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Yoo Jun-sang is a Actor Sud coréen born on 28 november 1969 at Seoul (Coree du sud)

Yoo Jun-sang

Yoo Jun-sang
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Nationality Coree du sud
Birth 28 november 1969 (51 years) at Seoul (Coree du sud)

Yoo Jun-sang (born November 28, 1969) is a South Korean actor and singer. Yoo is best known for starring in the Hong Sang-soo films Ha Ha Ha (2010), The Day He Arrives (2011), and In Another Country (2012). He was also praised for his supporting roles in Wide Awake (2007) and Moss (2010), and gained newfound popularity in 2012 because of the TV drama My Husband Got a Family. Aside from film and television, Yoo is also active in musical theatre, notably in The Three Musketeers, Jack the Ripper and The Days.


Besides acting, singing and writing, Yoo can also play several musical instruments including guitar, saxophone, violin and the piano. In December 2012, he showcased 20 of his artwork at the Art Asia fair.

He married actress Hong Eun-hee in 2003, and they have two sons named Yoo Dong-woo and Yoo Min-jae. Dong-woo appeared in the 2011 short film Modern Family.

In the talk show Healing Camp, he spoke about his love for his widowed mother, who suffered a cerebral hemorrhagic stroke in 2011.

Usually with

Hong Sang-soo
Hong Sang-soo
(7 films)
Gi Ju-bong
Gi Ju-bong
(4 films)
Kim Yong-hwa
Kim Yong-hwa
(1 films)
Jo Yeong-wook
Jo Yeong-wook
(3 films)
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Filmography of Yoo Jun-sang (17 films)

