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Moondraam Ullaga Por is a film of genre Drama with Avinash

Moondraam Ullaga Por (2016)

Moondraam Ullaga Por
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Length 2h
Genres Drama,    War,    Action,    Adventure
Rating45% 2.2538552.2538552.2538552.2538552.253855

Moondraam Ullaga Por (English: Third World War) is an upcoming 2015 Tamil-language Indian political drama-romance film directed by Sugan kartthi.The movie is produced by TRS Anbu & V.Sures Narayan under the banner Aartin Frames and TRS STUDIOS.

It stars Sunil Kumar(Paalai-fame) and Akhila Kishore (Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam Iyakkam- fame)in the lead roles,with Cinematography handled by Dheva Jilla (Associate DOP),with Arri Alexa camera, Edited by Richard S (Paalai) music by S.Ved Shanker (Paalai, Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom),Lyrics Annamalai, and Art Director Sethu Ramesh,Choreographed by M.Sherief.



Wilson Ng

(Lim Bai Huai)
Akhila Kishore

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Puneeth has acted in dual roles in this movie, father and Son. Father is a good man and helps the needed. Once in his family function he is killed by the Villains and at that time his Son was an Infant. Later part of the movie is about how Son(puneeth) take his father’s role of helping the society and in taking the revenge of his father’s death. This film was released simultaneously with Telugu movie 'Andhrawala' directed by Puri Jagannadh and the script are same.