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Moulin Rouge!

Moulin Rouge! (2001)

Facebook Share this quote on facebook Zidler: The Duke holds the deeds to the Moulin Rouge, he's spending a fortune on you, he's giving you a beautiful new dressing room, he wants to make you a star, and YOU'RE DALLYING WITH THE WRITER!
Satine: Harold, that's ridic...
Satine: It's nothing. It's just an infatuation... it's nothing.
Zidler: The infatuation will end. Go to the boy; tell him it's over, and the Duke is expecting you in the tower at eight.
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Inside Out

Inside Out (2015)

Facebook Share this quote on facebook Guys, we can't make Riley feel anything.
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Battle of Britain

Battle of Britain (1969)

Facebook Share this quote on facebook [A group of German bomber crewmen taken as prisoners have been brought to a bombed airfield]
Squadron Leader Skipper: Where are you taking those vultures?
RAF NCO: Officers to the mess, NCOs to the guard room, sir.
Squadron Leader Skipper: Like hell you are. They're responsible for all that [turning and gesturing to the ruined field], get 'em to clear it up!
RAF NCO: But, what about the officers, sir?
Squadron Leader Skipper: Give 'em a bloody shovel!
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Blow-Up (1966)

Facebook Share this quote on facebook Thomas: What's your name? Oh, forget it — what's the use of a name? What do you they call you in bed?
Brunette woman: I only go to bed to sleep.
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