Jonsson, Jon Kortajarena, Goya Toledo, Xabier Elorriaga, Ramón Ibarra
Roles Antonio
Rating52% 2.6174952.6174952.6174952.6174952.617495
Un suicide de masse impliquant des membres d'un culte a lieu aux îles Canaries. La sœur cadette de Gabriel, Cordelia, qu'il n'a pas vue depuis des années, était l'une des adeptes du culte. Gabriel décide de s'y rendre et de découvrir ce qui s'est passé.
El Coronel Macià, 1h45
Directed by Josep Maria Forn
Origin Espagne
Genres Drama
Actors Claudia Bassols, Abel Folk, Roger Casamajor, Luciano Federico, Xabier Elorriaga, Juan Luis Galiardo
Roles General Martos
Rating68% 3.4421753.4421753.4421753.4421753.442175
El coronel Macià narre divers épisodes de la vie de Francesc Macià, débutant en 1905 alors qu'il était encore lieutenant-colonel dans l'armée espagnole, et s'achevant avec la proclamation de la République catalane le 14 avril 1931. Le film commence lorsqu'une journaliste irlandaise qui vient d'ariver en Catalogne constate les affrontements entre l'armée espagnole et le catalanisme, avec des épisodes comme les événements du ¡Cu-Cut!. Macià n'approuve pas les agissements de la garnison de Barcelone, et en vient à se confronter avec ses supérieurs de l'armée.
The Dancer Upstairs, 2h12
Directed by John Malkovich
Origin Espagne
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime, Romance
Themes Dance films, Political films
Actors Javier Bardem, Laura Morante, John Malkovich, Elvira Mínguez, Alexandra Lencastre, Oliver Cotton
Roles Pascual
Rating68% 3.4467253.4467253.4467253.4467253.446725
Detective Agustín Rejas is tracking the self-styled President Ezequiel, a Marxist-influenced guerrilla waging a brutal terrorist campaign against the corrupt democracy of an unnamed Latin American country. Contrasting with the violence and death in his professional life, Rejas begins to fall for Yolanda - his daughter's beautiful ballet teacher. But she may not be all she appears, and his growing attraction to her brings him in direct conflict with his prey.
My Mother Likes Women, 1h36
Directed by Daniela Fejerman
Genres Drama, Comedy
Themes Films about sexuality, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film, Lesbian-related films
Actors Leonor Watling, Rosa Maria Sardà, María Pujalte, Silvia Abascal, Álex Angulo, Xabier Elorriaga
Roles Carlos
Rating61% 3.095443.095443.095443.095443.09544
Elvira (Watling), an attractive but insecure twenty something, joins her sisters Jimena (María Pujalte) and Sol (Silvia Abascal) at their mother's house. As they prepare to celebrate their mother Sofía's birthday, their mother (Sardá)—a
Thesis (1996)
, 2h5
Directed by Alejandro Amenábar
Origin Espagne
Genres Thriller, Horror
Themes Films about films, Medical-themed films, Psychologie, Snuff films in fiction, Films about television, Films about psychiatry
Actors Fele Martínez, Eduardo Noriega, Ana Torrent, Xabier Elorriaga, Miguel Picazo, José Luis Cuerda
Roles Castro
Rating73% 3.699693.699693.699693.699693.69969
The film starts as Angela sits on a subway. The train halts and passengers are told to evacuate, as a man has just stepped in front of the tracks and died. While being led out of the station, Angela begins to move towards the tracks to see the man's remains. She is warded away at the last instant. Angela is a university student in Madrid, writing a thesis on audiovisual violence in the family. At a thesis meeting, she asks her thesis director, Figueroa, to help her find the most violent videos in the school's library. After class, Angela seeks out the help of a fellow student, Chema, who is known for his collection of violent and pornographic videos. As Angela begins to watch violent films with Chema, Professor Figueroa finds a tape in a hidden hallway of the school's audiovisual archives. The next day, Angela finds Figueroa dead of apparent heart failure in the university's viewing room, a video tape in the player. Angela takes the tape and leaves for class. She later learns that Figueroa died of an asthma attack, and that a younger professor, Castro, will now be directing her thesis project. Angela goes to Chema's house to watch the stolen film, and Chema realizes that this is a snuff film, or a film of someone actually being murdered. As they watch the women being tortured, killed and disemboweled, Chema realizes that the women in the film was named Vanessa, a girl who attended their university and went missing two years ago. Chema and Angela are also able to determine which kind of camera the killer used, and XT 500, based on the quality of its digital zoom, and that the film was shot in someone's garage.
