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Remember Me

Remember Me (2010)

Facebook Share this quote on facebook Ally: I’m going out.
Neil Craig: Who’re you going with?
Ally: A boy from school.
Neil Craig: Okay.
Ally: I wasn't asking for permission.
Neil Craig: I know that, just be careful.
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Footloose (1984)

Facebook Share this quote on facebook He's a big-city kid in a small town. They said he'd never win. He knew he had to.
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School of Rock

School of Rock (2003)

Facebook Share this quote on facebook Mullins: Mr. Schneebly... This is considered the best elementary school in the state and we maintain that reputation by adhering to a strict code of conduct, faculty included.
Dewey: You know what? You don't have to worry about me 'cos i'm tough. If a kid gets outta line, I got no problem, smackin' 'em in the head.
Mullins: No. No, we don't use corporal punishment here.
Dewey: Okay, so just... verbal abuse?
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What Dreams May Come

What Dreams May Come (1998)

Facebook Share this quote on facebook Is that a kind of occupational hazard of soul mates — one's not much without the other?
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Camelot (1967)

Facebook Share this quote on facebook Must we talk about Mordred? This is the first time in a month that he's not coming to dinner and not having him makes it seem like a party!
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