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Yuen Qiu is a Actor born on 19 april 1960

Yuen Qiu

Yuen Qiu
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Birth name Cheung Cheun Nam (張轉男)
Birth 19 april 1960 (64 years)

Yuen Qiu (Chinese: 元秋) (born Cheung Cheun-Nam, 1948) is a Chinese actress and martial artist. She is an expert of both Chinese martial arts and Beijing-opera skills, and was apprenticed under the same master, Yu Jim-yuen, as Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung Kam-Bo at the Peking Opera School.

Yuen Qiu worked as a stuntwoman and as a night club performer from the late 1960s to early 1970s. She had a small role in the international production, The Man with the Golden Gun (1974), portraying a student rescuing Roger Moore as James Bond. As there were few opportunities for stuntwomen and barely any prospects for improvement at the time, she got married in 1974 at the age of 24.

After being away from the Hong Kong film industry for nearly 20 years, she landed a role in Kung Fu Hustle only by chance. She was only accompanying a junior woman fellow of the China Drama Academy at the audition but the director's eye was on her. Reports show that Stephen Chow gave her the job after unremitting and persistent persuasion.

Yuen is also in a movie called Kung Fu Mahjong, with Yuen Wah.

On 31 March 2005, Yuen was arrested along with 10 other women and two men for illegal gambling.

Usually with

Wong Jing
Wong Jing
(7 films)
Sammo Hung
Sammo Hung
(3 films)
Yuen Wah
Yuen Wah
(8 films)
Stephen Chow
Stephen Chow
(1 films)
Andy Lau
Andy Lau
(3 films)
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Filmography of Yuen Qiu (26 films)

