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New Friend is a Singapourien film

New Friend (1927)

New Friend
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New Friend (Chinese: 新客; pinyin: Xin Ke; literally: "The Immigrant") is considered to be the first Singaporean film shot entirely in Singapore and Malaya. It was produced by Nanyang Low Pui-kim Self-made Motion Picture Company (南洋劉貝錦自製影片公司), in association with Mr. Low Pui-kim (劉貝錦, 1902 to 1959), who served as the producer, and Mr. Kwok Chiu-man (郭超文) who was both the director and cinematographer.

The silent film "New Friend (新客)" is a melodrama about a newly arrived Chinese immigrant to Singapore. The film was released on April 29, 1927, in Chung Wo Cinema (中和電影場) in Kau U Fong (九如坊), Hong Kong. It was first screened in Singapore at the Victoria Theatre (維多利亞戲院) on the 4th of March for a public test, and its official premiere was at Marlborough Pub and Theatre (曼舞羅戲院) on Beach Road (小坡海墘十二間), Singapore.


Mr. Sham Hwa-kueng (沈華強) is a poor orphan from the Republic of China who moved to Malaysia hoping for a better life. He stays at his rich uncle Mr. Tiew Tin-shek (張天錫)’s residence. Mr. Tiew Tin-shek (張天錫) operated a "Sin Teik Seng (新德成) rubber firm" in Muar, Malaysia, his family is composed of his wife, Ms. Ngai (顏氏), eldest daughter Ms. Tiew Wai-ching (張慧貞) and a naughty son Mr. Tan Ping-fan (陳炳勳). In the early stage, Mr. Sham Hwa-kueng (沈華強) is appointed into the rubber firm as a trainee; his children like to play tricks on the innocent cousin Mr. Sham Hwa-kueng (沈華強), because he doesn’t know Nanyang custom. Meanwhile, the English clerk Mr. Kim Fook-sing (甘福勝), the antagonist, is making trouble. He wants to marry Ms. Tiew Wai-ching (張慧貞) for her family’s wealth. However, Ms. Tiew Wai-ching (張慧貞) prefers the newly arrived cousin Mr. Sham Hwa-kueng (沈華強). One day, Mr. Kim Fook-sing (甘福勝) finds Ms. Tiew Wai-ching (張慧貞) playing the piano in the sitting room, harmonizing with Mr. Sham Hwa-kueng's (沈華強) Chinese flute. Mr. Kim Fook-sing becomes angry because of this, and decides to play a trick on Mr. Sham Hwa-kueng (沈華強), so he tries to force him to resign his post, and move to work in Singapore. Ms. Tiew Wai-ching (張慧貞) realizes that Mr. Kim Fook-sing (甘福勝) is a playboy and hooligan, so then she goes to Singapore, and studies in a girls high school with her local friend Ms. Low Kit-yuk (劉潔玉), and falls in love with the friend's cousin, Mr. Sham Hwa-kueng (沈華強). Mr. Kim Fook-sing (甘福勝) successfully persuades Mr. Tiew Tin-shek (張天錫) to let him marry Ms. Tiew Wai-ching (張慧貞). Ms. Tiew Wai-ching (張慧貞) refuses her dad’s decision, and escapes into the jungle, where Mr. Kim Fook-sing (甘福勝) catches her with the help of his hooligan friend Mr. Chao Ping (趙丙). Mr. Sham Hwa-kueng (沈華強) enters the jungle to save his love Ms. Tiew Wai-ching (張慧貞), and fights off the python and crocodile for her. Eventually, Mr. Sham Hwa-kueng (沈華強) uses Chinese Kung Fu to battle Mr. Kim Fook-sing (甘福勝) and Mr. Chao Ping (趙丙). They are defeated, and drive away in an attempt to escape but they end up falling off a cliff. Finally, Ms. Tiew Wai-ching (張慧貞) gets her wish, and marries her cousin Mr. Sham Hwa-kueng (沈華強).

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