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Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds, 2h19
Directed by Kim Yong-hwa
Origin Coree du sud
Genres Drama, Fantastic, Fantasy, Action, Adventure
Actors Ha Jeong-woo, Cha Tae-hyun, Ju Ji-hoon, Kim Hyang-gi, Lee Jung-jae, Kim Dong-wook
Roles Firefighter
Rating73% 3.6588153.6588153.6588153.6588153.658815
Après la mort d'une personne, un ange escorte le défunt dans l'au-delà où il doit être jugé sept fois durant 49 jours pour prouver qu'il a mené une vie humaine innocente et avoir le droit de se réincarner. Les anges ont l’interdiction absolue de se mêler des affaires humaines.
Yourself and Yours, 1h26
Directed by Hong Sang-soo
Origin Coree du sud
Genres Drama, Comedy
Actors Kim Joo-hyuk, Kwon Hae-hyo, Yoo Jun-sang
Roles Lee Sang-won
Rating68% 3.438293.438293.438293.438293.43829
Yeong-soo et Min-jeong, la quarantaine, sans occupation notable, vivent en couple, chez lui. Leur relation dépérit depuis qu'ils ont décidé d'arrêter de boire. Elle boit sans lui dans certain débit de boisson. Après une scène, elle décide d'arrêter de se fréquenter, et retourner habiter chez elle. Il souffre de cette séparation, en témoigne une douleur à la jambe, qui exige un grand pansement, des béquilles, et entraîne une sorte de dépression. Pendant qu'il la cherche, croit la retrouver, rêve d'une reprise, elle est le plus souvent dans un bar à lire un roman et à boire un peu. Un homme disponible s'intéresse à elle, engage la discussion, et commence une relation tendue. Elle prétend qu'elle est sa jumelle, et ne peut avoir aucun souvenir. Ils se revoient, puis se séparent. Un autre homme, cinéaste, disponible... Enfin, Yeong-soo finit par la rencontrer, et accepte son jeu ou son amnésie. Et ils recommencent pour la première fois. Des individus, isolés, esseulés, absents, vivent mal leur manque de relation, se croisent, sans souvenir avoué, sans espoir d'avenir, dans le présent, à tâtons, «ivres d'amours et de virtualités» (Mathieu Macheret) .
Right Now, Wrong Then, 2h1
Directed by Hong Sang-soo
Origin Coree du sud
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Peinture
Actors Jung Jae-young, Kim Min-hee, Kim Min-hee, Gi Ju-bong, Go Ah-seong, Yoo Jun-sang
Roles Ahn Seong-gook
Rating71% 3.595593.595593.595593.595593.59559
An arthouse film director and an aspiring painter meet and spend the same day together, twice.
The Target
The Target (2014)
, 1h38
Origin Coree du sud
Genres Thriller, Action
Actors Ryoo Seung-ryong, Yoo Jun-sang, Lee Jin-wook, Kim Sung-ryung, Cho Yeo-jeong, Jo Eun-ji
Roles Chief Detective Song
Rating62% 3.1457853.1457853.1457853.1457853.145785
Ex-mercenary killer Yeo-hoon has reformed and is leading a normal life. That is, until he winds up framed for the death of a prominent CEO. He escapes, takes a bullet and winds up in a hospital bed. A doctor at the hospital, medical resident Tae-joon, helps him to escape his pursuers. When Tae-joon's pregnant wife is kidnapped, the two men embark on a dangerous 36-hour chase.
Fists of Legend, 2h33
Directed by Kang Woo-suk
Genres Drama, Action
Themes Films about education, Sports films, Films about television, Martial arts films, Boxing films
Actors Hwang Jeong-min, Yoo Jun-sang, Yoon Je-moon, Park Jung-min, Lee Yo-won, Jung Woong-in
Roles Lee Sang-hoon
Rating67% 3.3972353.3972353.3972353.3972353.397235
A moment of bad luck derailed Deok-kyu's Olympic dreams and led him and his friends to jail. Jin-ho got out of jail quickly because of his rich parents, but Deok-kyu, Jae-seok, and Sang-hoon were not so lucky.
Nobody's Daughter Haewon, 1h30
Directed by Hong Sang-soo
Origin Coree du sud
Genres Drama, Romance
Themes Films about education, Films about sexuality
Actors Jung Eun-chae, Lee Sun-kyun, Kim Ja-ok, Ye Ji-won, Yoo Jun-sang, Ryu Deok-hwan
Roles Jung-sik
Rating67% 3.3955253.3955253.3955253.3955253.395525
On March 21, 2012, on the way to having lunch with her mother Jin-joo (Kim Ja-ok) in Seochon (West Village; Hangul: 서촌), Jongno District, Seoul, film student and aspiring actress Haewon (Jung Eun-chae) bumps into French actress-singer Jane Birkin in the street and gets her autograph. Birkin says how much Haewon resembles her own daughter, Charlotte Gainsbourg, which pleases Haewon enormously. Immediately afterwards we find out that this meeting was actually a dream, one of several that Haewon is shown to have during the film. Haewon's mother is about to emigrate to Canada and stay with her brother, and asks Haewon about her future plans. Afterwards Haewon walks to Jongno Public Library, past Yoomyung-jang (lit. Hotel Famous) that has special memories for her. Later, in nearby Sajik Park, she meets her married ex-lover Lee Seong-joon (Lee Sun-kyun), a film director who is also her professor at college. They pass a restaurant, where they have already been spotted by his students, and decide to go in and have a meal with them. When Haewon is away from the table, the other students starts gossiping about how she is not pure Korean and comes from a wealthy family.
In Another Country, 1h29
Directed by Hong Sang-soo
Origin Coree du sud
Genres Drama
Themes Films about sexuality
Actors Isabelle Huppert, Yoo Jun-sang, Jeong Yu-mi, Moon So-ri, Kwon Hae-hyo, Moon Sung-keun
Roles a lifeguard
Rating63% 3.1994153.1994153.1994153.1994153.199415
The framing story has young film student, Won-joo (Jung Yu-mi) and her mother Park Sook (Youn Yuh-jung) hiding from their debtors in Mohang, a seaside town in Buan, North Jeolla. The bored younger woman sets out to write a screenplay whose plot will use the place they’re staying in for the location, but eventually comes up with three variants, using the same basic idea in all of them.
Zambezia (2012)
, 1h23
Origin South africa
Genres Comedy, Adventure, Animation
Themes Films about animals, Films about birds
Actors Jeremy Suarez, Abigail Breslin, Jeff Goldblum, Leonard Nimoy, Samuel L. Jackson, Jenifer Lewis
Roles 텐다이(한국어 목소리)
Rating58% 2.9032152.9032152.9032152.9032152.903215