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The Bodyguard
Directed by Sammo Hung
Origin Hong kong
Genres Drama, Thriller, Action, Crime, Martial arts
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films
Actors Sammo Hung, Andy Lau, Hu Jun, Dean Shek, Karl Maka, Tsui Hark
Roles Residents Commitee Chairperson
Rating59% 2.950692.950692.950692.950692.95069
Un garde du corps à la retraite se repose dans une petite ville aux limites de la frontière entre la Chine et la Russie. Il se lie d’amitié avec une jeune fille dont la vie est menacée par son père, qui a des liens avec la criminalité locale. Lorsque la fille et son père disparaissent, le garde du corps s’embarque dans une escapade violente afin de démanteler la mafia locale et de sauver la petite-fille.
From Vegas to Macau III, 1h52
Directed by Andrew Lau, Wong Jing
Origin Hong kong
Genres Comedy, Action
Actors Chow Yun-fat, Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Nick Cheung, Carina Lau, Psy
Roles Mahjong Queen
Rating26% 1.3157251.3157251.3157251.3157251.315725
Après que la rivale amoureuse de Ken (Chow Yun-fat), Molly (Carina Lau), ait sauté de son jet privé sans parachute, elle semble avoir survécu et est maintenant emprisonnée dans une sorte de bulle laser, inconsciente, nue et repeinte à l'aérographe, tandis que son admirateur, le scientifique fou Yik Tin-hang (Jacky Cheung) est en colère car Ken ne veut pas rembourser son repaire de Paradise Island, au large de la Thaïlande. À Macao, Ken s'effondre en apprenant le mariage de sa fille Rainbow (Kimmy Tong ) avec son filleul Vincent (Shawn Yue). Pour l'aider à s'en sortir, son ami Mark (Nick Cheung) l'hypnotise en lui faisant croire que Vincent épouse sa grosse cousine. Les choses tournent mal quand Michael (Andy Lau), le disciple de Ko Chun, téléphone pour avertir de se méfier de Yik Tin-hang, qui a engagé des mercenaires pour tuer Ken. Rainbow et Vincent tombent dans le coma quand une explosion a lieu durant leur mariage. Ken et Mark sont accusés d'avoir englouti l'argent illicite de la DOA et, en colère, Ken jure de se venger et de poursuivre le cerveau qui les a empêtrés là-dedans.
The Bodyguard, 1h39
Directed by Sammo Hung
Origin Hong kong
Genres Drama, Action, Crime
Actors Sammo Hung, Andy Lau, Tsui Hark, Karl Maka, Dean Shek, Yuen Biao
Roles Residents Commitee Chairperson
Rating59% 2.950692.950692.950692.950692.95069
Dans les années 2000, dans une petite ville chinoise frontalière avec la Russie, un vieil homme appelé Ding (Sammo Hung) est témoin d'un meurtre au couteau par un gang, Mais lorsqu'il est convoqué par la police pour identifier le suspect, il hésite et n'arrive pas à le faire. La police enquête sur ses antécédents et découvre qu'il travaillait autrefois au Bureau central de sécurité du Parti communiste chinois à Pékin, et elle suppose qu'il souffre aujourd'hui de démence. De retour chez lui, Ding est invité à dîner par sa propriétaire, Park (Li Qinqin), une vieille dame séduite par lui. Ding, de son côté, s’occupe souvent d’une petite fille du quartier, Cherry (Jacqueline Chan), dont le père, Li (Andy Lau), est un joueur compulsif.
Wild City
Wild City (2015)
, 2h
Directed by Ringo Lam
Origin Hong kong
Genres Thriller, Action, Crime
Actors Louis Koo, Shawn Yue Man Lok, Tong Liya, Simon Yam, Yuen Qiu, Sam Lee
Roles Mona
Rating57% 2.8535152.8535152.8535152.8535152.853515
Une belle et mystérieuse jeune femme fait la connaissance d’un ancien policier et actuel propriétaire d’un bar, T-Man et de son frère. À cause de l’argent qu’elle a volé, tous les trois seront la cible de la police mais aussi d’un gang sans foi ni loi.
Delete My Love, 1h41
Origin Hong kong
Genres Comedy, Romantic comedy
Actors Michael Hui, Yuen Qiu, Michael Wong, Nancy Sit M.H., Shiga Lin, Daniella Wang
Roles So Fa
Rating51% 2.5580852.5580852.5580852.5580852.558085
So Po-wing or So Boring as everyone calls him doesn't have much going for him, career and personally. He has a boss from hell, toxic co-workers that steal his ideas and sabotage him, an office that doubles as the company storage room and an incompetent assistant that lets his co-workers steal his ideas just because they flirt with her. At home he has a younger sister that is a compulsive gambler and a mother that tries to trick him into selling the home his deceased grandfather left him. The only bright spot in his life is his ditsy girlfriend Bobo who always thinks she is dying and his loyal friend Wah Dee who tries to cheer him up but ends up making matters worst.
Tales From The Dark 1, 1h52
Directed by Simon Yam, Fruit Chan (陳果)
Genres Horror
Actors Tony Leung Ka-fai, Kelly Chen, Simon Yam, Maggie Shiu, Ngan Cheuk-Ling, Yuen Qiu
Roles Restaurant Owner (segment "Stolen Goods")
Rating56% 2.8066352.8066352.8066352.8066352.806635
Just Another Pandora's Box, 1h32
Directed by Jeffrey Lau
Origin Hong kong
Genres Comedy, Fantasy
Actors Gigi Leung, Betty Sun, Eric Tsang, Gillian Chung, Athena Chu, Patrick Tam
Roles Landlady
Rating46% 2.315572.315572.315572.315572.31557
Rose Fairy is sailing along the river when she suddenly trips on a rope and falls into the water. The trap is set by the bandit Qingyise, who wants to rob her. He steals the Purple Sword from her and plans to sell it. Just then, Joker (the protagonist in A Chinese Odyssey) appears and makes Qingyise unsheathe the sword by pulling away its scabbard. Rose Fairy regains consciousness and mistakenly thinks it was Qingyise who unsheathed the sword. Since she has made a promise to marry the person who unsheathes the sword, she follows Qingyise wherever he goes, leading to a cat-and-mouse chase between the two of them.
Jackie Chan Kung Fu Master, 2h
Origin Chine
Genres Martial arts, Comedy, Action
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films, Kung fu films
Actors Jackie Chan, Zhang Yishan, Tiffany Tang, Yao Di, Michelle Bai, Yuen Wah
Roles 女道长
Rating39% 1.969321.969321.969321.969321.96932
Zhang Yi-shan (Yishan Zhang) is a 16-year-old boy living in Indonesia with his grandmother. After being bullied and seeing Jackie Chan's arrival in China, Beijing, he agrees to go there so he can meet his idol and become his disciple. After arriving in Beijing he goes to the wrong place due to his little knowledge of Chinese. He stays in a temple and befriends a girl living there with her aunt. After learning that she works in films with an actor who knows Jackie, he asks her to question him about Jackie's whereabouts. But she forgets and he leaves to search for his idol.
The Lady Iron Chef
Directed by Billy Cheung
Origin Hong kong
Genres Comedy, Romance
Actors Wong Jing, Yuen Qiu, Cheung Tat-ming, Alice Chan, Lam Chi Chung, Tats Lau Yee-Tat
Roles Lady Green / Lin Ching-Hsia
Rating47% 2.3657952.3657952.3657952.3657952.365795
On the day of the Supreme Dim Sum competition, Madame To and her son SK To (Hacken) were appointed judges, since they owned one of the largest catering corporations in HK. All three of the contestants failed, but one mystery contestant impresses. The winner was Jade (Lau Yeung) and Madame To wanted her son to marry Jade. Ceci (Charmaine), a lower class girl employed to introduce the chefs onto the stage, was much impressed by SK more than Jade. Though SK was impressed with Jade, he refused to marry her.
Kung Fu Mahjong, 2h17
Directed by Wong Jing, Billy Cheung
Origin Hong kong
Genres Martial arts, Comedy, Action, Martial arts
Themes Sports films, Martial arts films
Actors Yuen Wah, Yuen Qiu, Wong Jing, Jade Leung, Tin Kai-man, Lam Chi Chung
Roles Auntie Fei
Rating56% 2.8084652.8084652.8084652.8084652.808465
Chi Mo Sai (Yuen Wah) meets Wong (Roger Kwok) in Auntie Fei's (Yuen Qiu) cafe and learns that Wong has a photographic memory. He decides to exploit this by teaching him how to play Mahjong, but Fei, Wong's boss, strongly objects. Despite Fei's objections, Wong learns Mahjong from compulsive gambler Chi Mo Sai. He impresses triad boss Tin Kau Ko (Wong Jing), but falls in love with Tin's mistress (Theresa Fu) and is beaten by his men. Wong goes crazy. Luckily, Fei cures him using Mahjong. Fei wants Wong to beat Tin in the climatic "King of Mahjong" competition.
Kung Fu Mahjong 2
Directed by Wong Jing
Origin Hong kong
Genres Comedy, Action
Actors Cherrie Ying, Yuen Wah, Yuen Qiu, Wong Jing, Kingdom Yuen, Terence Yin
Roles Auntie Fei
Rating55% 2.761672.761672.761672.761672.76167
A master Mahjong player named Fanny (Cherrie Ying) gets divorced by her husband and must play in the King of Mahjong match to win him back. As she plays, she must rely on her kung fu skills to beat up the famous cheaters such as the Japanese woman, a very strong man, the triplets and much more and win allied with her classmates, master, and brother(called ugly) along with her "Nipple Twister". The film ends with Fanny nippletwisting her ex-husband by meaning she now had the power her ex-husband used to have.