Lenin: The Train, 3h18
Directed by Damiano Damiani
Origin Italie
Genres Drama, War, Historical
Themes Transport films, Rail transport films
Actors Ben Kingsley, Dominique Sanda, Leslie Caron, Jason Connery, Timothy West, Günther Maria Halmer
Roles Platten
Rating68% 3.4338853.4338853.4338853.4338853.433885
En 1917, Lénine, réfugié en Suisse près de Genève avec sa femme Nadedja Kroupskaïa, est approché par des intermédiaires de l'Allemagne pour rentrer en Russie, alors gouvernée par Kerenski.
Mikel's Death, 1h30
Directed by Imanol Uribe
Genres Drama, Crime
Themes Films about sexuality, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film
Actors Imanol Arias, Martín Adjemián, Xabier Elorriaga
Roles Iñaki
Rating58% 2.9498652.9498652.9498652.9498652.949865
The film opens at Mikel's funeral mass. A flashback spins out the circumstances of his life and death.
Companys, procés a Catalunya
Directed by Josep Maria Forn
Origin Espagne
Genres Drama, Historical
Actors Montserrat Carulla, Xabier Elorriaga, Agustín González, Marta Flores, Juanjo Puigcorbé, José Lifante
Roles Fortuny
Rating60% 3.030243.030243.030243.030243.03024
Le film dépeint le procès fait en 1940 à Lluís Companys, Président de la Generalitat de Catalogne, entre son arrestation et son exécution.
Blindfolded Eyes, 1h50
Directed by Carlos Saura
Origin Espagne
Genres Drama
Actors Geraldine Chaplin, José Luis Gómez, Carmen Maura, Xabier Elorriaga, Lola Cardona, André Falcon
Roles Manuel
Rating63% 3.19313.19313.19313.19313.1931
Luis (Gómez) is a drama teacher producing a play about repression and torture, he even develops a relationship with the play's leading actress (Chaplin). However as the play continues to develop, Luis receives threatening letters demanding that he abandon the play.
To an Unknown God, 1h44
Directed by Jaime Chávarri
Genres Drama
Themes Films about sexuality, LGBT-related films, Political films, LGBT-related films, LGBT-related film
Actors Héctor Alterio, Xabier Elorriaga, Ángela Molina, Mercedes Sampietro, María Rosa Salgado, Marisa Porcel
Roles Miguel
Rating62% 3.137743.137743.137743.137743.13774
José, a middle age magician, is an elegant discreet homosexual who lives alone and has an occasional affair with Miguel, a young politician who finds it more convenient in Madrid's high society to marry than assert his homosexuality. José is a man romantically possessed and obsessed by his childhood in Granada during the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War in the spring of 1936.
Street Warriors
Genres Drama, Action, Crime
Actors Frank Braña, Xabier Elorriaga, Marta Flores
Roles Padre Ignacio
Rating63% 3.1536053.1536053.1536053.1536053.153605
Dans une banlieue défavorisée de Barcelone, El Torete et ses amis forment une bande de petits délinquants dont l'âge moyen est de quinze ans.
The Burned City, 2h36
Directed by Antoni Ribas
Origin Espagne
Genres Drama, Historical
Actors Ángela Molina, José Luis López Vázquez, Xabier Elorriaga, Adolfo Marsillach, José Vivó, Teresa Gimpera Flaquer
Roles Josep
Rating59% 2.9568452.9568452.9568452.9568452.956845
Le film narre les évènements historiques qui se déroulèrent à Barcelone entre 1899 et 1909, de l'arrivée des soldats de la guerre hispano-américaine jusqu'au émeutes connues sous le nom de semaine tragique. Autour de la famille Palau, vitrine de la bourgeoisie catalane et du développement économique de l'époque, se succèdent les fait politiques et sociaux les plus importants de la période.