Kai is a naive, but high-spirited young Peregrine falcon who lives with his father Tendai. After a visit from Gogo and Tini, Kai travels to "Zambezia," a bustling bird city on the edge of the majestic Victoria Falls where he discovers the truth about his origins and learns how to be part of the community. While learning of his father's past, Kai ends up having to work with the Hurricanes to protect Zambezia from the evil rock monitor Budzo who has persuaded the Marabous (who have been left out of the development of Zambezia) to help him with his invasion.
R2B: Return to Base, 1h53
Genres Drama, Action, Romance
Themes Transport films, Aviation films
Actors Rain, Shin Se-kyung, Yoo Jun-sang, Kim Sung-soo, Lee Ha-na, Lee Jong-suk
Roles Major Lee Cheol-hee
Rating60% 3.0023153.0023153.0023153.0023153.002315
Captain Jung Tae-yoon (Rain), an Air Force pilot in the Black Eagles aerobatic team, performs a cocky and dangerous maneuver during an air show and is transferred to the 21st Fighter Wing, a combat unit flying the F-15K strike fighter. There he meets Cheol-hee (Yoo Jun-sang), the unit's own top gun. The two come into conflict immediately, since Tae-hun is free-spirited, whereas Cheol-hee plays by the rules. However, when a reconnaissance mission unexpectedly becomes an incident, the two team up to rescue their missing comrades and avert a nuclear exchange between North and South Korea. As a consequence of the mission, a F-15 has been shot down on the North Korean side of the Demilitarized Zone and a Korean People's Air Force MiG-29 entered South Korean airspace and destroyed half of Seoul.
The Day He Arrives, 1h19
Directed by Hong Sang-soo
Origin Coree du sud
Genres Drama
Themes Films about education
Actors Yoo Jun-sang, Kim Sang-jung, Go Hyun-jung, Kim Bo-kyung, Song Seon-mi, Gi Ju-bong
Roles Sungjoon
Rating69% 3.4967053.4967053.4967053.4967053.496705
Seong-jun heads to Seoul to meet a close friend who lives in the Bukchon (North Village; Hangul: 북촌), Jongno District. When the friend does not answer his calls, Seong-jun wanders around Bukchon and runs into an actress he used to know. The two talk for a while, but soon part. He makes his way down to Insa-dong and drinks makgeolli (rice wine) by himself. Some film students at another table ask him to join them—Seong-jun used to be a film director. He soon gets drunk and heads for his ex-girlfriend's house.
Hahaha (2010)
, 1h55
Directed by Hong Sang-soo
Origin Coree du sud
Genres Drama, Comedy, Romance
Themes Films about sexuality
Actors Kim Sang-kyung, Yoo Jun-sang, Moon So-ri, Ye Ji-won, Kim Kang-woo, Kim Q-ri
Roles Bang Joong-sik
Rating66% 3.344263.344263.344263.344263.34426
The filmmaker Jo Moon-kyung (Kim Sang-kyung) and his friend Bang Joong-sik (Yoo Jun-sang) swap memories about the trips they both made to the same town (Tongyeong, South Gyeongsang Province), where, as it turns out, they had met and befriended the same people.
Moss (2010)
, 2h43
Directed by Kang Woo-suk
Genres Drama, Thriller, Crime
Actors Park Hae-il, Jung Jae-young, Yoo Jun-sang, Yoo Sun, Kim Sang-ho, Yoo Hae-jin
Roles Prosecutor, Park Min-wook
Rating67% 3.399763.399763.399763.399763.39976
When Ryoo arrives in a remote rural village to settle the estate of his estranged father, he stumbles into a dark web of secrets and betrayals that have lain buried for thirty years. The village is ruled over by its sinister chief, Cheon, a former police detective, and his cabal of reformed criminals - who seem to have both hated and feared Ryoo’s late father. It quickly becomes clear that Ryoo’s presence is not wanted – and that Cheon and the others are hiding something terrible. Soon the unwelcome visitor finds his life threatened as the truth becomes ever more obscured and allegiances shift beneath his feet...
Like You Know It All, 2h6
Directed by Hong Sang-soo
Origin Coree du sud
Genres Drama, Comedy-drama
Themes Films about sexuality
Actors Kim Tae-woo, Uhm Ji-won, Jeong Yu-mi, Gong Hyung-jin, Go Hyun-jung, Ha Jeong-woo
Roles a chief officer of Jeju Film Commission
Rating69% 3.4811953.4811953.4811953.4811953.481195
Arthouse filmmaker Goo can't seem to direct a hit, but at least the critics love him. He goes to Jecheon, North Chungcheong Province to judge the local film festival, but the common practice for jurors is to schmooze by day, drink at night, and sleep through movies. He bumps into an old friend Boo Sang-yong in town and drinks till he passes out, but not before soundly offending his friend's wife.
Return (2007)
, 1h55
Directed by Lee Kyo-man
Genres Drama, Thriller
Themes Serial killer films
Actors Kim Myung-min, Yoo Jun-sang, Kim Tae-woo, Lee Sung-min, Kim Roi-ha, Kim Yoo-mi
Roles Kang Wook-Han
Rating63% 3.1954453.1954453.1954453.1954453.195445
In 1980s South Korea, a young boy is traumatised after experiencing anesthesia awareness during heart surgery, and no-one believes his story afterwards. Twenty-five years later, the doctors and nurses who operated on him begin to die under mysterious circumstances. Dr. Ryu Jae-woo, a surgeon married to Hee-jin, believes that the boy he remembers from his childhood is responsible for the deaths. The leading suspects are Lee Myeong-suk, who has been stalking Dr. Ryu, and the seemingly unhinged Uk-hwan. Hypnosis specialist Oh Chi-hoon also seems to know something about these deaths.
Radio Star
Radio Star (2006)
, 1h55
Directed by Lee Joon-ik
Genres Drama, Comedy
Actors Park Joong-hoon, Ahn Sung-ki, Choi Jung-yoon, Yoon Joo-sang/윤 주 상, Lee Joon-ik, Kim Jang-hoon
Rating70% 3.5309153.5309153.5309153.5309153.530915
Choi Gon had a big hit in 1988 with his song "The Rain and You" and became one of the top stars of the 1980s, but did not handle the fame very well, acquiring bad habits and quickly spending most of his money. In 2006, now past his prime, leather-jacket-and-jeans-wearing Gon resents that the spotlight has moved on to younger entertainers, but he still lives the life of a rock star, getting into drunk driving incidents and drug scandals. The only thing Gon has left is his longtime manager and friend, Park Min-soo, who has stood by him since the peak of his career. Min-soo still manages to find Gon small gigs in little coffee shops on the outskirts of Seoul and continues to look after him and keep him out of trouble, even if that means neglecting his own family.