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Xiang Yun is a Actor Singapourienne born on 27 october 1961

Xiang Yun

Xiang Yun
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Birth name Chen Cuichang ()
Nationality Singapore
Birth 27 october 1961 (62 years)

Not to be confused with Dai Xiangyu. This is a Chinese name; the family name is Chen.
Chen Cuichang (born 27 October 1961), better known by her Chinese stage name Xiang Yun, is a Singaporean actress and contracted artiste under MediaCorp. She is popularly referred to as MediaCorp's first "Ah Jie" (elder sister) as she was among the first locally trained artistes and has been in the industry for over 30 years.


Chen is married to former MediaCorp actor Edmund Chen. They first met on the set of Patrol and married after a whirlwind romance, which drew much media attention as unpublicised celebrity marriages were uncommon in the local entertainment industry at that time.
They have a son, Yixi and daughter, Yixin.

In the late 1990s, local media starting reporting on the Queen Bee Adultery Scandal, which related to Chen's marriage being on the rocks and on the verge of breaking down, largely due to the presence of a third party. The third party was rumoured to be fellow local actress Cynthia Koh. Yet, the couple managed to keep the marriage going and re-exchanged marriage vows in a renewed promise of commitment to each other.

Usually with

Shawn Lee
Shawn Lee
(4 films)
Joshua Ang
Joshua Ang
(4 films)
Jimmy Nah
Jimmy Nah
(2 films)
Mark Lee
Mark Lee
(2 films)
Chen Tian Wen
Chen Tian Wen
(1 films)
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Filmography of Xiang Yun (5 films)

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We Not Naughty, 2h17
Origin Singapore
Genres Comedy
Actors Shawn Lee, Xiang Yun, Joshua Ang, Amos Yee
Roles Mrs Chen, Weijie's mother
Rating55% 2.761812.761812.761812.761812.76181
Liu Jianren and Chen Weijie are two ITP (International Technical Polytechnic, ostensibly a reference to the Institute of Technical Education) students who are constantly put down for being "dumb" despite the fact that they display a talent for designing and creating gadgets. Jianren comes from a wealthy single-parent home and is estranged from his mother and younger brother Amos, a fluent English speaker. He joins the gang of a local loanshark and becomes a runner. Weijie's father is a compulsive gambler who frequently swings from loving husband and father to crazed gambler running from loansharks. To complicate matters, his younger sister Nicole is academically gifted and pampered by their mother, thus causing frequent quarrels and misunderstanding amongst them. Unknown to the rest of them, Nicole becomes involved in a serious cyberbullying case and later becomes a victim of bullying herself.
It's a Great, Great World!, 1h31
Directed by Kelvin Tong
Origin Singapore
Actors Olivia Ong, Nancy Sit M.H., Chew Chor Meng, Chen Tian Wen, Gurmit Singh, Zheng Geping
Roles Rose
Rating65% 3.2638353.2638353.2638353.2638353.263835
It's A Great Great World is set in Singapore's legendary amusement park named Great World, which was also known to locals by its Hokkien name 'Tua Seh Kai'. Spanning from the 1940s to the present day, the film presents four tales centred on attractions within these once famous walls.
I Not Stupid Too, 2h4
Origin Singapore
Genres Drama, Comedy-drama
Actors Huang Yiliang, Xiang Yun, Shawn Lee, Joshua Ang, Jimmy Nah
Roles Tom and Jerry's Mother
Rating68% 3.4464353.4464353.4464353.4464353.446435
The plot revolves around the lives of Tom Yeo (杨学谦 Yáng Xuéqiān; Shawn Lee), his younger brother Jerry (杨学强, Yáng Xuéqiáng; Ashley Leong) and their friend Lim Chengcai (林成才 Lín Chéngcái; Joshua Ang). 15-year-old Tom is technologically inclined and a talented blogger, while 8-year-old Jerry enjoys the performing arts and has the lead role in his school concert. Mr. and Mrs. Yeo's (Jack Neo and Xiang Yun) busy schedules give them little time to spend with their children, leading to a strained relationship. With his mother absent, Chengcai was raised by his ex-convict father (Huang Yiliang), whose fighting skills he inherited.
Homerun (2003)
, 1h48
Origin Singapore
Genres Drama
Themes Political films
Actors Mark Lee, Xiang Yun, Shawn Lee, Joshua Ang, Jimmy Nah
Rating64% 3.245993.245993.245993.245993.24599
In 1965, two poor Singaporean children, Chew Kiat Kun (Shawn Lee) and his younger sister Seow Fang (Megan Zheng) live with their mother (Xiang Yun) who is late in her third pregnancy and their father (Huang Wenyong) who is in debt to a local rice merchant. The children make the best of what little they have, while their father works long hours doing odd jobs.
I Not Stupid, 1h45
Origin Singapore
Genres Comedy, Comedy-drama
Actors Xiang Yun, Shawn Lee, Joshua Ang, Mark Lee
Rating71% 3.5904553.5904553.5904553.5904553.590455
The film's storyline revolves around the lives and families of three students in the EM3 academic stream, Terry Khoo (Huang Po Ju), Liu Kok Pin (刘国彬 Liú Guóbīn; Shawn Lee) and Ang Boon Hock (洪文福 Hóng Wénfú; Joshua Ang). Terry, pampered and from a rich family, is a meek and obedient boy, with a domineering mother (Selena Tan) and a negligent businessman father (Richard Low). Kok Pin is pushed to excel at school by his mother (Xiang Yun), but he shows a talent for art, not academics — much to the consternation of his family. Boon Hock and his mother struggle to make ends meet by running a small wonton noodle stall; to make up for the lack of a father figure, he places high value on loyalty and "manliness" in his friends.